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Every daywhileyou drive.we enableyour climate systemto perform for you.Today, most modern cars areequipped with an air-conditioningsystem. The improved cabincomfortandtheincreasedquality of the air intake havebecome a standard that is nolonger considered a luxury. Frompassenger cars to commercialheavy-dutymachinery,theautomotive climate systems,today, are an integrated part ofthe vehicle’s comfort and safety.Over the last years, Nissens hasinvested a significant amountof resources in research on anddevelopment of climate systemcomponents for the automotivesegment. Years of thermalknow-how and manufacturingexperience mean that we are ableto meet the emerging marketneed for a comprehensive rangeof high-quality air conditioningspare parts, whilst, at the sametime, being a market educator fortechnical insight into the climatesystems field.Know-HowManufacturer, reengineering andcritical component improvement,wide product rangeMore than 3,000High-Quality Climate System Componentsfor Cars, Vans and TrucksAs a market leading manufacturerof most essential climate systemcomponents, Nissens offers acomprehensive product portfolio,covering more than 9,600 OEnumbers. Covering everythingfrom the fast moving to the moreexotic parts of the European,Asian and American vehiclebrands, Nissens is the ideal choicefor quality, range and expertise.EvaporatorCold airproductionHeaterWarm airproductionFocusing on added features, suchas ‘First Fit’ and ‘First to Market’,our partners in the IAM are alwaysup to date and in line with thelatest market trends, securingthem the right position for growingand developing their markets.Every time it involves your ACsystem, Nissens is right there withyou - contributing to the comfortand safety of your journey.Experience the difference.Enjoy the ride.CondenserAC systemperformanceInteriorBlowerAir intakeanddistributionQualityThe best raw materials, designthat matches OE, advanced lifeand performance test seriesReceiver dryer/ accumulatorSystem protectionAC FanAC Compressorexperiencethe realdifferenceHeart of the AC systemEasy installationProduct features reducinginstallation time, professionalknowledge sharing to avoidcommon installation problems,excellent product cataloguesDurability& PerformanceSpecial features improving theproduct lifespan, supreme thermalperformance product test seriesCondenserfunction support

CondenserPROGRAM FORHeat exchanger - crucial for the refrigerantstate change in the systemLong-life ProductHigh resistance corrosionprotection technology appliedto selected condenser models.The condenser is placed atthe front of the car and istypically attached to otherheat exchangers in the enginecompartmentlikeenginecooling radiator or intercooler.The role of the condenseris to ensure that the stateof the refrigerant changesfrom gaseous to liquid form.The change of state is calledthe condensation processwhere the refrigerant heat isextracted and exchanged withthe ambient air.Importantto know The condenser is a componentTransport ProtectionInlet and outlet connectionscovered by tight closuresprotecting against impuritiesand moist absorption.ExtendeddurabilityOE matchingqualityparticularly exposed to corrosion, which,Extended product lifespan thanks to aspecial protection applied to condensermodels particularly exposed to corrosion.Packaging with specially designedcardboard U-profiles to protectthe condenser verges againsttight strapping and tensionsduring transportation.Designed, manufactured and testedin full accordance to requirements forOE products. Packaging with excellentprotection against transport damages.quickly, may weaken the mechanicalconstruction and performance ofthe component as well as reduce itstightness.EasyInstallation Corroded or missing fins significantlyreduce the performance of thecondenser thus the reliability of theentire AC system. A leaking or non-performing condenserIAM’sbestsellerPerfect finish and product fit, enabling aquick and smooth product installation.O-rings included in the product box forselected items (First Fit).Very competitive product range covering 97% of the European vehicle fleet, 1,100models in range, 75 new models addedeach season.Perfect Surface FinishOptimized aluminum brazingprocesses significantly reduce surfaceimpurities caused by residues ofbrazing pre-treatment agents.leads to an excessive overload of theother AC loop components – mainly thecompressor, exposing it to overheatingand, in extreme cases, to seize up.Easy Installation with First FitAll what is needed for a proper installationincluded in the product box.Perfect FittingPerfect finish in every detail such asconnections, threads, bolts, mountings etc.smoothly fitting the vehicle mounting points.CARSVANSTRUCKS

CompressorPROGRAM FORThe heart of theair conditioning systemEasy Installationwith First FitAll what is needed fora proper installation includedin the product box.The refrigerant is compressed bythe compressor and transportedthrough the system to createhigh and low pressure.PREFILLED PAG OILO-RINGSELECTRICAL ADAPTER(MULTI FIT APPLICATIONS)The compressor is crucialfor the efficiency of the ACsystem. During an AC cycle,the compressor enables therefrigerant to change itsstate from gas to liquid andto flow through the differentcomponents of the system aswell as through high and lowpressure sides.PRE-FILTER(WHEN NEEDED)Improved Durabilityand PerformanceImproved design of criticalcomponents such as pulley, clutchhub, bearing and wobble plate toresist higher stress, tensions andtemperatures.OE matchingQualityImportantto knowEasyInstallation Proper lubrication is a must for theproduct vitality and lifespanAdvanced life & performance test seriesand back-to-back test against OE, fullymatching the requirements made for OEproducts.First Fit - all what is needed in the productbox. Warranty & installation guide,installation video and Nissens’ technicalsupport are available. Proper installation procedure includingsystem flushing is crucial for theReliability& Performancecompressor vitality Condenser performance influences thecompressor performance and workloadCompetitiveRangeTest-proven excellent pumpingperformance, minimized noise and vibrationlevels, supreme product durability.Factory newcompressors,no needfor exchangeProduct range with 480 items coveringmore than 3,000 OE numbers.Solutionsfor heavy-dutyapplicationsHigh Precision Displacement ControlValves of OE quality (MCV/ECV), fully tested before and whenplaced in the compressor. Additionally, random stock testsperformed.Universal compressorswith fittings to fit moreOE applicationsAgricultural compressorsfor popular agricultural vehiclesCARSVANSTRUCKS

Interior BlowerImproved Resistanceto MechanicalDamage and WearEnsures a proper air intake, flow and distribution whichare required for the climate system to operateMaterial fully matching thespecifications for OE products.Only high-quality plastics, norecycled plastic mixtures.The interior blower ensures aproper amount of ambient airintake and flow of air throughoutheat exchangers – heater andevaporator. Flowing through theheat exchangers, the air can beeither warm or cold and thanks tothe blower, the air is distributedin the car cabin.Typically, the blower is situatedin the HVAC (Heat-VentilationAir-Conditioning) module locatedbetween the cabin and the enginecompartment.High Precision Speed ControlOE control unit and electrical resistorsto ensure high performance.The interior blower is an electricaldevice considered fragile, due toplastic elements, and electricallysensitive to vehicle systemfailures.Importantto know Clogged or worn cabin air filter reducethe interior blower lifespan significantly Most common reasons for interiorReliability& PerformanceOE matchingQualityblower failure are failures in theAdvanced in-house performance, mechanicaland electrical test series ensuring a high-quality,long-life product characterized by reliable, highperforming operation as well as minimized noiseemission.In full accordance to requirements for OEproducts. Conforms with the ISO 7637,ISO 16750 standards and the directive ofElectromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).vehicle’s electrical system, reduced flowin the air intake system and improperproduct handling during installationEasyInstallation The interior blower in commercialvehicle applications (taxis, buses etc.) isoften exposed to faster wear (mileageand working hours)CompetitiveRangePlug & Play modules ready for an instantinstallation. Nissens’ online catalogues withdetailed product information, high-qualitytechnical drawings and rotational 360 picturesas well as close-up pictures of electricalconnections/sockets. Installation videos for themost demanding and popular blower models.Product range with 185 items covering morethan 635 OE numbers and constantly beingbroadened to incorporate the most popularmarket applications within the car, van and trucksegments.Smooth Operation ofthe Electrical MotorHigh-quality electric motorarmature ensuring reliableoperation of the motor and strongprotection against destructivecurrent peaks and overvoltage.Trouble-free OperationA special material mixtureapplied to the carbon brushesdeveloped by Nissens ensuringexcellent reliability and supremeovervoltage protection.PROGRAM FORCARSVANSTRUCKS

AC FanPROGRAM FORImproved Resistanceto MechanicalDamage and WearAn important playerof the air conditioning systemMaterial matching therequirements made for OEproducts. Only high-qualityplastics, no recycled plasticmixtures.The fan plays an important,supportive role for the effectiveoperation of the enginecooling and climate systemsof the vehicle. In the climatesystem, the AC fan forces airthrough the condenser.Smooth Operation ofthe Electrical MotorHighoperationpressuresinside the condenser andthe temperature producedby the condensation processrequire an additional air flowsupporting the heat exchangebetween the ambient airand the refrigerant inside.Cooling produced by the fanis crucial for proper condenseroperation.High-quality electric motorarmature ensuring reliableoperation of the motor and strongprotection against destructivecurrent peaks and overvoltage.Importantto know A nonperforming AC fan has a verynegative impact on the condensationprocess inside the condenser thus theReliability& PerformanceHigh-quality fan assemblies and fancomponents offering proven coolingperformance and stable, long-life operation.OE matchingQualityIn full accordance to the same requirementsas OE products. Conforms with the ISO7637, ISO 16750 standards and thedirective of Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC).CompetitiveRangeFan program perfectly matching the IAMneeds: Product range with 500 itemscovering more than 1,500 OE numbers anda varied selection of fan components (e.g.motor and fan blade). Highly competitiveprices.entire AC system performance As an electrical device, the fan is oftenexposed to failure due to problems withthe vehicle’s electrical system, e.g.overvoltage, bad fuse, nonperformingalternator Depending on the vehicle application,the AC fan can be engaged by meansof: pressure switch, indirect connectionto the compressor clutch, the vehicle’sElectronic Control Module (ECM) orsignals sent from the AC-ON buttonCorrosion ProtectionSpecial, anti-corrosive treatmentof the motor cover accordingto the strict REACH regulationto avoid any electromagneticdisturbance to other electronicelements.Trouble-free OperationA special material mixtureapplied to the carbon brushesdeveloped by Nissens ensuringexcellent reliability and supremeovervoltage protection.Trouble-free InstallationHigh-quality wirings and electricalconnections enabling a smooth installation.CARSVANS

Receiver Dryer / AccumulatorAC loop protectionImportantto know The receiver dryer/accumulator must bereplaced every two years or wheneverthe circuit has been opened. The inside filtering and desiccant layerscan be worn out, after a long period,PROGRAM FORCARSVANSTRUCKSThe receiver dryer is a filtering unit located on the high-pressureside of the AC loop between the condenser and the expansionvalve. The role of the receiver is to filter particles and debris flowingin the circuit as well as to absorb any moisture. Furthermore, italso stores oil and refrigerant.The accumulator is a similar filtering device but applied only invehicles with orifice tube as an expansion device. The accumulatoris located on the system low-pressure side and besides the filteringand the lubricant/refrigerant storing function as in the receiverdryer, it also ensures that no liquid form of the refrigerant gets intothe compressor.ability to properly filter the refrigerantand oil.for the compressor vitality - a highlevel of moisture in the AC system cancause corrosion and reduce compressorlubrication significantly. Unfilteredparticles, debris, metal chips etc.flowing in the loop are the main causesfor the compressor to fail and in worstCARSVANSTRUCKSCabin heat exchanger producing cold air.A heat exchanger in the low-pressure side of the AC system,installed between the expansion valve and the compressor.Typically, located in a HVAC (Heat-Ventilation-Air-Conditioning)module behind the vehicle dashboard.The evaporator ensures the refrigerant to evaporate, thus changeits state from a liquid to a gaseous form. Ambient air blown on theevaporator’s surface enables the evaporation process inside, andduring the transition process of the refrigerant’s state , the blownair flowing through the evaporator’s surface turns cold and can bedirected into the vehicle cabin.Furthermore, the evaporator dehumidifies the intake air, which isof high importance for the system’s ability to demist the vehiclepanes.and cause the receiver dryer to lose its The receiver dryer condition is crucialEvaporatorPROGRAM FOROE Matching QualityDesigned, manufactured and testedin full accordance to the samerequirements as OE products.Wide Product RangeNissens’ receiver drye

automotive climate systems, today, are an integrated part of the vehicle’s comfort and safety. Over the last years, Nissens has invested a significant amount of resources in research on and development of climate system components for the automotive segment. Years of thermal know-how and manufacturing experience mean that we are able

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