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ISO/IECJTC1SC38- ‐Historyn DistributedApplicationPlatformandServices(DAPS).n n n n oudComputing.2011 JTC 1 SC 38 SGCC Open Meeting

ISO/IECJTC1SC38- ces(DAPS)n tructureatthefirstmeetingasfollows:n WG1,WebServicesn WG2,ServiceOrientedArchitecture(SOA)n SG1,StudyGrouponCloudComputing(SGCC)2011 JTC 1 SC 38 SGCC Open Meeting

ISO/IECJTC1SC38- ‐Leadershipn cretariat:MarisaPeacock/ANSI,USn USn CC:SeungyunLee/ETRI,Korean n Donald DeutschMarisa Peacock2011 JTC 1 SC 38 SGCC Open MeetingJeff MischkinskyYuan YuanSeungyun Lee4

SGCC- ‐TermsofReference1. loudCompuYng.2. documentJTC1N9687*.3. entsandthechallengestobeaddressed.4. atedtoCloudCompuYng.5. derangeofinterestedorganizaYons.6. 9687: Report of JTC 1/SWG-Planning on possible future work on Cloud Computing in JTC 1 (2009)2011 JTC 1 SC 38 SGCC Open Meeting5

SGCC- ‐Membershipn 11NaUonalBodieswith109membersn n n n n n n n n n n n 6)US(29)2011 JTC 1 SC 38 SGCC Open Meeting6

SC38- ‐ExternalLiaisonsn nrepresentatives:GroupAssigned Liaison from SC 38DMTFTBDITU-T FG CloudKangchan LeeLatin American Institute forQuality Assurance (INLAC)Fernando Gebara FilhoOASISMartin ChapmanThe Open GroupHeather KregerSNIATBD2011 JTC 1 SC 38 SGCC Open Meeting7

SGCC- ‐MeeUngsn n n n 1stmeeting:12- nen establishmentoftwoworkteams3rdmeeting:11- ry)*donen publishingof1stdraftofSGCCReport(V2)4rdmeeting:19- 2011 JTC 1 SC 38 SGCC Open Meeting8

SGCC- ‐Workingmethod&Deliverablesn eport(SGCCReport)n EditorialTeamwillproduceadraftStudyGroupReport.n standardizationactivitiesinJTC1,otherSDOs.2011 JTC 1 SC 38 SGCC Open Meeting9

SGCC- ‐Deliverable(SGCCReport)n StudyGroupReportonCloudCompuUngn n ndardizaUonopportuniUes.Thisdocumentdealswith:n n n sorganizaUons.2011 JTC 1 SC 38 SGCC Open Meeting10

WorkinDeliverable- UseCasesandScenarios2011 JTC 1 SC 38 SGCC Open Meeting11

WorkinCloudCompuUngIniUaUvesIndustry InitiativeType of initiativeOpen Grid Forum (OGF)Industry consortiumDistributed Management Task Force (DMTF)Industry consortiumCloud Security Alliance (CSA)Industry consortiumETSI Technical Committee (TC) CLOUDEuropean standard organizationOASISIndustry consortiumObject Management Group (OMG)No activitiesStorage Networking Industry Association (SNIA)Industry consortiumITU-T Focus Group on Cloud ComputingInternational standard organizationCloud Computing Use Case Discussion GroupAd HocW3CNo entryCCF (Cloud Computing Forum in Korea)Korean industry consortiumKCSA (Korea Cloud Service Association)Korean industry consortiumThe Open GroupIndustry consortiumStudy Group on Smart Cloud (Japan)Japanese industrial consortiumEuropean Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA)ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 7EU agencyInternational standard organizationISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27International standard organizationInstitute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)International standard organizationCESI (China Electronics Standardization Institute)Chinese standard organizationCloud Industry Forum (CIF)Industry consortium2011 JTC 1 SC 38 SGCC Open Meetingprogress12

SGCCRecommendaUonsn CloudComputingworkasfollows:1. CreateaCloudComputingTerminologyStandard- pace.2. .3. CloudComputingStandard(s)- tstherequirementslistedintheabove(2).2011 JTC 1 SC 38 SGCC Open Meeting13

ThankyouNext Meeting:ISO/IEC JTC 1SC 38 4th Plenary19-23 October 2011 – Seoul, Republic of KoreaSC 38 SGCC Convenor: Dr. Seungyun 38 Secretariat: Ms. Marisa or Fax: 1 212-398-00232011 JTC 1 SC 38 SGCC Open Meeting14

2011 JTC 1 SC 38 SGCC Open Meeting CloudCompungIniaves 12 Industry Initiative Type of initiative Open Grid Forum (OGF) Industry consortium Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) Industry consortium Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Industry consortium ETSI Technical Committee (TC) CLOUD European standard organization OAS

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