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eFile.TXCourts.govCourt File AmericaFileTimeGreen FilingFree planbasic e-filing functionswithout the ability tosubmit word processorfiles and no fax service1st Month Free WithAny PlaniDocketOne LegalTurboCourteLawServicesFile & ServeXpressMyFileRunnerProDoc eFilingUS Legal PROWe offer a plan foreveryone. A fullymanaged plan for thePRO se or occasionalfiler, free services forindigent filers, acompetitive pertransaction fee for lawpractices and legalservice organizations orfor large filers chooseone of our low costmonthly plans.Transaction andsubscription-basedpricing for efiling/servingdocuments includesunlimited access to afirm’s sent and receiveddocuments and caseinfo.Flat fee of 6.00 perfiling, excluding stateand court fees andtaxes. 3.00 per submission.Flat fee of 1.98 perfilingPricing StructureFreeFree PlanBasic e-filing of textsearchable PDFdocumentsFee PlanAbove e-filing withcredit accountextended, customizedinvoicing and reportsNo contract requiredor other fees 2.99 planall basic functions plusupload word processorfiles and free faxservice 3.99 planall the above featuresplus monthly invoicingfor volume filersThere is no contract,no registration fee andno other hidden fees.You only pay when yousubmit e-filings and/oreServices.FREE3 FREE E-Filings /monthUnlimited Users 1 per filing over 3BASIC 29 / monthUp to 50 E-FilingsUnlimited Users 1 / filing over 50PLUS 69 / monthUp to 150 E-FilingsUnlimited Users 1 / filing over 150BULK &INTEGRATED FILINGAre you a large volumefiler? Contact us forbulk pricing, and learnabout options for fullintegration betweenyour firm and GreenFiling.FreeFree SolutionIncludes unlimited eFileand eService with nocontract to sign;conform copies; accessto comprehensiveresource center;document conversion;industry-best workflow.Free e-FilingFree Texas SupremeCourt ApprovedForms PreparationPremium SimplifiedBilling Solution( 1.95 limited offer)Includes all featuresoffered under the freeplan plus: one invoicedetailing all court andprovider fees; all courtfees advanced (all feesare charged to OneLegal's credit card);concierge service; localtraining and accountsupport; MCLEaccredited courses.Transactional orsubscription basepricing for optionalservices based on afirm’s needs.Free eServiceDocumentselectronically servedto specified attorneys atsame time as courtfiling.A single submissionmay include multiplefilings.All features available toall filers, no tieredservices.Free onlinetraining classes forindividuals or groups.Free RegistrationeConciergeRegisters and managesyour IDs andPasswords.Free eFilingConciergeMyFileRunnerprofessional servicescan submit your filingsfor you.Use PromoCode TX3FREE for 3Months Free Service(Use upon sign up, orlogin to Green Filingand submit code tochat agent)Service Provider Comparison Table1 of 6Revised 102815

eFile.TXCourts.govCourt File AmericaFileTimeGreen FilingiDocketOne LegalTurboCourteLawServicesFile & ServeXpressMyFileRunnerPhone: 855-212-1234Phone: 800-943-4085Phone: 877-433-4533Hours: 24x7Hours: 9 a.m. – 12:00a.m.x7Hours: 24 x 7Getting Started:DemoTraining VideosHosted WebinarsDownloadable MaterialsProDoc eFilingUS Legal PROSupport FeaturesSelf-Service SupportGetting Started:Hosted WebinarsTraining VideosPhone: 855-839-3453Hours: 7 a.m. – 9p.m., Mon. - Fri.Call CenterLocations:Plano & LongviewLive Chat: YesEmail:support@eFileTexas.govTraining Guides onWebsiteOnline SupportPhone: 713-863-0195Hours: 7:30 a.m. –7:00 p.m., Mon. - Fri.Call Center Location:HoustonLive Chat: YesEmail:support@courtfileamerica.comHosted TrainingWebinarsTraining VideosWritten GuidesPhone: 800-658-1233Hours: 24 x 7Call CenterLocation: SanAntonioLive Chat: comTraining — Get thetraining you need byattending ourscheduled HostedTraining Webinars, orviewing TrainingVideos on our supportwebsite.24 x 7 DevotedCustomerSupport We are proudto provide first classdevoted customersupport via Phone,Email, Tickets,and Instant LIVE Chat.Online SupportGetting Started:Training VideosCustomer SupportTraining InformationPhone: 800-938-8815Phone: 1-800iDocket.comHours: 8 a.m. - 7:30p.m., Mon. - Fri.Hours: 24 x 7Call Center Location:U.S. based livecustomer supportCall CenterLocation: Amarillo &El PasoLive Chat: NoEmail:support@idocket.comLive Chat: NoEmail:support@onelegal.comCall Center Location:U.S.Live Chat: s://turbocourt.com/txCall CenterLocation: IrvingLive Chat: NoEmail:info@elawservices.comCall Center Location:IrvingLive Chat: YesEmail:info@fileandservexpress.comPhone: 800-908-5110or 512-266-7182Hours: 24 x 7 x 365Call Center Location:AustinLive Chat: YesEmail:support@myfilerunner.comGetting Started:Training OptionsTraining VideosPhone: 800-759-5418Hours: 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.Call Center Locations:Eagan, Minn.&Universal City, TexasLive Chat: NoPhone: 972-807-0689Hours: 8 a.m. - 7:30p.m., Mon. - Fri.Call Center Location:DallasLive Chat: mpsonreuters.comPhone: 801-448-7268Hours: 24x7Call CenterLocations:Denver, Colorado,Phoenix, Arizona andRichmond, IndianaGreen Filingemployees support ourservice 24 / 7. We donot hire a 3rd party callcenter.Live Chat: Yes —Click the “Live ChatNow” tab found in ourapplication and on ourwebsite.Email: eenfiling.com/submit-a-ticket/Main Contact: GeorgeKnechtEmail: george@pcintellect.comDirect Phone (callanytime):(602) 380-8049Service Provider Comparison Table2 of 6Revised 102815

eFile.TXCourts.govCourt File AmericaFileTimeGreen FilingiDocketOne LegalTurboCourteLawServicesFile & ServeXpressMyFileRunnerCredit AccountsCharge e-filing fees toour credit card andeliminate monthlyreconciliation ofcharges to e-filingactivityE-Filing ExperienceWith more than adecade of experiencein the Texas e-filingsystems, TomSchoolcraft is the deanof e-filing in Texas. Heprovides you a broadrange of informationand helps to make efiling easier for you.Easy, Fast, SingleScreen E-FilingWe've made e-filingnew cases and newdocuments anextremely easyprocess. Our singlescreen for e-filing willdynamically update tocollect the informationthe Court needs basedon the filing you aresubmitting.iDocket.com offersJudicial InformationOnline for over 70counties in Texas.iDocket.com nowoffers e-filing servicesallowing attorneys tofile, track, and reviewcases in multiplecounties on onewebsite.Free SolutionNo cost for all serviceslisted below. Filerssimply use their ownpayment card for allcourt fees.Guided UncontestedDivorce Online FormsPreparation and eFilingWith 15 years andproduction systems in19 states, TurboCourtis the leader in helpingthe self representedlitigants.Our mission is to helpstreamline the Texasjudicial system andmake the legal processmore accessible to allthe citizens of Texas.We serve indigent, PROse and legalprofessionals.File & ServeXpress,headquartered in Irving,Texas, was formed in2012 through anacquisition of two of thepioneers of e-filing ande-service service –CaseFileXpress and File& Serve, a formerLexisNexis company.The resultingcombination broughttogether more than 20years of e-filing industryexperience.We’re the simple, fast,and reliable way tomake legal filings.Started over a decadeago, MyFileRunner wasone of the firstcompanies created asan Electronic ServiceProvider (EFSP) forattorneys and assistantsto file their courtdocuments online instate district and countycourts.ProDoc eFilingUS Legal PROValue AddsFree access to basice-filing and e-servicefunctionalityAccess to file-stampedcopies of filingsOnline tracking andproof of delivery24/7 filing and accessto electronically fileddocumentsCustomized invoicesformatted for easycharge-back of e-filingfees to client/matterbillingMonthly ReportsSummary of Firme-filing activityTraining & SupportUpload VirtuallyAny Document toFileTimeUpload virtually anydocument (includingscanned PDF files) toFileTime and ourrobust documentconverter will: Convert it to atext-searchablePDF Warn you ifsecurity features inthe document willcause the filing tofail Resize andreorient thedocument if it isoutside thestandarddocumentdimensions Remove fill-in-theblank coding oncounty downloadforms that causefilings to be failedby eFileTexas.You save time withFileTime by not havingto convert your wordprocessor documentsto PDF files. Justupload your documentService Provider Comparison TableSubscription BasedAccount OptionsTired of transactionfees? Then sign up forour uniquesubscription basedplans so you knowexactly what you willpay monthly, orannually, for your efiling service.Secured SupportStaff AccountsAttorneys oftendepend on theirsupport staff to makesure pleadings arefiled properly, timely,and as authorized bythe attorney. GreenFiling allows firmadmins and attorneysto limit the attorneysfor which support staffare allowed to file.Detailed FilingActivity ReportsRun filing activityreports at any time forany date range and forany attorney. Thesereports can be used toreconcile credit cardcharges for filing fees,or bill back filing coststo clients.Other servicesinclude:Free e-FilingiDocket.com offersfree access to our eFiling PortalAccess to JudicialInformation OnlineAccess to JudicialInformation & Imagesfor over 70 counties inTexas 24/7/365 days ayear. Anything filed ina participating courtwill be on theiDocket.com’s websitethe next day.Case TrackingTag cases you areinterested in and youwill be sent an emailwith any changes tothe case.Form ConvertorAbility to upload aWord or Word Perfectdocument and we willconvert your filing intosearchable PDFs.DocumentRepositoryAccess to file-stampedcopies of yourfirm’s filingsTracking ToolsAbility to review status Unlimited eFile &eService No Contract toSign Industry-BestWorkflow DocumentConversion Resource SupportCenter Filed/ConformedCopiesPremium SimplifiedBilling SolutionEliminates need toreconcile the courtcharges billed to yourcredit card. Weadvance all court feesand provide you with aninvoice. All Court FeesAdvanced By OneLegal One InvoiceDetailing All Courtand Provider Fees Free LocalTraining andAccount Support No Contract toSign Concierge Support Industry-BestWorkflow DocumentConversion Filed/ConformedCopiesTurboCourt is a secureinteractive intelligentplatform empoweringpeople and courts toconducte-Governmentcommerce includingforms preparation,assembly and access,electronic filing, service,online payments,notifications & alerts,and more. Guideduncontesteddivorce onlineforms preparationand free e-filing Free registrationand user account 24/7 filing andaccess toelectronically fileddocuments Online trackingand proof ofdelivery Access to filestamped copies offilingsFor more information,go towww.intresys.com oremail us atinfo@intresys.com.3 of 6eLawServices has beenserving Texas efilerssince 2006. Weunderstand the issuesTexas efilers face.eLawServices is aTexas-based, familyowned business. Wevalue our clients and ourpartners that support theunique needs of ourclients.File & ServeXpressprovides a web-baseddigital gateway betweenthe legal community andcourt systems withaccess to universallycompatible e-filing anddocument managementtechnology that meetsthe needs of all typesand sizes of courts,firms, cases andpractice areas.eLawServices does notbelieve one system,process or application“fits all.” We areconstantly searching for“best in class” servicesto meet our the needs ofOur clients in Texasour clients.include the AmLaw TopWe currently provide e- 25 firms, the Office ofthe Attorney General,filing, e-recording,Department ofdocument storage andTransportation,document preparationDepartment of Publicservices.Safety and the U.S.Attorney’s Office.High CustomerSatisfaction &SuccessMyFileRunner has ahigh customer retentionlevel and many havebeen filing with us sinceour start in 2004. Weoffer at-the-readysupport, whether it bequestions answered,filing assistance, ortraining.Unmatched CustomerServiceOur servicerepresentatives takecalls 24/7/365. Eachservice representative istrained to understandthe uniqueness of eachjurisdiction and thespecial needs of everylaw firm with which weFile & ServeXpresswork. When you call,stands apart from otheryou will be speakingEFSPs through our fullwith someone whoservice solutions foralready knows you welldelivery, access andand is highly trained tocontrol over the litigationfile successfully withworkflow.you.Our clients recognize upOnline Chat Supportto 80% in savings inCustomers can chatcosts associated withonline with atraditional documentProDoc has more thanE-Filing20 years’ experience Unlimited eFile &serving Texas attorneys.eServiceFounded in 1991, No contract to signProDoc has been driven Simpleto save Texas attorneystime and money in their Fastlaw practices. That Reliablesame motivation led tothe development ofLaw Firm PracticeManagementProDoc eFiling.At US Legal PRO, weProDoc has served asare much more than justan e-filing servicea e-filing service. Weprovider (EFSP) sinceare committed tothe introduction of eproviding attorneys withfiling in Texas courts inthe absolute best2008. ProDoc hascombination of servicescontinued to develop itsto help their firm be aseFiling and eServicesuccessful as possible.applications to provideOur functionality isattorneys the bestdesigned by attorneysservice possible. Todayfor attorneys. WeProDoc serves as therecognize the demandsEFSP in moreon attorneys and aim totransactions than anymaking your daily lifeother unsubsidizedeasier.provider.With US Legal PROProDoc leveraged theiryour firm can:experience in thedevelopment of eFiling. Organize your FirmThe same programmingDatateam that has worked Organize Case Datafor years with ProDoc Reduce malpracticehas developed the newclaimsProDoc eFiling program Increase your casethat interacts with theloadState’s eFileTexas.govsystem. We continue todevelop many morefeatures in response tocustomer needs.ProDoc has stored thedetail of all of your efilings from day one andhas retained your datestamped documents fore-filings made within thelast two years and willcontinue to do so. All ofthe filings are availableAdvancedCollaborationOur access module putsyour firm in control.Collaborate andsecurely share data withvirtually anyone; internalstaff, clients, opposingparty. US Legal PROallows you tocollaborate and securelyRevised 102815

eFile.TXCourts.govCourt File AmericaFileTimeto FileTime and weconvert them to textsearchable PDFs foryou.We Make E-filingSimpleWe provide contextsensitive popuphelpers throughout thesite as well as videoson the critical pages tohelp guide you on yourfirst filings. Moreimportantly, customerstell us that FileTime isthe most easy to useeFiling system of allavailable.Green FilingiDocketDevoted 24 / 7 LIVESupport (Chat, Email,Phone)The support weprovide our customerssets us apart from ourcompetitors. Call oremail us anytime, 24hours a day, 7 days aweek and we'llrespond to your inquirywith the assistanceyou need. We arefanatical aboutsupport.of filing’s and resubmitreturned filings easily.One LegalTurboCourt MCLE AccreditedCourses24/7 CustomerSupportOver 13 years ofexperience withCounty Governmentand the LegalCommunity; iDocketsupport is second tonone.Bilingual (Spanish)Support availableFile & ServeXpressSimply login toFileTime and, if youare on a mobile device,FileTime will presentyou with a mobileversion for checkingthe status of filings andeServices.Billing Made SimpleYou’ll save time whencompleting yourmonthly e-filing billings.Generate reportsbased on nearly anycriteria you need: bycase, by attorney, byjurisdiction, by dateDeliveryFile & ServeXpress wasthe first in the industry tobring e-filing to the legalcommunity. Our solutionis the most robust andproven model in themarket, capable ofmanaging the mostcomplex litigations andhigh volume filing needsof today’s law firms.SimplicityWe have designed ourproduct to have thefewest pages possible,links to help text areavailable all along theway.E-filings can be filteredand sorted on a numberof fields. These reportscan be exported toassist in reconciling yourcredit card billings, clientbilling or any other use.Document ConversionUpload your Word, doc,docx, html, .rtf, and .txtfiles to your filing andMyFileRunner willautomatically convertthem to text-searchable.pdf files.You can select a filingfrom the listing to viewits details including alink to the date stampeddocument as well as theoriginal document yousubmitted. Thesedocuments are storedon our servers for youfor at least one year.File & ServeXpressmaintains all e-filed ande-served documents ina searchable onlinerepository that allows allusers access to casedocuments andinformation through4 of 6ProDoc eFilingMyFileRunner Customer in the new ProDocSupport Representative. eFiling 2 system.AccessFile & ServeXpress’unique Case andActivity Monitoring tools,including real-time caseactivity Alerts, provideclients with increasedaccess to informationacross all courts andcases across thecountry. Users canmonitor cases they arenot a party to and lookfor case trends, activityfrom other counsel, ornew suits againstprospective clients.Extended FileMarkedDocument StorageFileTime saves yourfile marked and servicedocuments for aminimum of 6 months,and much longer inmost cases. You haveas little as seven daysto retrieve servicedocuments with otherservice providers.MyFileRunnerdelivery, tracking andcase file storage. E-Filing E-Service delivery Proof of delivery Multiple file formatssupported Automaticconversion tosearchable PDFformat Flexible notificationoptionsMobile VersionService Provider Comparison TableeLawServicesBillingWe provide billing tomany of our qualifiedcustomers with detailedreports that make iteasy to pass throughcosts and reconcile.Custom BillingReports Customers cancreate reports at anytime based onJurisdiction, EnvelopeNumber, Case/CauseNumber, Client MatterNumber and DateRange. Once the reporthas been created, theuser can export thereport into an excelspreadsheet by the clickof a button.You can initiate a filinginto any case listed oneither tab by a singleclick on an icon besidethe filing.ProDoc will continue toadd more flexiblereporting to assist youe-filing, billing andadministration.ProDoc offers you theability to designate filerdelegates. IneFileTexas.gov the firmconcept is used. Withinthe firm you havepersons who may befilers and/or attorneysand/or service contacts.Additional ServicesAny filer in a firm can eOur filing and formatting file on behalf of anyservice takes the burden attorney in the firm.of filing off of the filer.ProDoc allows attorneysSimply provide basicto select which filersinformation regardingwithin the system canyour filing andeFile on their behalf.documents by 4pm forsame day filing (byProDoc’s Notification11:59pm). Additionalsystem allows you tofees and a signeddesignate others toautomatically receiveUS Legal PROshare data with virtuallyanyone. Share data withother attorneys inyour firm on a caseby case basis Share certain datawith clients whilekeeping other datasecure — keepclients informed realtime, of any updatesand modification toany of their casedata Share data withattorneys outside ofyour firm Exchange data withopposing council Keep the lines ofcommunicationopen Keep teammembers up to date US Legal PROallows firms to setup online file sharingwith their clients,with advancedonline security Web-basedinterface to accessfrom any webenabled deviceRevised 102815

eFile.TXCourts.govCourt File AmericaFileTimeGreen FilingiDocketOne LegalTurboCourtrange, by category,etc.eLawServicesFile & ServeXpresssearch terms and built in agreement are requiredreports.for this service.Easy to Print Proofsof ServiceQuickly and easily printa single Proof ofService for your entireservice list. Document Archive Searchablerepository Multi-user access Case Folders Case Notes Delegates Case Tracking AlertsFree Fax ServiceOur free fax servicefeature saves you timewhen opposingcounsel does notaccept eService. It is asimple process to addfax service

eFile.TXCourts.gov Court File America FileTime Green Filing iDocket One Legal TurboCourt eLawServices File & Serv

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Parties seeking a copy of any electronic record may send an email to recordrequest@txcourts.gov . If small enough, the clerk’s office will email the file. An e-filed document must include the e-filer's email address, in addition to any other information required by the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure.

To file electronically, simply go to the District’s electronic Taxpayer Service Center (eTSC), at www.cfo.dc.gov and search for Electronic Taxpayer Service Center. Or click on the Federal State Electronic filing (eFile) option to file. Please note that eFile offers

Early Jan. 2013, until late October, 2013. You will just need to answer a few tax questions andthe efile.com software will select the correct tax forms for you. You can start, prepare, and efile your tax return now-----Important Notice. If you need to file a 2012 Tax Return after October

14.1. Recording and Broadcasting Permitted 14.2. Procedure (a) Request to cover Court proceeding. (b) Response. (c) Court May Shorten Time. (d) Decision of Court. 14.3. Equipment and Personnel 14.4. Enforcement Rule 15. Issuance of Writ or Process by Appellate Court

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court assignments, pooling, authorization of leave, and efficient service to the Court and litigants. Each official court reporter in this district shall prepare and submit to the Court Operations Supervisor the quarterly report AO 40A, Attendance and Transcripts of U.S. Court Reporters, listing hours and days in court and any transcript backlog.

English Language Arts: Grade 3 READING Guiding Principle: Students read a wide range of fiction, nonfiction, classic, and contemporary works, to build an understanding of texts, of themselves, and of the cultures of the United States and the world; to acquire new information; to respond to the needs and demands of society and the workplace .