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Mile High Polymer Clay Guild NewsletterSummer 2010www.mhpcg.orgPeg says Clare’s two cents worth Now Spring just started and already theSummer Solstice has come and gone?That‟s just wrong! Gary and I have movedto Longmont where we‟re very happy withour „new‟ apartment & enjoying being closerto friends and business.I‟m looking forward to being more involvedwith the guild this summer as “SummerPresident” or “Temporary Peg”. I have always benefited from the positive energyand encouragement from this group & amhappy to give back. We have a great groupof leaders and members who give freely oftheir time and knowledge. Be sure and remember to thank them.Our May workshop with Lynne AnneSchwarzenberg was wonderful. She is avery generous instructor and all of us whowere fortunate to be there learned tips andtricks that will save us loads of time &clay. Our Retreat was great again thisyear. It just gets better and better,doesn‟t it? Be sure to check out the manypictures on our guild Facebook page.I‟m off for the summer. Our own dearClare Pramuk will be stepping in for mewhile she‟s available. You be nice to her!Don‟t make me send her my whistle and bullhorn! It does warm my heart to watch youall visiting and sharing with each otherevery month. Just let Clare get a word inhere and there so that you‟re informedabout what‟s going on in the group.I‟ll see you all in the Fall, if not sooner.Happy Claying!PegIf you don‟t know me well, I‟ve been working with polymer clay for at least 5 years &had my first class with Kathleen Dustin theSpring of 2006. This was actually before Imoved to Colorado from Texas. I don‟treally know when I started but I can‟timagine not having polymer clay in my life.I don‟t have my own style, at least not yet,and enjoy exploring the many techniquesthat are out there. I find that reading abook or attending a demonstration, class orworkshop on something I already know willalways give me some unexpected nugget ofinformation that expands my knowledge.I just returned from a week in northernNew Mexico in the area where GeorgiaO‟Keefe completed many of her masterpieces. It was a very spiritual week for meso expect to see some „inspired‟ pieces coming from my direction. I justhave to hold onto that inspiration & get my studiocleaned up!Namaste,Clare

Ex[oring the Rainbow with Tina HoldmanMountain Cool ColorsThis is half a collection of cool colors that willnicely fill out your color sample collection. Theyare designed to go with the Mountain Cool Water Collection of recipes that will be publisheddown the road if they have not been publishedthus far. I would love to say that these collections were the result of looking at my samplecollection and realizing that a few more cool colors were needed to nicely plump out those partsthat were thin but alas, I have to admit that itwas primarily self interest that drove me. Yes,my guild sisters and occasional brother, I havestrayed from the field and have cheated withanother craft form.Oh please, I know you have some, ur, side interests as well. Felting, quilting, beading and yes,an occasional weaver like my own bad self areout there. While I cannot say that I am aprolific weaver, I will dust off my loom &warp something on once in a great while. Andit has led, to my defense, to not one, but twolovely collections of greens, blues & purples.I was at the weaving store & started puttingtogether a pile of cone & ball yarn to match amixed yarn of blues & purples and before Iknew it, I was looking at a pile of absolutelydelicious colors. I got a bit of each to warpinto a scarf. Or two or three. The clay colors will probably go into a project before Iactually get to making the scarf, but there itis, I am most faithful to clay in the end ofthings.Premo colors you will need to mix this collection are: Turquoise, Ecru, White, Cobalt,Green, Sea Green, Ultramarine Blue, Purple and Black.#1 Light Bluish Green4 parts Premo Turquoise3 parts Premo Ecru1 part Premo White#3 Medium Dark GreenishBlue3 parts Cobalt Blue1 part Premo Sea Green1/2 part Premo White#5 Navy Blue2 parts Premo Ultramarine1 part Premo Cobalt Blue1/4 part Premo Black#4 Medium Dark Blue1 parts Premo Turqoise1 part Premo Ultramarine#6 Dark Luscious Purple2 parts Premo Ultramarine1 part Premo Purple#2 Medium Clean Green2 parts Premo Turquoise2 parts Premo Cobalt1 parts Premo Green#7 Bonus—Medium BluePurple2 parts Premo Purple1 part Premo Turquoise1 part Premo Cobalt1 part Premo White

Fabulous Organic Sculpture.a two-day workshop withJana Roberts BenzonSaturday and Sunday October 16th & 17thHampton Inn 137 Union Lakewood ColoradoCost: 200 (includes materials fee)Send check made payable to MHPCG to: Sue Mueller20 West Ranch TrainMorrison, CO 80465(Participants must be MHPCG members in good standing.Include 30 if 2010-11dues are not currently paid. Space is limited to 22 partcipants; check with Sue M.about space availability. (‚Join me for two days spent ‘going with the flow’ as we learn to create, ethereal, magical organicsculpture pieces with their delicate black outlining.give these creations their distinguishing look.struction & ‘free-form’ time.This eye-catching, mesmerizing feature helpsThis workshop has a wonderful mix of technical in-We will learn how to create glittering sea shell beads incorporatingmany of the basic skills for creating organics with a beautiful, sparkling exterior.We’ll also learnpendant with the beautiful (and mystifying!) technique that adorns its outer shell.If time, we’ll alsoto create a sea sculpture broach with its rough, crustacean-like exterior and then the seahorselearn how to make a crumpled broach, one of my favorites.You’ll learn the basics of organics,several interesting shapes and designs along with several new surface techniques.This MasterWorkshop is full of free-form fun, relaxed ‘in the zone’ creating time and also filled with so muchnew & innovative polymer information.a good (organic) way!‛You’ll leave feeling like your head is going to explode, inJana Roberts Benzon

Guild NewsWe have many excellent VHS videos featuring favorite polymer clay artists & techniques. The majority of these tapes languish on our shelvesbecause so many members no long have VHS equipment. We plan to havea special showing each clay day following the business meeting. Membersnot wanting to watch can use the time for chatting or claying. Regularmonthly demonstrations will follow the film. Tina G. is in charge of selection, so if you have a suggestion, let her know. And yes, we may evenhave popcorn!The Board approved purchase of a Cloud Dome & plans to providebasic training for those interested in macro photography. We willbe scheduling an orientation workshop and providing further information concerning using the equipment at clay days. If you havesome skills in this area you‟d be willing to share or if you‟d like tobe involved in the „Cloud Dome Committee‟ please contact KarenSexton ( or Clare Pramuk(’s up!This is the last newsletter if your 2010-11 dues are notpaid. The website password will change July lst & only members in goodstanding will be sent the new one.Send 30 check payable to MHPCG to Sue Mueller 20 West Ranch Trail,Morrison, Colorado 80465. PPPCG members are eligible for associatedues ( 15). Don‟t know if you‟ve paid? Ask Sue: She knows!Equipment Rental PolicyEquipment for rent to members:Polypress 10/month Deposit 100Buffer 10/month Deposit 200Vibratory Tumbler 5/month Deposit 50Rotary Tumbler 3/month Deposit 40 Deposit fees vary for each piece of equipment &reflect replacement cost. Deposit checks will bereturned at the end of the rental month when theequipment is checked in with the Librarian. All currently paid members are eligible to rentequipment. Equipment must be returned by 10 a.m. at thenext guild meeting. If more than one person wants a piece of equipment, a sign-up sheet will be used. A late fee will be double the rental price if theequipment is not returned by the following meeting. Equipment is to be returned in the condition it wasrented. A „how to use‟ notebook with instructions is kept inthe library & a copy will go out with the equipment.The notebook must be returned with the equipment. The Librarian is in charge of rentals.Note: The PMC kiln will not be rented but is availablefor use at meetings by qualified persons.

Mile High Members in PrintThe newest Polymer Café magazinefeatures Maria Clark’s article on herArizona Bracelets as well as a maskmaking technique written by AnnKruglak.Karen Sexton’s article on making“polymer posies’ is in the July-Augustissue of Belle Armoire magazine.New ProductsExtreme Golden Mokume Gane by Barbara McGuireThis is Barbara’s first video & was filmed in her studio with a classroom style casual atmosphere. It is fast-paced and specific, featureing Barbara’s popular recipe for Mokume using 22 kt real gold leafand impression tools. All details for constructing the surface design areincluded in the video & several works are shown to illustrate possibilities for its use. A printedcard is also included for visual and printed reference. The video is the first in a series gearedtoward an audience that is already familiar with working in polymer clay. It does not include basicconditioning and curing details. Furture segments are being filmed that include general introduction to working with polymer clay, projects with polymer clay surface design and additional specific techniques.Poly Paste RevisitedBrooch by D. KatoKato Poly Paste is an inexpensive new product that takes the frustration out of attaching two odd-shaped surfaces. Although liquidclay could be used for this purpose, Poly Paste best assures that thepieces stay in place before and during baking, not slipping as liquidclay often does. It’s especially helpful when adding trim to a prebaked piece. Did you know Poly Paste can be colored using oil paintsor alcohol inks? Tip: be sure to stir the paste well to activate andthin it a bit. It can be applied with a toothpick or small flat brush.

New Learning Opportunitieswww.Craftedu.comDonna Kato has expanded her reputation as an artistic innovator by launching,an exciting and varied collection of on-line classes. Working with her husband Vernon & using specially written software, Donna has devoted many months developing this unique browser based,state of the art platform which offers rich and robust audio and visual learning opportunities.Along with the classes, the site offers free basic tutorials and a frequently up-dated blog featuring new classes & artists.The classes are taught by notable artists from European countries as well as the U.K. and U.S. andcover a wide range of crafts, including beading, felting, paper arts, drawing, color theory and Photoshop applications. Each class has a video preview given by the artist which specifies tools andmaterials required as well as up-close pictures of the projects. Single classes vary in price from 5 to 50. Each class can be viewed 15 times within a 120 day period and most come with a pdfhandout which can be printed.The free tutorials include basic polymer clay skills such as clay conditioning, Skinner blends, jellyroll, striped loaf and bullseye canes. I watched the “Overview of Needle Felting” and came awaywith a good understanding of the tools, materials and techniques involved in this craft.The accompanying blog offers interesting information about the artists and is updated frequently.Links to the artists’ websites and blogs provide opportunities for nearly endless further exploration.For crafters with responsibilities or budget that doesn’t support the tuition of artist workshops,these classes offer relatively inexpensive opportunities to learn at home from outstanding artists. So browse through the class list & begin putting pennies in the piggy bank so you can takeadvantage of this new and promising learning opportunity. KSLooking for Inspiration? Try these websites

What’s new?Valerie Aharoni posted pictures ofher more elaborately embellished pingpong ball beads and her ion-sources.htmlPing Pong Ball Beads!Several years ago the Metro Detroit PC Guild had a“bodacious bead” swap & our former MHPCG presidentDiane Luftig, then a member of the Detroit group,showed us her strand of unusual and large creations.She said one difficulty was finding something on whichto form the beads, since the weight of solid beads wasa problem. More recently, my Yahoo group sharedideas for making beads on ping pong balls. The questions of safety when heating plastic was discussed &Garie Sim, a polymer artist in Singapore, provided thefollowing information: There are two kinds of pingpong balls : a) Celluloid , which is based on cellulosenitrate and b) PVC which is a thermo plastic polymer.To determine which type, cut open the ping pong ball.Celluloid balls have a plastic membrane that is verythin & you’ll get a strong plastic glue smell. The PVCballs have thicker membranes. Although you can useeither, the Celluloid balls distort during baking and ifnot vented properly before covering with clay may explode! For safety reasons, the PVC balls are best!To create the bead, poke holes in opposite sides of aPVC ball and cover with a sheet of #3 or #4 clay. Thecovering must be sealedtightly to protect ball frommelting.Decorate & bake followingmanufacturer’s directions.Garie works with children &has used the forms for making animals as well as nponballs.htmA New Look for Buna CordAre you weary of the regulation black buna cord? Try sponging on Lumiere acrylic paint for a metallic finish that better coordinates with your polymer pendants. Let the paint dry and heat set itin the oven about 5 minutes. You can mix colors for an interesting effect. Since Lumiere was developed as a fabric paint, it stretches with the buna, thus bonding permanently. California artistDottie McMillan orders her buna from Cabela’s. It’s actually duck decoy cord which comes in 500ft. roll for 14.99. Tina G. reports it can purchased locally at Bass Pro.

MHPCG BoardPresident: Peg HarperSummer President: Clare PramukVice President: Susan MuellerSecretary: Roseanne ThompsonTreasurer: Helen McKeeLibrarian: Tina GugelerProgram/Facilities: Debbra WozniakWebmaster: Janice CalmNewsletter Editor: Karen SextonCalendarJuly 24th Clay Day(Beware—there are 5 Saturdays in July;we meet on the 4th Sat. of each month)August 28th Clay DaySeptember 25 Clay DayJana Roberts Benzon WorkshopOctober 16th & 17thSpecial Event:Plan to attend our “Meet the Artist” reception for Jana Roberts Benzon on Fridayevening, 5 to 7 p.m. at the Hampton Inn, 137 Union, Lakewood, Colorado. Jana willbe presenting a mini demo and will have her jewelry displayed for perusing and purchasing. And yes, there will be refreshments! We hope to see you there!Thanks to everyone for making our 2010 Retreat a great weekend, filled with friendship, creativity and fun!

into a scarf. Or two or three. The clay col-ors will probably go into a project before I actually get to making the scarf, but there it is, I am most faithful to clay in the end of things. Premo colors you will need to mix this collection are: Turquoise, Ecru, White, Cobalt, Green, Sea Green

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Unmodified and organically modified clays in clay/ solvent and clay/water-soluble polymer/aqueous systems have been well examined by other researchers.12-22 However, few attempts have been made to investigate polymer/clay nanocomposites by scattering techniques, and no scattering studies coupled with high-resolution (HR)-TEM have been attempted.

water, 9% clay and 12% clay the sand has the highest value of 99.97 kN/m 2. This value decreases gradually to 49 kN/m 2and 45 kN/mat 6% water, then further decreases to 47 kN/m2 and 41 kN/m2 at 8% water and finally decreases to 25 kN/m2and 47kN/m2 for 12% clay at 10% water for 9% clay and 12% clay respectively. The trend for 6% clay was similar.

Polymer Clay Basics Kit Fee 50 No Prerequisite required . In the interest of time, instructor will provide a variety of preconditioned clay colors and additional tools as needed. Students will receive a personal tool kit and a polymer clay . Polymer clay can be purchased at Hobby Lobby, JoAnn Fabrics or Michaels (Additional

Clay, Ceramic, and Refractory Minerals: Kaolin and Ball Clay Mining (SIC 1455) ball clay, china clay, kaolin, paper clay, rubber clay, or . Are there any discharges of hydrostatic test wastewaters, once-through non-contact cooling water, cooling tower blowdown wastewater,

Clay Bricks Raw materials Approximately 96% of bricks in the United Kingdom are manufactured from clay. Geologically, brickmaking clays are composed of quartz and clay minerals, the type of clay depending on the locality of the brickworks. In the Midlands, Etruria or Keuper Marl are used, Weald clay or clay from the Reading

Clay Specialists At Ketley we manufacture Staffordshire clay bricks and clay pavers which we make from Etruria Marl, the strongest clay. This focus and depth of experience is unique and enables us totackle even the most demanding requirements for specialist clay bricks and pavers. All Ketley products are made to engineering brick specifications.

relationship with the polymer crystalline lamellae in terms of orientation. Association between clay and polymer lamellae may be related to an observed increase in lamellar thickness in the composite films. Orientation relationships also reveal that the modified clay is associated with large-scale tactoid

Polymer Indexing Reference Manual – contains Polymer Indexing Code List, Polymer Indexing Molecular Formula List and Polymer Indexing Chemical Aspects Graphical Definitions. Polymer Indexing System Description – provides a detailed description of the Enhanced Polymer Index. CPI Plasdoc Coding Systems - provides details of the

as reinforcements for polymer composites. This replacement could be again synthetic, petroleum-based polymer but prepared as fibers, micro- or nanofibrils. Of course, this approach is not as advantageous as using natural fibers that are biodegradable and eco-friendly. At the same time, the synthetic polymer-polymer composites seem to be much

Quilters (A quilt appraiser will be at this show.) Brighton ON June 9-10 Trent Valley Quilters’ Guild Wellington ON July 7-8 Prince Edward County Quilters’ Guild Smiths Falls ON July 13-15 Lanark County Quilters Guild Sutton ON October 13-14 Georgina Pins & Needles Scarborough ON Sept. 22-23 Yorkshire Rose Quilters' Guild of Toronto

21 Guild SRP Pricelist MSRP pricing for Guild Guitars eectie Februar 1, 2013 Guild Custom Shop Acoustic Guitars 60th Anniversary Part Number Description mSrP 3871000821 Custom Shop All-Koa Orchestra, 60th Anniversary Appointments, Diamond Headstock Inlays, Natural, Limited to 60 guitars 6,999.99 Orpheum 12-Fret Slope-Shoulder Dreadnought

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mile 124.8 Parking with view. mile 126.8 Scenic wayside. mile 127.1 Large parking area. mile 127.1 Scenic View RV Park. mile 134.5 Ninilchik River Campground. 39 camp sites, picnic shelters, toilets, water, fishing and hiking trails. mile 134.8 Road toward inlet leads to Old Russian Church. Magnificent

OHIO RIVER NAVIGATION CHARTS Revised January 2014 MILE POINTS Mile points are shown on the charts at one mile intervals beginning with Mile 438.0 at Foster, KY. Charts of the Ohio River are as follows: PITTSBURGH DISTRICT: MILE 000.0 – 127.2 HUNTINGTON DISTRICT: MILE 127.2 – 438.0 buoys, see the U.S. Coast Guard Light List,

D Soil which swell significantly when wet, heavy plastic and soil with a permanent high-water table Clay loam, silty clay loam, sandy clay, silty clay, clay High 0-1.27 Very low rate (0-0.05in/hr) Table 2: Classification of Antecedent Moisture Conditions (AMC) Sr no Soil characteristics Total 5-day antecedent rainfall(mm)

Confirmed spray-dried starch coated clay has increased paper strength vs. unmodified clay (handsheets) - Also bulk and stiffness improvement - Modified clay does not reduce clay's ability to increase paper brightness Potential to use low cost clay and low grade starch to produce high strength paper/board with high filler content

Powerful reasons for using clay. For a genuine 'fit and forget' high performance, drainage solution, Hepworth Clay is unbeatable. 100% natural and fired to perfection. Sourced from our own quarries here in the UK, Hepworth Clay's strength is verified at the factory then delivered to site, enabling clay pipes to be installed shallow or deep

23 October Mapleton Choir Spring Concerts : Friday 23 October @ 7pm and Sunday 25th October @ 2.30pm - held at Kureelpa Hall . 24 October Country Markets, Mapleton Hall 8am to 12 noon. 24 October Community Fun Day, Blackall Range Kindergarten. 3 November Melbourne Cup Mapleton Bowls Club Luncheon, 11am.