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New York State Education DepartmentNOCTI Assessment Cut Scores2019KnowledgeBased CutScoreSkill-Based CutScore143756.8No d - ing-Basic - OLD400047.784.0Administrative Assisting410147.0Administrative Services (Pathway)Advertising and Design1205411956.350.1Agricultural Biotechnology (Pathway)Agriculture Mechanics1229210246.247.1Animal Systems (Pathway)Apparel and Textile Production andMerchandising122747.888.6No Skill-BasedComponent86.2No Skill-BasedComponent85.3No Skill-BasedComponent301850.189.4Architectural DraftingAudio-Visual CommunicationsAutomotive 389.3Automotive Technician-Core430951.186.4Automotive Technician-Core - OLD420950.089.1Automotive Technician-Core - OLD410952.1Banking and Related Services (Pathway)Biotechnology1096407556.952.5Broadcasting and Journalism (Pathway)Building Construction Occupations1106401160.662.790.2No Skill-BasedComponent77.1No Skill-BasedComponent88.0NOCTI Test TitleTestCode21st Century Skills for Workplace SuccessAccounting-Advanced

NOCTI Test TitleTestCodeKnowledgeBased CutScoreSkill-Based CutScoreBuilding Trades Maintenance401254.9Business Financial Management (Pathway)109556.685.2No Skill-BasedComponentBusiness Information 87.579.484.1CAD - OLD497353.184.1CAD-CAM307358.2Career SkillsCarpentryCarpentry - OLDCollision Repair and Refinishing TechnologyCollision RepairCommercial FoodsCommercial Foods - OLDComputer Networking .352.666.064.548.746.261.885.1No mputer Networking Fundamentals - OLDComputer ProgrammingComputer Repair TechnologyComputer TechnologyConservation - New York Construction (Pathway)Construction Masonry - BlockConstruction Masonry - .684.988.283.571.1No Skill-BasedComponent72.269.284.3Cosmetology - New York CustomizedCriminal Justice7776418166.652.083.179.9Criminal Justice - OLD408155.0Criminal Justice Advanced189042.582.7No Skill-BasedComponent

NOCTI Test TitleTestCodeKnowledgeBased CutScoreSkill-Based CutScoreCulinary Arts Level 1-Prep Cook443651.381.7Culinary Arts Level 1-Prep Cook - OLD423647.381.7Culinary Arts Level 2-Cook453648.881.6Culinary Arts Level 2-Cook - OLD433656.282.486.773.8No Skill-BasedComponentNo Skill-BasedComponentDental AssistingDental Lab Tech4226141762.051.1Design and Pre-Construction (Pathway)112758.2Diagnostic Services (Pathway)138656.1Diesel TechnologyEarly Childhood Development and Services(Pathway)Early Childhood Education and Care-AdvancedEarly Childhood Education and n and Training (Pathway)112558.884.5No Skill-BasedComponent80.779.9No Skill-BasedComponentElectric Power and Distribution203948.782.0Electrical Construction TechnologyElectrical Construction Technology - OLD4230413055.455.288.488.4Electrical OccupationsElectronicsElectronics TechnologyElectronics Technology - OLDEmergency and Fire Management 13553.3Emergency Medical Services (Pathway)113852.5Family and Community Services (Pathway)123746.7Fashion Merchandising400250.9Financial and Investment Planning (Pathway)109455.8Financial and Managerial 049494950.652.051.086.683.280.488.1No Skill-BasedComponentNo Skill-BasedComponentNo Skill-BasedComponentNo Skill-BasedComponentNo Skill-BasedComponentNo Skill-BasedComponent78.076.8

NOCTI Test TitleTestCodeKnowledgeBased CutScoreSkill-Based CutScoreForest Products and ProcessingFundamentals of Construction3037017744.155.272.884.9No Skill-BasedComponent79.086.7General Management (Pathway)Graphic Production TechnologyGraphic Production Technology - OLD12034342424255.743.748.5Health Assisting414356.5Health Informatics (Pathway)138756.9Health Informatics (Pathway) – OLD118763.5Healthcare CoreHeavy Equipment Maintenance and RepairHome Health .957.146.682.3No Skill-BasedComponentNo Skill-BasedComponentNo Skill-BasedComponent86.285.885.0Hospitality Management-Food and Beverage307944.783.9Hospitality Management-Lodging308038.9Human Resources Management (Pathway)HVAC1204304556.554.586.8No Skill-BasedComponent79.5HVAC-R306444.782.5HVAC-R Installation and Start-up211148.971.8HVAC-R Service and RepairIndustrial ElectricityIndustrial ElectronicsIndustrial Maintenance on Support and Services (Pathway)113159.5Interactive Media (Pathway)113259.4Interior Decorating and Design103248.7IT Exploration117041.4Legal Services (Pathway)113750.3Lodging (Pathway)128745.575.186.887.184.3No Skill-BasedComponentNo Skill-BasedComponentNo Skill-BasedComponentNo Skill-BasedComponentNo Skill-BasedComponentNo Skill-BasedComponent

NOCTI Test TitleTestCodeKnowledgeBased CutScoreSkill-Based CutScoreLogistics Technology/Distribution CenterServices207147.7Maintenance Operations (Pathway)Manufacturing TechnologyMarine Mechanics11292084107658.049.259.2Mechanical Drafting and Design403849.0Mechatronics Level I204051.378.6No Skill-BasedComponentMedical Assisting445555.089.5Metal Working and FabricationMotorcycle MechanicsNail Specialty - New York Customized20561077741649.046.161.7Natural Resources Systems (Pathway)122846.1Network Systems (Pathway)Nursing AssistingNursing Assisting - OLD11304258415859.447.956.0Performing Arts (Pathway)110760.2Personal Care Services (Pathway)PlumbingPractical NursingPre-Engineering/Engineering TechnologyPre-Engineering/Engineering Technology - OLDPrecision MachiningProduction AgricultureProtective ServicesRecreation, Amusements, and Attractions(Pathway)Restaurant, Food, and Beverage 977.287.6No Skill-BasedComponentNo Skill-BasedComponent84.488.3No Skill-BasedComponentNo Skill-BasedComponent86.686.381.981.981.482.779.8No Skill-BasedComponentNo Skill-BasedComponentRetail Commercial Baking401056.982.8Retail Merchandising415358.3Security and Protective Services (Pathway)113652.586.9No Skill-BasedComponent84.8No Skill-BasedComponent81.490.7

NOCTI Test TitleSmall Animal Science - New York CustomizedSmall Animal Science and TechnologySmall Animal Science and Technology – OLDSmall Engine TechnologyTechnical DraftingTestCode74133103200341684054KnowledgeBased CutScoreSkill-Based chnical Theater - New York CustomizedTechnical Theater-Construction Option - NewYork CustomizedTechnical Theater-Costume Option - New YorkCustomizedTechnical Theater-Electrics Option - New YorkCustomizedTechnical Theater-Stage Management Option New York Customized770057.4Multiple OptionsSee Below7709See 770095.47707See 770072.77728See 770087.77730See 770091.4Television ProductionTelevision Production - OLD3527342751.459.7Therapeutic Services (Pathway)138556.4Travel and Tourism (Pathway)128846.9Visual Arts (Pathway)Visual Communications and Interactive MediaDesignVisual Communications and Multimedia Design– OLDWeb DesignWeb Design - OLDWeldingWelding - OLDWind Turbine Maintenance Technician110860.475.472.1No Skill-BasedComponentNo Skill-BasedComponentNo 72215053.651.756. Readiness303355.9Workplace Success Skills for Middle School135054.481.980.484.480.584.786.3No Skill-BasedComponentNo Skill-BasedComponent

NOCTI Assessment Cut Scores 2019 NOCTI Test Title Test Code Knowledge- Based Cut Score Skill-Based Cut . Advertising and Design 4119 50.1 86.2 Agricultural Biotechnology (Pathway) 1229 46.2 No Skill-Based . Graphic Production Technology 4342 43.7 79.0 Graphic Production Technology - OLD 4242 48.5 86.7 .

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