HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G3 Notebook PC Maintenance And .

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HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G3 Notebook PCMaintenance and Service Guide

Copyright 2016 HP Development Company,L.P.AMD is a trademark of Advanced Micro Devices,Inc. Bluetooth is a trademark owned by itsproprietor and used by HP Inc. under license.Intel, Celeron, and Pentium are trademarks ofIntel Corporation in the U.S. and othercountries. Microsoft and Windows aretrademarks of the Microsoft group ofcompanies.The information contained herein is subject tochange without notice. The only warranties forHP products and services are set forth in theexpress warranty statements accompanyingsuch products and services. Nothing hereinshould be construed as constituting anadditional warranty. HP shall not be liable fortechnical or editorial errors or omissionscontained herein.First Edition: January 2016Document Part Number: 840246-001Product noticeSoftware termsThis user guide describes features that arecommon to most models. Some features maynot be available on your computer.By installing, copying, downloading, orotherwise using any software productpreinstalled on this computer, you agree to bebound by the terms of the HP End User LicenseAgreement (EULA). If you do not accept theselicense terms, your sole remedy is to return theentire unused product (hardware and software)within 14 days for a full refund subject to therefund policy of your seller.Not all features are available in all editions ofWindows. This computer may require upgradedand/or separately purchased hardware, driversand/or software to take full advantage ofWindows functionality. Go tohttp://www.microsoft.com for details.For any further information or to request a fullrefund of the price of the computer, pleasecontact your seller.This computer may require upgraded and/ orseparately purchased hardware and/or a DVDdrive to install the Windows 7 software andtake full advantage of Windows 7 functionality.See ow-windows-7 for details.

Safety warning noticeWARNING! To reduce the possibility of heat-related injuries or of overheating the device, do not place thedevice directly on your lap or obstruct the device air vents. Use the device only on a hard, flat surface. Do notallow another hard surface, such as an adjoining optional printer, or a soft surface, such as pillows or rugs orclothing, to block airflow. Also, do not allow the AC adapter to contact the skin or a soft surface, such aspillows or rugs or clothing, during operation. The device and the AC adapter comply with the user-accessiblesurface temperature limits defined by the International Standard for Safety of Information TechnologyEquipment (IEC 60950-1).iii

ivSafety warning notice

Table of contents1 Product description . 12 External component identification . 4Display . 4Top . 6TouchPad . 6Lights . 7Buttons, speakers, and fingerprint reader (select models only) . 8Special function keys . 9Using the hot keys . 10Left . 11Bottom . 12Right . 13Labels . 143 Illustrated parts catalog . 15Computer major components . 15Plastics/Rubber Kit . 18Cable Kit . 19Mass storage devices . 19Miscellaneous parts . 204 Removal and replacement procedures preliminary requirements . 23Tools required . 23Service considerations . 23Plastic parts . 23Cables and connectors . 23Drive handling . 24Grounding guidelines . 24Electrostatic discharge damage . 24Packaging and transporting guidelines . 25Workstation guidelines . 255 Removal and replacement procedures for Authorized Service Provider parts . 27Component replacement procedures . 27Bottom cover . 28v

Battery . 29RTC battery . 31SSD drive . 32WWAN module . 33WLAN module . 36Power connector . 38Display assembly . 39Keyboard . 41TouchPad . 44NFC module . 45Heat sink/fan assembly . 46System board . 48Updating DMI . 52Access the update menu . 52Required information . 53Smart Card reader . 54Light pipe . 55Buttons (power, function) . 56Multi-function board . 57Audio board . 58Fingerprint reader board . 59Speaker assembly . 606 Computer Setup (BIOS), TPM, and HP Sure Start in Windows 7 . 61Using Computer Setup . 61Starting Computer Setup . 61Navigating and selecting in Computer Setup . 61Restoring factory settings in Computer Setup . 62Updating the BIOS . 62Determining the BIOS version . 62Downloading a BIOS update . 63Changing the boot order using the f9 prompt . 64TPM BIOS settings (select products only) . 64Using HP Sure Start (select products only) . 647 Computer Setup (BIOS), TPM, and HP Sure Start in Windows 10 . 65Using Computer Setup . 65Starting Computer Setup . 65Navigating and selecting in Computer Setup . 65Restoring factory settings in Computer Setup . 66Updating the BIOS . 67vi

Determining the BIOS version . 67Downloading a BIOS update . 67Changing the boot order using the f9 prompt . 68TPM BIOS settings (select products only) . 68Using HP Sure Start (select products only) . 698 DMI programming procedures . 70HP Common Core BIOS Programming Process . 70Programming steps . 719 Using HP PC Hardware Diagnostics (UEFI) . 74Downloading HP PC Hardware Diagnostics (UEFI) to a USB device . 7410 Backup and recovery in Windows 7 . 76Creating recovery media and backups . 76Guidelines . 76Creating recovery media with HP Recovery Disc Creator . 76Creating recovery media . 77Backing up your information . 77Performing a system recovery . 78Using the Windows recovery tools . 78Using f11 recovery tools (select products only) . 79Using Windows 7 operating system media . 7911 Backup and recovery in Windows 10 . 81Creating recovery media and backups . 81Creating HP Recovery media (select products only) . 81Using Windows tools . 82Restore and recovery . 83Recovering using HP Recovery Manager . 83What you need to know before you get started . 83Using the HP Recovery partition (select products only) . 84Using HP Recovery media to recover . 84Changing the computer boot order . 85Removing the HP Recovery partition (select products only) . 8612 Specifications . 87Computer specifications . 8735.6-cm (14.0-in) display specifications . 88M.2 solid-state drive specifications . 89vii

M.2 PCIe solid-state drive specifications . 9013 Statement of memory volatility . 91Nonvolatile memory usage . 95Questions and answers . 97Using HP Sure Start (select models only) . 9814 Power cord set requirements . 99Requirements for all countries . 99Requirements for specific countries and regions . 9915 Recycling . 101Index . 102viii

1Product descriptionCategoryDescriptionProduct NameHP EliteBook Folio 1040 G3 Notebook PCProcessors6th Generation Intel Core processors: i7-6600U 2.6-GHz (max turbo frequency 3.4-GHz), 4-MB L3 Cache, 15W i7-6500U 2.5-GHz (max turbo frequency 3.1-GHz), 4-MB L3 Cache, 15W i5-6300U 2.4-GHz (max turbo frequency 3.0-GHz), 3-MB L3 Cache, 15W i5-6200U 2.3-GHz (max turbo frequency 2.8-GHz), 3-MB L3 Cache, 15WCh

1. Type support in the taskbar search box, and then select the HP Support Assistant app. ‒ or – Click the question mark icon in the taskbar. 2. Select My PC, select the Specifications tab, and then select User Guides. To access the user guides in Windows 7, select Start All Programs HP Help and Support HP Documentation. Display 5