Exposition Of Satanism By Grace Iwhere

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Exposition of Satanismby Grace Iwhere

PREFACEThis book of testimony is intended to expose the activities of satanic forces as experienced and told by me.It also contains how I was delivered from this horrible demonic entanglement and operation I was engagedfor seventeen and half years starting from when I was the very tender age of two and half. The book haspurely evangelistic undertone as it seeks to bring lost souls to everlasting relationship with God through theLord Jesus Christ. The content will definitely enlighten the reader about the hidden operational powers andactivities of the devil and his host or demons and therefore make those who are ignorant about them andthe skeptics to come to an awareness of them. It will also show him/her how people could be set free fromthem. It is not to neither scare nor send fear into those who would be privileged enough to read it neitheris it written for the purpose of entangling people under the dominion of Satan. It contains messages thatset free (John 8.32). Please refer to your Bible where necessary. The testimony is for reading consumptionof both the Christians and non-Christians. It is also available on video and audiocassettes.DEDICATION AND APPRECIATION I wholeheartedly dedicate this book to our Almighty Father in Heavenwho timely made it possible for me to be delivered from the powers of darkness and to our dear LordJesus Christ who died in order to save us including the Holy Ghost who powerfully inspired me to write thisbook. It is also dedicated to Pastor Godwin Dimkpa of the Assemblies of God: Sister Gladys Woke all in PortHarcourt for yielding themselves to be used by God for my complete deliverance. In Warri, my appreciationgoes to Brother Regent Isanren and others who have been so helpful to my work of Ministry, Pastor ThomasUkwute, Anchor of Hope Church and Brother Mesoma. I also wish to appreciate all the efforts made byBrothers Jeremiah Ovuakporie Ahwatha & Co. (The Publishers) of Christ Apostolic Cathedral Warri, thosewho typed and edited the manuscript and others who contributed in one way or the other towards thesuccessful publishing of this testimony. I quite appreciate the encouragement and prayerful assistance ofPastor Isaac Itobiye of Benin and his Ministry – Christian Pentecoastal Ministry and all spiritual and physicalhelp rendered by others too numerous to mention. May Almighty God, bless you all in Jesus’ Name.Since I repented in 1988, I have, by the grace of God, ministered in the following Churches and ChristianFellowships: Assemblies of God Church in Rumuokuta, Rumuogba, Alu Banday, Omoku-Allu, Worji, AbonimaWarf, Silver Valley , Mbiatek Ndube Ogaja and Sagbama. I have also ministered in Anchor of Hope Sagbama,Obiaruku, Edebiri, Orua, Aguru in Izon, Angolomo: Assemblies of God Church, Akugbene, Christ FoundationGospel Mission, Ogiriyebene in Izon, and Okpokunu, Hussey College Warri, Eleme Assemblies of God,Church of God Mission Eleme, Christ Foundation Gospel Mission Oba, Holy Ghost Ministry Oba, SpringTrust Ministry Ugboroke Warri, Souls’ Haversters Ministry Warri, Christ Apostolic Church , Warri District,and places like Lagos , Ibadan and a host of other places too numerous to mention. All these MinistrationsI have done and will still embark upon are designed to lift up the superior power of God above the inferiorpower of Satan and his agents, set people free and encourage others.Page 2

INTRODUCTIONAN EXPOSITION OF SATANISM WITHOUT FEARWithout fear, apology and hesitation, I testify to how God delivered me from the demonic world. This isGod’s wonderful power in its manifestation, with the outstretching of his hand liberating those that havebeen captivated by the devil. God’s power is real. He has all the power to do anything He wants. He isbeyond human comprehension. In deed his greatness is un-searchable and incomparable. He possessesthe highest power, but the devil cannot boast of competency before him. No wonder the Psalmist says “OLORD, how great are thy works! And thy thoughts are very deep” (Psalm 92:5) and “For thou art great, anddoest wondrous things, thou art God alone. (Psalms 86:10). The devil is like a mere paper that could betorn at the name of Jesus Christ. He is a defeated foe who has no foothold before God. He is an outcastfrom the Kingdom of God . In fact, he is a condemned criminal waiting to be thrown into hell fire on thelast day. The book of 2 Peter 2:4 says ”But God cast sinned angels down to hell, and delivered them intochains of darkness to be reserved unto judgment”. The devil has no solicitor but we believers have anAdvocate in Heaven as the bible records in the book of 1 John 2:1. The devil has a divided kingdom. He isdiabolical and an unmerciful tyrannical despot who carries out illegal operations. He is an illegal being whodoes illegal works. He has a polluted power, which he exerts, in the space. His illegal agents are not hiddenas I sister Grace testify in this book. Galatians 5:1 says “Standing fast therefore in the liberty wherewithChrist hath made me free and not entangled again with the yoke of bondage: I testify God’s wonderful workin my life.GRACE IWHERECHAPTER ONEMY INITIATION INTO THE WATERSPIRIT WORLDI am known and addressed as Grace Iwhere. I hail from Rumuokani Ogbakiri in Emuoha, Ikwerre LocalGovernment Area of River State, Nigeria. I am a daughter of Chief and Mrs. Sunday IWhere and was bornin 1970. After giving birth to Veronica, my young sister, our mother died and we were handed over by thefamily to a faithful and kind stepmother who brought us up.I was an unfortunate Nigerian girl who began to live in the sea from the age of two and half (2 ½) years. Ibegan to disappear and re-appear in childhood but most of the people were ignorant of this. I was initiatedright from the womb by my mother who was high in Satanic operations, because she had a direct link withthe water spirit world. She later died a horrible death after demons from the water world got hold of herwhen she went out with my young sister to urinate. I started to work under the powers of darkness asthey influenced me. The Bible says in Proverbs 22:6 that train a child in the fear of God so that when thatchild is old he will not depart out of the ways of God. It was because my mother was not a Christian thatshe initiated me into the horrible demonic world (the world in the water). Parents, it is very necessary foryour children to be trained in the fear of God. If you, as mother or father refuse to train up your children inthe fear of God, on the day of accountability you will be held responsible as the book of (Romans 14: 12 )rightly says.Page 3

At first, I was introduced to the queen of the coast who is the matron of the sea. She is half a fish and halfhuman and with the aid of impersonating power, she can turn to either. The queen later introduced me tothe queen of the Indian Ocean who has seven different faces with two legs. These were the kind of womenI was initially introduced to. The queen of the coast would always appear with her concoction and a longbelt. The concoction was rubbed all over my body and the belt tied round both of us. ( l and the queen ofthe coast) which made us to vanish in a breeze. The first ocean we descended to was the Atlantic Ocean .In the course of going into the ocean no water touched our clothes. As we journeyed along we passed thefirst ocean, then we met rocks. We did not stop there rather, we went right in and passed through a biggerunderground ocean until we appeared in another world altogether, a world in the water that is beyondhuman sight: a world where wickedness is the talk of the day: a world of no sympathy.I was taken round the city for about seven days and was told that if I abided by their rules and regulations,all would be mine, But listen, the devil has no iota of free gift for anyone. He gives something in exchangefor one’s precious soul. He is a liar (John 8: 44 ).After that, I re-appeared in the physical world. In fact, I was beyond human control on this appearanceafter the initiation. I was behaving abnormally because everything was wrong with me and did sometimessleep in the bush. I mean I became a troublesome demon influenced child. “Even a child is known by hisdoings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right” (Proverbs 20:11 )The queen of the coast came again with her concoction and long belt and gave me the information thatthey were ready to give me a welcome ceremony in the spirit world. She rubbed my body with theconcoction and belted both of us. We turned to breeze and went through the Indian Ocean . As weappeared in the world, I discovered that everywhere had been electrified and decorated. They had invitedlocal, national and international demons, different kinds of creatures and assorted kinds of pythonsbecause a soul was coming home for destruction. The devil only wants people for destruction. Therewas joy in their territory that another person’s property had been kidnapped for destruction. There washappiness in the territory. No wonder the Bible says in John 10:10, that the only business the devil doesis to kill, steal and destroy but Jesus came that all might have life in abundance. Though God’s creature,was taken away by that fierce looking man (the devil) nothing had taken God unawares. Nothing aboutyou has taken Him unawares. He knows what is happening to you and how to rectify it because the Biblein Hebrews 4:13 describes Him as omniscient. So when the devil took me, God was laughing at his folly.God predestinated my life and allowed me to undergo this horrible experience so that I can be one of theeye openers to those who are still ignorant of his (the devil) ways in order for us to keep the devil where hebelongs.AN UNDERGROUND HOUSE I was asked to enter an underground house where I saw people sitting arounda table. As I was about sitting down, they asked me to hold on. They went to their computer room andpressed a button and red upholstery chair appeared. Then I was asked to sit on it. After sitting down, I wasthrilled in my spirit seeing myself – a little kid sitting on a very good chair, but I never knew I was treadingon dangerous ground. If you are working with the devil, your physical appearance may look attractivelyblessed, but know that you are pitching your tent towards - Sodom , a city of destruction (Gen 19:24 -25).Proverbs 16:25 says “There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways ofdeath.Thereafter, a head without body started distributing blood to those that round table with a cup but whenit came to my turn I refused to take. They all shook their heads and told me that if I did not abide by theirlaws, I would be eliminated. When I was insisting on not drinking the blood, they went into their innerchamber and handled some powers until I was compelled to drink it. With the entrance of the blood, mybody system changed automatically, I become half spirit and half human. There is life in blood and God isseriously against any individual that is feeding on blood because you will be responsible for lives destroyed(Gen. 9 : 4-6).Page 4

After that I was given twenty-four golden rings to swallow which were tokens for keeping secret - secret,But the Bible says in Luke 12:2 “For there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed: neither hid, thatshall not be known” I was then given a snake demon water to drink to enable me hear and understandsnakes when they speak. I drank the water and began to hear and understand snakes. I was asked to liedown flat and some big trained pythons were asked to roll over me. This made me to be terribly afraid.The queen of the coast brought a sharp razor and cut all over my body and sucked my blood. She alsodid the same to herself and I sucked her blood. Thus we became very intimate. We had a link: I mean ablood covenant with no separation of any kind. It took only the power of God to disconnect me from thatbloody link. I was weighed in a scale and they said because of my flexibility, I would not be able to carryout their functions effectively. As a result of my not being not rigid, they said they were going to invoke outmy heart to be hidden under a stone. They went to their inner room and my heart was invoked out and580 international gigantic demons were invited to come and roll up a stone. As the stone was rolled up, Ifound the hearts of people hidden under the stone, which made them to be hardened, sealed and pollutedwhich made it difficult for them to compromise with anyone. They would not act like normal human again.It takes God’s supernatural power to transform such hearts before they act like normal human beings.The book of John 12:40 says that “He (Satan) hath blinded their eyes, and hardened their heart: that theyshould not see with their eyes, nor understand with their heart ”Thanks be to Jesus our Redeemer who is always available to liberate us. God knew the game the devil wasplaying. He said his word that he will remove a stony heart from them and gives them a fleshy heart so thatthey can act normally (Ezekiel 11:19 ). My heart was hidden under the stone and they transferred a stonyheart into me. Then I become stone hearted. After this exercise, they said that I was now qualified to livein their wicked world. Thereafter, I began to hate people unnecessarily. I could not do things in commonwith people again because a stony heart had been planted in me.CHAPTER TWOTHE MONTHS SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER Anytime these months are approachingthe devil will decide in the spirit world that 6 000 people must die in each state. He normally sends all hisagents to cause accidents everywhere at this period of the year, there is usually a frequent flow of bloodfrom all corners of the world to their international blood banks. Then I was taught how to submit peoplethrough invocations.First Invocation If one is a devoted born again Christian, they would invoke one’s spirit from the physicalworld into a bottle in the spiritual world which contains acid and blood and would be set on fire which inturn would have an effect on the physical body. The body would be very hot because the victim’s spiritis inside the bottle that contains hot blood and acid. The victim would then be carried from one hospitalto the other but they would not know that a spiritual operation has been carried out on him/her. TheBible records in Ephesians 6:12 that “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities,against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”.Second Invocation The victim’s spirit would thereafter be invoked into a locked coffin so that in the physicalworld his breath would be abnormal because a living being cannot be kept in a locked coffin without theperson’s breath being affected. The victim would be carried from one hospital to the other but no hospitalcan treat a spiritual case. He or she must give up the ghost except God intervenes.Third Invocation Under this invocation, one’s spirit would be invoked in a mirror. Then they will use a sharpsword to strike the mirror so that blood would cover the mirror thereby making the person to die physically.Page 5

If Jesus is not in your life you are in trouble because there is every tendency that the forces of darkness willinfluence you as there is no coverage or substitute for you. The Bible says in the book of Psalms 18:2 says,The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my strength, in whom I trust, my bucklerand horn of my salvation, and my high tower. Also Acts 4:15 says that there is no other name that can savethan that of Jesus.Dear reader, it is very necessary that every individual gives his/her life entirely to Jesus for a tight securitybecause Jesus is impenetrable. Run for your dear life by looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of ourfaith now (Hebrews 12:2).After this training, the devil instructed me to invoke any person I was acquainted with from the physicalworld. I remember on devoted and faithful Christian sister. As a result of her Christian activities, I neverwanted to see her with my eyes for she was a terror. I had looked for every possible means of eliminatingher but all to no avail. I decided that I must finish her by invocation. As I invoked her spirit began to appeargradually in the mirror. I was then given a sharp sword with which to strike her spirit in the mirror. As Iapproached the mirror and was about striking her spirit, a supernatural fire appeared and shattered themirror. As a result of this, the devil grew annoyed with me. He (the devil) queried me for invoking such aperson’s spirit. I reminded the devil that he asked me to call anybody I knew. He finally informed me thatthese sets of people (the Christians) are useless people in his kingdom.The spirit of the born again Christian cannot just appear like that because it can cause a lot of row in thedark world. In fact, God wanted to slap the devil and cause a shaking in his kingdom for invoking that spirit.God has been thwarting all the efforts of the devil to show him that He is God, and that besides Him thereis no other God. If you are a born again Christian, your spirit cannot appear successfully when invoked,because if anybody makes an attempt God will crush the invoker’s head.I traveled to somewhere for a crusade after my conversation, and as I was testifying on the alter, onepowerful agent of the devil went to his inner room to invoke my spirit (Grace). Do you know what happed?He invoked me five times, but the unchangeable fire of the Holy Ghost appeared in the mirror instead. Thiswas beyond his understanding, so he had to leave everything, ran to the alter, held me and asked, “thissmall girl, what power are you using”. I told him I had no other power than that in the powerful and mightyname and blood of Jesus: for the Bible says in the book of 1 John 4:4b that greater is he that is in me, thathe (the devil) that is in the world. Hallelujah. You (Christians) do not have to get worried about anythingthe devil is doing because the battle is not ours but God’s. He will fight for Himself. Though the battle maybe raging, we cannot be defeated (2 Chronic. 20:15b).However, the devil was bent on invoking some one through the mirror for destruction and blood. Aresponsible woman who is a church bench warmer, but not a born again Christian was invoked and asword was used on her and blood covered the mirror. Physically she died. You can now see the differencebetween just an ordinary churchgoer and a born again Christian. Fire appeared and caused havoc in thecase of the former but no fire appeared in the case of the latter. If you want to temper with a born againChristian, God will in turn deal with you for He says in the book of Zechariah 2:8b that he that touches youtouches the apple of his eye.OBSERVATIONS The devil brought a bigger mirror and told me that I was going to observe two sets ofpeople. I looked at the mirror and I saw two groups of people: one of the groups of the people I saw werecovered with a special fire and dressed in military outfit with bullets all over them. The fire surroundedthem. One cannot look at their eyes because they looked very fearful and horrible. There would be apower explosion of these bullets when the name of the righteous man (Jesus) is mentioned. In fact therewill be disaster in the spirit world. As I looked at the mirror it was beyond my understanding seeing howfire was burning round somebody and the person was not consumed (Daniel 3:21 -25). I mean it wasmysterious. So I asked the devil, whom these people were. In response, he told me that they are madpeople. I asked him why he called them mad. He responded by saying that when the anointing of the HolyPage 6

Ghost is on them, (when they are drunk in the Holy Ghost), they act like mad people to his kingdom. Theycannot compromise with the devil or negotiate with

GRACE IWHERE CHAPTER ONE MY INITIATION INTO THE WATER SPIRIT WORLD I am known and addressed as Grace Iwhere. I hail from Rumuokani Ogbakiri in Emuoha, Ikwerre Local Government Area of River State, Nigeria. I am a daughter of Chief and Mrs. Sunday IWhere and was born in 1970. After giving bi