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Diners Club Diners Club Diners Club Sphaera Diners Club Aadvantage Diners Club Aadvantage Diners Club Internacional Diners Club Nacional . Diners Club 2.104 40.252.986 19.132 Interdin 764 4.888.328 6.398 Banco Austro 594 3.115.700 5.245 Total 29.399 285.902.220 9.725.

Diners Club Diners Club Diners Club Sphaera Diners Club Aadvantage (350) Diners Club Aadvantage (150) Diners Club Internacional Diners Club Nacional . Interdin 51.935 17.180 69.115 Banco General Rumiñahui 35.794 6.830 42.624 Banco Machala 35.867 1.728 37.595 Banco Promerica 15.237 1.856 17.093

2.1 Signing your Diners Club Personal Card For security reasons, you must sign your Diners Club Personal Card as soon as you receive it. 2.2 Where you can use your Diners Club Personal Card (a) You can only use your Diner

diners club card premier guide to benefits bmo harris bank n.a. guide to benefits diners club card premier cardholder benefits important information. please read and save.

BANCO DINERS CLUB DEL ECUADOR- INTERDIN 2019 Elaborado por: Augusta Bustamante Gerente Responsabilidad Social Interdin-Diners Club. 2 Algo de Historia Desde el año 2006 Diners Club del Ecuador adopta un modelo de Responsabilidad Social y Sustentabilidad y realiza un levantamiento de materialidad bianualmente.

Diners Club: Individual Liability, Joint & Several, or Corporate Liability***. This brochure describes the coverage amounts, what is and is not covered under the program, how Diners Club must manage this program in conjunction with their client companies, and the minimum collection standards for recovering outstanding eligible charges.

Club Professional Card account. If the entire cost of the passenger fare has been charged to your Diners Club Professional Card account prior to departure for the airport, terminal or station, coverage is also provided: a) f

Diners Club may need to call you to obtain further information to assist in assessing your application. Main Card DC Only: XB000050 Main Card DC MC: XD000014 Supp Card DC Only: XB000045 Supp Card DC MC: XDA00005 BUSINESS Joint & Several Liability Central Billing 21 day payment terms

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