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The National TodayOFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF THE APMA ANNUAL SCIENTIFIC MEETINGThursday, July 24, 2014July 24-27, 2014 Honolulu, Hawaii Hilton Hawaiian Village and Convention CenterFor additional meeting coverage,visit’s Schedule6-7:30 a.m.Breakfast Symposium:Onychomycosis: New TopicalTreatments Give New Hope to PatientsBallroom A7:30–8:30 a.m.Opening SessionBallroom B8 a.m.–4 p.m.ASPMA ComprehensiveReview Courses: ClinicalHilton Hawaiian VillageSouth Pacific 1ASPMA Comprehensive ReviewCourses: AdministrativeHilton Hawaiian VillageSouth Pacific 28:30–9:30 a.m.Exhibit Hall Grand OpeningKamehameha Exhibit HallCECH ScanningKamehameha Exhibit Hall9:30–10:30 a.m.Track 2: Review of AppropriateFootwear in the WorkplaceRoom 316ABC9:30 a.m.–NoonAssistants Program: PodiatricMedicine: The Basics and BeyondRoom 301ATrack 1: SurgeryRoom 313ABCTrack 3: DermatologyRoom 31110:30 a.m.–NoonTrack 2: Wound CareRoom 316ABCNoon–1 p.m.CECH ScanningKamehameha Exhibit Hallsee SCHEDULE, page 10Welcome to Beautiful Hawaii!APMA’s 2014 Annual ScientificMeeting (The National) is yourpremier foot and ankle conference. As always, The Nationalbrings you unique value,authoritative content, cutting-edge resources, and unparalleled access to thepodiatric medical community. And thisyear’s meeting delivers it all in one ofnature’s most spectacular settings.The schedule begins and ends early eachday to ensure you and your family haveplenty of time to take advantage of everything Honolulu has to offer. Be sure toconsult the Final Program and the APMAmobile app to plan your schedule accordingly. The app is available for iPhone usersin the App Store and for Android users inthe Google Play Store. Search for “APMAMeetings.” BlackBerry users, bookmark If you downloaded the app last year, you’re all set! Justbe sure you have installed any updatessince last year, and select The National2014. Check to see that you’ve enablednotifications to allow APMA to send important announcements about scheduling,room changes, and other breaking topics.Today, join APMA for an energizingOpening Session at 7:30 a.m., sponsoredby Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc.,makers of AmLactin. Keynote speakerGreg Schwem, a business humorist, willwelcome attendees, their families, exhibitors, and guests with a laugh, followedby the grand opening of our impressiveexhibit hall. Plan to visit the exhibit hallmore than once over the next few days toensure you have time to peruse the products and services of our many exhibitors.Stop by the APMA booth (#623) to testdrive our new eAdvocacy site, the Residency Education Resource Center, and theCoding Resource Center; contribute to theAPMAPAC; learn more about the YoungPhysicians’ Program; and—of course—register for next year’s Annual ScientificMeeting in Orlando, FL.Enjoy a free lunch and supplement youreducation each day at noon with a nonsee WELCOME, page 11Laugh Out Loud with Opening Session Speaker Greg SchwemDo you like to start your daywith a chuckle? You’re in luck,because it is with great pleasurethat APMA welcomes GregSchwem to kick off The National as our Opening Session speaker! Schwemwill launch the conference with a riotouslook at the current state of health care inAmerica at 7:30 this morning. As always, attendees are invited to bring guests and family members to the event. [APMA gratefullyacknowledges Upsher-Smith Laboratories,Inc., sponsor of the Opening Session.]“If you attend my presentation lookingfor insight into the treatment of nail funguswith lasers, you will be sorely disappointed,”said Schwem. “But if you want to start yourday off with plenty of laughs about yourprofession, the current state of health care,Inside this issue:3Today’s EducationHighlightsand raising your children in this crazy,in laughter. Instead, he settled in Florida,high-tech world we live in, then come earlybecoming an award-winning reporter forand get a good seat.”NBC-owned WPTV in West Palm Beach.Schwem’s comedic take on theBut the comedy bug bit Schwemhard, and he returned to his21st century workplace and work/hometown of Chicago, wherelife balance has landed him onhe honed his stand-up act inSIRIUS Radio, FOX News, Comedynightclubs. When he began inCentral, and the pages of Parentsserting material about businessMagazine. More than just a businessand technology into his act,humorist, Schwem also is an author,audience members approachednationally syndicated humor columhim and said, “You really shouldnist, and award-winning greetingcome down to my office and tellcard writer. (Yes, you read that lastGreg Schwemthose jokes.” A new approach toone correctly!) He has shared thecomedywasborn.concert stage with the likes of Celine Dion“Ifyouseeme limping around the reand Jay Leno.sort—andIdolimp occasionally thanks toA graduate of Northwestern University’safewnaggingtennisinjuries—feel free toprestigious Medill School of Journalism, Schwem never envisioned a careersee OPENING SESSION, page 65Feed Your Appetite for Educaitonwith Non-CECH Lunches7Fulfill All Your PracticeNeeds in the Exhibit Hall

Thursday, July 24, 2014Today’s Education HighlightsExperts to AddressOnychomycosis, LatestResearch, and Surgery,Dermatology TopicsToday’s program features expertspeakers discussing severalimportant podiatric and practicetopics. Subjects addressed in sessions will include onychomycosis; surgical treatments of hallux valgus,fractures, and osteomyelitis; and dermatological issues of interest to podiatricphysicians. In addition, important newresearch will be reviewed in a Plenarylecture and the Oral Abstracts session.6–7:30 a.m. in Ballroom A, BreakfastSymposium: Onychomycosis: NewTopical Treatments Give New Hope toPatients “Review of Studies,” Jeremy J. Cook,DPM, MPH, will review products tohelp podiatric physicians have a betterunderstanding of what patients may beusing to battle onychomycosis. “Review of All Available Treatments,” Tracey C. Vlahovic, DPM,3The National Today APMA Annual Scientific Meetingwill look at two topical treatments—efinaconazole and tavaborole—recently approved by the FDA.9:30 a.m.–noon in Room 313ABC, Track 1,Surgery “Surgical Correction of HalluxValgus: Physician-Based OutcomeMeasures Versus Patient-PerceivedOutcome Measures,” Erin E. Klein,DPM, MS, will discuss patient surveysand their validity in tracking outcomes. “External Fixation Basics, Techniques, Uses,” Patrick R. Burns, DPM,will demonstrate the basics of buildingexternal fixation devices for foot andankle applications. “Current Concepts of Open FractureTreatment,” Keith D. Cook, DPM, willdiscuss new approaches in time to surgery and the use of antibiotics whentreating open fractures. “Complications with Internal Fixation,” Alan J. Block, DPM, MS, willuse case studies to explore when to usewhich options for fixation. “Update on Osteomyelitis,” Warren S.see EDUCATION, page 10APMA Open for BusinessCelebrate the Hawaiian Way:APMA’s Luau Reception Is TonightNo trip to Hawaii is complete without aluau celebration, blending the naturalbeauty of your surroundings with theexcitement of traditional Hawaiian entertainment.Don’t miss tonight’s APMA LuauReception from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. onthe Great Lawn at the Hilton HawaiianVillage Waikiki Beach Resort. The luau issponsored by APMA’s friends at AnacorPharmaceuticals, Inc.; Bako IntegratedPhysician Solutions; MediTouch EHR/HealthFusion; the Podiatry InsuranceCompany of America; and SpencoMedical Corporation.Attendees will enjoy a taste of Hawaiiwith light hors d’oeuvres. Adults geta complimentary tiki-cocktail and softdrinks and can take advantage of a cashbar. This beautiful outdoor reception willbe set against the Duke KahanamokuLagoon and will feature spectacularPolynesian entertainment. Go on a tourof the exotic South Pacific with the drumbeats of Tahiti, the romance and legendsof French Polynesia, the indigenousdances of the Hawaiian islands, and thedangerous fireknife dances of Samoa.It will be an experience your family willremember for years to come.If you ordered tickets for the LuauReception along with your registration,you may pick them up at the Registration Desk in the Hawaii ConventionCenter today. If you wish to purchasetickets, a limited number are availabletoday at the Registration Desk for 30apiece (children under 12 attend forfree, but all attendees must have aticket).Registration for the The National opened Wednesday afternoon as attendees gathered at thetemporary Registration Desk at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort yesterday.Question of the DayQuestion of the DayQ:Which sessions or topics are you most looking forwardto attending at the APMA 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting?“I am looking forwardto hearing about newtechnology and aboutthe most advancedtreatments availablefor toenail fungus. I willprobably attend theBreakfast Symposium about it.”“I am here to attendthe Surgery track. I ammostly interested inhearing about forefootsurgery. I also want tolearn about new developments in the treatmentof onychomycosis.”Yuya Suzuki, Sydney, AustraliaAram Isaiants, DPM, Los Angeles“I am here aboutwound care—diabeticwound care, sickle cellwound care. I havethose types of patientswith sickle cell, andthere is not a lot of information about sickle cell. There is a lotabout diabetic cases, but not sickle cell.”Nina Robinson, DPM, Beverly Hills, CA“Reconstructivesurgery is an area ofinterest for me. Theother things that areimportant right noware ICD-10, which isaround the corner, andsome practice management, which isbeneficial for everybody.”Ryan Downey, DPM, Silverdale, WA

4The National Today APMA Annual Scientific MeetingThursday, July 24, 2014Residency Genesis: An UpdateAs of July 2, 556 (87.4 percent)of the 636 applicants for aresidency training programhad matched with a residency.That leaves 70 applicants stillseeking a position for the 2014–15training year, 44 of whom are membersof the class of 2014. The profession hasmade tremendous progress since the2013 CASPR/CRIP cycle, generatingapproximately 60 new positions sinceMarch 2013. But APMA and CPMEremain committed to providing aresidency program for every qualifiedgraduate.CPME has been nimble in adjustingits processes to expedite approval of newresidencies—without compromising thequality of its reviews. Earlier this month,CPME’s Residency Review Committeedetermined the new Podiatric Medicineand Surgery Residency sponsored by Martin Health System in Stuart, FL, is eligiblefor on-site evaluation. The program isrequesting approval for 1/1/1 positions.The council also is working with twoinstitutions to complete applications for atotal of 7/7/7 positions. (Visit for the latest information onpositions eligible for evaluation.)CPME has continued to enforce theenrollment cap, resulting in unprecedented stability in the number of studentsentering and graduating from the nation’s colleges of podiatric medicine. Thecouncil also has conducted three separateefforts to increase the number of approvedresidency positions by determining whichexisting programs have the capacity to addpositions. Those efforts alone have resultedin 101 new positions since 2009.Those efforts are paying dividends forthe profession. In fact, this year, therewere enough CPME-approved residencypositions for every member of the classof 2014. Unfortunately, there were manypreviously unmatched graduates in thematch, and not every approved position isfilled every year, due to a variety of factors.These factors include dwindling clinicalvolume, hospital funding, and more.Only about 10 percent of the podiatricmedical profession is involved in residencytraining. APMA exhorts its members tohelp address our residency shortage. Getinvolved as faculty at your local residencyprogram; bring surgical cases to your localresidency program (this step is particularly important because some existingprograms are not filling their positions dueto declining clinical volume); or start anew program if you believe your institution could support one.William Spielfogel, DPM, recentlylaunched a new Podiatric Medicine andSurgery Residency program with theadded credential in Reconstructive Rearfoot and Ankle Surgery (PMSR/RRA) atNorth Shore Long Island Jewish HealthSystem—Lenox Hill Hospital in New York.Dr. Spielfogel recently spoke with APMANews to dispel some of the myths aroundthe process. (Read the full story in theJune issue of that publication, available atthe APMA booth [#623].)“The process is fair,” Dr. Spielfogel said.“It’s very thorough, but they aren’t tryingto trick you. We need uniform standardsacross the board to educate residents.” Headvised other physicians to get involved inresidency education and to treat the process of starting a residency program likefollowing a recipe: “Everything you needto know is in CPME 320 and 330. It’s likea cookbook. You just have to follow therecipe.” He took advantage of assistancefrom CPME and from the American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine(AACPM) National Residency FacilitationProject, for which APMA provides significant funding.This afternoon at The National, theAACPM Council of Teaching Hospitals(COTH) will hold its 2014 ResidencyDirector’s Workshop from 2 to 3:30. Thisprogram is designed to address current topics of importance to residency directors andfaculty, as well as those who are considering becoming residency directors. Thisyear, COTH will cover the new residencyselection scramble process Match PhaseII, which will streamline and condense theselection and scramble process into a oneweek period. The workshop also will address the issue of proper logging, which, asa CPME requirement, is a complicated butnecessary quality assurance function. Thesession will allow time for participants tonetwork with AACPM and COTH staff toaddress other questions and concerns.If you’re interested in following in Dr.Spielfogel’s footsteps by getting involvedin residency education, make it a point toattend the workshop, in Room 301B. Thencontact the National Residency Facilitation Project at or CPMEat 800-372-0775.Support for Unmatched GraduatesIn addition to working actively to address the residency shortage, APMA hasfocused significant effort on providingresources for those graduates who havenot yet matched with a program. APMAoffers a suite of tools and articles aboutmanaging student loan debt at and is working to develop resources for unmatchedgraduates in the form of interviewadvice and more. APMA News publishesa monthly interview with a residencydirector with firsthand advice for studentsand past graduates about matching withresidency programs; the archive of interviews can be found at spring, the APMA House of Delegates adopted Resolution 10-14, whichprovides for APMA-funded postgraduatetransitional research programs at collegeswith unmatched students. APMA provides a matching grant of up to 25,000per school to fund research conducted byan unmatched graduate from that institution.Join APMA in addressing our residencyshortage head-on. “For more than a century, our profession has overcome challenges by uniting in the face of adversity,”said APMA Executive Director and CEOGlenn Gastwirth, DPM. “Now is not thetime to abandon the goals of educationalparity with allopathic and osteopathicmedicine. Now is the time for every member of the profession to redouble his orher commitment to the future of podiatricmedicine.”APMA BOT Discusses Communications, ResidenciesThe APMA Board of Trustees covered a varietyof important topics, ranging from communications to residency genesis, during its summer meeting yesterday at the Hilton HawaiianVillage.The meeting began with a report fromPresident Frank Spinosa, DPM, who updatedthe board on his recent travels. Dr. Spinosaand APMA Executive Director and CEOGlenn B. Gastwirth, DPM, recently returnedfrom the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) House of Delegates meeting inChicago, where APMA was recognized fromthe podium. APMA has a strong and ongoingrelationship with AOA, and Drs. Gastwirthand Spinosa met many members of the AOAleadership during the meeting, including thespeaker of the house, president, CEO, outgoing president, president-elect, vice president,and past presidents. They also met withthe National Board of Medical Examinerspresident.Dr. Spinosa shared with the board thatalthough osteopathic schools graduate several thousand new DOs each year, they haveonly about a third of the needed osteopathicresidency positions. The remainder of the DOgraduates must seek allopathic residenciesor go unmatched. This information gave riseto a discussion of how best to communicatewith students and graduates, and the differences in the way osteopathic medicine asa profession handles its residency shortageas compared with podiatric medicine. Theosteopaths, for example, have consideredproviding residents no stipend or evencharging residents to participate in residencytraining.Dr. Spinosa also covered his plans toimprove communications with members, particularly state leadership. During next year’sHouse of Delegates meeting, he said, he willask all trustees to join him on the dais duringhis state-of-APMA presentation so that theymay provide information about their work onbehalf of the profession.Dr. Spinosa and Ira Kraus, DPM, APMAtreasurer, recently returned from the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery(ABFAS) oral boards. APMA leadership willmeet with ABFAS tomorrow in Hawaii.APMA’s Young Physician Liaison to theBoard of Trustees Mindi Feilmeier, DPM,reminded the board about the Young Physicians’ Institute coming up in October inFranklin, TN, and the assembled group discussed how the Young Physicians’ Programcan best be branded and promoted.Discussion also covered how APMA caninfluence ICD-10 implementation, as well asparticipation in the RUC and CPT process.Board members expressed their enthusiasm about this year’s Annual ScientificMeeting and the many opportunities to meetwith and hear from members and other attendees.APMA President Frank Spinosa, DPM, (center) presides over the BOT meeting yesterday.

Thursday, July 24, 2014Feed Your Appetitefor Education withNon-CECH LunchesSupplement your education atThe National—and enjoy a freelunch—with non-CECH lunchsymposia today, Friday, and Saturday at noon in Ballroom A.Today, get “The Truth about HealingYour Patients and Building Your Practice with Evidence-based Living CellularTechnologies,” presented by John Steinberg,DPM, and Harry Goldsmith, DPM. Thissymposium is sponsored by a generousgrant from Organogenesis Inc.“This symposium will be an informativesession about living tissue technology inhealing problem wounds,” Dr. Steinbergsaid. “We will cover the technology andthe clinical data that support proper usage.”During the session, Dr. Steinbergwill review proper patient selection andperform case reviews, and Dr. Goldsmithwill address reimbursement and codingconcerns.“We hope to supply the audience withthe science of how to use this technology,as well as the coding and reimbursementtips that will help to get this technology totheir patients,” Dr. Steinberg said.Friday, enjoy lunch while learning abouta multidisciplinary approach to managingthe chronic gout patient. Gordon Lam,MD, who specializes in rheumatology, andMichael Ryan, DPM, will present this symposium, sponsored by a generous grantfrom Crealta Pharmaceuticals.Dr. Lam will review typical clinical presentations and proper diagnosis of gout,as well as the 2012 American College ofRheumatology Gout Guidelines. He willcover comprehensive medical treatmentstrategies and considerations for referral toa rheumatologist for collaborative management of the patient.“Throughout the program, I will talkabout my experience in practice workingwith local podiatrists and how we comanage gout patients in our community,” Dr. Lam said. “This multidisciplinaryapproach provides a comprehensivenetwork for our gout patients, many ofwhom are misdiagnosed and untreatedor undertreated by primary care providers. Working together, we have been ableto decrease the morbidity and disabilityof this disease, while improving qualityof life of our patients.”Saturday, uncover new options and opportunities in treating fungal infectionswith topical agents. Tracey Vlahovic,DPM, is the presenter at this symposiumsponsored by a generous grant from Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America LLC.Dr. Vlahovic’s talk will cover Luzu(luliconazole cream) and Jublia (efinaconazole topical solution).These symposia are a great way to geteven more educational value from TheNational—and to fuel you for the afternoon. Please join our generous sponsorsfor one or more of the non-CECH lunchsymposia.5The National Today APMA Annual Scientific MeetinguledScanning ScheThursday8:30–9:30 a.m.Scanning in the exhibit hall1.5 contact hoursNoon–1 p.m.Scanning in the exhibit hall2.5 contact hours3:30–4 p.m.Scanning in the exhibit hall2.5 contact hoursFriday9–9:30 a.m.Scanning in the exhibit hall2.5 contact hoursNoon–1 p.m.Scanning in the exhibit hall2.5 contact hours2–2:30 p.m.Scanning in the exhibit hall1 contact hourSaturday9–9:30 a.m.Scanning in the exhibit hall2.5 contact hoursNoon–1 p.m.Scanning in the exhibit hall2.5 contact hours1–2 p.m.Poster Abstracts SymposiumScanning in poster exhibit1 contact hour2–4 p.mRisk Management SeminarBallroom BScanning immediately following theconclusion of the seminar2 contact hoursSunday10:30–11 a.m.Scanning outside lecture hallHilton Hawaiian Village, Coral 43 contact hours12:30–1 p.m.Scanning outside lecture hallHilton Hawaiian Village, Coral 41.5 contact hoursREdRC is an online repository ofeducational materials to supplementresidents’ daily hands-on experienceand is free for APMA members.Visit to learn more andopt-in today.REdRC offers:Quality—REdRC lectures are generated from experts in the field and are based oncompetencies identified in CPME approved guidelines for residency education.Created in partnership by APMA, ACFAOM, ASPS, ASPM, and AENS, topics presentedthrough the REdRC cover the full spectrum of podiatric medicine.Flexibility—Lectures can be accessed anywhere, anytime through the online portal.Residency directors will not have to prepare weekly lectures, and residents will havethe opportunity to learn from a range of experts.Value—When compared with similar products currently available, REdRC represents atremendous value for residency programs: free for residents who have activated theirAPMA membership. This is made possible due to the generous support of its foundingsponsors, including Gebauer Company, the Podiatry Insurance Company of America,Organogenesis, Inc., Merz Pharmaceuticals, LLC, Bako Integrated Physician Solutions,Meditouch EHR/HealthFusion, and KCI USA, Inc.Growth—By July 2015, REdRC will feature 150 lectures. Additionally, plans are inplace to expand the resources available for residents to include monthly webinars,procedure- or device-specific supplemental training videos, and a résumé buildersection for third-year residents.Founding Sponsors

6The National Today APMA Annual Scientific MeetingYour Vital Tools for Staying Connected to The NationalWelcome to the start offour days of intenselearning and networking! To make the mostof your time in Hawaii,download the APMA Meetings app.Each year, The National mobile smartphone and tablet app gets more andmore popular. Users this year willdiscover a more intuitive interfacepresenting the same great featureswe brought to you last year! Youwill be able to search and filtereducation sessions and exhibitorsto create your own personal itinerary; access floor plans and exhibit hallmaps; receive breaking news alerts; andmuch more!Do you need to make evening plans?Check the app for dining informationand the weather forecast. Would youlike to book a service at the HiltonHawaiian Village Mandara Spa? Checkthe app for hotel contact information.Do you need to complete your sessionevaluation while the material is freshin your mind? All evaluation forms areon the app. You can even read today’scopy of The National Today throughthe app!Best of all, if you still have last year’sapp on your mobile device, you are all setfor this year! If you do not have the app,look for “APMA Meetings” in the iTunesApp Store for iPhone and iPad and GooglePlay Store for Android devices. A Weboptimized version of the app is availablefor BlackBerry. For more information,stop by the APMA booth (#623) in theexhibit hall.There are now more ways than ever tostay connected with APMA and The National through social media, and you needto be a part of them all. We will once againbe tweeting highlights of the event andencourage you to follow @APMAtweetson Twitter to stay in the know. Send yourown tweets with the hashtag #ASMHawaiiso we can share your unique Nationalexperience with the rest of our members.(Young Physicians—don’t forget to includeyour hashtag as well, #youngdocsrock!)In addition to Twitter, stay up to datewith The National during and after theevent on Facebook, Google , and Pinterest. Each platform will deliver valuableinformation to keep you current with whatis happening on site and what is comingup next. After the meeting, you will definitely want to check back with our socialmedia accounts for pictures and highlightsof Hawaii!If you have a question about any ofAPMA’s social media channels, visit theAPMA booth (#623)!Thursday, July 24, 2014OPENING SESSIONContinued from page 1approach me and offer possible remedies,”Schwem said. “It may sound strange, but Ienjoy it when my audience discusses theirarea of expertise with me. My lone exception to this rule is when I perform at lifeinsurance conventions.”I enjoy it when myaudience discusses theirarea of expertise with me.My lone exception to thisrule is when I perform atlife insurance conventions.Greg SchwemFollowing Schwem’s performance, stickaround and get into the spirit of alohawith traditional Hawaiian entertainment.Afterward, you may just find yourself hulaing down to the exhibit hall grand opening,where you can find Schwem at 9 a.m. in theAPMA booth (#623)!

Thursday, July 24, 20147The National Today APMA Annual Scientific MeetingFulfill All Your Practice Needs in the Exhibit HallWhere can you run into oldfriends while discoveringthe newest advances inpodiatric medical technology? At the Grand Opening of the APMA 2014 Annual ScientificMeeting (The National) exhibit hall, ofcourse! The exhibit hall opens this morning at 8:30 a.m., immediately followingthe Opening Session.In the massive exhibit hall you will findnumerous exhibitors and booths representing every facet of podiatric medicineand managing a practice. Polynesiandancers will usher attendees from theOpening Session to the exhibit hall toswarm the aisles and experience the broadarray of podiatric medical suppliers,services, and tools available this year. Inthe hall you will find many familiar facesfrom past events as well as dozens of newexhibitors.No matter what you are looking for, youcan find it in the exhibit hall. Learn aboutthe latest breakthroughs in orthoticsproduction. Find a new electronic medicalrecord system to improve your efficiency.Sample topical creams, lotions, and otherproducts that may be useful for yourpatients. Everything you need to managean effective practice and to provide thebest possible care for your patients can befound in the exhibit hall!To get the most out of the exhibit hall,download the APMA Meetings app fromthe iTunes App store for iOS devices andthe Google Play store for Android devices.With the app, you can view a full list ofexhibitors and mark the ones you want tovisit and the ones you have already checkedout, as well as view a map of the hall.Once again, the exhibit hall will be thehome to the poster abstracts. Cuttingedge research from hundreds of yourcolleagues will be on display from established podiatrists, residents, and students.Be sure to return to the hall from 1 to2 p.m. Saturday, when the authors willbe on hand to discuss their work at thePoster Abstracts Symposium.Fresh from the opening session, visitGreg Schwem in the Upsher-Smith booth(#809) for an additional laugh! He will bethere for about 30 minutes after the hallopens. Next, Schwem will make his wayto the APMA booth (#623) to sign copiesof his hit book, Text Me If You’re Breathing: Observations, Frustrations and LifeLessons From a Low-Tech Dad.As long as you are at the APMA booth,stick around and learn more about whatyour association does for you. Check outthe new eAdvocacy tool to get your picture on APMA’s Wall of eAdvocates anddiscover the wealth of tools and resourcesavailable to APMA members.Do you need to pick up a souvenir foryourself or a family member during yourtrip? Grab an authentic Hawaiian shirtfrom the Hilo Hattie booth (#1123). Thebooth will be easy to spot; just look forthe World’s Largest Hawaiian Shirt! Bestof all, 5 percent of all proceeds from salesat the booth will go to benefit the APMAEducational Foundation.The majority of exhibitors return toThe National year after year because theyknow it is the premier foot and ankleconference in the country and attracts abroad audience of podiatric leaders anddecision makers. New exhibitors sign oneach year because they realize this is theone event they cannot afford to miss.The exhibit hall will be open until 4p.m. today. It will also be open Friday,from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and Saturdayfrom 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Don’t leave TheNational without visiting all the vendorsyou need to help your practice grow andthrive!Will Scott, APMA assistant director of Communications, adds the finishing touches tothe APMA booth (#623) in the exhibit hallyesterday.Introducing [7][6]Component Insole System (CIS)[4][2]A quick, cost-effective, customizable, chair-side orthoticinsole system to address the mechanical etiologies ofthe most common musculoskeletal pathologiesof the lower

The National Today OFFICIA NEWSPAPE F TH APMA ANNUA SCIENTIFIC EETING Jul 24-27, 201 Honolulu, Hawaii Hilton Hawaiian Village an Convention Center Thursday, July 4, 014 6-7:30 a.m. Breakfast Symposium: Onychomycosis: New Topical Treatments Give New Hope to Patients Ballroom

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Chính Văn.- Còn đức Thế tôn thì tuệ giác cực kỳ trong sạch 8: hiện hành bất nhị 9, đạt đến vô tướng 10, đứng vào chỗ đứng của các đức Thế tôn 11, thể hiện tính bình đẳng của các Ngài, đến chỗ không còn chướng ngại 12, giáo pháp không thể khuynh đảo, tâm thức không bị cản trở, cái được

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.