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WELCOMESummer’s coming early this year! Join us over Spring Break forunique and fun arts learning experiences. You’ll find favoritesfrom COCA’s popular Summer Arts Camp program as well asa few surprises, all taught by COCA’s faculty of amazing andexperienced teaching artists.Build Your COCA Camp Day2March 16–20 Camps 3–4March 23–27 Camps 5–6Camp Basics 7Registration Form 8–9Registration Guidelines/Policies 102 2020 Spring Break Camp Guide

BUILD YOUR COCA SPRING BREAK CAMP DAYCOCA provides stimulating arts camps plussupervised care from 7:30AM to 6:00PM, all weeklong. Find the right combination to solve yourfamily’s spring break puzzle!BEFORE & AFTERCARE AVAILABLEBEFORE CARE7:30–9:00AMAFTER CARE3:00–6:00PMLUNCH11:45AM–12:15PMAM CAMP9:00–11:45AMCombine with a PMcamp for a full daycamp experience!PM CAMP12:15–3:00PMCombine with an AMcamp for a full daycamp experience! 3

BROADWAY BLOCKBUSTERSWHERE’S MY SUPERSUIT?5 TO 7 Campers learn familiar songsfrom some of Broadway’s biggest hits!They develop vocal technique and gainconfidence as a performer while stagingsongs through simple movement and theuse of props. Campers explore materialfrom shows like The Wiz and The Lion King.Camp ends with a sharing for family andfriends. Features multiple professionalteaching artists to present a variety ofarts disciplines.COCA–U. CityMORNING15775MAR 16–20 9:00–11:45AM 155CIRCUS, CIRCUS5 TO 7 Athletic campers explore the worldof the Circus with circus professionals! Wepractice tumbling and trampoline; work onstilt walking, rola bola and rolling globe;and explore tightrope walking, juggling,spinning plates, balancing peacockfeathers, diablo, flower sticks and clowningskills. Camp ends with a circus experiencefor family and friends.COCA–U. CityMORNING15754MAR 16–20 9:00–11:45AM 155ICE CREAM CAMP5 TO 7 What is better than enjoyingyour favorite ice cream treats? How aboutlearning to make your own? Campersspend each day with COCA’s culinaryinstructor learning how to make someof the most popular treats, from favoriteflavors of ice cream to warm browniesundaes with hot fudge. Along the waywe learn about kitchen safety and practicebasic cooking skills. Please list any foodrestrictions or food allergies under“special needs” on the registration formor call COCA. All culinary supplies andgroceries included in price.COCA–U. City6 TO 7 Campers explore superheroes withsecret identities like ElastiGirl, Superman,Batman and Frozone. We then use thesefamous characters as inspiration to createsuperheroes, supervillians and secretidentities of our own. We create gadgetsand disguises, go on a secret mission/scavenger hunt and create a final story.Camp ends with a sharing for family andfriends. Features multiple professionalteaching artists to present a variety ofarts disciplines.AFTERNOON15785MAR 16–20 12:15–3:00PM 1854 2020 Spring Break Camp GuideCOCA–U. CityMOVE IT5 TO 7 Designed for high energy kids,this camp introduces basic jazz and hiphop moves. Learn rhythm and musicality,spacing and repetition. Then, put them alltogether into fun and lively choreographyto popular music. Camp ends with asharing for family and friends.COCA–U. CityAFTERNOON15782MAR 16–20 12:15–3:00PM 155FASHION FIRST6 TO 7 Create or embellish fashion andaccessories in this fashion camp. Camperslearn about fabric painting, cutting, tyingand beading techniques, then use theseskills to make and decorate items such asheadbands, T-shirts, and bags. Campersalso go home with basic sewing and nosew techniques.COCA–U. CityMORNING15777MAR 16–20 9:00–11:45AM 165AFTERNOON15784MAR 16–20 12:15–3:00PM 155CIRCUS COCA8 TO 10 Athletic campers enjoy practicingtumbling and trampoline; working on stiltwalking, rola bola, rolling globe, and eventightrope walking! They try their handat juggling, spinning plates, balancingpeacock feathers, diablo, flower sticks andclowning skills. Camp ends with a circusexperience for family and friends.COCA–U. CityAFTERNOON15780MAR 16–20 12:15–3:00PM 155DC VS MARVEL8 TO 10 In an epic battle betweensuperheroes, who would be victorious:a DC or Marvel character? Select a DCcharacter like Superman, Batman, Flash,Wonder Woman, or Green Lantern ORpick your favorite Marvel character suchas Iron Man, Thor, Spiderman or the Hulk.We collaboratively create our own epicstory, pitting superhero against superhero,creating a background, props and costumepieces to stage our story. Camp ends witha sharing for family and friends. Featuresmultiple professional teaching artists topresent a variety of arts disciplines.COCA–U. CityMORNING15778MAR 16–20 9:00–11:45AM 155

GOING GODZILLA8 TO 10 Create a monster movie!Working in small groups, we collaborativelywrite, direct and film a creature feature.We build the costumes, props andenvironment; design and apply make-upand create visual and sound effects toinclude in the films—such as stop motionor underscoring. Everyone leaves withaccess to all the films created in thecamp. Features multiple professionalteaching artists to present a varietyof arts disciplines. Art and technologysupplies and equipment use included inprice.DEMO CREATION8 TO 10 Campers work with a professionalsongwriter to create lyrics and melodies.Accompaniment on the piano and guitaris provided while other campers singback-up vocals. We rehearse our songsand record at a recording studio while wedesign graphics for the CDs and a concertT-shirt for future use. Camp ends with aCD release party with family and friends.Price includes field trip.COCA–U. CityMORNING15773MAR 16–20 9:00–11:45AM 175FASHION DESIGN8 TO 10 Campers learn about thefashion design process through designconceptualization and creating specificideas for garments. We practice renderingand illustration, learn basic machine andhand sewing techniques, and build somesimple garments we design ourselves. Thepossibilities are endless in this excitingfashion camp.COCA–U. CityAFTERNOON15783MAR 16–20 12:15–3:00PM 165COCA–U. CityFULL DAY15776MAR 16–20 9:00–3:00PM 280FUNDAMENTALS OF HIP-HOP11 TO 13 Beginning through intermediatelevel dancers learn high-energy groupchoreography using hip-hop danceelements such as breakdancing and poplocking. They also explore the element offreestyle, create a hip-hop “crew” name,and design a t-shirt for a final sharing forfamily and friends.COCA–U. CityAFTERNOON15781MAR 16–20 12:15–3:00PM 155SECRET INGREDIENT11 TO 13 Each day, a new secretingredient is revealed! Then, as part of asmall team, we are challenged to utilizethat ingredient in creative ways, combinedonly with products found in the COCApantry. No experience is necessary for thisculinary experience where quick thinkingand creativity are key. Let the battle begin!Please list any food restrictions or foodallergies on the registration form under“special needs” or call COCA to providethe information. All culinary supplies andgroceries included in price.COCA–U. CityMORNING15779MAR 16–20 9:00–11:45AM 5

DRAW, PAINT, PRINTARTIST STUDIO5 TO 7 Draw, paint and print using diversematerials and techniques. We exploreeach of these disciplines while looking tomaster artists as inspiration for our work.We create several pieces of art in eacharea—drawing, painting and printmaking—adding imagination and creativity to makeour own personal masterpieces.COCA–U. City8 TO 10 Campers draw, paint and sculptin this camp designed to expose them toa wide range of arts materials. Althoughthe emphasis is on enjoying the creativeprocess, the basics of art instruction suchas line, shape, value, texture, pattern,space and color are emphasized acrossmediums. They are encouraged toexperiment, adding imagination and a tonof creativity as we make our own personalmasterpieces.MORNING15800MAR 23–27 9:00–11:45AM 155FANCIFUL FINGER FOODS5 TO 7 Create fun and artful “fingerfoods”—easy to eat snacks like fruitskewers and dip, colorful vegetablepinwheels, and mini-pizza puffs. Along theway, we learn about kitchen safety andpractice basic kitchen skills. Please list anyfood restrictions or food allergies on theregistration form under special needs orcontact COCA with the information. Allculinary supplies and groceries includedin price.COCA–U. CityAFTERNOON15806MAR 23–27 12:15–3:00PM 185LEGOMATION BASICS5 TO 7 If your child loves Legos, thiscamp is their chance to bring Legos tolife! We work in groups to develop simplestoryboards, stage the building blocks, andlearn how to use stop motion animationtechniques as we shoot footage to developinto a short film. Everyone receives accessto all films produced in the camp. Artand technology supplies and equipmentuse included in price.COCA–U. CityAFTERNOON15804MAR 23–27 12:15–3:00PM 175COCA–U. CitySING, DANCE, ACT5 TO 7 Energetic campers are sure to havefun while enhancing their singing, dancingand acting skills. Each day, we exploreand practice all three arts disciplines aswe work together to collaboratively createa mini-production. Camp culminates ina musical revue from popular, familyfriendly musicals including You’re a GoodMan Charlie Brown and Shrek. Featuresmultiple professional teaching artists topresent a variety of arts disciplines.COCA–U. CityFULL DAY15795MAR 23–27 9:00–3:00PM 280SORTING HATBROADWAY BLOCKBUSTERS8 TO 10 Campers learn familiar songsfrom some of Broadway’s biggest hits!They develop vocal technique and gainconfidence as a performer while stagingsongs through simple movement and theuse of props. Campers explore materialfrom shows like The Wiz and The Lion King.Camp ends with a sharing for family andfriends. Features multiple professionalteaching artists to present a variety ofarts disciplines.COCA–U. CityAFTERNOON15802MAR 23–27 12:15–3:00PM 1555 TO 7 Where would the Sorting Hatsend you? Campers enter the worldof Hogwarts and Harry Potter as wediscover whether we belong in Gryffindor,Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. Weimagine our own student, professor andfantastical creature characters to populatean imaginary wizard school. We createwands, masks and backdrops to performtheir tribute to the world of magic. Campends with a sharing for family andfriends. Features multiple professionalteaching artists to present a variety ofarts disciplines.HOGWARTS: THE JOURNEYCONTINUESCOCA–U. CityCOCA–U. CityMORNING15797MAR 23–27 9:00–11:45AM 1556 2020 Spring Break Camp GuideAFTERNOON15805MAR 23–27 12:15–3:00PM 1558 TO 10 Campers invent new tales of theForbidden Forest, Diagon Alley, and themagnificent enchanted castle of Hogwartscomplete with original characters, oldfavorites and magical creatures of all types.We collaboratively develop and rehearsea short script, then craft props, backdropsand costume pieces to embellish thestory. The magic of Hogwarts never fails!Features multiple professional teachingartists to present a variety of artsdisciplines.AFTERNOON15803MAR 23–27 12:15–3:00PM 155

ONE INGREDIENT, THREEWAYS8 TO 10 This camp highlights thecreative potential in the kitchen. Eachday, campers focus on one key ingredientand create three separate dishes thatshowcase it in vastly different ways. Wemight use chocolate as an ingredient inchili; a layered cake and ice cream; orexperiment with lemons in bars, chickenand curd. Along the way, work on basickitchen skills and safety. Please list anyfood restrictions or food allergies on theregistration form. All culinary suppliesand groceries included in price.LEGOMATION8 TO 10 If your child loves to play Legovideo games, they will be inspired bythis opportunity to learn and apply stopmotion techniques to their love of Legos.We develop simple stories in two personteams, envision and build a Lego castand “set,” then learn and practice stopmotion to tell our stories entirely out ofLegos. Everyone receives a copy of thefilms developed in the camp. Art andtechnology supplies and equipment useincluded in price.COCA–U. CityMORNING15798MAR 23–27 9:00–11:45AM 175MUSICAL THEATRE MOVES8 TO 10 Beginner level dancers learnbasic musical theatre jazz found in musicalssuch as Mary Poppins, Annie and The Wiz.We learn steps and vocabulary and workon timing and choreography. We evenmake and use fun props to add to theshow. No previous experience required.Camp ends with a sharing for family andfriends.COCA–U. CityCOCA–U. CityMORNING15801MAR 23–27 9:00–11:45AM 185FASHION CHALLENGE11 TO 13 Aspiring fashion designers,complete a different fashion challengeeach day and help decide who solved itmost successfully. We practice renderingand illustration, machine and hand sewingand embellishment techniques to completethe garments and accessories we design.Creativity is the key. The possibilities areendless! Campers should have a basicunderstanding of machine and handsewing prior to camp.COCA–U. CityFULL DAY15799MAR 23–27 9:00–3:00PM 280MORNING15796MAR 23–27 9:00–11:45AM 7

CAMP BASICSFINANCIAL ASSISTANCE COCA offers financialassistance for Spring Break Camps. COCA acceptsapplications for assistance beginning April 1, 2019.Apply early; limited funds available.Applications available online or in the Registration Office.Letters notifying applicants of their status will be emailedand registration will be available at that time.ORIENTATION COCA offers evening orientation forfamilies to tour the camp facility, meet the camp managerand learn and ask questions about camp policies andprocedures.THU, MAR 5, 2020 6:00–7:30PMWHAT TO WEAR Campers should wear comfortableclothing in which they can paint, move and play, andclosed-toe shoes. Special dancewear requirements, whenneeded, will be included in the confirmation 00PM6:00PMBefore Care drop-off beginsMorning/full-day camp drop-offMorning camp pick-upAfternoon camp drop-offAfternoon/full-day camp pick-upAfter Care pick-up endsPLEASE NOTE: Children waiting in hallways and lobbiesbefore and after camps are NOT supervised by staff orf

THE GUIDE SPRING BREAK CAMPS 2O2O MARCH 16–27 AGES 5–13. 2 2020 Spring Break Camp Guide WELCOME Build Your COCA Camp Day 2 March 16–20 Camps 3–4 March 23–27 Camps 5–6 Camp Basics 7 Registration Form 8–9 Registration Guidelines/Policies 10 Summer’s coming early this year! Join us over Spring Break for unique and fun arts learning experiences. You’ll find favorites from .

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