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NORTH & WEST SUTHERLAND LOCAL HEALTH PARTNERSHIPMinutes of the meeting held on Thursday 7thDecember 2006 at 12:00 Noon in theRhiconich Hotel, Rhiconich.PRESENT:Dr Andreas HerfurtDr Moray FraserDr Alan BelbinDr Anne BerrieDr Cameron StarkMrs Sheena CraigMrs Georgia HaireMrs Lorraine CoeMr Don CampbellMs Annemieke MartinMrs Joan GrantMrs Sandra MacFarlaneMrs Susan KinnardMs Frances ArrowsmithMs Karen OtterMrs Sylvia MackayMiss Christian GoskirkMr Findlay HickeyMrs Alison LiddellMs Elspeth AndersonMs Jennifer GrantMr Paul AdrianLead ClinicianCHP Medical DirectorGP DurnessGP LocumPublic Health ConsultantCHP General ManagerCHP Assistant Manger – SutherlandClinical Nurse ManagerHighland Council Social Work ServicesCommunity Nurse/MidwifeCommunity Nurse/MidwifeFamily Health Nurse/MidwifeCommunity Nurse/MidwifeCommunity NurseHealth VisitorN&WSCAN&WSCCFPrescribing AdvisorMacmillan NurseCommunity Rehab TeamCommunity Rehab TeamPhysiotherapistAPOLOGIES: Dr Marion MacDougallDr Chris DuckhamDr David SlaterDr John VineMrs Anne MackayMs Val HarrisMs Fiona DuffGP TongueGP Tongue/ArmadaleGP AssyntGP AssyntCVS NorthHighland Council Social Work ServicesNHS HighlandATTENDING: Mr David MacmillanMs Linda SinclairMr Alasdair WoodNHS Highland – FinanceNorth Highland CHP Lead NurseScourie Community Council1.MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETINGThe minutes of the previous meeting were approved.2.MATTERS ARISINGSmoking CessationCameron Stark reported that Sutherland has been allocated 3 days per week for SmokingCessation.LHP – 7/12/061

Speech & Language TherapyGeorgia Haire reported that the Job Description has been drawn up. The post will go to advert inJanuary ’07.Midwifery FeedbackLorraine Coe reported that the meeting between herself, Cameron Stark and those providingmidwifery services locally was due to take place later today (7th December ’06).Translation ServicesIt was noted that information relating to the translation service is available via the NHS Highlandintranet.Fuel CardsGeorgia Haire reported that the issue is to be taken up at a National Level. In the meantime shehas been appointed to the Human Resources Sub Group of the Area Partnership Forum. She hasraised the issue there and a paper, highlighting the main issues and concerns, is to be prepared.Mental Health Act TrainingAlan Belbin reported that the Mental Health Act Training took place in Durness on 20thNovember ’06.Macmillan NursingGeneticsAlison Liddell had as agreed invited Kate Sarson (Clinical Nurse Specialist – Genetics) to theFebruary meeting of the North & West Sutherland LHP.Syringe PumpsAlison Liddell stated that the pilot of the new syringe pump prescribing and recording sheet hadnot taken place as agreed as concern had been expressed by some of the East Sutherland GPs overthe recording sheet.E-mailsAlan Belbin stated that there were still problems with e-mails being sent out which contain a largenumber of pictures etc with are taking a significant amount of time to download. Georgia Hairesaid she would remind those sending the e-mails to keep them mainly to text.Paediatric PhysioGeorgia Haire reported that she had spoken with the Head of Service for Paediatric Physiotherapyregarding the Sutherland base. He had confirmed that the Physiotherapist was now based inInverness, but stated that she was continuing to provide a Sutherland service. Both Paul AdrianLHP – 7/12/062

and Alan Belbin stated that they have been experiencing difficulties in accessing the service.Georgia Haire agreed to take the issue forward.Baby MilkAlan Belbin noted that the shop in Durness does not stock Baby Milk. Parents have been toldthat the nearest stockist is the Pharmacy in Lairg. The situation is to be monitored.Scottish Ambulance ServiceAndreas Herfurt reported that he had received a letter from the Scottish Ambulance Service,which was in response to his letter highlighting the concerns of the LHP at the single manning ofAmbulances. In essence the Ambulance Service is blaming the new contract, stating thatParamedics and Technicians are now not willing to work overtime without additional payments.The situation is he said, unacceptable. He will continue to try to contact the Divisional Managerto discuss the matter further.3.GMSThere was no update.4.RECRUITMENT & RETENTIONGP Scourie/KLBAndreas Herfurt reported that Dr Anne Berrie has been appointed to the Scourie andKinlochbervie Practice. She will take up her position on 1st February ’07 and is at presentworking in the practice as a locumDr Berrie has been appointed as a single-handed GP to this practice and will formally take up theposition from 1st Feb 2007. Locums will be used to help cover Out of Hours and holidays.Sylvia Mackay read a statement which had been prepared by the Kinlochbervie CommunityCouncil. It expressed the Community Council’s concern that the appointment is as a singlehanded GP. It had been under the impression that a second GP would be appointed at a later date.Alasdair Wood said that the Scourie Community Council would echo these concerns.There followed as discussion regarding to proposed changes to the service and how these changesmight be of benefit to the communities. It was agreed that Fiona Duff and Dr Berrie would meetwith the community councils early next year to talk about the proposals more fully.Dr Moray Fraser, as CHP Medical Director welcomed Dr Berrie to the area.5.OLDER ADULTS BUSINESS CASE FOR SUTHERLAND – ACTIONPLAN (formerly known as Care of the Elderly)It was noted that at its meeting on 8th November ’06 the Housing & Social Work Committee ofthe Highland Council had agreed the following for the Assynt Centre – The Centre will providerespite for four nights per week (Monday – Friday) with an addition six (flexible) weekends peryear. Locally it was noted that there are concerns that the weekends have been already been fixt(two at Easter, two during the summer and two in October have been suggested), thus reducingLHP – 7/12/063

the flexibility needed to provide a rolling programme of respite for carers. It was agreed that thesituation requires to be clarified. Georgia Haire agreed to speak to Larry Wilmot. She will askhim to come to the next LHP meeting to provide members with an update.Alan Belbin asked if the Older Adults Action Plan is still in existence, and if so at what stage is itat? The focus he said appears to be shifting from the Action Plan and the proposed servicedevelopments to a discussion about service cutbacks and closures. Sheena Craig stated that theAction Plan is in the process of being updated. From an NHS point of view it has been updated,it is now with the Council and will require to go through its structures. She agreed to speak toJon King about it.6.FINANCEDavid Macmillan made available to everyone the figures for the period ending 31st October 2006.David went through in detail each of the various headings in detail and said that the North &West Sutherland LHP is forecast to be under-spent by 5,000 at 31st March 2007.The CHP as a whole is forecast to overspend by 301,000 with Caithness Acute forecast tooverspend by 199,000; Caithness Locality to overspend by 256,000; Management Costs tounder-spend by 5,000; Marie Curie (which the CHP now hosts) to break even and EastSutherland LHP to under-spend by 144,000.Findlay Hickey noted that the budget figures for Prescribing had changed since 31st October as aresult of clarification on the new Community Pharmacy Contract. This he said will lead to asizeable re-adjustment of the figures.7.PRESCRIBINGFindlay Hickey reported that he had presented the data regarding the use of statins in primary careto the Board of NHS Highland. It had been well received he said with an agreement work needsto be done around the drug of first choice in terms of statins. It should cover acute care as well asprimary care and he has had some discussions with hospital staff regarding this. Further, he notedthat the SIGN Guidelines will be available soon. In addition Findlay added that he has since thelast meeting done some work around the quality outcomes. From his initial studies he can see nocorrelation between the quality outcomes on cholesterol lowering and coronary heart disease andthe cost of medicines. He will he said be doing more work on this.Annemieke Martin noted that some patients had been asking Community staff about the changesto the branding and packaging of their prescriptions. There is a potential to confuse patients withchanges she said. Andreas Herfurt and Findlay Hickey noted that these changes are most likelyto be as a result of generic drugs being renamed. Information cards explaining this should be sentto patients.8.CLIMATE CHANGE PROJECTCameron Stark gave a presentation on a project he had recently been involved in around the issueof Climate Change and the implications that may have on the provision of Health Services inHighland. He started by asking the question have things changed? He went on to show that yes,things have changed. Not only is the temperature rising, rainfall is increasing, the relative sealevels are also increasing and there has been an increase in extreme weather events. He then wentinto the possible reasons for this and the impact it will have should it continue at current levels. ItLHP – 7/12/064

is possible he said to model climate change. Using modelling techniques it has been possible tolook at the impact of climate change at CHP level.Andreas Herfurt thanked Cameron for his presentation.9.AOCBChildren 1st / Killen Family Resource CentreKaren Otter informed those present that the Killen Family Resource Centre has recentlyappointed a full-time worker to support young women who are self-harming. She will coverHighland.10.DONMThe next meeting of the North & West Sutherland Local Health Partnership will take place onThursday 11th January 2007 at 12:00 noon in the Ben Loyal Hotel, Tongue.LHP – 7/12/065

NORTH & WEST SUTHERLAND LOCAL HEALTH PARTNERSHIP Minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 7th December 2006 at 12:00 Noon in the Rhiconich Hotel, Rhiconich. PRESENT: Dr Andreas Herfurt Lead Clinician Dr Moray Fraser CHP Medical Director Dr Alan Belbin GP Durness Dr Anne Berrie GP Locum Dr Cameron Stark Public Health Consultant Mrs Sheena Craig CHP General Manager Mrs Georgia Haire CHP Assistant .

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