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BO DY COL OUR S.fiorinoPastel colours.Download and install a QR code reader free of charge on your smartphone, takea picture of the code and follow the instructions to connect, via internet*, to thefiatprofessional.com site*168 Red249 White479 Blue551 OrangeNavigation costs according to the tariff of your network operator.Follow us on:Performance figures supplied by Fiat Group Automobiles SpA. Products offered for sale may differMetallic colours.from those described or illustrated in this brochure due to later production changes in specifications,components or place of manufacture. The contents of this brochure are therefore not to be treated asrepresentations of the current availability of products as described, or as to products actually offeredfor sale. Fiat Group Automobiles UK Ltd. reserves the right to make changes at any time, without notice,to prices, colours, materials, equipment, specifications and models and also to discontinue models.Variations in product specification do occur from time to time – please check the exact specificationwith the dealer at the time of order. Fiat Group Automobiles UK Ltd, Fiat House, 240 Bath Road, SloughSL1 4DX. Fiat Marketing 04.3.1918.52 - S - 12/2013 - Printed in Italy - Castelli Bolis Poligrafiche (BG).Publication printed on unbleached paper.www.fiatprofessional.co.uk293 Dark Red355 GreenFuel consumption and CO 2 figures are obtained for comparative purposes in accordance with ECdirectives/regulations and may not be representative of real-life driving conditions. Factors such asdriving style, weather and road conditions may also have a significant effect on fuel consumption.448 Light Blue487 Dark Blue612 Light Grey632 BlackThe colours shown on these pages are intended solely as a guide. Type-setting inks are not able to faithfully reproduce the body colours.

Reaching places others cannot.Compact on the outside, spacious on the insideand above all economical. It may be one of theFiat‘s smallest commercial vehicles, but no jobis too big for it.Designed to be agile enough to deal with thebusy town traffc, the Fiorino will take yourbusiness to places it has never been before.It is nippy and handles like a city car, but is ascomfortable on main roads as it is in city trafficjust like a fully-fledged van.The Fiorino puts the pleasure back into working.02 03

FREE MOVEMENT ADVOC ATE.Things are looking up for those who have to drive for work: here comes the Fiorino, the little van forwhich no job is too big, because the only limits are those you set yourself. Easy to drive, park, loadand unload, the Fiorino can deal with both big city streets and narrow town centers, the only van thatcan take you places where others can‘t go. It will go wherever you want.04 05

The sliding side door (available asoption on base versions) isperfectly set into the side, witha vertical handle that is easy togrip with either hand.The front features dynamic stylingwith original-design modernheadlights.The option front foglights set intothe bumper ensure excellentvisibility in all weather conditions.Externaldimensions (mm)Width1716Length3864A functional design witha distinctive personality:rounded forms,essential styling withan imposing front,conveying solidity and safety.06 07

08 09

Relax. You are at work.Easily-handled and sturdy on the outside, spacious and comfortable on the inside. The Fiorino doesn‘t compromisewhen it comes to comfort. The ergonomic seats and dashboard, trim and equipment have been designed to offerthe very best on-board quality of life and to satisfy even the most tireless and demanding workers, like you.10 11

The option integrated portable Blue&Me TomTomLIVE system allows you to navigate, telephone and listento music using the touch display, steering wheel controlsand a USB port on the central tunnel.Blue&Me TomTom LIVE includes the HD Traffic service,to confidently identify the best route, access a fixed andmobile speed camera position database, weather andlocal search information.The device is automatically updated every two minutesso that your business can never come to a halt.LIVE services are free for one year. Blue&Me TomTomLIVE also integrates the exclusive ecoDrive:info functionto improve your driving style and travel in the mosteconomical and eco-friendly way possible.eco:Drive is also available for Fleet useEvery dial and indicator on the dashboard is easy toread at a glance and the controls are all within easyreach, allowing you to keep your mind on the job, andyour eyes on the road.The interior design aims forpracticality, well-being and safety.The seats are comfortable andwraparound, and they can beadjusted together with the steeringwheel to suit any driver, thusensuring the maximum ride comfort.12 13

The passenger seat can befolded down completely flat,flush with the floor (availableas option), so the length of theload compartment can bencreased by nearly 1 metreand the volume by 0.3 m3,allowing you to carry longobjects.The front and rear doorscan be locked separately.The various storage compartments andThis means that you canspacious glove compartment provideuse the loadingenough room for all your personalcompartment even whenbelongings and work documents, and eventhe cab is locked, makingfor your laptop computer.for greater safety duringthe loading/unloadingoperations.Central console equipped withashtray/coffee holder, cigarlighter (option) and 12 V socket.The handy optional document trayconverts the cab into anextension of your office.Hinged split protection elementi is not available from factory in the UK14 15

The Start&Stop device cuts outthe engine even if you stop fora short time, at a traffic lightfor example, and restarts itautomatically when you pressthe clutch pedal.The Start&Stop, fitted asstandard to 95hp MultiJet IIdiesel engine and available asoption on the 75hp MultiJet IIengine, significantly reducesfuel consumption and emissions.In addition to thestandard equipment(driver's airbag, ABS withEBD and hydraulic powersteering), there are severalother safety devicesavailable on request (passenger airbags, sidebags,rear parking sensors).A SMALL VAN THAT THINKS BIG.AND IN COMPLETE SAFETY.Don’t be fooled by its compact exterior: the Fiorino is capable of great things. Beginning with wonderfully pleasant ride, easyand fluid even in the most demanding situations. Its sparkling quiet and enviromental-friendly Euro 5 engines offer very low fuelconsumption and maintenance costs. The range includes a 73 HP 1.4 petrol unit, a 75 HP 1.3 MultiJet 2nd generation dieselengine with the option Start&Stop system and a 95 HP 1.3 MultiJet 2nd generation with variable geometry turbine andStart&Stop as standard. The Fiorino also lacks for nothing when it comes to ensuring your safety, on every journey and anytype of road.16 17

ENGINESMULTIJETTECHNOLOGYEURO51.4 8v1.3 16v MultiJet II 75hp1.3 16v MultiJet II 95hpCylinder capacity 1360 cm3Cylinder capacity 1248 cm3Cylinder capacity 1248 cm3Emissions level: Euro 5Emissions level: Euro 5Emissions level: Euro 5Max. power EC:54 kW (73 HP) at 5200 rpmMax. power EC:55 kW (75 HP) at 4000 rpmMax. power EC:70 kW (95 HP) at 4000 rpmMax. torque EC:118 Nm at 2600 rpmMultipoint sequential phasedelectronic injection, returnlesssystemMax. torque EC:190 Nm at 1500 rpmElectronically controlled CommonRail MultiJet direct injection withturbo and intercoolerMax. torque EC:200 Nm at 1500 rpmElectronically controlled CommonRail MultiJet direct injection withturbo and intercooler18 19

FOR THOSE WHO WILL NOT SETTLEFOR THE EASY ROAD.Fiorino Adventure, with Traction , with special 15" M S tyres, heightened suspension, under engine protection and front bumper with chrome protection is a version designed for those who need to tackle difficultterrain in their work. By using a button on the dashboard, during low-speed acceleration (max. 18 MPH - 3015" wheels and all-season M S tyres for use overTraction for optimised traction duringany terrain and in all weather conditions.low-speed acceleration.km/h), the system is able to exercise a braking action on the drive wheel with the least grip, transferring thetorque to the wheel with the most grip in order to allow the vehicle to cope even in critical conditions. Abovethis speed, the system operates as an ESP to guarantee stability and safety.The Adventure Pack, which is available also for the other Fiorino versions, includes front bumpers withchrome protection, higher side protections, under-engine protection, heightened suspension and special 15”Roof bars available on request.tyres.20 21

22 23

SMALL DETAILSTHAT MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE.Small parts are all it takes to improve the quality of your work and your life. Lineaccessori* offers anopportunity to increase your Fiorino's practicality and comfort still further.One-piece steel roof rackscan be used to carry bulkySet of two nets on the rearpackages and materials.doors, handy for holding smallCapacity 80 kg. It may beobjects in place.complemented by a usefulroller for loading longobjects without any effort.Set of 3 steel bars witha capacity of 90 kg.Tow hook available in3 configurations: two fixedand one removable.* The full Lineaccessori brochure is available from the Fiat sales network.24 25

Load compartment with removablecourtesy light and portable torch function.Glazed load compartmentMetallic tubular ladder forpartition.driver protection.Load compartment dimensions (mm)Sliding side door dimensions (mm)A Length1523/2491*B Width1473C Width between wheel arches1046D Height1205E Load threshold527A Maximum width644B Minimum width5702.5/2.8C Height1041* With passenger seat folded.Load compartment volume* 3m12 V socket in load compartment.26 27

t e c h n i c al e quipm e nt.STANDARD AND OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT.Engine1.4 8vEuro 51.3 MultiJet II 75hp Euro 5 1.3 MultiJet II 75hp Euro 5 S&S1.3 MultiJet II 95hp Euro 5 S&SNumber of cylinders, layout4, in line4, in line4, in line4, in line1360124812481248Euro 5Euro 5 with DPFEuro 5 with Start&Stopand DPFEuro 5 with Start&Stopand DPF16.8 : 116.8 : 1Displacement (cm3)Emission levelCompression ratioEC max. power: kW (HP) at rpmEC max. torque: Nm at rpmFuel system10.5 : 116.8 : 154 (73) 520055 (75) 400055 (75) 400070 (95) 4000118 at 2600190 at 1500190 at 1500200 at 1500Multipoint electronic injectionphased, sequential with returnlesssystemMultiJet direct injection electronicCommon Railwith turbo and intercoolerMultiJet direct injection electronicCommon Railwith turbo and intercoolerMultiJet direct injection electronicCommon Railwith turbo and eelsTyres175/70 R 14 185/65 R 15185/65 R 15 Q (M S)175/70 R 14 185/65 R 15185/65 R 15 Q (M S)175/70 R 14 185/65 R 15185/65 R 15 Q (M S)185/65 R 15185/65 R 15 Q (M S)SuspensionFrontindependent McPhersonindependent McPhersonindependent McPhersonindependent McPhersonReartorsion beamtorsion beamtorsion beamtorsion beamCapacitiesFuel tank (l)454545459.959.959.959.95SteeringKerb-to-kerb turning circle (m)Brakes - D (disc) - T (drum)Front (mm)D 257D 257D 257D 284Rear (mm)T 203T 228T 228T 228FiorinoExteriorFiorinoFiorinoSXAdventure97 (157)97 (157)97 (157)106 (171)AAAPower steeringAAAIntegral hub capsAAAHeadlight alignment correctorAAAMouldingAAASteering wheel height adjustment0119AAKey-lockable fuel filler capAAADoor lock/unlock remote control0089AAMechanically adjustable door mirrorsA55Electric front windows0289AAElectrically adjustable door mirrors with demister0419AAElectric door lock2289AANearside sliding side door5239AASmokers’ kit989999Glazed rear doors519999Climate control systemOffside sliding side door055999Fog lights097999Metallic paint2109990259AA029 101999Larger alternator (only on 1.3 MultiJet)065999Removable ceiling light58F999AAAStart&Stop System (only on 1.3 MultiJet)15DE91A91A91ADead Lock06499912 V socket823AAAComfort matic robotised gearbox(only on 1.3 MultiJet 75 HP with Start&Stop System) 407999Heated rear window rear window wiperGlazed kit windows (in side panels/side loaddoors), fixed55D999Sliding side door glazing52099915” wheels (in steel if opt 108 has not beenrequested)141AAAWinter tyres142999Mud flaps990999Longitudinal roof bars35799AAlarm213999Adventure Pack89099ACruise Control (only on 1.3 MultiJet)41699915” alloy wheels108Antitheft system with alarmIIIADPF (only on 1.3 MultiJet)999Steel roof rackIIILoading roller for roof rackIIISafetySteel roof rackIIIAIII4 sensor ABS EBD(Electronic Brake Distribution)ALoad retaining block setAAIIIDriver’s airbagAFixed and removable tow hookMulti-use Fix&Go tyre repair kitAAA9AAAAWiring for tow hooksIIIALoad compartment matAutomatic door closure at speeds higherthan 20 km/h130Independent load compartment opening57E9AATRACTION (includes ESP)94155AInteriorProtective ladderFuel consumptions MPG (l/100 km)EFiorinoFiorinoSXAdventureTinted windowsPerformanceTop speed MPH (km/h)FiorinoFunctional / Electrical equipmentAAANormal size steel spare wheel980999Urban cycle35.3 (8.0)49.6 (5.7)55.4 (5.1)54.3 (5.2)Glove compartment flap8459AAESP (only on 1.3 MultiJet)392995Extra-urban cycle52.3 (5.4)74.3 (3.8)74.3 (3.8)74.3 (3.8)Driver seat lumbar adjustment40Y9AAPassenger airbag502999Combined44.1 (6.4)62.8 (4.5)65.7 (4.3)***65.7 (4.3)Height-adjustable driver ng sensor508999DimensionsFront seat armres APassenger seat with adjustable back rest2979AALength (mm)3864386438643864Panelled partition149999Width (mm)1716171617161716Panelled partition with glazed portion19999917211721999Provision for sound system with speakersand aerialA1721201A1721Pivoting split protectionAHeight (mm)452999Steering wheel radio controls2459994539994GQ999Leather steering wheel with radio controls andphone for Blue&Me and leather knob999Blue&Me : handsfree system with Bluetoothtechnology, with steering wheel controls, instrumentpanel with multifunction display, MP3 audio file playerwith USB port4J3999Car radio with CD player564999MP3 radio717999CO2 emissions (g/km)Wheelbase (mm)2513251325132513Heated front seatsFront overhang (mm)760760760760Heated driver’s seatRear overhang (mm)591591591591Foldaway passenger seatFront track (mm)1469146914691469Rear track (mm)1465146514651465Load compartmentLength (mm)1523 - 2491N14731523 - 2491N14731523 - 2491N14731523 - 2491N1473Width between wheel arches (mm)1046104610461046Height (mm)1205120512051205Load threshold (mm)5275275275272.5 - 2.8 N2.5 - 2.8 N2.5 - 2.8 N2.5 - 2.8 NWidth (mm)Volume (m3)Width (mm)min. 570 / max. 644min. 570 / max. 644min. 570 / max. 644min. 570 / max. 644Height (mm)1041104110411041Width (mm)min. 1056 max. 1140min. 1056 max. 1140min. 1056 max. 1140min. 1056 max. 1140Height (mm)1040/10601040/10601040/10601040/1060Rear door with two flapsMixed partition wall:panelled at bottom / grille at top4PB999Document holder on dashboard4PS999Higher payload 660 kg (including driver)(only om 1.3 MultiJet)94399AReduced GVW 1500 kg*Load compartment socket7589954HG999Set-up on dashboard for Blue&Me - TomTom68R9996EN999IIIRubber and cloth mats with fasteningIIISet-up on dashboard for navigatorSeat coversIIIBlue&Me - TomTom LIVE(including LIVE services free for one year)A standard9 optional320 * not available on Natural Power versionsSliding side doorAudio / Telematics1–standard on 1.3 95 HP - optional on 1.3 75 HP not availableA71806238not compatible with partition Opt 201I LineaccessoriWeightsUnladen weight (kg)1070109010901090GVW (kg)16801700 - 1750*1700 - 1750*1700 - 1750*Payload including driver (kg)610610 - 660*610 - 660*610 - 660*Payload excluding driver (kg)535535 - 585*535 - 585*535 - 585*Eaccording to directive 2007/715/EC as amended by 2008/692/ECNwith passenger seat folded* with increased payload option ***with robotized gear-box, Cargo version urban/extra-urban/combined/CO2 60.1/74.3/68.9/109Fuel consumption figures are obtained for comparative purposes in accordance with EC directives/regulations and may not be representative of real-life drivingconditions. Factors such asdriving style, weather and road conditions may also have a significant effect on fuel consumption.28 29

I n t er ior tr im s.SERVIC ES.Fabric.196 black TangramFIAT CUSTOMER BENEFITS12 MONTHS' PART AND REPAIR GUARANTEEFIAT FINANCIAL SERVICES**When you buy a new Fiat Professional Vehicle, you buymore than just a van. Behind every van we sell there is thereassurance of a whole range of customer benefits andservices designed to make the ownership of your Fiat asenjoyable, affordable and trouble free as possible.All genuine Fiat parts are guaranteed for 12 months, or theduration of the prevailing warranty on the vehicle, as arerepairs carried out by any Fiat Professional dealer usinggenuine parts.Fiat Financial Services offers a comprehensive range offinance and insurance plans including traditional HirePurchase, Lease Purchase, Finance Lease and GuaranteedAsset Protection Insurance. Please ask your Fiat dealer formore information. Written quotations available on request.298 black/grey StrikeFIXED SERVICE COSTS3 YEAR FIATCARE WARRANTY PACKAGEAll new Fiat vans come with this comprehensive package,which consists of the following:2 YEAR, UNLIMITED MILEAGE,MANUFACTURER WARRANTY248 black/blue StrikeAny repairs required as a result of faulty materials ormanufacture are carried out free of charge – both for partsand labour.381 black/red Strike3RD YEAR DEALER WARRANTY†Body colours / Interior trim combinations.Trim levelsInteriorsFabricFiorino196Fiorino yblack/blueblack/red168 RedAA249 WhiteAAA479 BlueAAA551 OrangeAAA293 Dark RedAAA355 GreenAA448 Light BlueAAA487 Dark BlueAAA612 Light GreyAAAA632 BlackAAAAAny repairs required as a result of faulty materials or manufacture– either for parts or labour – are covered up to 120,000 miles(60,000 miles on passenger variants registered for hire & rewardusage) from the date of first registration or the expiry of the3rd year, whichever occurs first. The warranty is providedfree of charge and is subject to conditions (full details areavailable from your Fiat Professional dealer).FIAT CONTRACT HIRE***All Fiat Professional dealers operate a “Menu Pricing”programme, which guarantees fixed service and replacementcosts, with no hidden extras. The price you see is the priceyou’ll pay, unless you have given your consent for furtherwork to be carried out.INFORMATION AND CUSTOMER vesyouaccessto our dedicated information and customer services facilities,providing you with details of Fiat Professional dealers offeringadditional services, such as extended workshop hours, AutoClinic and Approved Bodyshop facilities.Fiat also believe it is important to stay in contact with youand will, subject to your agreement, telephone you fromtime to time to ensure that you are happy with your FiatProfessional vehicle and the service you receive from yourdealer. You can also access information about Fiat productsand services online on our comprehensive website at www.fiatprofessional.co.ukBody coloursPastelA3 YEAR PAINTWORK WARRANTYAAny paintwork defects due to faulty materials or manufacturewill be rectified free of charge during the first 3 years.Metallic opt 2108 YEAR ANTI PERFORATION WARRANTYSubject to regular inspections being carried out, as detailedin the Fiat Services Booklet, any perforation of the bodyworkdue to corrosion will be repaired free of all parts and labourcharges during the first 8 years.3 YEARS’ FIAT PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANCESERVICE COVERFiat Contract Hire provides hassle-free motoring for private andbusiness customers you benefit from low initial outlay, regularrentals and no worry about disposing of your vehicle at the endof the contract. More and more businesses are turning toContract Hire as a simple, tax-efficient way of financing theirfleet. Contract Hire allows the use of a vehicle for a predetermined fixed period and cost (subject to mileag

fiorino www.fiatprofessional.co.uk Performance figures supplied by Fiat Group Automobiles SpA. Products offered for sale may differ from those described or illustrated in this brochure due to later production changes in specifications, components or place of manufacture. The contents of this brochure are therefore not to be treated as