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JOB NAME :SEPTEMBER 2009STANDARD SPECIFICATIONDIVISION - SCOPE OF WORKA.01 TRACTORSA.All work performed under the following Sections are subject to the Contract Documents,Contract Drawings and the General Conditions of all Contracts all of which form a partof these Sections as if written out in full.B.The contractor shall be responsible to obtain the services of a licensed professionalEngineer or Architect for Special Inspections as indicated below and as required. Thislicensed professional Engineer or Architect shall be responsible for all controlledinspections and final approval as required by the Building Code of the City of New York.Copies of all documents shall be forwarded to HPD. Soils – Site ng, and crete Mix DesignConcrete Test CylindersSprinkler TestChimneysHeating SystemsTR3TR2BC 1704.7.1BC 1704.9.1BC 1704.19BC 3304.4.1BC 1704.4BC 1704.4BC 1905.3BC 1905.6BC 1704.21BC 1704.24BC 1704.23A.02 SCOPE OF WORKSECTION 1A1.SECTION 1D1.SECTION 1E1.- SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTSSee Specification.- ASBESTOS REMOVAL SUPPLEMENTSee Specification.- SUPPLEMENTAL REQUIREMENTS FOR ADAPTABLEAPARTMENTS GENERAL CONSTRUCTION, PLUMBING ANDELECTRICAL)See Specification and Drawings.Page 1 of 34– SCOPE OF WORK

JOB NAME :SEPTEMBER 2009STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSECTION 1F1.SECTION 1J1.SECTION 1K1.SECTION 2A- SUPPLEMENTAL HANDICAPPED REQUIREMENTS FORPUBLIC AREAS (GENERAL CONSTRUCTION, HEATINGAND VENTILATING PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL)See Specification and Drawings.- LEAD HAZARD REDUCTIONContractor shall provide all labor, materials, and equipment required to complywith the Federal Lead-Based Paint Requirements Rider to the ConstructionContract. See Specification.- CONSTRUCTION WASTE MANAGEMENTContractor shall provide all labor and equipment required to comply with NYSDepartment of Environmental Conservation Bureau of Waste Reduction &Recycling Management Plans.- DEMOLITION1.All building utilities shall be disconnected before any removal and/or demolitionis commenced by any mechanical trade.2.Provide temporary shoring before commencement of demolition.3.Provide temporary sidewalk shed for the duration of construction contract work.Refer to Specific Requirements, Section 1A.4.Perform all demolition required for installation of new work.5.Remove existing retaining walls where shown on drawings.6.Remove existing exterior and interior stairs where shown on drawings.7.Remove all existing paving at Yards and Fire Passages.8.Remove existing sidewalk “flags” that have cracks, approximately 00% of entireside walk. (Remove entire curb?).9.Remove existing concrete first tier slab and structural steel where shown ondrawings.10.Remove all existing structural steel beams and columns where shown ondrawings.Page 2 of 34 – SCOPE OF WORK

JOB NAME :SEPTEMBER 2009STANDARD SPECIFICATION11.Remove existing terra cotta and stone coping being replaced where shown ondrawings.12.Remove all existing kitchen cabinets including hangers, base cabinets, countertops, grounds, cleats etc.13.Remove all existing ceramic tile walls and floors of all existing apartmentbathrooms and all public areas receiving new tile work.14.Remove all existing tubs, water closets, lavatories, kitchen sinks and associatedtrim.15.Remove all existing partitions where shown on drawings to be demolished.16.Remove existing stair and elevator bulkheads.17.Remove all existing apartment doors, apartment entry doors and cellar orbasement doors and frames.18.Remove all existing exterior doors, frames and trim.19.Remove existing materials at sealed-up windows and doors openings. Provideclean masonry openings ready to receive new work.20.Remove all existing window sash, frames, trim and window treatments. Provideclean masonry openings.21.Remove all existing storefronts and entrance door assemblies.22.Remove all existing wood base and moldings in apartments.23.Remove all existing linoleum, VAT and/or V.C.T. in apartments.24.Remove all existing closet shelving and clothes poles. and window shades25.Remove existing wood joists (74%) as directed by Engineer of Record.NOTE:26.CONTRACTOR SHALL INCLUDE AN ALLOWANCE FORADDITIONAL 26% OF JOIST REMOVAL AS A SEPARATE LINEITEM TO BE INCLUDED IN BID BREAKDOWN.Cut new openings and enlarge existing openings where shown on drawings.Page 3 of 34– SCOPE OF WORK

JOB NAME :SEPTEMBER 2009STANDARD SPECIFICATION27.Remove all finish materials from all existing partitions shown on drawings toremain from the interior face of exterior walls.28.Remove all existing lath and plaster ceilings.29.Remove all existing dumbwaiter bulkheads where shown on drawings.30.Remove all existing bulkhead doors and frames.31.Remove existing masonry gas vents where indicated on drawings.32.Remove all existing roofing, sheathing, and roof framing at main roof andbulkhead roof.33.Remove all existing walls, and ceiling materials in Public Hall areas andstairwells.34.Remove existing masonry apron wall sections, which extend downward fromwindow sills to the top of the windows below, where shown on drawings.35.Remove all existing mailboxes.36.Remove existing finish wood flooring and sub-flooring in all apartments.37.Remove existing skylights and screens at stair bulkhead and bulkhead roof.38.Remove all existing Public Hall stairs and platforms.39.Remove existing gooseneck ladders at fire escapes at roof level.40.Remove all existing concrete floor slabs in Cellar and other areas as shown ondrawings.41.Remove all existing roof vents, dry grounds and debris from roof.42.Remove existing fire escapes where shown on drawings.43.Remove all sections of all eight (8) inch thick parapet walls that are more thantwenty four (24) inches in height above the high point of the roof level. Theexposed tops of the remaining walls shall be protected from the weather until newcoping is installed.44.Remove lintels 100% at all window openings (under direction of StructuralEngineer) except where Stone Lintels and Brick Arches are existing. At theselocations only the lintels at the inner Wythe shall be removed. Stone Lintels andPage 4 of 34 – SCOPE OF WORK

JOB NAME :SEPTEMBER 2009STANDARD SPECIFICATIONBrick Arches shall remain undisturbed unless otherwise indicated. Provide allnecessary shoring for unsupported masonry if replacement lintels are notimmediately installed.45.Remove existing windowsills 100% at all window openings except at streetfacades where the windowsill is part of a continuous banding. All demolitionunder direction of HPD architect. Provide protection for exposed wall cavity untilnew sills are installed.46.Remove existing paint from public hall steel stairs, including underside of steelpans, stringers risers, newels, balusters and any supporting steel channels that areexposed. Paint shall be removed to metal surface.47.Remove non-functioning masonry chimneys that are part of parapet walls down to6 inches above the top of the adjacent parapet wall and free standing chimneysdown to three feet above the roof level.48.Remove from the building site and dispose of in a legal manner all existingdebris.49.Remove all elevator equipment and related materials to be replaced.50.Remove existing boiler, breaching, and header.51.Remove existing heat distribution system in cellar52.Remove all existing roughing, risers, heating elements and all pipe connections toheating elements.53.Remove existing oil tank. Any existing oil shall be removed. Clean tank and cutto sections for removal. Disposal of cleaning materials shall be done to D. E. P.regulations54.Remove entire existing cold, hot and recirculation water distribution systems inbuilding.55.Remove existing gas piping and metering equipment.56.Remove existing drainage system. System includes removal of stacks, vents,branches, fixtures, underground lines and house trap.57.Disconnect existing building electric service and remove all associated wiring,conduit, metering equipment, switches, panels, apartment risers, cables,receptacles, etc. from apartments and public areas.Page 5 of 34– SCOPE OF WORK

JOB NAME :SEPTEMBER 2009STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSECTION 2B- SITE WORK, EXCAVATION, BACKFILL AND LANDSCAPING1.Remove existing materials and rubble and excavate to proper grade level shownon drawings for installation of new footings for new concrete stairs, new metalstairs, and new retaining walls; all new sidewalk and sidewalk curb, new fencecurb, new paving in yards. Coordinate work with Section 3A and 5B.2.Backfill where required for site work to maintain proper grade levels shown ondrawings for new work to be installed.3.Provide and install new chain link fencing 6'-0" high where shown on drawings.Coordinate with Section 3A for location of new concrete footings for fence postsand curb.4.Install new steel picket fencing 6'-0" high where shown on drawings. Coordinatewith Section 3A for location of new concrete footings for fence posts and curb.5.Provide trees, “Callery Pear” (Pyrus Callery Ana-Bradford), and tree pits with PitGuards on four sides where shown on drawings.SECTION 3A- CONCRETE1.Provide new concrete slab at all courts and Rear Yard. Removal of existing slabsshall be provided under Section 2A.2.Provide new concrete ramp and building entry steps where located and as shownon drawings.3.Provide all new sidewalks. Removal of existing sidewalks shall be provided bySection 2A.4.Provide new curbs at new sidewalks, metal face at street corners.5.Provide new reinforced concrete fence post footings and curb for new fencing.The footings shall have pre-formed sleeves for new fence posts. Coordinate withSection 2B for locations of new concrete curbs.6.Provide new concrete floor slab in entire Cellar and as indicated in FinishSchedule on drawings.7.Provide new concrete stairs where located and as shown on drawings.8.Provide new concrete slab and stair in Fire Passages.Page 6 of 34 – SCOPE OF WORK

JOB NAME :SEPTEMBER 2009STANDARD SPECIFICATION9.Patch and repair retaining walls as shown on drawings.10.Provide new reinforced concrete retaining wall and footings where located and asshown on drawings.11.Provide new concrete footings for all new concrete and or masonry block wallswhere shown on drawings.12.Provide new sump pump pit in Boiler Room where shown on drawings.13.Provide new house trap pit where shown on drawings.14.Furnish new pre-cast concrete chimney coping and parapet wall coping. Coping tobe installed by Section 4A.15.Furnish new pre-cast concrete windowsills. Sills to be installed in accordancewith Section 4A.16.Provide new reinforced concrete pads for boiler, hot water heater, jockey pump,fire pump and all other equipment.17.Provide new reinforced concrete fill where new metal deck is installed. Newmetal deck provided by Section 5D.18.Provide new concrete base and footing for new metal chimney. New chimney tobe provided in accordance with Section 11E.19.Provide and install Emaco R 400 Architectural Mortar as manufactured by BASFBuilding Systems for patching repairs to existing concrete, pre-cast concrete andstonework as indicated in Sections 3A, 4A and 4A.9. Installation shall beaccording to manufacturer’s specification in order to validate warranty requiredfor this installation. Manufacturer provides on site assistance with installation.SECTION 4A- MASONRY1.Provide new eight inch thick masonry parapet walls from roof level, or level asindicated on drawings, to a height of 2'-0" above roof where shown on drawings.2.Repoint mortar joints of entire street brick facades and re-caulk all stonework.3.Provide new camel-back terra-cotta coping at all Rear and Courtyard parapetwalls where shown on drawings.Page 7 of 34– SCOPE OF WORK

JOB NAME :SEPTEMBER 2009STANDARD SPECIFICATION4.Provide new 8" thick concrete block to seal-up existing dumbwaiter dooropenings and other existing door and window openings where shown ondrawings.5.Provide new concrete block walls where shown on drawings.6.Install new loose steel angle window lintels (as directed by Structural Engineer) atall window openings except at the outer Wythe where Stone Lintels and BrickArches exist and shall remain unless otherwise indicated. Lintels providedaccording to Section 5A - Masonry shall be repaired and rebuilt to return wall tooriginal condition. Lintels to be primed in shop with rust inhibitor.7.Install new pre-cast concrete windowsills at all window openings, including cellarinterior (as directed by Architect) except at the street facades. Sills providedaccording to Section 3A - Masonry shall be repaired and rebuilt to return wall tooriginal condition.8.Install new pre-cast concrete chimney coping and parapet wall coping. Copingfurnished under Section 3A.9.Install new breaching frame, thimble and clean-out door and frame for existingboiler chimney furnished under Section -5A.10.Provide new terra-cotta chimney lining for full height of existing masonrychimney.11.Provide new masonry apron wall sections, which extend downward from windowsills to the top of the windows below, where shown on drawings.12.Provide new 8 inch CMU walls, height of 18 inches, on new composite deck atbulkhead roof above public hall stair. CMU walls shall support new skylight, referto detail drawing.13.Provide brick vents located in the rear and/or court walls, one for each top floorapartment plenum where shown on roof plan. Each Brick vent shall not be placedwithin a twenty-foot proximity of the roof vent for the plenum they both serve.14.Provide all scaffolding.15.Sandstone/Brownstone Repairsa.Carefully prepare the surface of the stonework at the street façade.Page 8 of 34 – SCOPE OF WORK

JOB NAME :SEPTEMBER 2009STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSECTION 4Bb.Provide mortar patching and or composite patching where loose,exfoliated, blistered, or extremely weathered stone occurs resulting withdepressions or loss of surface area greater than 1/8 inch in depth.c.All defects shall be carefully removed to stable stone surface.d.Stone shall be cleaned and prepared according to manufacturer’sspecification prior to installation of mortar patching.e.Repairs shall consist of utilizing mortar mix to fill-in or form-out atmissing or damaged surfaces to match adjacent surfaces or to recreatestraight edge or 90 degree corner elements. Composite patching shall beaccording to the Specification.- MASONRY COATINGS1.Provide and apply THOROCOAT, by BASF Building Systems, on entire face ofexterior walls from the top of the rubble stone foundation wall up to the top of theparapet walls at the outer Courts and Rear Yard. The texture shall be fine andrefer to the drawing for the color. Apply two-coat system that shall be accordingto manufacturer’s requirements in order to ensure warranty, see Drawings andSpecification. Prior to application of any Thorocoat the contractor shall applyThorocoat to two test areas designated by HPD Architect.2.Provide and apply THOROCOAT 200, by BASF Building Systems, at the entireface of exterior walls from the top of the rubble stone foundation wall up to thetop of the parapet at all air shaft walls (see note #1 for installation and warrantyrequirements)3.Provide and apply THOROSEAL, by BASF Building Systems, to repair existingstucco at the inner face of roof parapet walls, at exterior face of bulkhead walls, topatch existing stucco at court and rear façade walls, and all rubble stonefoundation walls. After manufacturers required surface preparation all patchedareas receive base coat of Thoroseal and second coat of Thoroseal Plaster Mix(see #1 for installation requirements).4.Provide and apply Thoro CM Primer, by BASF Building Systems, to all areasreceiving two-system system of Thorocoat. Provide manufacturers requiredsurface preparation including; masonry surfaces that must be cleaned andstructurally sound, point or seal all cracks or voids and substrate must be properlycured.5.Provide and apply clear water repellent sealer, Enviroseal Double 7 for brick, byHydrozo, as manufactured by BASF Building Systems, on entire front buildingfacade (see note #1 for installation and warranty requirements)Page 9 of 34– SCOPE OF WORK

JOB NAME :SEPTEMBER 2009STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSECTION 5A- MISCELLANEOUS AND ORNAMENTAL METALS1.Repair existing fire escapes: Scrape all rust. Provide new drop ladders. Providenew protective rails at all fire escape platforms and balconies in accordance withSection 53 and Rule 4.0 of The New York State Multiple Dwelling Law (MDL).2.Provide new fire escapes as conforming to MDL Section 53 and Rule 4.0, whereshown on drawings.3.Provide new Public Hall Window Guards at all public hall windows and ChildWindow Guards at all apartment windows (except at windows opening on fireescapes or where burglar bar window grilles are provided).4.Furnish new loose steel angle lintels for new masonry openings where indicatedon drawings. Installation by Section 4A.5.Furnish new loose steel angle lintels for all existing window openings except atlocations noted in Section 4A. Installation by Section 4A.6.Provide and install new house numbers where shown on drawings.7.Provide new Sentry Barrier fire egress swing Gates as manufactured by J. F.Kaufman Iron Works or an approved equal. The gate shall be hinged and shallswing as shown on drawings. Install gates at all fire escape windows and at onewindow of each apartment at first floor level and where shown on drawings.8.Provide new burglar bar grilles mounted on exterior face of masonry openingsand at all first floor and cellar windows and louvers. Provide modified grilles forall windows where air conditioner (appliance) outlets are shown on electricalplans.9.Furnish new breaching frame, thimble and clean out door and frame at the base ofexisting chimneys. Installation by Section 4A.10.Provide new steel picket gates with exterior grade panic hardware and guard plateat Fire Passages where shown on drawings.11.Provide new steel picket fence and gate with hardware where shown on drawings.12.Furnish new block vents to be installed under Section 4A.13.Provide new steel pipe railings and hand railings for all exterior stair and whereshown on drawings.Page 10 of 34 – SCOPE OF WORK

JOB NAME :SEPTEMBER 2009STANDARD SPECIFICATION14.Provide new aluminum handrails with posts with metal pipe sleeves and/or wallbrackets at Lobby and Vestibule stairs where and as shown on drawings.15.Provide new areaway gratings where shown on drawings.16.Provide new access panels where shown on drawings.17.Provide new steel diamond plate covers with handle pull, for house trap.18.Provide new steel grating cover for sump pumps pit.SECTION 5B1.- METAL STAIRSInterior Public Hall Stairs:Provide new steel stair and platforms complete with new steel pan treads,assemblies, stringers, risers and supports, newels, balusters, wood handrails,channel support etc.2.Cellar Stairs:Provide new steel stair complete with steel assemblies, diamond plate platformand treads (open risers), metal hand- rails, channel supports, lally columns etc.3.Exterior Steel Stairs:Provide new exterior steel stair including steel stair assemblies, diamond plateplatform and treads, (open risers) metal handrails, channel supports, footings etc.4.SECTION 5CShop prime all metal.- STRUCTURAL STEEL1.Provide new beams, columns, bolts, rivets and other structural steel shown onplans or specified. Shop coat of paint, erection plans and shop details shall beincluded in this contract. Anchor bolts and other incidental items of structuralsteel required to be built into concrete or masonry shall be installed.2.Provide all necessary beams, columns, channels, angles and plates required tosupport masonry, wood, block etc., as shown on the drawings or as directed byEngineer of Record during the progress of the work and must provide allnecessary connections, base plates etc., to safely carry all loads and to complywith local requirements.Page 11 of 34– SCOPE OF WORK

JOB NAME :SEPTEMBER 2009STANDARD SPECIFICATION3.Reframe, repair and/or replace existing steel where shown on the drawings.Existing steel, which is required to be removed for installation of new steel shallbe reinstalled.4.Provide temporary shoring and bracing.5.Provide for scraping, cleaning and field painting of all existing structural steel.6.Provide for field painting of all new structural steel.7.Provide new steel C-joists based on span, as directed by Engineer of Record, andrefer to the C-joist Schedule on the cover sheet. New joist pockets shall beprovided where new joist are required. Existing joist pockets shall modified asnecessary for the installation of new joists.SECTION 5D- CORRUGATED FLOOR DECK1.Provide new corrugated galvanized steel floor deck where shown on drawings.2.Cut deck to fit around openings and projections, including Plumbing, Heating,Ventilation and Electric work. Include reinforcing of openings where required.Carefully examine the Architectural, Structural and Mechanical drawings todetermine the size, type and quantity of openings required. It shall be this subcontractor's responsibility to provide all such holes and/or openings in properlocations. Every effort shall be made by this sub-contractor to obtain allnecessary information as to openings from all other trades so that openings can belimited to this section and to avoid additional cutting by other trades.SECTION 6A- ROUGH CARPENTRY1.Provide new metal stud framing for new drywall partitions as indicated ondrawings.2.Provide new 3/4" thick plywood CD - Exposure 1 grade agency certified roofsheathing for entire roof.3.Provide new 3" x 8", 3" x 10" or 3" x 12" wood joists based on span, and 1,000psi, as directed by Engineer of Record. (Approximately 74% of all floor and roofjoist). New joist pockets shall be provided where new joists are required.Existing joist pockets shall be modified as necessary for the installation of newjoistNOTE:CONTRACTOR SHALL INCLUDE AN ALLOWANCE FORADDITIONAL 26% OF JOIST REPLACEMENT AS A SEPARATELINE ITEM TO BE INCLUDED IN THE BID BREAKDOWN.Page 12 of 34 – SCOPE OF WORK

JOB NAME :SEPTEMBER 2009STANDARD SPECIFICATIONa. In accordance with contract requirements approximately 74% of existingwood joists are to be replaced as directed by Architect of Record. Anyadjustment will be calculated proportionally to the total amount.b. No money from Allowance shall be requisitioned without writtenauthorization of HPD, and HPD reserves the right to authorize expenditures inwhole or in part.c. The Allowance amount shall include the full cost of the materials andequipment delivered and unloaded at the site, and all applicable taxes. Thecontractor's handling costs on the site, labor, installation costs, over head,profit and other expenses shall be included in the Allowance to be performedfor such amount as HPD may direct.d. The obligation of the contractor to remove and install up to 100% floor androof joist including adjacent construction, as directed by the professionalengineer of record, at no additional cost is in no way limited by thedesignation of areas of removal indicated on the plans.4.Provide new wood joists to match existing to fill in floor and ceiling openings atdumbwaiter shafts to be removed.5.Provide new 5/8" thick APA underlayment Group 1 Exposure 1 plywood withexterior glue where new Vinyl Composition Tile (V.C.T.) is to be installed.6.Provide new plywood 3/4" thick sub-flooring with exterior glue; grade C-D forliving rooms and bedrooms; 3/4" thick, exterior glue, C-D grade for bathroomsand kitchens agency certified.7.Provide new metal furring at interior face of all interior and exterior masonrywalls in apartments and where shown on drawings.8.Provide suspended ceiling assembly throughout all Apartments, Public Halls,Vestibule, Stairs, and Fire Passage as shown on drawings.9.Install reinforcement plates for bathroom accessories including grab bars andkitchen wall cabinets. Reinforcement plates furnished by Section 10A.10.Provide new wood sub-frame where new windows are to be installed.11.Provide 1" x 3" pressure treated wood sleepers at 16" On Center at first tierconcrete deck throughout first floor and above first floor public hall, Vestibule,and where shown on drawings.Page 13 of 34– SCOPE OF WORK

JOB NAME :SEPTEMBER 2009STANDARD SPECIFICATION12.Provide double headers and trimmers at all duct installations shown on drawingsand at chimney breasts or where chimneybreasts are shown to be removed.13.Provide new metal stud framing for new drywall enclosures for sprinkler piping atuppermost floor where indicated on sprinkler soffit plan.SECTION 6B- FINISH CARPENTRY1.Install new base and wall wood cabinets and counter tops for all apartmentkitchens and where and as shown on drawings. Furnished under Section 11B.2.Provide all wood closet shelving and clothes hanging rods complete with cleats atall closets.3.Provide all new wood stools, aprons and other wood trim at new aluminumdouble hung windows.4.Provide all new wood bases, clamshell type 3 1/2" high with quarter roundmolding at all walls, closets and at the base of all kitchen cabinets.5.Provide new strip hardwood flooring throughout all apartments (except bathroomsand kitchens, unless otherwise indicated on drawings).6.Install all Finish Hardware furnished under Section 8D for wood doors andhollow metal doors.7.Provide oak wood stairs including stringers, treads, risers, balusters and newelswhere shown on drawings.8.Provide wood transition strips between ceramic flooring in kitchen and adjacentareas that have hardwood flooring.SECTION 7A- INSULATION AND FIRE-STOPPING SYSTEMS1.Provide continuous rigid insulation at interior face of exterior masonry walls.2.Provide new batt insulation between studs within furred space at exterior masonrywalls.3.Provide new batt insulation in plenum below roof joists, as shown on detaildrawings.4.Provide new batt insulation in suspended ceiling throughout fire passages.Page 14 of 34 – SCOPE OF WORK

JOB NAME :SEPTEMBER 2009STANDARD SPECIFICATION5.Provide new Sound Attenuation Fire Batts in walls between apartments, and asindicated in partition schedule.6.Provide fire-stopping between apartments as specified and shown on drawings.7.Provide new Sound Attenuation Fire Batts insulation at boiler room ceiling.SECTION 7B- ROOFING1.Provide new bituminous membrane roofing for entire main roof area andbulkhead roofs.2.Provide new bituminous membrane base flashing at all vertical surfaces on roofs.3.Provide new cant strip at entire perimeter of parapet walls and at bulkhead walls.4.Install new aluminum cap (counter) flashing supplied under Section 7E at entireperimeter of main roof parapet and bulkhead walls; and at bulkhead roof parapetand skylight walls.5.Install new aluminum flashing for all roof penetrations supplied by Section 7E.6.Provide Acrylic Base Coat for Asphalt application and AcryliTop PC-100 TopCoat as specified.SECTION 7C1.SECTION 7D- SKYLIGHTSProvide new skylights with screens according to NYC Building Code: 27-338(d)at all existing stair bulkheads and elevator bulkhead.- WEATHER-STRIPPING, SADDLES AND CAULKING1.Provide new aluminum saddles for all roof and basement doors. Refer to DoorSchedule.2.Provide new compressible neoprene sponge weather-stripping for all new exteriordoors.3.Caulk all exterior windows and door frames.4.Caulk all joints of existing stone and new pre-cast concrete parapet and chimneycopings.5.Caulk all bathtubs at intersection of tub and ceramic tile wall and at intersectionof base of bathtub and floor.Page 15 of 34– SCOPE OF WORK

JOB NAME :SEPTEMBER 2009STANDARD SPECIFICATION6.Caulk under saddles for all new exterior doors.7.Caulk joints under steel lintels bearing at each window head.8.Caulk joint at all counter top and splash boards in kitchens.9.Caulk joints between stone sills and masonry.10.Caulk at all fence post bases.SECTION 7E- SHEET METAL WORK1.Provide new aluminum gutters, leaders and concrete splash blocks for all roofbulkheads.2.Provide new aluminum scuppers, leader heads and leaders where shown ondrawings.3.Furnish new aluminum flashing for vent pipes, and other mechanical itemspenetrating roofing. Installed by Section 7B.4.Furnish new aluminum cap (counter) flashing at perimeter of all parapet andbulkhead walls. Installed by Section 7B.5.Provide new aluminum fascia at stair and elevator bulkhead roofs.6.Provide roof vents where shown on drawings.7.Provide new aluminum louvers where shown on drawings.8.Provide 20-gauge sheet metal on the boiler room ceiling.SECTION 7F- CORNICES1.Repair and paint existing metal cornices where shown on drawings.2.Provide new fiberglass cornices where shown on drawings.SECTION 7G1.- SPRAYED FIREPROOFINGProvide new-sprayed fireproofing at all exposed structural steel and underside ofcomposite floor deck in accordance with code requirements for fire resistanceratings.Page 16 of 34 – SCOPE OF WORK

JOB NAME :SEPTEMBER 2009STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSECTION 7H1.SECTION 8A- ALUMINUM SIDINGProvide new aluminum siding where called for on drawings.- METAL DOORS AND FRAMES1.Provide new hollow metal apartment entrance doors and welded frames for allapartments. Refer to Door Schedule.2.Provide new cellar and bulkhead hollow metal doors and frames. Refer to DoorSchedule.3.Provide new knock-down type hollow metal frames for new hinged hollow corewood doors. Doors provided for by Section 8B.SECTION 8B1.SECTION 8C- WOOD DOORSProvide new hollow core wood doors for all Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Closetsrefer to Door Schedule shown on drawings.- WINDOWS1.Provide new aluminum double hung H-C50 THERMO BARRIER - THERMOBRAKE tilt window. All sash to be double-glazed, with 7/8 – inch (min.) spacebetween each pane. Bathrooms shall have obscure glazing. Refer to WindowSchedule.2.Provide new aluminum project-in windows. Refer to Window Schedule.3.Provide new ¾ hour fire-rated steel window units (frames and sashes) at publichall window openings. Refer to Window Schedule.4.(Optional) Pr

Page 1 of 34– SCOPE OF WORK DIVISION - SCOPE OF WORK A.01 APPLICABILITY OF CONTRACT DOCUMENTS & CONTRACTORS RESPONSIBILITY A. All work performed under the following Sections are subject to the Contract Documents, Contract Drawings and the General Conditions of all Contracts all of which