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Visual Identity Guide - EVMS

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Visual IdentityGuideOCTOBER 2018

ContentsStatement of Visual Design . . . . . . . . . . 2Colors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3Fonts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19The EVMS LogoWhite Coat Patches . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21General Usage. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4Size and Clear Space Requirements . . . . 5Color Specifications. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6Unacceptable Usage. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7Logo in Reverse . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8Logo with Tag Line . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9EVMS Logo with Signature . . . . . . . . . 10Signature Logo Misuses. . . . . . . . . . . 12EVMS Logo with Alternative Schooland Unit Signatures. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13Co-branding and Joint Programs . . . . . 13Special Request Graphic Elements. . . . 14EVMS Naming Convention . . . . . . . . . . 15Clinical AttireUse of the Ampersand. . . . . . . . . . . . . 15Research Posters. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32EVMS Curve . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16Directional Signage. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33EVMS Seal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17Promotional Items . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 342Lab Coats . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22Scrubs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22T-Shirts and/or Polo Shirts . . . . . . . . . 23StationeryBusiness Card . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24Letterhead . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25Note Card. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26Envelope . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27PowerPoint . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28Brochures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29Statement ofVisual DesignThe visual design of Eastern VirginiaMedical School communications shouldleave the user with an impression of a fresh,forward-thinking institution that caresdeeply about the community it serves.The aesthetic of the EVMS brand is expansiveand airy; clean and minimal; approachableand welcoming; and clear and purposeful.Implementing these attributes visuallywithin EVMS communications andbranding reinforces how the institutionserves a diverse community throughreliable patient care, integrated academicprograms and innovative research.Email Signature . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30EVMS Visual Identity – October 2018

IntroductionThe Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) VisualIdentity Guide is a comprehensive tool for anyonedesigning, printing or producing institutionalcommunication materials. With your help, wecan ensure that all communication from ourinstitution is integrated and consistent, making eachindividual component, as well as our marketingefforts as a whole, stronger and more effective.array of EVMS activities, achievements and audiences,and builds a stronger reputation for EVMS as a whole.Consistency is key to successfully conveying the EVMS“brand” to the world. A strong and consistent visualidentity helps shape the way key constituents viewour school, both now and in the future. That visualidentity begins with this EVMS Visual Identity Guide.This guide provides details about the messaging,creative elements and design specifications that formEastern Virginia Medical School’s visual identity. Thesevisual standards have been created with a great deal offlexibility to address the complexities of EVMS, whileproviding a high degree of consistency and quality.This guide will help EVMS avoid confusion in acrowded landscape by helping us clearly definethe school and maintain the consistency necessaryfor effective communication to the public.What are visual standards andwhy are they important?This guide has been developed for use by all academic,research, outreach, student services, authorizedstudent organizations and administrative departmentsof EVMS. EVMS’ branding policy requires that alldepartments must follow these guidelines. Outsideagencies that create print or electronic publications,or any other materials, for any EVMS departmentare also required to abide by the guidelines.EVMS comprises of a wide spectrum of people,programs, departments and centers, each with uniquequalities, but all working toward a common goal.The strongest, most recognizable brand that anyEVMS department, program or center can project isthe brand of EVMS. Our visual identity reflects ourcommitment to excellence, our goals and the valuesthat represent the core of this institution. Correct andconsistent use of the visual identity unifies the diverseEVMS Visual Identity – October 2018Who is this guide for?items that carry the EVMS brand to the world.When applied in tandem with those governingthe visual standards of EVMS MedicalGroup, these guidelines help build a robust,mutually reinforcing foundation for EVMS’external and internal communications.It is the school’s policy that the official logotype,signatures and marks described in these pagesare the only sanctioned marks for use. No othermarks or symbols may be used or created torepresent EVMS as a whole or any part thereof.EVMS Marketing and Communications isentrusted by the EVMS Board of Visitors to enforceinstitutional branding standards, and as suchreserves the right to determine art direction forbranded projects (both print and electronic)that are representative of the institution.Branded items (print, merchandise, etc.) designedoutside of Creative Services should be submittedto Marketing and Communications for brandingapproval prior to printing/purchase.The guidelines are to be applied to all uses of theschool logo, whether for advertising, signage,stationery, uniforms, vehicles, web content or other3

The EVMS LogoThe EVMS logo appears to the left. This is the primary elementof the EVMS Visual Identity and must appear on all officialEVMS communications. It may not be modified in any way.The EVMS logo consists of two elements, the EVMS mark andthe EVMS logotype. They must be used together and aremost effective when used in this configuration. The EVMSmark can be used separately, but only on communicationintended for internal audiences or when the type belowis too small to be legible (pens, some embroidery).This logo, appearing alone, is the preferredvisual representation for the school.4EVMS MARKCENTURY SCHOOLBOOK BT BOLDThe EVMS logo may not be attached to any typographic orgraphic element other than those described on these pages.EVMS LOGOTYPECENTURY SCHOOLBOOK BT BOLDNote: Please contact your account executive forappropriate logo files and artwork.Do not re-create the logo.EVMS Visual Identity – October 2018

SIZE AND CLEAR SPACE REQUIREMENTSClear SpaceBlue square is the height of the capital “E”This is the area around the logo where nothing else shouldappear — helping to increase the logo’s impact. The clearspace is equal to the height of the capital “E” in EVMS logo.The clear-space requirement is intended to prevent the EVMS logofrom being crowded by other typographic or graphic elements.In some very large or very small formats, it is possible that theclear space requirement may need to be modified. ContactCreative Services with questions regarding possible exceptions.Space Between Logo ElementsMinimum Clear SpaceThe space between the EVMS mark and the EVMS logotypeletters should not be changed from the EVMS logo provided.Minimum Size1.5 INCHESTo ensure readability in print uses, the EVMS logo mustnever be used smaller than 1.5 inches in width.Minimum WidthEVMS Visual Identity – October 20185

EVMSEastern Virginia Medical SchoolCOLOR SPECIFICATIONSEVMS’ primary logo, on white and light surfaces, isrepresented in one color. See page 7 for specifications forlogo representation in reverse. Black logos are acceptableonly when the use of the primary color is not possible.EVMS BlueSPOT COLOR: Pantone 633CMYK: Cyan 83%, Magenta 37%, Yellow 27%, Black 5%PANTONE633PANTONEBLACKEVMSBLUEBLACKRGB: Red 31, Green 127, Blue 155;HTML: #1f7f9bBlackSPOT COLOR: BlackCMYK: Cyan 0%, Magenta 0%, Yellow 0%, Black 100%RGB: Red 0, Green 0, Blue 0HTML: #000000*Note: Please contact your account executive forappropriate logo files and artwork.Do not recreate the logo.6EVMS Visual Identity – October 2018

1 2 3 45 6 7UNACCEPTABLE USAGESIt is extremely important for brand success that the EVMS logo bedisplayed correctly. This includes always using the correct typefacesand the correct relative positioning and size of all elements.1Do not use photoshop effects2Do not screen the logo3Do not change relative scale or alignment4Do not distort the logo5Do not change the color or use color combinations6Do not add an outline to the logo7Do not tilt, rotate or skew the logoS MEVicaa MedirginiVnreEastEVMS Visual Identity – October 2018oll Scho7

Logo in ReverseThe preferred use of the EVMS logo in reverse (all-white) is on anEVMS Blue or black background. It also may be used in reverseon photographs with a dark background or on secondary colorswithin EVMS’ approved color palette listed on page 18.PANTONE633EVMS BlueSPOT COLOR: Pantone 633CMYK: cyan 83%, magenta 37%, yellow 27%, black 5%RGB: red 31, green 127, blue 155;HTML: #1F7F9BMinimum SizeTo ensure readability, the logo should never beused smaller than 1.5 inches in width.1.5 INCHES8EVMS Visual Identity – October 2018

Logo with Tag LineHORIZONTAL FORMATCommunity Focus.World Impact.The EVMS tag line is “Community Focus. World Impact.”The tag line may be used in conjunction with theEVMS logo in a horizontal or vertical format.Horizontal formatCommunity Focus.World Impact.VERTICAL FORMATFONT: Myriad Pro Bold with leading 120 percent of the font sizeALIGN: Flush Left/Ragged right.SCALE: The tag line is set on two lines to fill a vertical space 85 percentof the EVMS mark. The tag line sits on the baseline of the EVMS Mark,and is offset from the EVMS mark by the width of the “E” in the EVMSmark. The tag line is separated from the logo by a 1-point verticalrule midway between the logo and tag line. This rule extends aboveand below the logo by the height of the “M” in the EVMS logotype.Vertical formatFONT: Myriad Pro Bold with leading 120 percent of the font sizeCommunity Focus.World Impact.WCommunity Focus.World Impact.ALIGN: Flush left/ragged right.SCALE: The tag line is set on two lines to fill a horizontal space 85percent of the EVMS mark. The tag line is positoned below thelogotype, aligned flush left with the logotype and separatedfrom the logotype by the height of the “W” in the tag line.Clear SpaceThe clear space for both versions is the sameas the EVMS logo. See page 5.MINIMUM SIZE1.5 INCHCommunity Focus.World Impact.Minimum SizeTo ensure readability, the logo should never be usedsmaller than 1.5 inches (108 points) in width.ColorLogo with tag line may be displayed in EVMS blue, black or white.EVMS Visual Identity – October 20189

EVMS Logo with Signaturemarketing andcommunicationsJUSTIFICATIONZONEALIGN LEFTear, nose and throatsurgeonsEVMS has many constituent centers, institutes, programs and departments. These entities benefitfrom their association with EVMS. Additionally, they help create a stronger reputation for EVMS asa whole. To maximize the strength of all entities, it is important to establish a consistent approachfor using the names together.All department names should be placed below the EVMS logo. Program tag lines may not beused. Placement of program, center and institute names should follow these guidelines as well,except in instances when space is limited. When such spacing issues are a concern, pleasecontact Creative Services in EVMS Marketing and Communications at 757.446.7070. Do notattempt to make a signature for your unit. Signatures may only be created and distributed byCreative Services and may not be altered in any way.Logo with Signature TypographyFONT: Granjon Small Caps & Old Style FiguresALIGN: Flush Left/Ragged right.1.5 INCHmarketing andcommunicationsSCALE: 25% of the height of EVMS logo. Except for special cases determined by Marketing andCommunications, lettering should not extend beyond the EVMS logo justification zone, the areaequal to half the space of the letter “S” extended to the right of the EVMS logo. Longdepartment/program names will use multiple lines.COLOR: Pantone 167 (EVMS Rust)Clear SpaceThe clear space is the same as the EVMS logo. See page 5.Minimum SizeCLINICAL PRACTICESTo ensure readability, the signature logo should never be used smaller than 1.5 inches in width.Clinical Practice SignatureClinical practice units whose primary purpose is to provide patient care must be identified as aclinical practice of EVMS Medical Group.*A clinical practice of EVMS Medical Group10*Note: While black is the preferred color for this notification, Pantone 633 may be substitutedto avoid three-color commercial printing.EVMS Visual Identity – October 2018

The preferred color for theEVMS logo is always Pantone 633.It can also appear in black or white.1marketing andcommunicationsThe preferred color for theSignature is always Pantone 167.It can also appear in Pantone 633,black or white.EVMS Logo with SignatureCOLOR SPECIFICATIONSHere are the optional ways an EVMS logo with signature may appear.1 Two color, PMS 633 and PMS 167.This is the preferred display of a signature logo.EVMS BluePANTONE633PANTONE167SPOT COLOR: Pantone 633CMYK: Cyan 83%, Magenta 37%, Yellow 27%, Black 5%RGB: Red 31, Green 127, Blue 156;HTML: #1f7f9b234EVMS Rustmarketing andcommunicationsmarketing andcommunicationsSPOT COLOR: PMS 167CMYK: Cyan 5%, Magenta 77%, Yellow 100%, Black 15%RGB: Red 199, Green 83, Blue 30HTML: #c7531e2 EVMS Blue, this is the preferred display in one color.3 Black, use primarily in black and white printing.4 White (reverse) The preferred usage for all-white(reverse) logos is on EVMS Blue or black backgrounds.The reverse logo also be used on photographs with adark background and on the secondary colors withinEVMS’ approved color palette listed on page 19.marketing andcommunicationsEVMS Visual Identity – October 201811

1234512 marketing and communications Marketing andCommunications Signature Logo MisusesDO NOT:1Do not extend a single line of department/program text beyondthe predetermined justification zone. Contact EVMS Marketingand Communications Creative Services at 757.446.7070 if text willnot fit within specifications.234567Do not use INITIAL CAPS.Do not change the font.Do not change font weight.Do not change alignment of text.Do not change relative size.Do not stack multiple signatures. marketing andcommunications6marketing andcommunicationsmarketing and 7marketing andcommunicationscreative servicescommunications EVMS Visual Identity – October 2018

Master of ContemporaryHuman AnatomyMedical Master’sEVMS Logo with AlternativeSchool and Unit SignaturesAlternative school and unit signatures may be created byEVMS Marketing and Communications for limited use and onlywhen electronic and/or print formats cannot accommodatethe official logo and signature. The use and design of thesealternative signatures are determined by EVMS Marketing andCommunications and must be approved for every use.Co-branding and Joint ProgramsSchool ofMedicineEVMS Visual Identity – October 2018Due to the unique nature of co-branded materials andjoint programs (i.e. Sentara/EVMS or CHKD/EVMS), specialconsideration must be given when creating any signatures,print and electronic materials, web pages, etc. All materialsfor co-branded or joint programs must be created orapproved by EVMS Marketing and Communications.13

Special Request GraphicElements/Marks1Any use of a graphic element/mark outside of the EVMS traditional logomust be created or authorized by Marketing and Communications. A graphicelement/mark may be requested for use in the following circumstances:1. A time-limited campaign with limited shelf life or use. For example:Strategic PlanCapital Campaign2. A recurring institutional event (annual event, conference, etc). These graphicelements/marks must integrate or be used in close conjunction with theEVMS logo and must meet all branding standards. For example:Community Impact Day T-Shirt3. An internally focused campaign with limited or no external exposure.Potential for media exposure or large-scale external visibility is a disqualifier.2It is Important to note the following:If there is a chance the graphic element/mark could beconfused for an institutional logo, use will be prohibited.Colors must be on-brand or a complete departure to avoid confusion.Graphic elements/marks must be used in conjunction with theEVMS logo as directed by Marketing and Communication.314EVMS Visual Identity – October 2018

EVMS Naming ConventionDEPARTMENT / OFFICE LOGOSsurgery development For the sake of consistency and because of space constraints,EVMS naming conventions do not allow for the use of titlessuch as “Office of,” “Program” or “Department of.” In bothlogos and writing, an office, department, or program willbe listed as EVMS Office Name or EVMS Program Name.For example:EVMS Surgery not EVMS Department of Surgerydepartment ofsurgeryPROGRAM LOGOS office ofdevelopment EVMS Development not EVMS Office of DevelopmentThe only exceptions granted for this rule are theEVMS Office of the President and EVMS Office of Legal Counsel.These exceptions are in place because the office namecould be confused with a person/title in that office.All program signature logos will include the appropriate degreeas a way to decipher between master and doctorate programs.Use of the AmpersandA program, department or center may request to use an ampersand(&) in their logo in place of the word “and.” If requested, logoswith an “&” should be used consistently and cannot be usedinterchangeably with a logo using “and.” Exceptions may be madefor small print materials such as business cards with approval fromMarketing and Communications. In writing, the word “and” shouldbe used in ALL references to a program, department, center, etc.ear, nose & throatsurgeonsEVMS Visual Identity – October 201815

EVMS CurveThe EVMS curve is a design element that may be usedin conjunction with the logo, as a page border or as partof an image border. When used as part of an imageborder, the image follows only one side of the curve.Community focus.World impact.The curve is represented in two colors, the mostcommon being EVMS Blue and EVMS Rust. Other colorcombinations are EVMS Blue with any of the secondarycolors in the EVMS color palette. (see page 18)The EVMS curve should not be stretched, condensed,separated or warped to change its shape. All requestsfor exceptions to the EVMS Curve must be submittedto EVMS Marketing and Communications.When used as a photo border, the photoshould follow the curve of one color.16EVMS Visual Identity – October 2018

EVMS SealThis is the official EVMS Seal. It is used only by the Officeof the President and has limited use, primarily on selectofficial school documents and commencement-relateditems, such as academic diplomas, transcripts, programcertificates and other formal or ceremonial documents.All such uses require the prior approval of EVMS Marketing andCommunications. The EVMS seal is a stand-alone mark of theschool, which may not be combined with the EVMS logo.The EVMS Seal should not be used on white coats/labcoats.EXPIRED LOGOThe logo shown below was retired in 2008 and is not to be usedin any way, shape or form as it no longer officially representsEVMS. EVMS Visual Identity – October 201817

EVMS PRIMARY COLORSDO NOT TINTEVMS BLUEColorsThe primary EVMS colors arePantone 633 and Pantone 167.90% - 10%TINTPANTONE633PANTONE167EVMS BlueEVMS RustSPOT COLOR: Pantone 633SPOT COLOR: Pantone 167CMYK: Cyan 83%, Magenta 37%,Yellow 27%, Black 5%CMYK: Cyan 5%, Magenta 77%,Yellow 100%, Black 15%RGB: Red 31, Green 127, Blue 155RGB: Red 199, Green 83, Blue 30HTML: #1f7f9bHTML: #c7531eThe secondary color palette complements the official EVMScolors. These accent colors should be used in addition tothe official blue and rust, not to replace them. These accentcolors may be used as solid color or as a tint of the color.EVMS SECONDARY COLORSPANTONE53990% - 10%TINTPANTONE31190% - 10%TINTPANTONE61790% - 10%TINTPANTONEWarm Gray 1090% - 10%TINTSPOT COLOR: Pantone 539SPOT COLOR: Pantone 311SPOT COLOR: Pantone 617CSPOT COLOR: Pantone Warm Gray 10CMYK: Cyan 100%, Magenta 42%,Yellow 22%, Black 80%CMYK: Cyan 68%, Magenta 0%,Yellow 12%, Black 0%CMYK: Cyan 11%, Magenta 6%,Yellow 64%, Black 13%CMYK: Cyan 51%, Magenta 49%,Yellow 55%, Black 17%RGB: Red 0, Green 35, Blue 57RGB: Red 5, Green 195, Blue 222RGB: Red 203, Green 191, Blue 109RGB: Red 121, Green 110, Blue 101HTML: #002539HTML: #05c3deHTML: #cbc46dHTML: #796e6518EVMS Visual Identity – October 2018

Fonts1RadiologyThe quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.2Urology3Surgery456The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.Family MedicineThe quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.ObGynThe quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.DermatologyThe quick brown fox jumps over the lazyThe following font families are the official EVMS approved fonts (examples to left):MyriadPro with five weights of roman and italic in normal width and five weights ofroman and italic in companion expanded, semi-condensed and condensed versionITC Garamond with four weights of roman and italic in normal width and fourweights or roman and italic in companion narrow and condensed versionsThese fonts are recommended but not required, as they are not available for freebut can be purchased through an official font vendor. Contact Creative Servicesfor assistance identifying the correct fonts if you need to purchase them. If you arepaying for advertising, correct fonts must be used.123456MyriadPro Regular: Use primarily in textMyriadPro Italic: Use primarily to highlight textMyriadPro Bold: Use in headlinesITC Garamond Light: Use primarily in textITC Garamond Light Italic: Use primarily to highlight textITC Garamond Bold: Use in headlinesFont SubstitutionIf you do not have these fonts available, use the following sans-serif fonts in placeof MyriadPro, and serif fonts in place of ITC Garamond. These fonts are available oncomputers running Windows and Mac OSX.SIMILAR SANS-SERIF efg123Times New RomanABCdefg123GeorgiaABCdefg123SIMILAR SERIF FONTSGaramondABCdefg123Other versions of Garamond, such as Adobe Garamond, Garamond Premier Pro, Sabon or Granjon may beused in place of ITC Garamond.EVMS Visual Identity – October 201819

Myriad ProMyriad Pro tuvwxyz 1234567890Myriad Pro qrstuvwxyz 1234567890Myriad Pro tuvwxyz 1234567890Myriad Pro Light stuvwxyz 1234567890Myriad Pro Semibold stuvwxyz 1234567890Myriad Pro Black stuvwxyz 1234567890Myriad vwxyz 1234567890Myriad Pro uvwxyz 1234567890Myriad Pro stuvwxyz 1234567890Myriad Pro Bold stuvwxyz 1234567890Myriad Pro CondensedMyriad Pro SemiCondensedMyriad Pro RegularMyriad Pro SemiExtendedITC GaramondITC Garamond tuvwxyz 1234567890ITC Garamond Book stuvwxyz 1234567890ITC Garamond tuvwxyz 1234567890ITC Garamond Light stuvwxyz 1234567890ITC Garamond uvwxyz 1234567890ITC Garamond Ultra stuvwxyz 1234567890ITC Garamond BookITC Garamond Bold stuvwxyz 1234567890ITC Garamond Book NarrowITC Garamond Book CondensedITC Garamond uvwxyz 123456789020EVMS Visual Identity – October 2018

White Coat PatchesAll white coats worn by faculty must carry the correctEVMS patch. Older patches with the Presidential Seal do notcomply with current brand standards and must be replacedby the current patch. Embroidering on white coats shouldbe Pantone 633 blue, Pantone 539 dark blue (see page 18)or black, using a serif or sans serif font such as Times NewRoman or Calibri or equivalent. Do not use a script font.For patch placement on coats, please see page 22.Faculty or staff needing new coats may order themthrough the EVMS Bookstore in Lewis Hall, which canbe reached by phone at 757.446.5819. EVMS Marketingand Communications has current patches available at nocost for those who need to replace an outdated one. EVMS Visual Identity – October 201821

EVMS PatchBottom of EVMSaligns with topof pocketProvider NameDepartment/DivisionClinical AttireIn order to have uniformity in the look of clinical attire, the placement standardsfor lab coats, scrubs, T-shirts and polo shirts outlined below should be followed.Lab CoatsThe EVMS patch is to be sewn on the right chest of all lab coats. Thisplacement allows the EVMS logo to be visible in photographs and videointerviews. While lab coats currently in use may continue to be used, allnew orders for lab coats should have the EVMS patch placed on the right,with the bottom of the letters EVMS in the patch aligned to the top of thepocket. Personalization on lab coats (e.g., names, titles, degrees, departments,divisions, etc.) is to be embroidered on the left chest in Pantone 633 blue,Pantone 539 dark blue or black, using a serif or sans serif font such asTimes New Roman or Calibri or equivalent. Do not use a script font.ScrubsThe unit signature is to be embroidered on the left chest of coloredscrubs in white thread or in two colors: Pantone 633 blue forthe EVMS logotype and Pantone 167 for the unit name.program name22program nameEVMS Visual Identity – October 2018

T-Shirts and/or Polo ShirtsThe unit signature is to be embroidered or silk-screened on theleft chest of T-shirts and/or polo shirts in two colors: Pantone 633blue for the EVMS logotype and Pantone 167 for the unit name.program nameprogram nameprogram nameBlack or dark colored shirts may beembroidered using white thread.program nameprogram nameprogram nameprogram nameprogram nameprogram nameprogram nameprogram nameprogram nameEVMS Visual Identity – October 201823

Business CardFORMATVincent A. Rhodes, PhD, APRAssistant Vice President,Marketing and CommunicationsMarketing & CommunicationsPO Box 1980, Norfolk VA 23501-1980757.446.7070 ph 757.446.7451 faxRhodesVA@evms.edu www.evms.eduOne front and back design is available for general use. For particularuses in a clinical setting, additional card back options are available.Order business cards online from B&B Printing. Go towww.evms.edu/templates for ordering information.EVMS standard requires the use of dots rather thanhyphens in phone numbers. For example: 757.446.7070us. Worldity focCommunimpact.In addition, EVMS uses Associated Press style in business cards,letterhead and other printed items. Therefore, titles such asMD, MPH, etc. do not have periods between the letters.Any items unavailable in the current order form must be requestedof and approved by EVMS Marketing and Communications.24EVMS Visual Identity – October 2018

LetterheadTwo letterhead designs are available for general use.Order letterhead online from B&B Printing.Go to www.evms.edu/templates for ordering information.1Basic Letterhead (This is the recommended format since it wouldnot require reprinting due to staff changes.)2Letterhead with staff names and/or multiple location addressesL.D. Britt, md, mph, facs, fccmfrcs eng (hon), frsc ed (hon),fwacs (hon), frcsi (hon), fcs (sa) (hon)Brickhouse Professor & ChairmanRebecca C. Britt, md, facsAssociate Professor of SurgeryJames H. Carraway, md, facsProfessor of Plastic SurgeryJay N. Collins, md, facsProfessor of SurgeryEric C. Feliberti, md, facsAssistant Professor of SurgeryTimothy J. Novosel, md, facsAssistant Professor of SurgeryRoger R. Perry, md, facsProfessor of SurgeryChief of Surgical OncologyClaretta J. Sullivan, phdResearch AssistantProfessor of SurgeryDouglas R. Trzcinski, md, facsAssistant Professor of SurgeryLambros K. Viennas, md, facsAssistant ProfessorChief of Plastic SurgeryLeonard J. Weireter, Jr., md, facsArthur & Marie Kirk FamilyProfessor of SurgeryChief of TraumaEmily Eckes, pa-cEVMS SURGERYCommunity focus. World impact.PO BOX 1980,NORFOLK, VA 23501-1980ph 757.446.8950fax 757.446.7451www.evms.eduEVMS SURGERYPO BOX 1980,NORFOLK, VA 23501-1980ph 757.446.8950fax 757.446.7451www.evmsMedicalGroup.com825 FAIRFAX AVENUESUITE 610NORFOLK, VA 23507ph 757.446.8950fax 757.446.745115589 GREENWICH ROADVIRGINIA BEACH, VA 23462ph 757.557.0300fax 757.557.03421950 GLENN MITCHELL DRSUITE 208VIRGINIA BEACH, VA 23456ph 757.689.8139fax 757.689.3832Community focus. World impact.EVMS Visual Identity – October 2018114 NORTH MAIN STSUFFOLK, VA 23434ph 757.446.8950fax 757.446.7451225

Note CardFORMATSOne note card design is available for general use.Order note cards online from B&B Printing. Go towww.evms.edu/templates for ordering information.Community Focus.World Impact.FRONTEVMS MARKE

Myriad Pro Bold with leading 120 percent of the font size . ALIGN: Flush Left/Ragged right. SCALE: The tag line is set on two lines to fill a vertical space 85 percent of the EVMS mark. The tag line sits on the baseline of the EVMS Mark, and is offset fro