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Index to the Coroner's Records of San Mateo CountyIndexed by Russ BrabecSan Mateo County Genealogical SocietyOriginal Records are located in the County Storage Facility on Tower RoadCoroners Reports thru 1946 are now available on Family Search. Use this index to find record number then go to 78749/waypointsTO FIND IMAGES Order newer records from the county.Microfilm copies of the records are available in the Recorder's Office at 555 County Center, Redwood CityBox 1Box 2Box 3Box 3Box 5Box 6Box 7Box 8Box 9Box 10Box 11Box 12Box 9641964-19651965File No. with a decimal (851.5) is the number given by the County Recorder.File No. with a letter (851A) created by the transcriber, usually multiple persons in the same file.There are a few cases where they (A and B) are separate files.Struck by train or struck by train no. xx refers to the Southern Pacific Railroad.Name spelling is from the actual records." " in Cause of Death indiactes a copy of the State Death Record is included in the file."?" after a city indicates that the city is not in atlases of 1895 and 1960 for that state.(a.r.) Indicates death date is the date of the Autopsy Report.r. represents victim's city of residence beginninig with Box 24 due to a new department form.Blood-Alcohol/Ethanol Content (.xx%)Barbiturate/Drug Content (xx 691969-197019701970-1971

CaseBox Death DatePERSONAGE2 1897 Feb 2352 1965 Jul 03"Bonaparti, Napoleon""Bones"16,20650 1964 Feb 25(fetus of unknown sex)324716 1935 May 27(Infant)4m------inflammation of right atrioventricular valveA-2691 1894 Jan 28, John43ItalyalcoholismA-3942 1898 Oct 06, John45Germanycrushed by large pipe - S. V. W. W.15,79750 1963 Aug 01Aalona, Edna71Georgiano autopsy - myocardial insufficiency574323 1945 Jul 01Aalona, John (a.r.)43------15372A49 1963 Feb 03Aaron, Albert Vickery40r. San Mateocoronary occlusionSlick Airways airplane fire at San Francisco International Airport. See #15,405, 15,448 and 15,457648525 1947 Oct 31Aaronson, David683226 1948 Dec 03Aarreberg, Margaret Lonseth56Granada (El Granada?)thrombosis of anterior coronary artery10,72838 1957 Mar 26Aarreberg, Olaf75r. El Granadagastric hemorrhage12,25042 1959 Apr 27Abatifero, Frank D.57r. San Mateomyocardial infarction15,196Abbey, Goldie76r. Menlo parkgastro intestinal hemorrhageAbbot, Myrtle E.72East Palo Altocoronary insufficiency20,90349 1963 Jan 1958 1969 Apr 1458 1969 Jan 20Abbott, Edwin Ewen56San Mateosuicide - hanging250514 1932 Mar 17Abbott, Frank Townsend70-4Savins? (Savona), NYobstruction of the coronary artery11,34240 1958 Feb 09Abbott, Herman Dennis36Oklahoma14,96148 1962 Oct 13Abbott, Jack3r. South San Franciscodriver lost control of automobiledrowned in bathtub and internal hemorrhaging - under care of step-father James Watson317016 1935 Jan 28Abbott, John Bryson---------cerebral hemorrhage942534 1955 Jan 21Abbott, Stewart Charles66Idahosuicide - carbon monoxide813230 1952 Apr 6Abbott, Wilson58Minnesotastruck by automobile4283Abel, Arthur F.61Californiacoronary thrombosis16,64519,78419 1940 Apr 2051 1964 Nov 2056 1968 Feb 19Abel, Emma MarieAbel, Jacob8380r. San MateoMenlo Parkpulmonary edema17,88653 1966 Jan 01Abel, Martha Nevada70r. Redwood Citypulmonary congestion and edema16,27150 1964 Feb 21Abel, Oroville83r. Menlo Parkcor tamponade10,11637 1956 Mar 21Abele, Thora M.42Minnesotaautomobiles collided - passenger203013 1930 Jan 21Abeles, Mary Dorthia92-1Germanyautomobile accident631425 1947 Mar 29Abelleira, Francisco M. (a.r.)44r. San Franciscomyocarditis729128 1950 Mar 26Aberle, William Frank54Illinoissuicide - hose connected to home gas pipe161711 1927 May 05Abernethy, Robert45Scotlandheart failure / arteriosclerosis11,99742 1958 Feb 06Abers, Louis74r. San Mateocoronary thrombosis10,88139 1957 Apr 19Abeyta Paulita G.65r. South San Franciscopulmonary and visceral congestion and edema732828 1950 Feb 23Ables, Margaret78Californiasuicide - walked into ocean, found 03 MarchA-3722 1898 Apr 15Ablet, Walter30Switzerlandthrown from carriage170311 1928 Jan 02Abney, Bernice Alice2376Abodie, Lucien55France cirrhosis of the liverAbordo, Enrique T.58r. San Franciscomyocardial infarction18,54514 1931 Oct 2151 1964 Nov 1254 1966 Oct 16Abplanalp, Wayne43r. San Mateomyocardial infarction10,59938 1956 Nov 14Abraham, Harry Frederic44Illinoisparaldehyde toxicity14,81848 1962 Aug 02Abrahamson, Harold William49r. Redwood Citypulmonary congestion and edema16,646France-------CAUSE OF DEATHA-33517,44721,05586---NATIVE OF3.5 m ------2-10. California25.25 Californiaold age, cold and exposureskull found at Coyote Point - possibly Native Americanno autopsy - found at Woodside Plazastruck by automobileno autopsy - repeated cardio vascular accidentsautomobile and bus collided

805930 1952 Mar 15Abrams, Isadore HarryCanadacoronary occlusion224613 1931 Jun 28Abrams, Samuel62-3San Franciscocrushed, by unknown process and parties11,48240 1958 Mar 27Abramson, Joan I.29Washingtonbarbiturate intoxication12,47621,43517,88743 1959 Sep 2759 1969 Jun 0853 1966 Feb 05Abrenica, Cresanto57r. Colmamyocardial infarction at beachAbreu, Manuel LawrenceAbsalon, Louis W.6254South San Franciscor. San Mateomyocardial infarction20,64757 1968 Oct 18Abt. (sic), Desire Georges76Woodsidemyocardial insufficiency204113 1930 Feb 26Abundis, Refugio, Mrs.41-6Union de Tula, Mex.hemorrhage and hepatitis227113 1931 Jul 28Acantilado, Segundo Q.38Filipinoauto struck tree - see report no. 22722660Acero, Simon55-3Spainstruck by automobile21,26514 1932 Oct 2458 1969 Mar 30Acker, Marva47Daly Citymyocardial infarct252714 1932 Apr 26Ackerman, Kathleen, Mrs.32Missourimyocardial failure985836 1955 Oct 22Ackerman, Mildred Smith59Ohiocoronary occlusion989236 1955 Nov 11Ackerman, Patricia Cathleen (baby)8mr. South San Franciscotracheobronchitis and pneumonitis10,11737 1956 Mar 25Ackerman, Walter Willard62r. San Mateopulmonary infarction11,48340 1958 Apr 05Ackerman, Zula M.74Ohiocoronary thrombosis12,098Ackley, Charles A.60r. San Franciscohomicide - multiple bruises, and fractures17,88842 1959 Feb 2853 1966 Feb 09Ackworth, Alice Edna82Pennsylvaniano autopsy - malnutrition9578 1920 Nov 11A'Costa, Seammon (infant)41dCaliforniasuffocation16,64751 1964 Sep 23Acree, Robert C.46r. Pacificaaspiration of gastric contents644125 1947 Aug 26Adair, Adele80SwitzerlandCerebral hemorrhage3435 1912 Dec 23Adair, Ben53Canadaheart disease13,24845 1960 Sep 10Adair, Janey Lou24r. Redwood Citypulmonary hemorrhage12,91844 1960 Mar 17Adair, Joseph A.44Californiastabbed by wife Cecilia869632 1953 Aug 2058 1969 Feb 0154 1967 Feb 03Adair, Lewis Faeber29Kansassuicide - carbon monoxideAdair, Robin, Jr.3mBelmontpneumonitis - viral typeAdaire, Louise89r. East Palo Altoaspiration of gastric content17 1937 Dec 2653 1966 Jun 18Adam, Eva67Germanycoronary thrombosisAdam, Everett Otto52r. San Mateomyocardial infarctionAdams, Abe P.68Californiacoronary thrombosisAdams, Annie32r. East Palo Alto18,03418 1939 May 3053 1965 Dec 1353 1965 Feb 27Adams, Boris59r. Athertoncarbon monoxide from small gas heater (o.13%)pulmonary congestion and edema21,26658 1969 May 15Adams, Cicero51Foster Citycoronary thrombosis15,79821,81850 1963 Sep 2459 1969 Nov 05Adams, Cindy LeeAdams, Cordelia Graham632r. Redwood CityPENNSYLVANIAMateo879532 1953 Oct 26Adams, Effie (Beatrice)72Missouritripped over light cord at home on 21 October985936 1955 Sep 08Adams, Elizabeth Ann69r. Redwood Cityintercapillary glomerulosclerosis218713 1930 Nov 29Adams, Florence Stealey57Jeffersonville, Texasstruck by automobile11,48440 1958 Mar 20Adams, Hazel67Californiaretroperitoneal hemorrhage13,87046 1961 Jun 16Adams, James F.80r. Redwood Citydissecting aneurysm, aorta505021 1943 Jan 1353 1966 Apr 15Adams, Jerrald21------struck by automobileAdams, John65r. Daly Citypulmonary pulmonary congestion and edemar. Sanstruck by automobilebilateral bronchopneumonia

6604Adams, John Ernest (a.r.)55r. San Mateopulmonary embolismAdams, Kitty79r. Daly Citycerebral hypoxemiaAdams, Louise62r. San Mateocoronary thrombosis at Woolworth's store19,78521,435A46 1961 Mar 2556 1967 Dec 1259 1969 Aug 04Adams, MarianAdams, Marie183San MateoCALIFORNIA16,92451 1965 Jan 08Adams, Mary M.79Burlingamecerebral hemorrhage13,16745 1960 Jul 3055 1966 Aug 1756 1968 Mar 23Adams, Matthew B. (baby)1mCaliforniaasphyxia - pulmonary congestion and edemaAdams, Maude86r. Menlo Parkcardiac arrestAdams, Minnie78MISSISSIPPIno autopsy - myocardial infarction44 1960 Feb 0653 1966 Jun 1958 1969 Apr 26Adams, Richard Allan27Californiaauto acc. drowned in creek, see #12,906Adams, Richard Leigh34r. Mountain View, Calif.speeding driver lost control of auto (0.14%)Adams, Robert69Redwood CityAdams, Robert Henry61San Mateo17,74856 1968 Apr 2952 1965 Dec 15myocardial insufficiencypulmonary congestion and edemaAdams, Robert K.62r. San Mateomyocardial insufficiency19,35255 1967 May 29Adams, Robert Willard76Natick, Massachusettsno autopsy - myocarditis15,79950 1963 Sep 04Adams, Rose86r. San Franciscopulmonary atelectasis4493Adams, Spero46Greecefell on street 30 1942 January21,05721,67519 1941 Feb 0158 1969 Jan 0459 1969 Sep 21Adams, StellaAdams, Stephen Alexander7268San MateoSan Mateocoronary insufficiencycardiac insufficiency873119,35332 1953 Aug 2055 1967 Jun 20Adams, Victor Hugo, Jr.Adams, William Henry2341Californiar. San Mateodriver lost control of automobileexsanguination - cut wrist by breaking window (0.28%)21,43659 1969 Jun 05Adams, William John88Redwood Citymyocardial infarction8647Adams, Willie Esther72Texasangina pectoris - found on 26 July20,06432 1953 Jul 2456 1968 Mar 23Adams, Willie Morris42South San Franciscoethanol (0.24%) and barbiturate mixture (16 ppm)189612 1929 Apr 15Adderley, Harriet, Miss.---------injuries about three weeks ago, see #1912191219,15712 1929 Apr 1555 1967 Apr 07Adderley, Harriet, Miss.Addiego, Simeone Fracsis704827 1949 Jul 07Addison, Ernest E.74Englandcoronary thrombosis14,18747 1961 Nov 22Addison, Hubert53r. Menlo Parktracheobronchitis14,32747 1962 Jan 21Adelson, Charles68New Yorkno autopsy - myocardial infarction13,408Adge, Anna Lisa79Finlandno autopsy - cerebral thrombosis19,78645 1960 Nov 2656 1968 Jan 24Adkisson, Jodie Gilbert22Pacificadriver lost control of automobile over embankment307315 1934 Sep 24Adland, Randolph Emil11,54940 1958 May 0852 1965 May 30Adler, Lola65Austriasuicide - kitchen gas stove and barbituratesAdolph, Lewis22r. San Franciscodriver lost control of automobile & struck treeAdomat, Car55Germanydriver collided with truckAdorni, Mario80r. Menlo Parkpulmonary edema and pleural effusions20,90527 1949 Apr 0951 1964 Nov 1058 1969 Jan 24Adriance, John William46San Mateosuicide - gunshot757028 1950 Nov 23Aeppli, Chauncey75Pennsylvaniamyocardial infarction5696 1916 Apr 09Affenbach, Castle Edward6997 1917 Nov 17Agari, Chizaru, Mrs.20Japansuicide - poison816930 1952 May 11Ageno, Stefano80Italystruck by 5620,20417,177695916,64826 1948 Apr 0351 1964 May 2588.67 -----83 r. San Francisco51-10 Alesund, Norway19.83 Californiapulmonary congestion and edemar. El Granada aspiration of gastric contentsinjuries about three weeks ago, see #1896bronchopneumonia exsanguination from a gastric ulserauto accident - hit pole and overturned

21,05858 1969 Jan 04Agerton, Jason2mSouth San Franciscodiffuse interstitial pneumonitis355817 1936 Oct 16Aghem, Lorenzo56------coronary occlusion378717 1937 Oct 24Agie, Montie58------struck by automobile576623 1945 Jul 17Agnew, George Wallace61-8Californiasuicide - gunshot402018 1938 Nov 24Agresti, Adolpho A.19Californiastruck by automobile379017,17817 1937 Oct 2552 1965 Feb 24Agresti, AndronicoAgresti, Angelo4676Toscana, Italyr. South San Franciscostruck by automobilepulmonary thrombo-embolism - expired in surgery recovery room5195Agresti, Attilio48Italythrombosis of coronary artery19,35422 1943 Aug 2155 1967 Jul 14Agrimonte, Regina Catherine60r. South San Franciscopulmonary congestion and edemaA-3462 1897 Jun 16Aguiar, Francisco Pereiro37Western Islandsheart disease393718 1938 Jun 28Aguilar, Daniel (baby)3mCaliforniamalnutrition, gastro-enteritis519622 1943 Aug 09Aguilera, John Paul (infant)5 hrs California11,823Aguirre, Mary C.40Nebraskasuicide - carbon monoxide20,90641 1958 Oct 1558 1969 Jan 14Ah Fong, Gerald Herbert52San Carlosstruck by automobile13,77346 1961 Jun 06AhChung, Lyau66Hawaiino autopsy - cardio vascular accident798630 1951 Jan 1Ahearn, Thomas James88Californiafractured clavicle on 13 September823430 1952 Aug 24Ahern, Annie Marie60r. Colmacoronary thrombosis806030 1952 Mar 17Ahern, Frederick William43r. Hillsborougharteriosclerosis359717 1936 Dec 11Ahern, John Francis62New Yorkunknown causes739028 1950 Jun 28Ahern, John Joseph (a.r.)58V. A. - Palo Altoundetermined10,72938 1957 Mar 04Ahern, John Louis51r. San Brunoaccident-injury report #209 states homicide480220 1942 Apr 15Ahlborn, Charles H.55------struck by automobile250614 1932 Mar 27Ahlert, Joseph P.49-7San Franciscofell down stairs at home9573Ahlf, George D.35Utahsuicide - carbon monoxideAhrens, Franklin54Union Lake, Michigancoronary thrombosis16,92535 1955 Mar 2756 1968 Sep 0751 1965 Jan 12Ahrens, Fred20r. South San Franciscospeeding driver lost control of automobile798730 1952 Jan 10Ahrens, Wilton53Missouri14,55847 1962 Apr 17Aicher, Dorothy W.60Nevadasuicide - barbiturate poisoningno autopsy - hypertensive cardio vascular disease294415 1934 Jan 20Aiello, Giovanna77-4Terrosis ni, Italy coronary occlusion10,88239 1957 May 04Aiken, Garfield75Wisconsinarteriosclerotic heart disease505Aikens, Melburne Lee41Californiabroken neck - unknown causesAilio, Aina82r. San Mateoasphyxia19,3556 1915 Jun 1254 1967 Feb 0955 1967 Jun 22Ailio, Frank82r. San Mateopulmonary congestion and edema21,05958 1969 Apr 14Aimo, Louise Ermida61Portola Valleycoronary insufficiency965035 1955 Jun 22Ainsworth, Dennis William (baby)7mCaliforniapneumonia, complicating measles15,19749 1963 Jan 25Ainsworth, James50r. Colmastruck by automobile13,03644 1960 Apr 22Ainsworth, Norinne67Canadasuicide - barbiturates11,99842 1959 Jan 06Airaudi, Domenico66r. Redwood Citygunshot - accidental, while cleaning rifle1259Aitken, David L.50Scotlandsuicide - strychnine18,5469 1924 May 1354 1966 Aug 11Aitken, Janet Roger65r. San Mateomyocardial infarction525722 1943 Oct 02Aiton, Ella (a.r.)60------myocardial degeneration of the heart16,36550 1964 Mar 25Akbay, Artero37r. South San Franciscomyocardial infarction779429 1951 Jul 23Aker, Leonard62r. East Palo Altomyocardial rupture20,20518,917------

16,18550 1964 Jan 15Akers, Gary22r. San Franciscomotorcyclist lost control at Mori's Point - went over 75 foot bank414618 1939 Aug 18Akers, George S.55Californiastruck by automobile4196Akine, Amos44------automobile overturned - passenger19,78718 1939 Nov 0856 1968 Jan 25Akins, Gregory S.2mSan Mateopneumonitis - viral type490219,15821 1942 Aug 1655 1967 Mar 20Akiyama, Jirozo (a.r.)Alarcon, May6523-----r. San Franciscocoronary thrombosisdriver lost control of automobile on San Mateo Bridge38Alavar, Isabel Victoria De21,0603 1907 May 3158 1969 Jan 02Albee, Ward Howard81South San Franciscoretroperitoneal hemorrhage15,19849 1963 Jan 11Alberson, Robert58r. Redwood Citysuicide - carbon monoxide923620,90734 1954 Sep 1158 1969 Jan 25Albert, AustinAlbert, Lorene3744IllinoisSan Brunocrushed by hydraulic lift while greasing truckdriver lost control of automobile - hit fixed object (0.22%) - see #20,913451319 1941 Feb 21Albertson, Albert (report date)44------lymphatic leukemia14,96248 1962 Dec 03Albertson, Boje75r. Redwood Cityaspiration asphyxia252814 1932 Apr 20Albertson, Claude W.54Michiganstruck by automobile11,70441 1958 Aug 21Albertson, Greely59Illinoisasphyxia due to exudative bronchitis678226 1948 Oct 24Albertson, Otto Herbert (a.r.)78------luetic aortitis10258 1921 Sep 16Albin, John38U. S. A.motorcycle crashed into rear of truck15,80050 1963 Sep 20Albrecht, William63r. Redwood Citypulmonary congestion and edema409718 1939 Apr 16Albright, Charles61Germanyautomobiles collided - driver of one2201Albright, J. E.56------cerebral hemorrhage18,39521,67613 1930 Oct 1053 1966 Jul 0959 1969 Aug 20Alcaraz, GenevaAlcoff, Irving4261r. San FranciscoENGLANDFrancisco415918 1939 Aug 08Aldana, Guadalupe26Mexicosuicide - arsenic15,37349 1963 Apr 03Alden, William49r. Pacificapulmonary edema529822 1943 Dec 20Aldera, Pietri (a.r.)72------coronary occlusion11,60241 1958 May 25Aldrich, Edwin L.67New HampshireBilateral pulmonary embolism430819 1940 May 23Aldrich, Glen Tackett56Alava, Illinoissuicide - by cerebral depressant drug13,59146 1961 Feb 19Aldridge, Harold65r. Pacificamyocardial infarction14,963Aldridge, Joseph50r. San Carlosmyocardial infarction17,06148 1962 Dec 0451 1965 Feb 17Alemagna, Frank48r. San Mateopulmonary edema11,82541 1958 Oct 09Aleridge, Aubrey62Illinoissuicide - gunshot14,32847 1961 Nov 19Alex, Vivian66r. Redwood Citycarbon monoxide171611 1928 Feb 24Alexander, Anthony (infant)3mCaliforniabronchial pneumonia461520 1941 Jul 08Alexander, Egbert, Jr.45-6Arizonasuicide - hanging284315 1933 Jul 27Alexander, Egbert, Sr.68-3Charlotte, N. Carolina rupture of heart3835 1913 Aug 19Alexander, George L.48Massachusettsstruck by automobile5204AAlexander, George Snyder68Utahautomobile struck by train no. 99 - driver17,06222 1943 Aug 0651 1965 Feb 15Alexander, Isabella Knight79Aberdeen, Scotlandno autopsy - cardiac arrest601824 1946 Apr 20Alexander, Jacoby23TexasS.P.R.R. track laborer struck by train no. 1687292Alexander, James Jojn (a.r.)39r. Belmontarteriosclerosis18,74728 1950 Mar 0454 1966 Nov 20Alexander, Leslie Edwin2mr. San Mateodiffuse interstitial pneumonitis449219 1941 Jan 28Alexander, Nora59Marylandstruck by automobile100.9 Portugalold ager. Sanbronchopneumoniacoronary insufficiency

11,99942 1959 Feb 08Alexander, Peter D.74Greecemyocardial infarction989336 1955 Nov 14Aley, James H.93r. Palo Altonatural causes (not stated)609024 1946 Jun 22Alfirvich, John SamuelChicago, Illinoisswimmer drowned at Searsville Lake13,32618,74845 1960 Aug 1654 1966 Oct 28Alfonso, LesterAlfred, Pansy1068Californiar. San Mateofather lost control of auto - alcohol influencedsuicide - Phenobarbital (78 ppm)15,97750 1963 Dec 05Alger, Floyd Robert42r. Redwood Cityautomobiles collided - driver, coronary artery thrombosis427919 1940 Apr 01Alger, Hugh W.45Californiasuicide - carbon monoxide475520 1942 Jan 20Aliamus, Bridget64Irelandcoronary disease522618,39622 1943 Sep 1553 1966 Jun 17Alien, F. Pearl (a.r.)Alker, Henry7054-----r. Hillsboroughcoronary occlusionmyocardial infarction295715 1934 Mar 05Allaert, Emma58Belgiumsuicide - gunshot12,58043 1959 Nov 12Allain, Emile76r. Redwood Citypulmonary edema and congestion877132 1953 Oct 30Allain, Frank Martin66r. Redwood Citymyocardial infarction655826 1948 Feb 05Allain, Julius (a.r.)64r. Redwood Citycoronary occlusion485920 1942 Jun 22Allain. Jules Bernard---Louisianamilitary pilot's plane exploded over bay15,97850 1963 Dec 0552 1965 Aug 04Allan, Alexander37r. Carmel, Californiadriver lost control of automobileAllan, Alice Smith84r. Millbraebarbiturates (81 ppm)46 1961 Apr 0651 1965 Jan 04Allan, Arthur Chester58r. San MateomyocarditisAllan, James, Sr.65r. Pacificas

Box 1 1865-1896 Box 14 1931-1932 Box 27 1949 Box 40 1957-1958 Box 53 1965-1966 Box 2 1892-1903 Box 14 1932-1934 Box 28 1950 Box 41 1959 Box 54 1966-1967 Box 3 1903-1907 Box 16 1934-1936 Box 29 1950-1951 Box 42 1958-1959 Box 55 1967 Box 3 1907-1911 Box 17 1936-1938 Box 30 1951-1952 Box 43 1959 Box 56 1967-1968 Box 5 1911-

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