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Table of ContentsPage NumberI. Introduction and Reference Data1. Purpose of the Supply Battle Book52. Logistics Related Web sites63. Logistics Publications8II. Explanation of Codes1. MILSTRIP Record Positions162.Document Identifier Codes (DIC)163.Routing Identifier Code (RIC)184.Stock Number (NSN) Composition (NSNs, FPNs, and MCNs)195.Unit of Issue Code (UI)206. Department of Defense Activity Code (DODAAC)227. Demand Code (DC)228. Unit Identification Code (UIC)229. Signal Code (SC)2210. Fund Code (FC)2211. End Item Code (EIC)2312. Project Code (PC)2313. Priority Designator Codes and (UMMIPS)2314. Advice Codes (AC)2315. Line Item Number (LIN)2416. Accounting Requirement Code (ARC)2417. Acquisition Advice Code (AAC)2418. Automatic Return Item Code (ARI)2619. Condition Code (CC)2620. Control Inventory Item Code (CIIC)282

21. Equipment Readiness Code (ERC)3022. Equipment Category Code (ECC)3023. Error Explanation Codes (SARSS1)3923. Essentiality Code (EC)3024. Level of Work Code (LWC)3125. Maintenance Repair Code (MRC)3126. Part Source Code (SRC)3227. Recoverability Codes (RC)3228. Reportable Item Control Code (RICC)3329. SAMS Work Request Status Codes (RSC)3430. Status/Rejection Codes3531. Stockage List Code (SLC)3932. Army Material Category (MATCAT) Structure Code3933. Appropriation and Budget Activity Code (ABA)4034. Federal Supply Groups (FSG)4135. Federal Supply Classifications (FSC)4336. Non-leap year Julian Date Calendar5137. Leap year Julian Date Calendar52III. Important Supply Forms1. DA Form 444Inventory Adjustment Report2. DA Form 581Request for Issue and Turn-in of Ammunition3. DA Form 1687Notice of Delegation of Authority Receipt for Supplies4. DA Form 2062Hand/Sub-hand Receipt and shortage Annex5. DA Form 2064Document Register for Supply Actions6. DA Form 2404Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet7. DA Form 2406Materiel Condition Status Report8. DA Form 2715Unit Status Report3

9. DA Form 2765-1Request for Issue or Turn-in (can only be viewed if you have FormFlow22)10. DA Form 3161Request for Issue or Turn-In (Also Temporary Hand-receipt/ Change Document)11. DA Form 3328Manual Property Record Page12. DA Form 3645Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment Record13. DA Form 3749Equipment Receipt (Use for Issuing Weapons and Protective Masks)14. DA Form 4697Report of Survey15. DA Form 4949Administrative Adjustment Document (AAR)16. DD Form 250Material Inspection and Receiving Report17. DD Form 362Statement of Charges18. DD Form 1131Cash Collection Voucher19. DD Form 1155Order for Supplies or Services20. DD Form 1348-6DOD Single Line Item Requisition System Document21. SF 364Report of Discrepancy (ROD)4

SECTION I. Introduction and Reference MaterialThe Purpose of this Supply Training HandbookIntroduction: This Supply Training Handbook will introduce and describe the most important codes applicable toArmy units and Supply Support Activities. It will also depict some of the most basic forms associated with Armysupply. It is meant to assist Army supply personnel, both military and civilians, at the Corps level and below.Questions, comments, or recommendations to improve this Supply Training Handbook should be sent to theCommander, U.S. Army Quartermaster Center and School (LTD), 1831 A Avenue, Fort Lee, VA. 23801-1621.Coded data and the Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP): A great deal of supplyinformation is described in coded form. Many of these codes were introduced along with MILSTRIP decades agoand were designed to work in conjunction with an 80-column punch card. While punch cards are no longer used,the limit of a total of 80 different record positions (rp's) remains. In other words, supply files transmitted viaelectronic means can occupy no more than 80 spaces. Each of the 80 record positions can either be filled by a letter,a number, or left blank. This method of coding data is the basis of the Military Standard Requisitioning and IssueProcedures (MILSTRIP) and the Military Standard Transaction Reporting and Accounting Procedures(MILSTRAP). MILSTRIP is the method that Army units and Supply Support Activities use to requisition andreceive feedback pertaining to supplies from the supply chain. MILSTRIP is comprised of coded data such as theDocument Identifier Code, document number, Unit of Issue, Routing Identifier Code etc. Since many supply relatedtransactions are conducted electronically without any human intervention, users of MILSTRIP must pay closeattention to the different meanings of the coded data to ensure that they obtain the supplies or information about thesupplies that they seek. In many instances, if one character is incorrect on a supply transaction file, the entire file isrejected by the supply chain's computer software systems.A description of each of these record positions is shown later in this manual along with an explanation of thevarious Document Identifier Codes (DIC). The DIC always occupies the first 3 record positions of a MILSTRIPdocument and influences the type of data that will be contained in many of the other record positions.Director, Logistics Training Dept.5

Logistics Websites(As of 27 Jun 01)Note: Websites frequently change URL location or are deleted for various reasons.Acronym FinderPERSCOM OnlineDefense LinkJane's Information GroupNational Defense Industrial Assn.Society of Logistics EngineersArmy Materiel Command (AMC)AMCOM -Redstone ArsenalAssociation of the US Army (AUSA)Army Center for Military HistoryArmy Training Support CtrCECOMDefense Technical information CtrDoD AddressesHQDA WEBInstallation & Services ActivityTRADOCU.S. ArmyU.S. Army LinksArmy Doctrine & Training Digital LibraryArmy LogisticianODCSLOGArmy TimesDefense NewsElectronic Publications & FormsGSA HomepageLogistics SupportArmy Logistics Mgmt CollegeU.S. Army Force Mgmt School (USAFMSA)Army Training Rqmts and Resources SystemDefense Automated Visual Information SystemThe Army PortalJoint Vision 2020The Army VisionTRADOC PamphletsTO&E IndexEnlisted Evaluation and Records Center (EREC)Fort Lee Home PagePetroleum & WaterAerial Delivery & Field ServicesMortuary AffairsU.S. Army Combined Arms Support w.cascom.army.mil6

Quartermaster MuseumQM Officer Branch, PERSCOMQM Enlisted Branch, PERSCOMDefense Logistics AgencyDefense Logistics Support CommandDefense Logistics Information ServiceArmy Knowledge On LineCenter for Army Lessons LearnedDefense Energy Support Center (DESC)Defense Supply Center, Philadelphia (DSCP)Defense Supply Center, Richmond (DSCR)Defense Supply Center, Columbus (DSCC)Defense Reutilization & Marketing (DRMS)Defense Distribution Center (DDC)Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for LogisticsLogistics Integration Agency (LIA)AAFES ilhttp://www.aafes.comQuartermaster-Related Publications(Last updated on 27 Jun 01)TEXTTITLEPUB DATEADSM-18-L1Y-AJQ-ZZZ-EMStandard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS2)1-Apr-96ADSM-18-L1Y-AST-ZZZ-EMStandard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS1)1-Apr-96AISM-25-L3Q-AWC-ZZZ-CGCommanders Guide (ULLS-G)15-Jun-96AM-25-ALV-ZZZ-EMStandard Property Book System-Redesign (SPBS-R)1-Jun-95AR 10-25U.S. Army Logistics Evaluation Agency16-Dec-91AR 30-1The Army Food Service Program15-Aug-89AR 30-5Food Cost and Feeding Strength Summary21-Jul-89AR 30-7Operational Rations (DLAR 4145.36)AR 30-18Army Troop Issue Subsistence Activity Operating Policies4-Jan-93AR 30-21The Army Field Feeding System23-Oct-90AR 30-XXThe Army Food Service Program1-Sep-98AR 220-1Unit Status Reporting1-Sep-977

AR 310-25Dictionary of United States Army Acronyms15-Oct-83AR 310-49The Army Authorization document System (TAADS)AR 600-38Meal Card Management System11-Mar-88AR 600-8-1Army Casualty Memorial Affairs and LOD Investigations20-Oct-94AR 638-2Care and Disposition of Remains9-Feb-96AR 638-30Graves Registration Organization and Functions inSupport of Major Military Operations14-Oct-85AR 670-1Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia1-May-97AR 700-4Logistics Assistance30-Jun-95AR 700-8Logistics Planning Factors and Data Management27-May-00AR 700-15Packaging of Material31-Mar-98AR 700-45Annual Supply and Transportation to Arcticand Adjacent Areas20-Feb-87AR 700-68Storage and Handling of Compressed Gases andGas Liquids in cylinders and of CylindersAR 700-82"Joint Regulation Governing the Use and Applicationof Uniform Source, Maintenance and Recoverability Codes"20-Nov-99AR 700-84Issue and Sale of Personal Clothing28-Feb-94AR 700-93PROCESS and Shipping DOD-Sponsored RetrogradeMateriel Destined for the U.S. and its Possessions15-May-80AR 700-127Integrated Logistics Support10-Nov-99AR 700-129Management and Execution of Integrated LogisticsSupport for Multi-Service Acquisitions23-Sep-88AR 700-132Joint Oil Analysis Program (JOAP)5-Dec-90AR 700-135Mobile Field Laundry and Bath OperationsAR 700-136Tactical Land Based Water Resources Management inContingency Operations1-Apr-93AR 700-137Logistics Civil Augmentation program (LOGCAP)16-Dec-85AR 700-138Army Logistics Readiness16-Oct-97AR 700-139Army Warranty Program Concepts and Policies10-Mar-868

AR 700-141Hazardous Material Information System (HMIS)1-Jul-97AR 700-142"Materiel Release, Fielding and Transfer"1-May-95AR 700-143Performance Oriented Packaging of Hazardous Material23-Jul-96AR 702-7-1Reporting of Product Quality Deficiencies withinthe U.S. Army15-Aug-80AR 702-18Materiel Quality Control Storage Standards24-Feb-93AR 708-1Cataloging and Supplies and Equipment20-Jul-94AR 708-4Federal Catalog System: Item IdentificationQuality Assurance25-Aug-83AR 710-2Supply Policy Below the Wholesale Level31-Oct-97AR 710-2-2Supply Support Activity System Manual ProceduresAR 710-3Asset and Transaction Reporting System31-Mar-98AR 715-9Army Contractors on the Battlefield29-Oct-99AR 715-27AR 725-1Petroleum Contract Quality Assurance Manual"Special Authorization and Procedures for Issues,Sales and Loans"10-Feb-88AR 725-50"Requisitioning, Receipt and Issue"15-Nov-95AR 735-11-2Reporting of Item and Packaging Discrepancies6-Dec-91AR 735-5Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability31-Jan-98AR 740-1Storage and Supply Activity Operations18-Aug-76AR 740-3Care of Supplies in Storage (COSIS)26-Feb-93AR 740-7"Safeguarding of DLA Sensitive Inventory Item,Controlled Substances and Pilferable Items of Supply"4-Nov-85Storage of Military Service-Owned Retail Stocks in theDLA Materiel Distribution System11-Dec-81AR 740-26Physical Inventory Control1-Jul-80AR 746-1Packaging of Army Materiel for Shipment and StorageAR 750-32"Airdrop, Parachute Recovery and Aircraft PersonnelEscape Systems"26-Sep-97"Airdrop, Parachute Recovery and Aircraft PersonnelEscape Plan"26-Feb-97AR 740-15AR 750-37AR 750-4320-Mar-86"Army Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment9

Program"28-Nov-97AR 750-59Army Corrosion Prevention and Control Program25-Aug-88DA PAM 351-20Army Correspondence Course Program Catalog1-Apr-95DA PAM 351-4U.S. Army Formal Schools Catalog31-Oct-95DA PAM 385-1Small Unit Safety Officer/NCO Guide22-Sep-93DA PAM 600-8-1SIDPERS1-Mar-89DA PAM 600-8-20SIDPERS Handbook1-Apr-86DA PAM 623-105"OER System ""In Brief"1-Oct-97DA PAM 700-30Logistics Control Activity (LCA) Informationand Procedures17-Jul-90"Commander's Handbook, Peace Operations(A Logistics Perspective)"1-Jul-94Instructions for Preparing the Integrated LogisticsSupport Plan28-Sep-89"Department of the Army Sets, Kits, Outfits, Tools andSpecial Tools (SKOT)"1-Oct-98DA PAM 700-127Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) Manager's Guide1-Feb-89DA PAM 700-142"Instructions for Materiel Release, Fielding and Transfer"15-Jan-98DA PAM 700-XYAutomatic Identification Technology (AIT) GuideDA PAM 708-1Cataloging of Supplies and Equipment andDA Form 1988-R Management30-Aug-94Cataloging and Supply Management Data Proceduresfor the Army Central Logistics Data Bank (ACLDB)30-Aug-94DA PAM 700-31DA PAM 700-55DA PAM 700-60DA PAM 708-2DA PAM 708-4Army Master Data File Retrieval Micrform System (ARMS)DA PAM 710-2-1Using Unit Supply System Manual Procedures31-Dec-97DA PAM 710-2-2Supply Support Activity System Manual Procedures30-Sep-98DA PAM 715-16Contractor Deployment Guide27-Feb-98DA PAM 735-5Survey Officer's Guide1-Mar-97DA PAM 738-750The Army Maintenance Management System(TAMMS/ETM)(Update3-14)1-Aug-94Functional User's Manual for the Army MaintenanceManagement System-Aviation (TAMMS-A)15-Mar-99DA PAM 738-75110

DA PAM 750-1Lead 9 JAN 01's Unit Maintenance Handbook (Update 3-14) 15-Feb-94DA PAM 750-13Maintenance of Supplies and Equipment - OperatingGuide for TDA Support Maintenance Activities23-Mar-70DA PAM 750-35Guide for Motor Pool Operations1-Aug-94DA PAM 750-43Army Test Program Set Procedures28-Feb-92ARTEP 63-146-30-MTP"Supply Company, Main Support Battalion/ForwardSupport Battalion"31-May-96"Mission Training Plan for the Quartermaster SupplyCompany, Corps, and Support Battalion"31-Dec-81Potential Military chemical/Biological Agentsand Compounds12-Dec-90FM 8-10-3Division Medical Operations Center12-Nov-96FM 8-10-4Medical Platoon Leaders' Handbook16-Nov-90FM 8-10-6Medical Evacuation. In a Theater of Operation31-Oct-91FM 8-55Planning for Health Service Support9-Sep-94FM 9-6Munitions in a TOPNS1-Feb-97FM 9-43-1Maintenance Operations1-Apr-92FM 9-43-2Recovery & Battlefield Damage Assessment & RepairOct 95FM 10-1Quartermaster Principles14-Jun-93FM 10-14-1Commander's Handbook For Proper Accountabilityat the Unit Level22-Sep-80FM 10-14-2Guide for the BN S430-Dec-81FM 10-15Basic Doctrine Manual for Support Storage12-Dec-90FM 10-16General Fabric Repair1-Jun-99FM 10-18Petroleum Terminal And Pipeline Operations19-Jun-87FM 10-23Basic Doctrine for Army Field Feeding and Class I Ops Mgt13-Jun-84FM 10-23-2"Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for QM FieldServices Company, Direct Support"18-Apr-96FM 10-27General Supply in a Theater of Operations30-Sep-93FM 10-27-3Tactics & Techniques & Procedures for QM HQ Operations1-Oct-90ARTEP 42-447-30 MTPFM 3-911

FM 10-27-4Organizational Support for Unit Leaders27-Dec-88FM 10-52Water Supply in the Theater of Operations2-Nov-84FM 10-52-1Water Supply Point Eqmt and Operations2-Apr-98FM 10-63Handling of Deceased Personnel in theTheater of Operations2-Apr-97FM 10-63-1Graves Registration HB1-Jul-86FM 10-64Mortuary Affairs Operation25-Apr-86FM 10-67Petroleum Supply in Theaters of Operations18-Feb-83FM 10-67-1Concepts & Equipment of Petroleum Operations1-Oct-85FM 10-67-2Petroleum Laboratory Testing and Operations1-Apr-98FM 10-70Inspecting And Testing Petroleum Products10-Feb-86FM 10-71Petroleum Tank Vehicle Operations12-Dec-90FM 10-280"Mobile Field Laundry, Clothing Exchange,and bath options"2-Dec-83FM 10-286Identification of Deceased Personnel1-Jun-86FM 10-400Quartermaster Airdrop Support UnitsOct 90FM 10-450-4Multiservice Helicopter Sling load Single point load11-Feb-91FM 10-450-5Multiservice Helicopter Sling load Dual point load12-Feb-91FM 19-30Physical Security1-Apr-97FM 21-20Physical Fitness1-Mar-79FM 21-26Map Reading and Land Nav30-Sep-92FM 22-5Drill and Ceremonies1 Jun 99***FM 22-100Army Leadership19-Jun-61FM 25-100Training the Force8-Dec-86FM 25-101Battle Focused Training15-Nov-88FM 26-10-1Unit Field Sanitation1-Oct-89FM 27-1Legal Guide for Commanders1-Jan-92FM 38-700Packaging of Material Preservation1-Dec-99FM 42-414"Tactics, Techniques and Procedures for Quartermaster12

Services Company, Direct Support"17-Nov-93FM 43-5Unit Maintenance Operations28-Sep-88FM 54-30Corps Support Groups17-Jun-93FM 54-82Military petroleum Tank Vehicles Operations3-Apr-91FM 55-9Air Movement Planning5-Apr-93FM 55-10Movement Control in a Theater of Operations26-Aug-94FM 55-12Movement of Units in AF10-Nov-89FM 55-15Transportation Reference Data9-Feb-99FM 55-20Army Rail Transport Units Tops31-Oct-86FM 55-30Army Motor Transport Units and Operations27-Oct-97FM 55-60Army Terminal Operations15-Apr-96FM 55-65Strategic Deployment27-Jun-97FM 55-312Military Convoy Operations3-Apr-91FM 63-1"Support Battalions and Squadrons, separate brigadesCoordinating Instructions"14-Jun-91FM 63-2Division Support Command5-Apr-93FM 63-2-1Division Support Command16-Nov-92FM 63-3Corps Support Command7-Aug-90FM 63-3JCombat Service Support- Corps12-Aug-85FM 63-4Combat Service Support Theater Area Army Command24-Sep-84FM 63-6Combat Service Support In Low Integrity Conflict21-Jan-92FM 63-11Logistics Support element8-Oct-96FM 63-20Forward Support Battalion20-May-91FM 63-21Main Support Battalion26-Feb-90FM 63-23Aviation Support Command6-Jun-96FM 71-1Tank and Mechanized infantry Company and team22-Nov-88FM 71-100Division Operations28-Aug-96FM 71-123"Tactics, Techniques, for Combined Arms Heavy Forces"30-Sep-9213

FM 100-5Operations1-Jun-93FM 100-10Combat Service Support18-Feb-88FM 100-10-1Theater Distribution1-Oct-99FM 100-14Risk Management1-Apr-98FM 100-17-3RSOI1-Apr-98FM 100-19Domestic Support Operations1-Jul-93FM 100-20Stability Operations and Support Operations*16-Jan-81FM 100-23Peace Operations1-Dec-94FM 101-5Staff Organization and Operations18-Jun-91FM 101-5-1Operational Terms and Symbols3-May-97FM 101-10-1/1Staff Officers Field Manual11-Aug-94FM 101-10-1/2"Organizational TEC, LOG Data (VOL 1&2)"11-Jul-90FM 700-80Logistics1-Aug-85FM 701-58Planning Logistics Support For Military Operations1-May-87CTA 50-900Clothing and Individual Equipment1-Sep-94CTA 50-909Field Garrison Furnishings and EquipmentSep 95CTA 50-970Expendable Durable ItemsJun 95STP 21-1-SMCTSoldier Manual of Common Tasks1-Oct-94ALM 69-6932-HB-PSupport Operations Handbook1-Apr-98Student Text 101-6CGSC G1/G4 Battle Book1-Jun-95HandbookPlatoon Leaders HandbookNO DATETB 55-46-1Std Characteristics for Transportability of MilitaryVehicles & Other Outsize/Overweight EquipmentJan 98TC 20-32-4Foreign Mine HandbookAug 97TC 25-30A Leader's Guide to Company Training Meetings27-Apr-94TM 5-343Military Petroleum Pipeline System1-Feb-6914

TM 38-410Storage and Handling of Hazardous MaterialsFM 71-123"Tactics, Techniques, for Combined Arms Heavy Forces"30-Sep-92FM 10-67-1Concepts & Equipment of Petroleum Operations1-Oct-85FM 4-30.3Maintenance Operations and Procedures21-Feb-97AR 700-137Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP)16-Dec-8515

SECTION II. Coded DataMILSTRIP RECORD POSITIONS (rp). Each MILSTRTIP transaction contains coded data that is capturedwithin a maximum of 80 r

Army Materiel Command (AMC) http://www.amc.army.mil/ AMCOM -Redstone Arsenal http://www.redstone.army.mil/ Association of the US Army (AUSA) http://www.ausa.org/ Army Center for Military History http://www.army.mil/cmh-pg/ Army Training Support Ctr http://www.atsc.army.mil/ CECOM http://www.monmouth.army.mil

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