FRP/RTRP/GRP-Piping System For All Industrial Applications .

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FRP/RTRP/GRP-Piping system for all IndustrialApplications with in Middle East from 30 years

Sadath A KhanEngineering ManagerGRP/PE Division-Amiantit DammamA Member of Standards CommitteeAWWA C-950 and M45-for GRP PipesAWWA-D-120 for GRP Tanks

Presentation Topic IntroductionCharacteristics of Middle East RegionReported Failures of Various MaterialsOptimal Choice of MaterialsLiterature Survey Regarding FRP UsageFRP or GRP or RPMP or RTRPInitiative By Amiantit to Supply FRP in 197730 Years Journey of GRP30 Years of Supplies to KSA and GCC-MEConclusions and Recommendations

Middle East Arid (Dry) RegionLittle or No RainLack of Fresh Water ResourcesSurrounded by Red Sea,Arabian Gulf

Typical Characteristics are( Varying Geomorphic Conditions· Changing ClimatesÁOscillating Water Tables, High Salted “Sabkha” SoilsÀ Fluctuating Humidity'sq Low Electrical Resistivity of Soilsq Fast Track Construction

In Middle EastSea Water is Desalinated forDomestic RequirementsConstruction RequirementsIndustrial Demands etc.Desalination / Power / Chemical /Oil and Gas Plantsare Being Builtalong the Coasts of Red Sea and Arabian Gulf.

Factors Affecting Traditional MaterialsSeawater of Arabian Gulf and Red SeaTDS ranges from 40,000 to 65, 000 ppmIt contains Dissolved GasesDecaying Organics, In-Organic and Other aggressiveelementsActing alone or simultaneouslyproduces various forms of Degradation

Factors Affecting Traditional Materials Chemical FactorsOxygen, H2S, ChlorineSolubility, pH, Carbonate SolubilityPhysical FactorsVelocity: Air Bubbles, Suspended Solids, SiltTemperature and Pressure

Factors Affecting Traditional Materials Biological FactorsBio Fouling:Hard Shell, Semi Mobile and Mobile TypesPlant Life and Animal Life:Oxygen Generation, Carbon Consumption

Common Degradation ProcessPiping and other EquipmentsGeneral Corrosion Attack of MaterialImpingement AttackErosion By Suspended SolidsCrevice CorrosionsStress Corrosions Cracking (SCC)HAZ(Weld and Heat Affected Zones)


Resulting .

Resulting .


Selection of Materials .CostPlant Life DesiredFeed CharacteristicsMaterial CompatibilityMaintenance CapabilitiesEase of AvailabilityOverall Life Cycle Capital Cost ConstraintsDesign and Operating Conditions

Material of Choice !!!

Material of Choice for All ApplicationsFiberglass Reinforced PlasticsFRP / GRP / GFRPRTRP / RPMP

FRP-Pipe Wall ConstructionGlass SandResinFiber Core

FRP-Pipe Wall Construction


Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP)FRPFiberglass Reinforced Plastic (or Polyester)or Fiber Reinforced Plastic (or Polyester)(European Standards)GRPGlassfibre Reinforce Plastic (or Polyester)(BS Standards)RTRP Reinforced Thermosetting Resin PipeRPMP Reinforced Plastic (or Polymer) Mortar Pipe(American Standards)FREGREFiberglass Reinforced EpoxyGlassfibre Reinforced Epoxy


Classification based on Engineering MaterialsEngineering MaterialsNon rs

Classification based on Engineering heonolicsAcrylytesSiliconesNitrileF-carbons

FRP-Pipe Wall dle

How / Where FRP can be Used ?

Usage of FRP based on ResinsFRPPolyester PipingGREEpoxy PipingPolyester / VinyesterEpoxyUp to65 C / 90 CUp to150 CPressureGravity to40 Bar G / FullVacuumGravity to200 Bar G/ FullVacuumCan HandleAll-ModerateCorrosive FluidsAll-HighCorrosive FluidsPropertiesResinTemperature


FRP can be used for all types of fluidsWaterDistributionSystemsIndustrialWaste ionSea WaterIntake tionApplicationsDrinking /PotableWaterPipe Jacking& ipingWater &SewageTreatmentPlantsPressure lantsSewageDrainageSuitableusage formore than400ChemicalsSlurryTransportation tions& ManyOther Apps.

Peep in to FRPStress Strains- Strength

FRP-Pipe Wall Enlarged Cross SectionFibresSand FillerResin

FRP-Pipe Stress- StrainIsotropic materials: mechanical properties the same in all directions strength and stiffness not dependent on direction ex. thermoplastics, metalssteel: E 210000 MPaOrthotropic materials (GRP): mechanical properties direction dependent, strength and stiffness dependend on direction ex. reinforced concrete, fibre reinforced polyesterpolyester:E 3000 – 4000 MPacontinuous glass: E 72000 – 76000 MPa

FRP-Pipe Stress- StrainFlowtite vs SteelStress-Strain Curves800700High pressure pipe - hoop tensile600500400300mild steel200100000.511.5Strain, %22.53

FRP-Pipe Stress- Strain200180High pressure pipe -hoop tensile160140Low pressure pipe - hoop tensile120100EAbove-ground - axial tensile8016040Standard pipe - axial tensile20000.511.52Strain, %2.533.54

FRP-Pipe Stress- StrainA 10 Bar G – FRP pipe was allowed toBURST and guess expected failure pressure

Comparisons to Various Materials

Pipe Wall-Specific Gravity886421.82.521.50FRPALSTEELCONCRETEPVC 0.96PE

Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion301530 15151280FRPALSTEEL10-6 in/in/º F8CONCRETEPVCPE

Thermal 2.41.10FRPALSTEELBTU - in / hr - ft2 - º FCONCRETEPV CPE

ASTM E84 Flame Spread for timony-FRPXRed OakPlywoodNon-Halogenated0 25 75 100200300400Consult data sheets for specific information.

Surge and Water Hammer-Surge wave celerity16001400Wave Celerity-m120010008006004002000CONCDICSFRPPVCPE50

Usage of FRP World Wide- Literature Survey

Usage of FRP World Wide- Literature Surveyο In 1970, φ 1350 mm - Canadaο In 1974, φ 1200 mm - Peruο In 1975, Office of Saline Water - USA, recommends GRP inDesal Plantsο In 1980, Reynolds recommends GRP in Distribution and OtherSystemsο In 1981, Ainsworth recommends GRP for DifferentApplicationsο More Reported Literature available

FRP-Life Cycle Costs

Saving Time and Money-Life Cycle allationMaintananceSteel Plastics

Saving Time and Money-a Real Example1400 Dia. 1400 Dia. 1300 Dia. 1200 Dia.Steel (C)GRPGRPGRPHead, mtrPump, KWPipe Cost, MilPump Cost, 15345612.100.29Instal Cost, 3.36100%81%87%101%Power cost, MilAnnuity,Af 0.106@ 10%, for 30yrsProject Cost, MilComparison

Amiantit Initiative- GRP Plant in 1977In Dammam – Saudi Arabia

Amiantit Initiative-1977 Start of GRP Plant Saudi Arabian Amiantit Company – SAACStarted GRP Plant in 1977 JV with Owens Corning (OC)/Flowtite/SAAC SAAC-overtake OC in 2000 Globalization Commences in 2000 One of the worlds biggest capacities More than 15 Machines Continuous production-365/7/24

30 Years of Journey of GRP AFIL-Dammam-1977 AFIL-Jeddah-2000 FPCL: Fiberglass Pipe Company Limited2001 DPFCL: Dubai Pipe Factory Company-2002 AQAP: Amiantit Qatar Pipes Company-2008 ABHL: Amiantit Bahrain Holding Limited2010

30 Years of Journey of GRP 8 - Machines at AFIL - Dammam6- Machines at AFIL-Jeddah2 machines at FPCL- Dammam2500 Machine at DPFC- Dubai4000 mm machine atQatar-20084000 mm machine at Bahrain-2010 is coming up

Product Rangeo Diametero Pressureo Stiffness: 80 mm to 4000 mm: Gravity to 40 Bars (464 psi): 1250, 2500, 5000, 10,00012,500 Pao Joint System: Couplings, Butt-strap, Flngso Installation :Underground, AbovegroundUnder Sea Applicationso Resin: Polyester, Vinylester & Epoxyo Tanks: U/G Up to 48,000 USGA/G H Up to 35,000 USGA/G V Up to 30,000 USGo Structural MH & Liner:1000 & 1200 mm Dia

FRP-Pipe Production - RangeDiameters80 mm4000 mmPressureGravity40 Bars GApplicationUGAGUnder SeaRelining300 mm to 2400 mm . up to 4000mm

FRP-Pipe Stiffness - RangeLoad P2500 Pa2xP4xP5000 Pa10000 Pa

30 Years Supplies and Applications

Under Ground Above Ground Under-Sea / Off-Shore On Ground Slip Lining

Under Ground Above Ground Under-Sea / Off-Shore On Ground Slip Lining

ALL Types of Fittings Were FabricatedElbows,Tees, Reducers, Flanges, BlindFl

All Types of Fittings are Possible

Under Ground Above Ground Under-Sea / Off-Shore On Ground Slip LiningApplications

Under-Sea Continued .Around 50 Projects were already underoperationDiameters Up to 3700 mmSupported in Design/ Installation inVarious Projects

Performance of FRP in P and D Plants Under Ground Above Ground Under-Sea / Off-Shore On Ground Slip Lining

On Ground Applications For Sewage and Water LineWith Flexible Couplingsand Special Supports Useful for Rugged Terrain Can be Used for Slopes Similar Lines UnderOperation

Under Ground Above Ground Under-Sea / Off-Shore On Ground Slip Lining

Typical Oldest Case Histories 25Years

Results of GRP pipe Installed in 1980Traceablity and Pipe IdentificationHoop Tensile Strength 45 MPaAxial Tensile Strength 25 MPa1800 mm2B-1910-X09th July 198022.71 mmH-010 K Pa1388 Pa STIS1432 Pa STISStiffness Comparison Chartat appro 25 Years of Ope rationBasedonAc tualStiffnessPipe Nominal DiameterPipe Identification numberPipe production dateNominal Pipe wall thicknessPipe nominal Pressure ratingPipe Nominal StiffnessPipe Actual % 2%4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 14%Percentage

Results of GRP pipe Installed in 1980

To Conclude and Summarize .

Summary of 30 Years GRP SuppliesDiameters80 mm4000 mmPressureGravity40 Bars GApplicationUGAGUnder SeaRelining300 mm to 2400 mm . up to 4000 mm

Summary of 30 Years GRP Supplies.Type of ProductionAboveground Horizontal TanksAboveground Vertical tanksUnderground storage tanksLarge diameters for SewerLarge diameters for waterSmall Diameters Pipes for SewerSmall Diameters Pipes for WaterAboveground PipesPerforated sMetersMetersMetersMeters

Summary of 30 Years GRP Supplies BelowGroundPipe Lining/Rehabilitation24 metersAbove/ Industrial PipingSub-aqueousA Total of 11, 559 Km - GRP supplied

Finally Some Interesting Applications

Conclusions and Recommendations GRP Pipes are suitable for All Applicationsbetter than that of Traditional Materials No Maintenance, INSTALL it FORGET it Not in Theory but Exists over 30 Years Commercially Viable Greater Flexibilities Need to Adopt Now in All Applications



Middle East Region

Middle East Region

ASTM E84 Flame Spread for FRP Consult data sheets for specific information. Asbestos/Cement Halogenated-FRP Halogenated/ w/Antimony-FRP Red Oak Non-Halogenated 0 100 200 300 400 X X Plywood 25 75. Surge and Water Hammer-Surge wave celerity 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 CONC DI CS FRP PVC PE50 Wave Celerity-m . Usage of FRP World Wide- Literature Survey. Usage of FRP World Wide .

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Pipe Size ASTM Designation (in) (mm) (D2310) (D2996) 2 - 6 50 - 150 RTRP 11FX RTRP 11FX-5430 8 - 16 200 - 400 RTRP 11FX RTRP 11FX-3210 Fittings 2 to 6-inch Compression-molded fiberglass reinforced epoxy elbows and tees Filament-wound and/or mitered crosses, wyes, laterals and reducers 8 to 16-inch Filament-wound fiberglass reinforced epoxy elbows Filament-wound and/or mitered crosses, wyes .

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