Tips For Networking With McGill Alumni

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Tips for NetworkingWith McGill AlumniPresented by Kay DassAlumni Relations, University AdvancementFebruary 14, 2021Contact Information:[email protected]

Learning Outcomes1.The Do’s and Don’ts of networking with alumni2.How to get the most out of your alumni network connections3.How to effectively Leverage your alumni network2021-02-142

What is a network?A group or system of interconnected people or things. Networks can be created for you by circumstance orcreated by you for network2021-02-14social networkprofessional network3

Benefits of Networking‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒Strengthen your professional connectionsLearn about potential career pathsAdvance your career/job opportunitiesIncrease your visibilityGet fresh ideas/different perspectivesKnowledge sharingBuild confidence/interpersonal skillsGain advice and supportExpand your networkPersonal growth2021-02-144

The Do’s and Don’tsof Networking– Do come prepared (even in avirtual space)– Do be punctual– Do smile– Do ask questions– Do use social media/networkingwebsites– Do exchange contact information– Do send a thank you and follow-uppromptly2021-02-14– Don’t be nervous to reach out– Don’t ask for a job right away– Don’t reach out to, too many people atonce– Don’t focus solely on McGill connection– Don’t use slang or inappropriatelanguage– Don’t ramble– Don’t give up!5

Making the most of your Alumni ConnectionAlways keep your CV/LinkedIn profile updated To increase your visibility online and connect with relevant and like-minded professionalsResearch the alumni and/or company of interest Use LinkedIn to review alumni or company profile; this will help you get the most out of your contactBe intentional with your ‘ask’ Have a goal in mind before reaching out (i.e., mentorship, career guidance, industry insights) – but don’t askfor a job unless you are in an interview settingMentioning McGill Introduce yourself as a fellow McGillian, it fosters connectivity early on – but don’t rely on just this, as it canappear as though you are relying solely on your Alma Mater, instead focus on your talents/strengthsKeep in touch with your network It’s important to maintain professional relationships for longevity and it shows your authenticityKeep track of your network Keep a notepad or an excel sheet of alumni you’ve contacted, spoken to and/or met with2021-02-146

Leveraging the Alumni NetworkFiguring out the best way to make the most of the available resources and members in your network can bebeneficial and make a difference. Here are a few tips to follow:- Join your alumni association to enjoy benefits and perks- Don’t wait until you graduate, ensure your contact info is updated to get news/invites- Follow your alumni association’s account on social media- Be an active participant; ask questions, share interesting articles, post comments etc.- Reach out and connect with members of your alumni network- Get firsthand insight on a role, company or industry that you’re interested in- Attend virtual activities hosted by your local alumni branch- Utilize career resources available- Take advantage of on-campus job boards; book a session with an Advisor- Attend career-building events hosted by campus units; especially featuring alumni2021-02-147 exclusive online network to advance your career toolkitLifeAYD program:- tools for your seamless classroom-to-world transitionSKILLS21 & SKILLSETS:- workshop-based skills development program for studentsReadingsStrategies for Networking in a Virtual WorldThe Importance of Networking – Successful TipsBuilding Helpful & Well-Connected NetworksMotivational TED Talks for Your Job SearchHow to Develop A Networking PlanNetworking – How to Do It WellCareer Planning Service:- assist students in their career development & job searchSSMU & PGSS:- your undergraduate & graduate student societiesMcGill Business Card Template:- free personalized cards to reach your career goals2021-02-148

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McGill Business Card Template :-free personalized cards to reach your career goals. 8. Resources Readings. Motivational TED Talks for Your Job Search The Importance of Networking – Successful Tips Building Helpful & Well- Connected Networks How to Develop A Networking Plan Networking – How to Do It