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Components and SetupComponents1 Rulebook21 Goods Cards1 dog, 4 per good( , , , , )1.Sort the hut cards and the goods caHut Cards(Back)15 Hut Cards1 Wooden MammothMartinThe Goods Stack5.Place Martin theMammoth near1 of the cards.24.Place the rest of the goocenter of the circle to cr

ards into 2 separate piles.Goods Cards(Back)2.Shuffle the hut cards andplace them facedown asa deck within easy reach of allplayers.Each player takes 1 hut card. Placeyour hut card faceup in front of you.The Hut DeckA hut card, with goodson the bottom.3.Shuffle the goods cardsand place the top 9 cardsfacedown in a circle in the middleof the table.Important: When playing with 2 or 3players, remove 1 of each good type(,,,,) from the goodsstack and return them to the box.ods cards faceup in thereate the goods stack.3

How to WinYou must build a village by building huts. To build a hut, youmove Martin and collect goods (,, , , ). The firstplayer to build 3 huts wins!How to PlayThe youngest player takes the first turn. On your turn, you dothese 3 actions in order.1. Move Martin – 2. Reveal a Goods Card – 3. Build a HutAfter doing all 3 actions, your turn ends, and the player on yourleft takes the next turn.1. Move MartinMartin moves along spaces represented by the goods cards. Atthe start of your turn, move Martin clockwise 1-4 spaces (youchoose how many.3You must move24Martin at least1 space.1You move Martin 4 spaces.2. Reveal a Goods CardThen flip the goodsYou moved Martin to thiscard near Martinspace, so you flip thefaceup so that everyonecard on it faceup.can see it.4

7XIf the good shown on the card does not match anyof the goods on your hut card, return the cardfacedown to its space near Martin.If the good shown on the cardmatches any one of the goods on your hut card,take that goods card from the circle and place it infront of you.You cannot have more than one of the same goods card in front ofyou. If you reveal a goods card that matches a goods card that youalready have, return the card facedown to its space near Martin.Then, place the top card of the goods stackfacedown in the now-empty space near Martin.Guff the dog is hiding in the goodsstack. When you draw Guff, placehim in front of you like normal.When you are building a hut (explainedbelow), you can use him as 1 good ofyour choice.I can be,,,or .At the end of your turn, compare your goodscards with your hut card. If you have all 3 of thegoods on your hut card (or 2 of the goodsand Guff), then you build 1 hut.To build a hut, flip your hut card over to itsbuilt side. Place your goods cards faceup at thebottom of the goods stack. Then take a new hutcard from the hut deck.The first player to build 3 huts wins the game.573. Build a Hut

How to Use WithThese components canalso be used with the My First Stone Age board game.SetupSet up My First Stone Age normally. Place Martin atthe Trading Post.Shuffle the goods cards and placethem facedown near the board as thegoods deck. Return the hut cards to the box.Moving with MartinThe dog spaceWhen you move your figure to theandthe constructionsame space as Martin, you maysitedo not count asmove Martin and your figure to anygoods spaces!goods space of your choice. Whenyou do this, take one good from thatspace and place it behind your settlement.The Construction SiteIf you move your figure to the construction site, butare unable to build a hut, take the top card of thegoods deck and place it behind your settlement.When building a hut, each card behind yoursettlement counts as one of its shown good. The Guffcard counts as 1 dog token.TMGame Design: Marco TeubnerGame Development: Hans im Glück TeamCover & Interior Art: Michael [email protected] Rules & Layout: James MeierPublisher: Steven Kimball6The designer and publisherwould like to thank all theplaytesters, especially the childrenof Regenbogen Kindergartenin Ottobrunn, for all the manyplaytests they participated in. 2017 Hans im Glück Verlags-GmbH. Birnauer Str. 15 80809 München. Z-ManGames and the Z-Man logo are TMs of Z-Man Games. Fantasy Flight Supply is aTM of Fantasy Flight Games. Z-Man Games is a division of Asmodee NorthAmerica, Inc. Actual components may vary from those shown. Made in Germany.

Each player takes 1 hut card. Place your hut card faceup in front of you. A hut card, with goods on the bottom. Important: When playing with 2 or 3 players, remove 1 of each good type ( , , , , ) from the goods stack and return them to