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Celtra Press Lab Brochure - Dentsply Sirona

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ContentCeltra PressDeveloped to make a difference2Fascinating esthetics unmatched4Strength to rely on6Efficiency that pays off8Simplicity that matters10Celtra CeramHigh esthetic veneering12Individual layering14Celtra Press Investment & further accessoriesPerfect pressing even for highlycomplex, thin cases18Wax up20Fast and easy polishing20Cementation21Customer voiceCeltra Press SystemDeveloped to make a differenceBrochure for the dental laboratoryUser evaluationInternational field test22A smart portfolioCeltra Press System24R&D s viewThe structure makes the difference26

Celtra PressCeltra Press DFU-VideoDevelopedto makea differenceCeltra is the new generation of highstrength glass ceramics, zirconia reinforcedlithium silicate – ZLS.Celtra Press is an all-ceramicsystem for the creation of›› Occlusal veneers›› Thin veneers›› Veneers›› Inlays›› Onlays›› Crowns in the anterior and posterior region›› 3-unit bridges in the anterior region upto the second premolar as the terminalabutment›› Crown or 3 unit bridge up to the secondpremolar placed on top of an implantabutmentThe material properties of Celtra allowthe dental technician to concentratemore on the morphology.The opalescent effect looks just greatin the mouth, and the crown becomessimply – a tooth.”Photos: Hans-Jürgen Joit, Linie Düsseldorf Dental, GermanyHans-Jürgen JoitLinie Düsseldorf DentalDüsseldorf Germany

Celtra Press Benefits Fascinating esthetics unmatched. Strength to rely on. Efficiency that pays off. Simplicity that matters.Life-like opalescence and translucency in sunlight – Celtra Press–3–

Celtra PressFascinatingestheticsunmatchedThe only material optiondelivering the highest levelof esthetics mimickingnatural teeth. Amazing chameleon effect providesin-vivo blending Perfect balance of translucency andnatural opalescence (natural vitality) Natural-like opalescence reducesgraying effect in the patient s mouth Excellent VITA shade matchingCHAMELEON EFFECTIn-vivo blendingOpalescence !!! Opalescence !!! Opalescence !!!Achievable superior esthetics, with thestrength and fit to match.”Trevor Laingchild R.D.T. AAACDToronto ON CanadaBurlington ON CanadaCeltra Press restoration: indistinguishable esthetics with adjacentteeth

Natural vitality of Celtra PressPerfect balance of translucency andopalescence of a monolithic Celtra pressingHIGHEST LEVEL OF ESTHETICSmimicking natural dentitionInitial situationFinal restoration with Celtra Press – indistinguishable from thenatural teeth–5–

Celtra PressStrength torely onExceptional flow andstrength increasesconfidence in complexcase designs. Exceptional flexural strength 500 MPa for up to 3-unit anteriorbridge-work and reliable results up to2nd premolar Excellent margin quality increasesconfidence in complex case designs Exceptional flow properties (smallermicrocrystals of ZLS)FLEXURAL STRENGTH*With its exclusive microstructure, Celtra Pressdelivers confidence with flexural strengthsgreater than 500 MPa. Combing this strength,with a unique chameleon effect, Celtra Presstruly creates restorations that are in harmonywith natural dentition.”Edwin Kee, MCDT, TEAssociate Professor LSU School of DentistryNew Orleans LA USA 500 MPA500400 MPA400300200100120 MPA0FeldsparGlass-ceramic* 3 Point Flexural Strengthe.maxwith glazefiringCeltra Presswith powerfiring

Robust 3-unit bridgeEXCEPTIONAL FLOW AND STRENGTHEXCELLENT MARGIN QUALITY3-unit Celtra Press bridge: excellent flow characteristics permitthin but very robust margins and reliable resultsRazor thin margin of Celtra Press crown–7–

Celtra PressEfficiencythat pays offTime- and moneysaving properties ofCeltra Press Familiar, but faster workflow increased productivityLow-viscosity material, excellent flowproperties, only one sprue for 3-unit bridges Fewer and easier working stepsMinimal reaction layer with usageof Celtra Press investmentFast and easy polishingCOMPARISON REACTION LAYERLithium DisilicateSandblasted after divesting –reaction layerThe new Celtra Press is trulythe next generation in high-strengthglass ceramics. Its enhanced vitalityand shade accuracy contribute toexceptional visual opalescence and optimaltranslucency.Celtra PressSandblasted after divesting– no reaction layerTIME SAVING”Dr. Izchak Barzilay DDS, Cert.Prostho., MS, FRCD(C)Head - Division of Prosthodonticsand Restorative Dentistry,Mount Sinai Hospital,Toronto ON CanadaCutting connections of a 3-unit Celtra Press bridge.Only one sprue necessary, smooth surface.

4 out of 32-units Celtra Press restorationTIME-SAVING ON A 3-UNIT BRIDGE42060301510–3010 4 4Conventional LS2CeltraPressSave up to 50 min220603010 4 1–9–

Celtra PressSimplicitythat mattersEASY AND RELIABLE STAININGCONCEPTNew method to avoid stocking and achieve100 % coverageDoing more with less Easy and accurate ingot selection– Few shades sufficient for highcoverage rate “Right shade” out of the ingot –minimizing any hue, value, chromaadjustments Easy and reliable staining concept Smart shade selection simple stainsystem 100% shade coverageHIGH COVERAGE RATEFew shades are sufficientB4C1C2B3C3B2C4Celtra Press6 out of 16B1D2D3A4With accurate shades and verylittle reaction layer, Celtra Press hasbeen a smooth integration into ourworkflow and has greatly reducedour labor. The natural opalescenceand chameleon effect produces anexcellent end result.”Chess Moore, CDTAesthetic ReconstructionHattiesburg MS USAD4A3.5A3A2A1Shade-accurate, optimal translucency based on indication,cover all VITA shades with just 6 Celtra Press ingots

INTERNAL STAINCELTRA PRESS STAINING RECIPEStaining recommendations for Celtra Press using DENTSPLY SIRONA Universal StainsFinal ShadeStartingIngot ShadeA1A1None, only glazeF1A2A2None, only glazeF12A3A3None, only glazeF10A3.5A3Stain 1 w/ i2 over alli2F9A4A3Stain 3 & grayi2F7B1B1B2B1Stain 2i1F11Body StainIncisal StainNone, only glazeDieF1B3A2Stain 2i1F8B4A3Stain 2i1F8C1C1C2C1Stain 2i2F4C3C1Stain 3, olive & grayi1F5C4A3Stain 3 & grayi1F6D2D2D3C1Stain 4i1F2D4C1Stain 4 & olivei2F3None, only glazeF3None, only glazeF2Note:The overall result will look more natural and the occlusal surface more realistic when starting with the brighter shadeand then characterize the restoration with a darker stain.– 11 –

Celtra CeramHigh estheticveneeringCeltra Ceram is a low-fusing, leucite-reinforcedfeldspathic ceramic capable of veneering CeltraPress, conventional lithium silicate and zirconiaframeworks.CTE 25-500 C: 9.0 x 10-⁶K-¹Ultra-premium estheticsof Celtra Ceram Single veneering system for all-ceramicrestorations – compatible with bothzirconia and lithium silicate frameworks Optimized for bonding to Celtra Pressand lithium disilicate substructureseliminating need for wash firing Exceptional performance that deliversan incredibly stable and robust resultevery time, even after multiple firings Shade confidence with out-of-thebottle shade accuracyFEATURES All 16 A–D shades Full range of effect ceramics(Chromatic, Hue, Gingival)Indications Celtra Press, Zirconia-reinforced Lithium Silicate(ZLS) frameworks: 9.7 x 10-⁶K-¹(CTE 25-500 C) Lithium disilicate frameworks:10.0 – 10.5 x 10-⁶K-¹(25-500 C) Cercon ht frameworks:10.5 x 10-⁶K-¹ (25-500 C)Celtra Press is a successful frameworkmaterial that makes work easier for the dentaltechnician. It has vivid and Iife-like opticalappearance that is particularly appealing.The corresponding veneering materials exhibita highly attractive chroma/transparencyrelationship. Taken together, these two factorsensure optimized and natural-looking shaderesults.”Darryl MillwoodDental-Labor-Gemeinschaft Millwood OHGMurnau Germany Cercon xt frameworks:10.1 x 10-⁶K-¹ (25-500 C) Zirconia frameworks:10.1 – 11.0 x 10-⁶K-¹ (25-500 C)Further Advantages Optimized particle size for smooth applicationand seamless build-up Correction/Add-on porcelain can be appliedand fired with glaze/stain porcelain, or afterglaze/stain firing

Tooth-like translucencyof Celtra Press with value stability creates anatural appearance.EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCESHADE CONFIDENCEFor incredibly stable resultsFor life-like, reproducible veneeringsA proprietary feldspathic base formulation delivers an incrediblystable and robust result – every time, even after multiple firingsOut-of-the-bottle shade accuracy:Fewer remakes, improved consistency– 13 –

Celtra CeramIndividual mE2-LightE02-Light5E2-Light6The ceramic materials have been stained for better discernibility.The original shades of the masses may therefore differ from those shown in the illustrations.

4-FogE2-LightE02-Light1112– 15 –

Celtra CeramIndividual Light151716

18– 17 –

Celtra Press InvestmentPerfect pressingeven for highlycomplex, thincasesCeltra Press Investment is especially developedfor Celtra Press. The combination of exceptionalflow from the unique microstructure coupledwith a low reactivity investment eliminatesconventional processing steps and yields moreprecise pressings resulting in better fittingrestorations with minimal cleanup prior tocompletion.Celtra Press Investment Low-viscosity material saves time Minimal reaction layer (no removing ofreaction layer necessary) Precise expansion control (precisefitting) Smooth surfaces (fast finishing) Rapid heating (time-saving) Excellent processing properties(reproducible results) For all pressable ceramics (universal use)This product is the bestpressed material I have used!”Carlos MontanerMontaner Dental StudioApex NC USAPRECISE PRESSINGSThe combination of Celtra Press investmentand Celtra Press allows ultra-fine pressing evenin complex cases.

EXCEPTIONAL FLOW CHARACTERISTICSOnly one sprue on a 3-unit bridge. Minimal reaction layer, easysandblasting, no need to use toxic acids– 19 –

Celtra PressWax up Celtra Undercoating WaxThe light orange cervical andundercoating wax can beused, thanks to the very lowcontractility, for lining cavitiesand for defining crown and inlaymargins.Celtra Undercoating Wax Shade that contrasts optimally with the modeling wax Burns out without residue Solidification point 61 C Based solely on organic additivesCeltra Modeling Wax Celtra Modeling WaxThe light blue modeling waxexhibits optimum hardnessand is characterized by a highpositioning accuracy. Dentsply Sirona WaxDentsply Sirona Wax is a specialhigh quality wax for milling,that burns out completely. Thismaterial shortens milling timesand facilitates easy extraction.Celtra TwisTecFast and easypolishing For all ZLS materials suchas Celtra Duo and Celtra Press Covers critical processingsteps from sandblasting tohigh-gloss polishing Durable, high-qualityinstruments Shade that contrasts optimally with the undercoatingwax Burns out without residue Solidification point 64 C Based solely on organic additivesDentsply Sirona Wax 100% burnout Ideal for casting and injection processing Low tool consumption during milling process Excellent machinabilityEASY MATERIAL PROCESSINGThe new Celtra TwisTec has been specifically designed forprocessing zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate (ZLS).

Celtra PressCementationCEMENTINGDepending on the indication, Celtra Press restorationscan be self-adhesively or fully adhesively cemented.Compatible time-proven adhesive cementingmaterials are available as part of the Dentsply Sironarange of products. Cements are available separately.Self-adhesiveFully rs–HR–CrownsHRHRRBridgesRHRR Fully adhesive(Calibra Ceram) Self-adhesive(Calibra Universal) Glass-ionomerR recommendedHR highly recommendedEither adhesively, selfadhesively cementing or glassionomer cements are possibleat the time of delivery. Thisis a great advantage in ourpractice with multiple treatmentproviders. Structures processescan be maintained within theteam even though differentdentists prefer differentcementation modes.”Dr. Frank Zastrow M.Sc.Wiesloch GermanyEtching of 3-unit Celtra Press bridge– 21 –

Customer voicesUserevaluationInternational field testfindings completed in 2016.“The material is very nice towork with, the veneeringis very homogeneous andexhibits little shrinkage.A very nice system yieldingwonderful results.”“Easy processing, excellent andreproducible results.”“Stain and glaze full contourworked very well.”“As far as product overall– very nice.”“The translucent appearanceincreases with the lustre!““Looks were pleasing.”“Stain and glaze full contourworked very well.”“The restorations look great.The entire ceramic restorationappears sturdy!”“A super investment.The best!”“Our expectationswere exceeded!“

EXPERTS CONCLUSIONSI think that Celtra is awesomebecause it simply fits; sprawlingand pressing are safe and simplebecause there is hardly any reactionlayer that has to be removed, andbecause you actually get the shadethat is written on the box.”Thomas BartschTRIODONT Zahntechnik GmbHEschweiler GermanyThe processing characteristics ofthe material are sensational: Itsexcellent flow properties simplifythe process and help save time.Sprueing is greatly simplified, asonly a single sprue is needed, andthere is only a minimal reactionlayer when using the new Celtrapress investment, resulting in a verysmooth surface. Rapid heating andextremely precise expansion controlprovide an excellent fit, which cutsdown significantly on the time tocompletion at the lab. In short:Significantly higher productivity inthe laboratory.Both the pressing and the veneeringceramics of Celtra Press were veryuser-friendly in their handling. Theeasy handling of both materials,the resulting time savings and theexcellent esthetic results are animportant factor in my decisionsto oft for using Celtra Press on apermanent basis.”Dental technicians no longerbelieve everything they are told.But Celtra Press, a truly impressivenew material, easily convincesand helps regain their confidencewith its incredible esthetics thatreflects the shade environment, itsunrivaled excellence of fit and highlyeconomical production methods.”Andreas KahlCreativ ZahntechnikDarmstadt GermanyWerner GotschDental Studio GotschMarktleuthen GermanyI have full confidence in Celtra Pressbecause it offers significantly morestrength – more than 500 MPa –than any otherwise comparablematerial. Its extremely high fractureresistance has been documentedin studies conducted by theuniversities of Heidelberg andRegensburg.Implementing Celtra Press in ourlaboratory was extremely easy – theuser manual is lucid and easyto understand and all the steps areeasy to follow.Anyone who has ever worked withpressable ceramic will be able tohandle this new material straightaway.Dr. Mischa KrebsAlzey GermanyMarkus GirardiGirardi ZahntechnikLudwigsburg Germany”””Markus StorkStork ZahntechnikBraunschweig Germany– 23 –

A smart portfolioCeltra PressSystemThe perfect esthetic characteristics, strongchameleon effects and high shade fidelity ofCeltra Press facilitate the successful reproductionof all VITA shades with a reduced range ofindividual pressing materials.If Dentsply Sirona Universal Stains areadditionally used, even darker shades are easyto implement.This means:Greater efficiency and cost savingsin the laboratory!

SMART SHADE SYSTEMReduces inventory costs and simplifies shade selectionTranslucencyShadeIncisal (inlay, onlay, veneer)HTFull Contour (posterior)MTBL2Cut-back (anterior)LTBL2Individualization techniqueI1I2I3GlazeA1A2A3B1C1D2Stain & GlazeA1A2A3B1C1D2Build-up Stain & Glaze– 25 –

Celtra The structure makesthe differenceCeltra Duo is the first zirconiareinforced glass ceramic CAD/CAM block we developed andbrought to market. Here, thezirconium oxide is not presentin crystalline form, so the glassceramics does not appear opaque;rather, it brings out the optimumbalance of translucency andopalescence of the prostheticrestoration.This is a benefit that we wantedto replicate in a high-strengthpressable ceramic material for thedental laboratory. In fact, we evenmade it stronger.Having a number of patentsworldwide for our uniquecomposition of materials, wewere able to build on this with aninterdisciplinary team of scientistsand engineers to develop our newconcept of zirconia-reinforcedlithium silicate ceramics (ZLS).Dr. Markus VollmannDirector Research & Development,Dentsply Sirona ProstheticsCOMPARISON OF MICROSTRUCTURES ZLS versus LS2UNPRESSED INGOTSmaller crystal length in pelletresults in easier flow duringpressing of the restoration.Celtra Press ingot MT A2Etched surface(Lithium Silicate crystal 0.5 µm)Conventional LS₂ Press ingot HT A2Etched surface(Lithium Disilicate crystal 1.8 µm)PRESSED MATERIALSmaller crystals leads toeasier polishing.Celtra Press ingot MT A2Etched surface(Lithium Silicate crystal 1.4 µm, LithiumPhosphate 0.3 µm)Conventional LS₂ ingot HT A2Etched surface(Lithium Disilicate crystal 4.2 µm)

Celtra Press – The highest level of estheticsmimicking natural dentitionStrong chameleon effect(in-vivo blending)High shade coverage rateand seamless insertion ofthe restorationCeltra Press retains all the esthetic advantages of Celtra Duo, such asstrong opalescence regardless of shade paired with a level of translucencythat is adequate to exploit the chameleon effect in the mouth. The reducedcrystal size is designed within visible light wavelength to mimick lightscattering behavior of natural teeth.In other words: Just a few shades are sufficient to achieve a high coveragerate and seamless insertion of the restoration in the mouth. We evenmanaged to increase its strength significantly and to raise it to new levels.This is owed to the particular characteristics of zirconia-reinforced glassmatrix that you do not get with conventional lithium disilicate ceramics.Special featuresIn developing Celtra Press, we are extremely proud to deliver a newmaterial innovation that meets our stated goals. This is possible by a uniquemicrostructure.Smart portfolio saves timeand money Amazing esthetic properties that closely mimick a patient‘s naturalteeth Simplified system with fewer necessary components Optimized components eliminating conventional process steps Increased strength to provide confidence Exceptional flow characteristics improving pressing accuracy Incredibly robust, easy to use veneering and individualization systemsSimplify the daily work inthe labIt is these things that simplify the daily work at the laboratory, somethingthat should not be underestimated. With Celtra Press we have achievedall this, and we examined every factor in comprehensive testing includinga large-scale international field test with valuable feedback from theworkbenches of dental laboratories around the world.Special investment compoundWe have developed a new investment capable of high-speed investingthat reduces the difficult-to-remove reaction layer to almost zero thicknessin combination with the lower pressing temperature of Celtra Press of860 C. This has the advantage of better fit (no additional layer needs tobe removed) and faster processing. The formation of a reaction layer issuppressed during the pressing process, which in turn simplifies the labwork.Celtra veneering ceramicsHowever esthetic Celtra Press may be – a custom build-up may still bepreferred in the anterior region and accomplished with a veneer.With Celtra Ceram and its individual masses we can offer the rightcustomization tool, which is additionally compatible with all standardlithium disilicate ceramics. The low firing temperature of 760 C speedsup the process of making an individual crown. The developers primarilyconcentrated on: Simple shade reproduction Shade fidelity Robust processing behaviorDynamic aging testsThe range of different masses available ensures a high customizationpotential for both syst

10.1 x 10-⁶K-¹ (25-500 C) Zirconia frameworks: 10.1 – 11.0 x 10-⁶K ¹ (25-500 C) Further Advantages Optimized particle size for smooth application and seamless build-up Correction/Add-on porcelain can be applied and fired with glaze/stain porcelain, or after glaze/stai