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List Of Voltages & Frequencies (Hz) Around The World

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List of Voltages & Frequencies (Hz) Around the WorldThis chart includes information on voltages and frequencies found across the globe. Eachcountry is listed with the volts and frequency (also referred as Hertz or Hz and is referring tocycles per second) commonly found in each geographic area. There are approximately 40countries that use 60 Hz while the rest typically run on 50 Hz current. Single-phase power isprimarily for residential use (such as homeowners and what you would find in a hotel) while 3phase electric power provides more stable, heavy-duty power for most industrial applicationslike manufacturing plants, commercial facilities, data centers, telecom towers, hospitals, foodprocessing centers and utility power plants.Some applications use specialized high voltages (such as 4160 V or 13,400 V) but these are ona more unique basis and typically involve transformers so those are not included. Whenconsidering a backup power generator, keep in mind that the frequency can often be changedby an accomplished power generation technician or electrical contractor but you do typically seea performance loss on most generator sets when you convert from 60 hertz to 50 hertz. This ismainly because you have to slow the engine RPM down and make adjustments so the overallkW or kVA output will be lower. The opposite is also true - you can sometimes gain kW whenyou convert from 50 Hz to 60 Hz because you speed the engine RPM up.The number of wires and plugs used varies greatly by region since each country is developingand evolving their electrical grids at a different rate and over time so these are only provided asa good starting point and general guide.Single-PhaseVoltage(Volts)Frequency(Hertz)# of wires(not includingground wire)Three-PhaseVoltage (Volts)Plug TypeAbu Dhabi230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4GAfghanistan220 V380 V50 Hz4C/FAlbania230 V400 V50 Hz4C/FAlgeria230 V400 V50 Hz4C/FAmerican Samoa120 V208 V60 Hz3, 4A/B/F/IAndorra230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/FAngola220 V380 V50 Hz4C/FCountry

e (Volts)Frequency(Hertz)# of wires(not includingground wire)Plug Type60 Hz3, 4A/BAnguilla110 V120/208 V /127/220 V /240/415 VAntigua and Barbuda230 V400 V60 Hz3, 4A/BArgentina220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/IArmenia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/FAruba120 V220 V60 Hz3, 4A/B/F/IAustralia230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4IAustria230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/FAzerbaijan220 V380 V50 Hz4C/FAzores230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4B/C/FBahamas120 V208 V60 Hz3, 4A/BBahrain230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4GBalearic Islands230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/FBangladesh220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4A/C/D/G/KBarbados115 V200 V50 Hz3, 4A/BBelarus220 V380 V50 Hz4C/FBelgium230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/EBelize110 V / 220V190 V / 380 V60 Hz3, 4A/B/GBenin220 V380 V50 Hz4C/EBermuda120 V208 V60 Hz3, 4A/BBhutan230 V400 V50 Hz4C/D/GBolivia230 V400 V50 Hz4A/CBonaire127 V220 V50 Hz3, 4A/CBosnia &Herzegovina230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F

seVoltage (Volts)Frequency(Hertz)# of wires(not includingground wire)Plug Type230 V400 V50 Hz4D/G127 V / 220V220 V / 380 V60 Hz3, 4C/NBritish Virgin Islands110 V190 V60 Hz3, 4A/BBrunei240 V415 V50 Hz4GBulgaria230 V400 V50 Hz4C/FBurkina Faso220 V380 V50 Hz4C/EBurma (officiallyMyanmar)230 V400 V50 Hz4A/C/D/G/IBurundi220 V380 V50 Hz4C/ECambodia230 V400 V50 Hz4A/C/GCameroon220 V380 V50 Hz4C/ECanada120 V120/208 V /240 V / 480 V /347/600 V60 Hz3, 4A/BCanary Islands230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/E/FCape Verde230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/FCayman Islands120 V240 V60 Hz3A/BCentral AfricanRepublic220 V380 V50 Hz4C/EChad220 V380 V50 Hz4C/D/E/FChannel Islands(Guernsey & Jersey)230 V415 V50 Hz4C/GChile220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/LChina, People’sRepublic of220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4A/C/IColombia110 V220 V / 440 V60 Hz3, 4A/BComoros220 V380 V50 Hz4C/EBrazil

e (Volts)Frequency(Hertz)# of wires(not includingground wire)Plug TypeCongo, DemocraticRepublic of220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/D/ECongo, People’sRepublic of230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/ECook Islands240 V415 V50 Hz3, 4ICosta Rica120 V240 V60 Hz3, 4A/BCôte d’Ivoire (IvoryCoast)220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/ECroatia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/E110 V / 220V190 V60 Hz3A/B/C/LCuraçao127 V220 V / 380 V50 Hz3, 4A/BCyprus230 V400 V50 Hz4GCzech Republic230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/EDenmark230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/E/F/KDjibouti220 V380 V50 Hz4C/EDominica230 V400 V50 Hz4D/GDominican Republic120 V120/208 V /277/480 V60 Hz3, 4A/BDubai230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4GEast Timor (TimorLeste)220 V380 V50 Hz4C/E/F/IEcuador120 V208 V60 Hz3, 4A/BEgypt220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/FEl Salvador120 V200 V60 Hz3A/BEngland230 V415 V50 Hz4GEquatorial Guinea220 230 V400 V50 Hz4C/LCuba

e (Volts)Frequency(Hertz)# of wires(not includingground wire)Plug TypeEstonia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/FEthiopia220 V380 V50 Hz4C/FFaeroe Islands230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/E/F/KFalkland Islands240 V415 V50 Hz4GFiji240 V415 V50 Hz3, 4IFinland230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/FFrance230 V400 V50 Hz4C/EFrench Guiana220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/D/EGabon (GaboneseRepublic)220 V380 V50 Hz4CGambia230 V400 V50 Hz4GGaza230 V400 V50 Hz4C/HGeorgia220 V380 V50 Hz4C/FGermany230 V400 V50 Hz4C/FGhana230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4D/GGibraltar230 V400 V50 Hz4GGreat Britain (GB)230 V415 V50 Hz4GGreece230 V400 V50 Hz4C/FGreenland230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/E/F/KGrenada230 V400 V50 Hz4GGuadeloupe230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/EGuam110 V190 V60 Hz3, 4A/BGuatemala120 V208 V60 Hz3, 4A/BGuinea220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/F/KGuinea-Bissau220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C

e (Volts)Frequency(Hertz)# of wires(not includingground wire)Plug Type120 V / 240V190 V60 Hz3, 4A/B/D/GHaiti110 V190 V60 Hz3, 4A/BHolland (officiallythe Netherlands)230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/FHonduras120 V208 V / 230 V /240 V / 460 V /480 V60 Hz3, 4A/BHong Kong220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4GHungary230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/FIceland230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/FIndia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/D/MIndonesia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/FIran230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/FIraq230 V400 V50 Hz4C/D/GIreland (Eire)230 V415 V50 Hz4GIreland, Northern230 V415 V50 Hz4GIsle of Man230 V415 V50 Hz4C/GIsrael230 V400 V50 Hz4C/HItaly230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F/LJamaica110 V190 V50 Hz3, 4A/BJapan100 V200 V50 / 60 Hz3A/BJordan230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/D/F/G/JKazakhstan220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/FKenya240 V415 V50 Hz4GKiribati240 V[unavailable][unavailable][unavailable]IKorea, North220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4CGuyana

e (Volts)Frequency(Hertz)# of wires(not includingground wire)Plug TypeKorea, South220 V380 V60 Hz4C/FKosovo230 V230 V / 400 V50 Hz3C/FKuwait240 V415 V50 Hz4GKyrgyzstan220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/FLaos230 V400 V50 Hz4A/B/C/E/FLatvia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/FLebanon230 V400 V50 Hz4C/D/GLesotho220 V380 V50 Hz4MLiberia120 V208 V60 Hz3, 4A/BLibya230 V400 V50 Hz4C/LLiechtenstein230 V400 V50 Hz4C/JLithuania230 V400 V50 Hz4C/FLuxembourg230 V400 V50 Hz4C/FMacau220 V380 V50 Hz3GMacedonia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/FMadagascar220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/EMadeira230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/FMalawi230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4GMalaysia240 V415 V50 Hz4GMaldives230 V400 V50 Hz4C/D/G/J/K/LMali220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/EMalta230 V400 V50 Hz4GMarshall Islands120 que220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/D/EMauritania220 V220 V50 Hz3, 4C

e (Volts)Frequency(Hertz)# of wires(not includingground wire)Plug TypeMauritius230 V400 V50 Hz4C/GMayotte230 27 V220 V / 480 V60 Hz3, 4A/BMicronesia,Federated States of120 230 V400 V50 Hz4C/FMonaco230 V400 V50 Hz4C/E/FMongolia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/EMontenegro230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/FMontserrat230 V400 V60 Hz4A/BMorocco220 V380 V50 Hz4C/EMozambique220 V380 V50 Hz4C/F/MMyanmar (formerlyBurma)230 V400 V50 Hz4A/C/D/G/INamibia220 V380 V50 Hz4D/MNauru240 V415 V50 Hz4INepal230 V400 V50 Hz4C/D/MNetherlands230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/FNew Caledonia220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4C/FNew Zealand230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4INicaragua120 V208 V60 Hz3, 4A/BNiger220 V380 V50 Hz4C/D/E/FNigeria230 V415 V50 Hz4D/GNorthern Ireland230 V415 V50 Hz4GNorth Korea220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4CNorway230 V230 V / 400 V50 Hz3, 4C/F

e (Volts)Frequency(Hertz)# of wires(not includingground wire)Plug TypeOman240 V415 V50 Hz4GPakistan230 V400 V50 Hz3C/DPalau120 V208 V60 Hz3A/BPanama120 V240 V60 Hz3A/BPapua New Guinea240 V415 V50 Hz4IParaguay220 V380 V50 Hz4CPeru220 V220 V60 Hz3A/CPhilippines220 V380 V60 Hz3A/B/CPitcairn Islands230 V[unavailable][unavailable][unavailable]IPoland230 V400 V50 Hz4C/EPortugal230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/FPuerto Rico120 V480 V60 Hz3, 4A/BQatar240 V415 V50 Hz3, 4GRéunion230 V400 V50 Hz4C/ERomania230 V400 V50 Hz4C/FRussia (officially theRussian Federation)220 V380 V50 Hz4C/FRwanda230 V400 V50 Hz4C/JSaba110 V[unavailable][unavailable][unavailable]A/BSaint Barthélemy(informally alsoreferred to as SaintBarth’s or SaintBarts)230 V[unavailable][unavailable][unavailable]C/ESaint Kitts and Nevis(officially theFederation of SaintChristopher andNevis)230 V400 V60 Hz4D/G

e (Volts)Frequency(Hertz)# of wires(not includingground wire)Plug TypeSaint Lucia230 V400 V50 Hz4GSaint Martin220 V[unavailable][unavailable][unavailable]C/ESaint Helena230 V[unavailable][unavailable][unavailable]GSint Eustatius110 V / 220V220 V60 Hz3, 4A/B/C/FSint Maarten110 V220 V60 Hz3, 4A/B110 V / 230V400 V50 Hz4A/B/GSamoa230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4ISan Marino230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F/LSão Tomé andPríncipe230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/FSaudi Arabia230 V400 V60 Hz4GScotland230 V415 V50 Hz4GSenegal230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/D/E/KSerbia230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/FSeychelles240 V240 V50 Hz3GSierra Leone230 V400 V50 Hz4D/GSingapore230 V400 V50 Hz4GSlovakia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/ESlovenia230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/FSolomon Islands230 220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4CSomaliland220 V380 V50 Hz3, 4CSouth Africa230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/D/M/NSouth Korea220 V380 V60 Hz4C/FSaint Vincent andthe Grenadines

e (Volts)Frequency(Hertz)# of wires(not includingground wire)Plug TypeSouth Sudan230 V400 V50 Hz4C/DSpain230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/FSri Lanka230 V400 V50 Hz4D/GSudan230 V400 V50 Hz4C/DSuriname127 V / 230V220 V / 400 V60 Hz3, 4A/B/C/FSwaziland230 V400 V50 Hz4MSweden230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/FSwitzerland230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/JSyria220 V380 V50 Hz3C/E/LTahiti220 V380 V50 / 60 Hz3, 4C/ETaiwan110 V220 V60 Hz4A/BTajikistan220 V380 V50 Hz3C/FTanzania230 V415 V50 Hz3, 4D/GThailand230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4A/B/C/OTogo220 V380 V50 Hz4CTonga240 V415 V50 Hz3, 4ITrinidad & Tobago115 V115/230 V /230/400 V60 Hz4A/BTunisia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/ETurkey230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4C/FTurkmenistan220 V380 V50 Hz3C/FTurks and CaicosIslands120 V240 V60 Hz4A/BUganda240 V415 V50 Hz4GUkraine230 V400 V50 Hz4C/F

e (Volts)Frequency(Hertz)# of wires(not includingground wire)Plug TypeUnited ArabEmirates (UAE)230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4GUnited Kingdom (UK)230 V415 V50 Hz4GUnited States ofAmerica (USA)120 V120/208 V /277/480 V /120/240 V /240 V / 480 V60 Hz3, 4A/BUnited States VirginIslands110 V190 V60 Hz3, 4A/BUruguay220 V380 V50 Hz3C/F/LUzbekistan220 V380 V50 Hz4C/FVanuatu230 V400 V50 Hz3, 4IVenezuela120 V120 V60 Hz3, 4A/BVietnam220 V380 V50 Hz4A/C/DVirgin Islands(British)110 V190 V60 Hz3, 4A/Birgin Islands (USA)110 V190 V60 Hz3, 4A/BWales230 V415 V50 Hz4GYemen230 V400 V50 Hz4A/D/GZambia230 V400 V50 Hz4C/D/GZimbabwe240 V415 V50 Hz3, 4D/Gwww.dieselserviceandsupply.comDiesel Service & Supply 625 Baseline Road, Brighton, Colorado 80603SALES@DIESELSERVICEANDSUPPLY.COM WWW.DIESELSERVICEANDSUPPLY.COMToll-Free: 800-853-2073 Main Office: 303-659-2073 Fax: 720-685-7920

you convert from 50 Hz to 60 Hz because you speed the engine RPM up. The number of wires and plugs used varies greatly by region since each country is developing and evolving their electrical grids at a different rate and over time so these are only provided as a good starting point and general guide. Countr