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4th JASTIP Symposium “Biomass to Energy, Chemicals and Functional Materials ”(NSTDA, Thailand, July 3rd and 4th, 2017)Potentials of Global Biomass Energyand R&D of Biomass RefineryTechnologiesKinya SakanishiDeputy Director-General,Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute,AIST (FREA),Koriyama, Fukushima 963-0298,Japan

FREA(Fukushima Renwable Energy Institute, AIST)(Established in Koriyama City, Japan , in April, 2014 )Wind Power SystemHydrogen Bldg.Rated Output: 300kWMCH Bldg.Smart System ResearchFacility in April, 2016(newly built)Energy Management Bldg.PV Power SystemRated Output: 500kWAnnex BuildingClean Rooms, Experiment RoomsMain BuildingTotal Land Area:78,000 Research Labs, Area 6,900 2

Renewable Energy Network at FREASystem R&D for renewable energies mass introduction MW PV, wind power integration with storage (batteries, hydrogen) ICT network for power generation forecast and system control Test bed for new technology (power electronics etc.), demonstration International standardization3

Hydrogen Carrier Production / Application Hydrogen production from PV, wind turbine output Conversion to organic-hydrate (liquid at room temperature), largescale storage at high density for long term 3H2 C6H5CH3 C6H11CH3(methyl-cyclohexane)– Hydrogenation / dehydrogenation by catalytic reaction Combined heat and power application by engine / fuel cell Utilization of O2 from H2O electrolysis for biomass to H2 & fuels4

Major Developments of Biomass Policy in JapanMinistry of Economy,Trade and IndustryAgency of NaturalResourcesand Energy Afterthe Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent nuclear accident happened, thebiomass industrialization strategy was drawn as principle to create regional green industry andfortify an independent and distributed energy supply system.YearPolicies2002Biomass Nippon Strategy2005Kyoto Protocol – Target Achievement Plan2009Basic Act for the Promotion of Biomass Utilization2010Basic Energy Plan (Revised)2010National Plan for the Promotion of Biomass Utilization2011.3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake and Accident ofFukushima 1st Nuclear Power Plant2012Biomass Industrialization Strategy Feed-in Tariff started 2014Basic Energy Plan (Revised) 2015 Revised FIT for Biomass Power Generation 2016 Electricity Deregulation startedfrom AprilSource: Ministry of Agriculture,Forestry and Fisheries




Current Situation of World EnergyLooking Back and ForwardSource : IEA Task39 Work Shop, September 20089

Biomass Supply Prospects – Uncertainties RemainSource: Adapted from IPCC (2011), and supplemented with IEA data Source: Based on IPCC SRREN, 2011 Total biomass demand for heat, power and biofuels reaches 8-11 billion tons in 2050Intermediate targets should be adopted to enhance international biomass trade, and assesscosts and impact on sustainability


Scheme of Sustainable Asian Biomass Strategy ASEAN 6 and Asia-Pacific CollaborationsBest Practice Scenario and System for SustainableBiomass Utilization Models in East Asian CountriesChinaWin-WinrelationshipTotal Promotion of Biomass Asia StrategyExtensive Win-Win Collaboration in AsiaInternational R&D Joint Projects on Biomass,Especially agriculture and engineering fieldsJapanTechnology, IP, Human resourcesASEANResources, Economical development,Technology transferEnergy, Materials, CO2 reduction:CDM&JCM Sustainable Development

Foresight of ASEAN Agricultural Residue in 2030(Converted into Ethanol x1000 kL)* The figures in yellow background are the promising quantities for producing ethanolSource : NEDO Research Report in 200723

Target Technology & Products for Biomass UtilizationBiomassSewage SludgeFood WastesAgricultural Waste(rice husk & straw,baggasse etc.Energy Crops(Cassava, SugarCane, Oil palm,Jatropha, SagoPalm etc.)Aquatic BiomassForestry Products,Old palm trunk etc.Biomass LCA (NREL etc.)Target TechnologyHydrothermalPretreatment, &CarbonizationProductsTwo-stageFermentation, &Waste-watertreatmentBTL with catalysis,Flash pyrolysis &Gasification for CHPMethane &HydrogenFertilizer,Animal ion &Catalysis etc.BDFPlant Growth,FermentationClone IdentificationNon-acidic Pretreatments(Hot-compressed Water&Mechano-chemicalmilling)Technical and Post Doctoral Training(JICA/JST, NEF, AIST fellowship ene,Bio-propyleneStandardization in Asia &JIS, and ISO

Future Needs for Alternative Transportation Fuel2000-20102010-2020Fuel technologies for urban Fuel technologies for mini2020environmentminimizing fuel consumption*PM,NOx reduction*Advanced end-of-pipe technologiesPetroleumEnergy securityS-freegasolineS-freedieselNatural GasBiomassHeavy OilsCoalSyngasCO/H2*CO2 reduction*New engine system/new fuelS-free・low-aroma・lowolefins and high octanegasolineDesignedfuelS-free・low-aroma dieselS-free,Aroma-freeGTL / BTLFT Synthesis,etc.DMEMethanolH2H2 for Fuel Cell

Overall Biomass Refinery Scheme

Principles of Biomass Refining TechnologyTo overcome “Biomass Recalcitrance”: responsible for the high cost of lignocellulose conversion.Cell wall structure: Natural nanocompositeNanospace formation between cellulose microfibrills by HCW treatmentNanofibrillation bythe combinedmethod of HCWtreatment and wetmilling processMorphology of thefibrillated products bywet-milling after thehot compressedwater (HCW )treatment.EnzymaticSaccharificationand LigninRecoveryDe-lignificationof wet-milledproduct

Strategy for Biomass Platform by Combined Bio- & Chemical- ProcessesEnzymeAlcohols (Butanol,Iso-butanol etc. )Lactic Acid etc.Nano-cellulose fiber productionBy hydrothermal and mechanochemical pretreatmentsEnzymaticSaccharificationin high conc.solutionFermentation byInnovative BioProcessesFunctional and Valueadded Products suchas Bio-surfactants andBio-materialsBio-Process ConversionBiomass Refinery TechnologyWoody BiomassTarget 1: Sugar PlatformProduction of Biomassderived ChemicalsTarget 2: Syn-Gas cationSyn-GasSyntheses of Bio-DME &HydrocarbonsCatalytic Production of Bio-ChemicalsBio-materialsBio-DME&IntermediatesGas Cleaning&StorageCatalytic ReactionsOlefins such aspropyleneAromatics etc.


Biomass System Analysis and SimulationTo establish economically feasible process for large-scale biomass conversion;1. To develop biomass system simulation technology,Ground database(DB) should be constructed.2. To design economic feasible total system for biomass.The simulator can be used for optimization, economic & environmental analysis.INPUTSimulationOUTPUTWood DBCost DBAnalysis Structures Molecules Elements . Devices Processes Products . Mass & energy analysis Cost analysisCarbon balance木材Process 7240空気圧縮2水熱処理250蒸発85095 貯蔵1濾過貯蔵2灰分20529.3五炭糖 1.0六炭糖 ��電炭酸ガス5.1 430六炭糖16.9ETOH水415 ��化66012.669012.6 cs670空気圧縮183095 00 Separation Fermentation Chemical Thermal ��化 Calorie Moisture Enthalpy Entropy .Energy balanceEx.: Process model for ETBE & BTL16.1Thermo ��チルメタノール1.1炭酸ガス ��ロパン �蔵6濃縮六炭糖水 1.3Cost recovery

System simulation of BTL processWOOD H2O H2 CO CO2 CH4 HCs Tar CharnCO (2n 1)H2 CnH2n 2 nH2O(paraffin)nCO 2nH2 CnH2n nH2O(olefin)BTL liquid fuel

Total amount of CO2 mitigation20100801560104052000-5-20Case ICase IICase IIICase IVCase VCase VI-10-40offgas combustionoffgas recycling-15CO2 mitigationt-CO2/kL-productAmount of CO2 mitigation [t/100t-wood]Liquid fuel (C5-C20) [t/100t-wood]25Liquid fueltotalElec.DutyC10-20C6-C9-60withoutfossil fuel1.602.112.5840.4662.062.45

Effective Utilization of Biomass with Asian PartnersTechnology TransferInvestmentCDMJCMCO Reduction2Local Energy SupplyForest RestorationCreditLiquid FuelsBulk Chemicals

Thank you !For further information:frea-info-ml@aist.go.jpTel: 81 (0)24-963-180536

Bio-DME & Intermediates Syntheses of Bio-DME &Hydrocarbons Alcohols (Butanol, Iso-butanol etc. ) Lactic Acid etc. Functional and Value-added Products such as Bio-surfactants and Bio-materials Bio-materials Olefins such as propylene Aromatics etc. Catalytic Production of Bio-Chemicals

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