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DETAILED LECTURE OUTLINES(as per V Deans Committee Recommendations)B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture2016Chief EditorDr. Tatineni Ramesh BabuDean of AgricultureEditorsDr. T. SrinivasProfessor (Academic & Education)Dr. T. V. SridharAssistant Professor (Academic)ACHARYA N.G. RANGA AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITYLam, Guntur - 522 034i

December, 2016No. of copies : 1000Laser TypesetandPrinted atRitunestham PressGuntur.Ph. : 0863 - 2286288ii

ACHARYA N.G. RANGAAGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITYAdministrative Camp Office,Vijaya Durga Towers,Guntur - 522 509Web site : B. Rajsekhar, IASVice-ChancellorFOREWORDMajor segment of population in our Country depend on Agriculture for their livelihooddirectly or indirectly. Realizing the importance of Agriculture, the Govt. of India has supportedAgriculture Research and Education through successive year plans thereby could able to achievegreen revolution lead to significant impact on our agriculture production resulting in feedingmillions of population comfortably. The human resource developed through agricultural educationhas been primarily responsible for the green revolution in agriculture. However climate change,environmental pollution, changes in the pest scenario, production of healthy food and manymore are challenging the scientists to search for suitable alternatives in agricultural practices forachieving sustainable production.In order to have quality assurance in agricultural education, Indian Council of AgriculturalResearch has initiated steps to revise Under Graduate Course Syllabi. As a part of this the VthDeans committee has submitted its report and ICAR has initiated steps to adopt therecommendations by all SAUs in the Country. Accordingly the ANGRAU has initiated steps tomake changes as per our requirements in the syllabi proposed by Vth Deans Committee dulyincorporating the important topics related Climate change, Sustainable Agriculture, OrganicAgriculture, Natural Farming, Environmental Pollution, Disaster Management etc. Efforts werealso made to train students towards employment generation by motivating them towardsentrepreneurship through Students READY programme and Student Fests "Agricarnival". Stepswere also initiated to strengthen our RAWE programme duly training them through Farmerstrainers and other progressive farmers' clusters. I should congratulate the efforts made by theDean of Agriculture, his team and all the Teachers involved in developing the course curriculumfor the Under Graduate Course B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture to be implemented from 2016 onwardswhich only brigs uniformity and also provides opportunity to the students to achieve their goals.Place : GunturDate : 1st December, 2016(B. RAJSEKHAR)iii

ACHARYA N.G. RANGAAGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITYDr. Tatineni Ramesh BabuDean of AgricultureAdministrative Camp OfficeVijaya Durga Towers, Guntur-522 509Web site: mail: [email protected] is the backbone of the country and majority of the population is directly orindirectly involved in Agriculture. Everybody should agree that the Agriculture Education is theprimary component involved in the development of agriculture after independence. The IndianCouncil of Agriculture Research (ICAR) is the apex body in the country involved in guiding theResearch, Teaching and Extension components. As a part of course curriculum development theICAR has published the V Deans Committee recommendations for the course curriculum forUnder Graduate Course (B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture) in Agriculture.After release of the V Deans Committee recommendations, the Acharya N.G. RangaAgricultural University has conducted several discussions involving all the faculty working in allthe five colleges to fine tune the course curriculum duly following the V deans Committeerecommendations to suit the agriculture, latest developments in agriculture and the problemsfaced by the agriculture in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The efforts were made keeping in viewof the latest developments in Agriculture and steps lead the sustainable agriculture. For the firsttime the feedback and suggestions from Progressive Agriculturalists and NGO’s were alsoconsidered for the improvement of content that too, the practical component. The syllabus wasdesigned to enhance the personality of the students, to motivate the students towards innovativethinking and also to inculcate the students towards the entrepreneurship. I hope that this bookis highly useful to the staff, students and academicians to bring uniformity among the colleges toadopt common course outlines.I express my sincere thanks to the Hon’ ble Vice – Chancellor Sri. B. Rajsekhar, IAS for hisconstant support for bringing out this book. I congratulate and express my deep sense of thanksto all the University Officers, Associate Deans, University Heads of all departments, staff of all thefive colleges i.e., Agricultural College, Bapatla; S.V. Agricultural College, Tirupati; AgriculturalCollege, Naira; Agricultural College, Mahanandi; Agricultural College, Rajamahendravaram andAdvanced Post Graduate Centre, Guntur for their efforts in developing the course curriculum forthe under Graduate Course (B.Sc. (Hons) Agriculture) in the Faculty of Agriculture. I wish all thebest to all the students who will undergo the course.Date: 01-12-2016Place: Guntur(T. RAMESH BABU)iv

CONTRIBUTORSDr. T. Ramesh BabuDean of Agriculture,ANGRAU, Lam, Guntur.Dr. R. VeeraraghavaiahDean of P G Studies,ANGRAU, Lam, Guntur.Dr. K . Raja ReddyDirector of Extension,ANGRAU, Lam, Guntur.Dr. N.V. NaiduDirector of Research,ANGRAU, Lam, Guntur.Dr. T. V. SatyanarayanaRegistrar,ANGRAU, Lam, Guntur.Dr. A. SivasankarController of Examinations,ANGRAU, Lam, Guntur.Dr. R. Sarada Jayalakshmi DeviUniversity Librarian,ANGRAU, Lam, Guntur.Dr. P. Sambasiva RaoDean of Student Affairs,ANGRAU, Lam, Guntur.Dr. G. Sunil Kumar BabuCoordinator (Polytechnics),ANGRAU, Lam, Guntur.Dr. E. NarayanaDirector (P & M Cell)ANGRAU, Lam, Guntur.Dr. P. Prabhu PrasadiniDirector (IP)ANGRAU, Lam, Guntur.Dr. T. SrinivasProfessor (Academic & Education)ANGRAU, Lam, Guntur.Dr. R. AnkaiahAssociate Dean & Univ. Head(Crop Physiology)Agricultural College, Naira.Dr. D. BalaguravaiahAssociate Dean & Univ. Head(Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry)Agricultural College, Mahanandi.Dr. V. Raja RajeswariAssociate Dean,S. V. Agricultural College, Tirupati.Dr. P. Jaya Rami ReddyAssociate Dean,Agricultural College, Rajamahendravaram.Dr. K. L. Narasimha RaoSpecial Officer,Advanced PG Centre, Lam, Guntur.Dr. P. R. K. PrasadAssociate Dean,Agricultural College, Bapatla.Dr. A. ManiAssociate Dean & Professor(Soil & Water Engineering),College of Agricultural Engineering, Bapatla.Dr. B. Gopal ReddyAssociate Director of Research &University Head (Agronomy),RARS, Nandyala.Dr. C.P.D. RajanPrincipal Scientist & Univ. Head(Plant Pathology), ARS, Nellore.Dr. D. Vishnu Sankar RaoHon. Director (CCS) & Univ. Head(Agricultural Economics)ANGRAU, Lam, Guntur.Dr. P. V. KrishnaiahProfessor & Univ. Head (Entomology),Agricultural College, Bapatla.Dr. N. P. Eswar ReddyPrincipal Scientist and Univ. Head(Molecular Biology and Biotechnology),RARS, Tirupati.Dr. B. Govinda RaoPrincipal Scientist & Univ. Head(Plant Breeding),RARS, Lam, Guntur.Dr. P. RambabuProfessor & Univ. Head (Agricultural Extension),Agricultural College, Bapatla.Dr. N. TrimurthuluPrincipal Scientist & Univ. Head(Agricultural Microbiology)ARS, Amaravathi.Dr. V. Srinivasa RaoProfessor & Univ. Head(Agricultural Statistics & Mathematics)Agricultural College, Bapatla.v

Dr. C. RamanaAssociate Dean & Univ. Head(Farm Machinery & Power),College of Agricultural Engg., Madaksira.Dr. V. SrilathaAssociate Professor & Univ. Head (Horticulture)S.V. Agricultural College, TirupatiDr. T.Venkata SridharAssistant Professor (Academic)ANGRAU, Lam, GunturDr. A. Pratap Kumar ReddyProfessor & Head (Agronomy),S. V. Agricultural College, Tirupati.Dr. V. R. K. MurthyProfessor & Head (Agronomy)Agricultural College, Bapatla.Dr. A. V. RamanaProfessor & Head (Agronomy)Agricultural College, Naira.Dr. K. MadhaviProfessor & Head (Agronomy),Agricultural College, Rajamahendravaram.Dr. M. Srinivasa ReddyAssistant Professor (Agronomy),Agricultural College, Mahanandi.Dr. K. Hariprasad ReddyProfessor & Head (Genetics & Plant Breeding)S. V. Agricultural College, Tirupati.Dr. P. V. Rama KumarProfessor & Head (Genetics & Plant Breeding)Agricultural College, Bapatla.Dr. K.V. SeetharamayyaProfessor & Head (Genetics & Plant Breeding)Agricultural College, Rajamahendravaram.Dr. M. Sudha RaniAssociate Professor (Genetics & Plant Breeding),Agricultural College, Mahanandi.Sri. L. SuryanarayanaAssistant Professor(Genetics and Plant Breeding),Agricultural College, Naira.Dr. V. MunaswamyProfessor & Head,(Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry)S. V. Agricultural College, Tirupati.Dr. P. RavindraBabuProfessor & Head(Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry),Agricultural College, Bapatla.Dr. D. SrinivasProfessor & Head,(Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry),Agricultural College, Rajamahendravaram.Dr. P. Guru MurthyAssociate Professor & Head(Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry)Agricultural College, Naira.Dr. P. KavithaAssistant Professor,(Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry),Agricultural College, Mahanandi.Dr. S.R. KoteswaraRaoProfessor & Head (Entomology),S.V, Agricultural College, Tirupati.Dr. S. DayakarProfessor & Head (Entomology)Agricultural College, Rajamahendravaram.Dr. S. DhruvaAssociate Professor & Head (Entomology)Agricultural College, Naira.Dr. L. VijayaBhaskarAssociate Professor & Head (Entomology)Agricultural College, Mahanandi.Dr. K. N. Ravi KumarProfessor & Head (Agricultural Economics),Agricultural College, Mahanandi.Dr. Y. RadhaProfessor & Head (Agricultural Economics)Agricultural College, Bapatla.Dr. S. RajeswariAssistant Professor (Agricultural Economics),S. V. Agricultural College, TirupatiDr. R. SekharBabuProfessor & Head (Agricultural Economics)Agricultural College, Rajamahendravaram.Dr. Y. Asoka RaniProfessor & Head (Crop Physiology)Agricultural College, Bapatla.Dr. N. SunandaAssistant Professor (Agricultural Economics),Agricultural College, Naira.Dr. B.V. S. PrasadProfessor & Univ. Head(Agril. Process & Food Engineering)College of Agricultural Engineering, BapatlaDr. P. SudhakarProfessor (Crop Physiology),S. V. Agricultural College,

Dr. P. Anil KumarProfessor & Head (Plant Pathology)Agricultural College, Bapatla.Dr. G. V. Nageswara RaoProfessor & Head (Plant Pathology)Agricultural College, Rajamahendravaram.Dr. B. PadmodayaProfessor & Head (Plant Pathology)S. V. Agricultural College, Tirupati.Dr. V. Chandra SekharAssistant Professor (Plant Pathology)Agricultural College, Naira.Smt. J. Sailaja RaniAssistant Professor (Plant Pathology)Agricultural College, Mahanandi.Dr. Y. BindiyaAssistant Professor (Horticulture)Agricultural College, Bapatla.Sri. S. Srinivasa RajuAssistant Professor (Horticulture)Agricultural College, Rajamahendravaram.Dr. Ch. Ramesh BabuProfessor (Agricultural Extension)Agricultural College, Rajamahendravaram.Dr. S. V. PrasadProfessor & Head (Agricultural Extension)S. V. Agricultural College, Tirupati.Sri. M. Sathish RahulAssistant Professor (Agricultural Extension)Agricultural College, Mahanandi.Dr. S. NeelaveniAssistant Professor (Agricultural Extension)Agricultural College, Naira.Dr. G. Mohan NaiduAssociate Professor& Head(Agricultural Statistics & Mathematics)S. V. Agricultural College, TirupatiDr. G. RameshAssistant Professor(Agricultural Statistics & Mathematics)Agricultural College, Rajamahendravaram.Dr. S. Govinda RaoAssistant Professor(Agricultural Statistics & Mathematics)Agricultural College, Naira.Dr. K. N. SreenivasuluAssistant Professor(Agricultural Statistics & Mathematics)Agricultural College, Mahanandi.Dr. K. Vijaya PrakashSubject Matter Specialist (Animal Husbandry)Dr. K. L. Rao KVK, Garikapadu.&all the Teachers of Five Agricultural CollegesandAdvanced Post Graduate Centrevii


DEPARTMENT WISE DISTRIBUTION OF COURSESS.CourseNo. No.Department and Title of CourseCreditsAGRONOMY1. 101AGRO 102AGRO 103AGRO 104AGRO 201AGRO 2027. 203AGRO 204AGRO 301AGRO 302AGRO 303AGRO 304Agriculture Heritage*Fundamentals of AgronomyIntroductory Agrometeorology and Climate ChangeIntroduction to ForestryCrop Production Technology – I (Cereals, Millets and Pulses)Crop Production Technology –II(Oilseeds, Fibre, Sugar, Tobacco and Fodder crops)Farming Systems and Sustainable AgricultureIrrigation Water ManagementGeoinformatics and Nanotechnology for Precision FarmingPractical Crop ProductionRainfed Agriculture & Watershed ManagementPrinciples of Organic FarmingTotal1(1 0)*3(2 1)2 (1 1)2 (1 1)3 (2 1)3 (2 1)1 (1 0)2 (1 1)2 (1 1)1 (0 1)2(1 1)2(1 1)24(14 10)GENETICS AND PLANT BREEDING1.2.3.4.GPBR 111GPBR 211GPBR 311GPBR 3125.6.GPBR 313GPBR 314Fundamentals of GeneticsFundamentals of Plant BreedingCrop Improvement-I (Cereals, Millets, Pulses and Oilseeds)Crop Improvement-II (Fibres, Sugars, Starches,Narcotics, Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers)Intellectual Property RightsPrinciples of Seed Technology3(2 1)3 (2 1)2 (1 1)2 (1 1)1(1 0)3 (2 1)Total14(9 5)SOIL SCIENCE AND AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTRY1.2.3.SSAC 121SSAC 221SSAC 321Fundamentals of Soil ScienceManures, Fertilizers and Soil Fertility ManagementProblematic Soils and their Management3(2 1)3(2 1)2(1 1)Total8(5 3)ENTOMOLOGY1.ENTO 1312.ENTO 2313.ENTO 331Fundamentals of Entomology I(Insect Morphology and Taxonomy)Fundamentals of Entomology II(Insect Ecology and Concepts of IPM)Pests of Field crops & Stored Grain and their Management23(2 1)2(1 1)3 (2 1)

4.ENTO 332Pest of Horticultural Crops and their Managementand Beneficial insectsTotal3(2 1)11(7 4)AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS1.2.3.4.AECO 141AECO 241AECO 242AECO 341Fundamentals of EconomicsAgricultural Finance and Co-operationAgricultural Marketing, Trade and PricesFarm Management, Production and Resource Economics3(3 0)2 (1 1)3 (2 1)2 (1 1)Total10(7 3)AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING1.2.3.4.AENG 151AENG 251AENG 252AENG 351Soil and Water Conservation EngineeringFarm Machinery and PowerRenewable Energy and Green TechnologyProtected Cultivation and Post-harvest technologies2(1 1)2 (1 1)2 (1 1)2 (1 1)Total8(4 4)CROP PHYSIOLOGY1.2.3.4.CPHY 161CPHY 162CPHY 261CPHY 361Introductory Biology*Fundamentals of Crop PhysiologyEco-physiologyEnvironmental Studies and Disaster Management2(1 1)*3(2 1)2(1 1)2(1 1)Total9(5 4)PLANT PATHOLOGY1.PATH 1712.PATH 2713.PATH 3714.PATH 3725.PATH 373Fundamentals of Plant Pathology I(Plant Pathogens – An Introduction)Fundamentals of Plant Pathology II(Plant Pathology Principles)Diseases of Field and HorticulturalCrops and their Management -I (Field Crops)Diseases of Field and Horticultural Cropsand their Management-II (Horticultural Crops)Principles of Integrated Pest and Disease ManagementTotal3(2 1)2(1 1)3 (2 1)2 (1 1)2(1 1)12(7 5)HORTICULTURE1.2.3.4.HORT 181HORT 182HORT 281HORT 282Fundamentals of HorticultureProduction Technology of Fruits and Plantation CropsProduction Technology for Vegetables and SpicesProduction Technology for OrnamentalCrops, Medicinal & Aromatic Plants and Landscaping32 (1 1)2 (1 1)2 (1 1)2 (1 1)

5.HORT 381Post-harvest Management and Value Additionof Fruits and Vegetables2 (1 1)Total10(5 5)AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION1. 190AEXT 191AEXT 291AEXT 292AEXT 391Human Values & Ethics (non gradial)1(1 0)**Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology2 (1 1)Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension3(2 1)Entrepreneurship Development and Business Communication2(1 1)Communication Skills and Personality Development2(1 1)Total10(6 4)BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOTECHNOLOGY1.2.BICM 101BICM 300Fundamentals of Plant Biochemistry and BiotechnologyPrinciples of Food Science and Nutrition3(2 1)2(2 0)Total5(4 1)ANIMAL PRODUCTION1.LSPM 201Live-stock and Poultry Management3 (2 1)1.AMBE 101AGRICULTURAL MICROBIOLOGYAgricultural Microbiology2(1 1)1.2.3.SMCA 101SMCA 201SMCA 301STATISTICS AND COMPUTER APPLICATIONSElementary Mathematics*Statistical MethodsAgriculture Informatics2(1 1)*2(1 1)2(1 1)Total6(3 3)ENGL 101ENGLISHComprehension & Communication Skills in English2 (1 1)COCA 100COCA 200PHYSICAL EDUCATIONNSS/NCC/Physical Education & Yoga Practices**Education Tour**2 (0 2)**2 (0 2)**Total4 (0 4)**1.1.2.ELECTIVE COURSES1.2.ELCT 305ELCT 306AGRONOMYAgricultural Waste ManagementWeed Management43(2 1)3(2 1) 315GENETICS AND PLANT BREEDINGCommercial Plant Breeding3(1 2)ELCT 222SOIL SCIENCE AND AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTRYSoil, Plant, Water and Seed Testing3(1 2)ELCT 333ELCT 334ENTOMOLOGYBio pesticides and Bio fertilizersAgrochemicals3(2 1)3(2 1)ELCT 342AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICSAgribusiness Management3(2 1)ELCT 362PLANT PHYSIOLOGYMicro-propagation Technologies3(1 2)9.ELCT 272PLANT PATHOLOGYFood Safety IssuesHORTICULTURE10.ELCT 283Hi-tech. Horticulture3(2 1)11.ELCT 382Landscaping3(2 1)12.ELCT 383Protected Cultivation3(2 1)Total3(2 1)36(21 15)*Remedial**Non gradial5

SEMESTER WISE DISTRIBUTION OF COURSESI SEMESTERAGRO 101AGRO 102BICM 101ENGL 101CPHY 161/SMCA 101SSAC 121AECO 141HORT 181AEXT 190AEXT 191COCA 100Course titleCreditsAgriculture Heritage*Fundamentals of AgronomyFundamentals of Plant Biochemistry and BiotechnologyComprehension and Communication Skills in EnglishIntroductory Biology* / Elementary Mathematics*1(1 0)*3(2 1)3(2 1)2 (1 1)2(1 1)*Fundamentals of Soil ScienceFundamentals of EconomicsFundamentals of HorticultureHuman Values and Ethics (non gradial)Rural Sociology and Educational PsychologyNSS/NCC/Physical Education and Yoga Practices**3(2 1)3(3 0)2 (1 1)1(1 0)**2 (1 1)2 (0 2)**24 (15 9)II SEMESTERCourse titleCreditsAMBE 101AGRO 103AGRO 104GPBR 111ENTO 131Agricultural MicrobiologyIntroductory Agrometeorology and Climate ChangeIntroduction to ForestryFundamentals of GeneticsFundamentals of Entomology I(Insect Morphology and Taxonomy)AENG 151 Soil and Water Conservation EngineeringCPHY 162 Fundamentals of Crop PhysiologyPATH 171 Fundamentals of Plant Pathology I(Plant Pathogens - An Introduction)HORT 182 Production Technology of Fruits and Plantation Crops2(1 1)2 (1 1)2 (1 1)3(2 1)3(2 1)2(1 1)3(2 1)3(2 1 )2 (1 1)22 (13 9)6

III SEMESTERCourse titleCreditsAGRO 201 Crop Production Technology - I (Cereals, Millets and Pulses)3 (2 1)GPBR 211 Fundamentals of Plant Breeding3 (2 1)ENTO 231 Fundamentals of Entomology II(Insect Ecology and Concepts of IPM)2(1 1)AECO 241 Agricultural Finance and Co-operation2 (1 1)AENG 251 Farm Machinery and Power2 (1 1)CPHY 261 Eco-physiology2(1 1)PATH 271 Fundamentals of Plant Pathology II (Plant Pathology Principles) 2(1 1)HORT 281 Production Technology for Vegetables and Spices2 (1 1)AEXT 291 Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension3(2 1)COCA 200 Education Tour**2(0 2)23 (12 11)IV SEMESTERCourse titleCreditsAGRO 202 Crop Production Technology - II3 (2 1)(Oilseeds, Fibre, Sugar, Tobacco and Fodder crops)AGRO 203 Farming Systems and Sustainable Agriculture1 (1 0)AGRO 204 Irrigation Water Management2 (1 1)SMCA 201 Statistical Methods2(1 1)LSPM 201 Live-stock and Poultry Management3 (2 1)SSAC 221 Manures, Fertilizers and Soil Fertility Management3(2 1)AECO 242 Agricultural Marketing, Trade and Prices3 (2 1)AENG 252 Renewable Energy and Green Technology2 (1 1)HORT 282 Production Technology for Ornamental

Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) is the apex body in the country involved in guiding the Research, Teaching and Extension components. As a part of course curriculum development the ICAR has published the V Deans Committee recommendations for the course curriculum for Under Graduate Course (B.Sc. (Hons)