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Monthly Planning- July, 2019Class: Pre-NurseryTheme: Seasons/Our EnvironmentRhythmic Skills Assembly & simpleexercisesCircle Time: Importanceof differentthings usedin differentseasons.Gross MotorSkills Rhymes:Summer is here . Playing withclay dough Free play onswings Scribbling/colouring Hop to reacha point Hand printing/Finger Printing Fun Gameslike sit andstand Balancing Nature Walk Visit to minischool zooFine MotorSkills Tearing&Pasting CottonDabbing Stringing ofbeadsEnvironmentalSensitivity Colour: Blue Theme:Seasons/ OurEnvironment Shape: Circle Story: Ant andTheGrasshopper Pre-NumberConcept:Big and Small Blue ColourDay Show N Tellon ‘Seasons’ AssemblyI Hear Thunder .Five LittleSnowmen.Seasons . Story:Ant and TheGrasshopper Lacing kit Link blocks Craft/ PaperfoldingActivities Picture reading on different seasons Pg. 22Colour within the outline of an ‘Umbrella’ Pg. 23Finger Printing in outline of ‘Ant’ Pg. 26Colour the bigger Insect Pg. 27Trace and Colour the ‘Circle’ Pg. 28Thumb printing within the outline of “whale’ Pg.29Cotton Dabbing in the cut out of ‘Sun’Tearing & Pasting in the cut out of ‘Kite’Cotton Dabbing in the outline of ‘Pineapple’Finger printing & scribbling in cutout of‘UmbrellaBig & Small: Origami BoatScribbling in the outline of ‘Rainbow’Making of paper craft ‘Carrot’Cotton pasting in the cutout of ‘Penguin’Making of ‘Peacock’ with hand printColour smudging and antenna pasting in‘Butterfly’Making of ‘Mittens’, ‘Cap’ & ‘Sweater’ by craftPaper folding ‘Tulip’ flowers and stemTearing & pasting in the cut out of Watermelon’Scribbling in smiley and pasting on ice-creamstickCotton dabbing in cut out of clouds andscribbling in water dropsRecap of all colours etc.

Monthly Planning- July, 2019Class - NurseryTheme – Seasons / Our EnvironmentColour of the month - BluePre-Writing Skills Pre WritingExercisesScribbling andPatternwritingTracing ofCurvesStrengtheningfine motorskillsLanguage IEnglish Recapitulationof letters ‘i,l,t’ Introductionand Writing ofletter ‘v’ and‘w’ with phonicsound.Language IIHindi Introductionto Sensitivity Pre number Theme:concept:SeasonsHot/Cold Color: IntroductionBlueto numbers2, 3, 5 and 6.Activities Tearing and pasting in the outline of thevaseCrumbling and pasting of paper to makeflowersColoring in the outline of an ice-cream(Colors of Joy)Tearing and pasting in the outline of number3Umbrella craftPasting of wool in the outline of the mittensColoring in the outline of the treePasting of 6 apples in the outline of the treeColoring in the outline of the butterfly(Colors of Joy)Brush painting in the outline of न-नाशपाती र’ craftFinger printing in the outline of number 5Eraser printing in the outline of the glassTake away –Welcome bagTakeaway – Blue whale

Monthly Planning ( July, 2019)Class- KGTheme- Seasons/ Our EnvironmentColour of the Month – BlueStory of the Month – The Ant and the GrasshopperSubjectsLanguage 1Language 2ConceptsRecapitulationa-z, A-Z-Joiningwords vowel‘a’, ‘e’- ‘at’,‘an’, ‘et’,‘eg’, ‘en’-Three letterwords vowel‘a’, ‘e’पनु राव ृ त (क-ह)-दो अ र शब्द-क वगर्-च वगर्-ट वगर्Numeracy-Recapitulation(1-50)-What Comes inbetween-Pre tivitiesSeasons-Summer Season-Rainy Season-Winter Season-Spring Season-Things used indifferent seasons-Blue Colour Day-Vowel Basketactivity-CVC words activity-Colours of Joy-Free hand drawingof different seasons-Cotton pastingactivity in wintertreeMusicSongs:-Row row rowyour boat.-एक डाल पेबैठा बंदर-दाद माँ पापाक मम्मीPE-Relay of commandslike running incircle, sidewaysrunning,backwardrunning- Introduction toHorizontal line

SESSION 2019-20ACADEMIC MONTHLY PLANNERCLASS 1Month- MUNITYHELPERS Our Helpers Tools usedby differenthelpersLiterature L-3 The CapSeller andtheMonkeys Poem-ISpeak, I Say,FOOD WE EATI Talk ImportanceGrammarof food andtypes of A and Anmeals(Tune in toGrammar L Sources of7)food TheSentence(Tune in toGrammar L18) GenderWorkbook PictureReadingACTIVITIESPick a chit andBring pictures ofMATHSAddition 1 to 20(contd.) Additionvertical andhorizontal Adding threenumbers WordProblemsSubtraction 1 to 20 Subtractingone and zero Subtractionon numberline andnumber strip Subtractionon the abacus Subtracting anumber fromitself Subtraction 1to 20(Horizontaland Vertical) WordProblemsAdditionHINDIComputer पाठ-4 ईL-2: THECOMPUTER ANDक मात्राITS PARTS(बकर Main partsof theक शाद )computer पाठ – 5Keyboard,Mouse,उ क C.P.U,मात्राMonitor(गु ड़यानाचउठ ) क वता –बलु बलुकागज़ क Differenttypes ofComputers-Desktop,Laptop,TabletTux TypingMusic Introduction ofswarasandAlankars. PrayersYaMohammad.andHumkoman kishakti. SongChhoti sizindgani. EnglishprayerMore lovemorepower.PEC PEC-5- Leadup gamesWheelbarrowrace etc. PEC-8 –Introducingball handling( Catching) PEC-8-Passthe ball. PEC-9-Rollinga ball, PEC-10-Dribble a ball Recreationalactivity Differenttypes ofrunning. Mass drill –Repeat of 1sttwo exercises. YOGA: PranayamaandVajrasana.ART Secondarycolours Humanfigureswithshapes

frame a sentence.Article HuntGame.SUBJECTSpeaking ActivityENRICHMEN on July 8, 19.TTopic –Show ‘n’Tell (Puppet :Famous Fables)tools used bydifferent helperson July 8, 19.Board GameSubtractionBowlingगु ड़या बनवानाव कुछ वाक्यबलु वानाMCQ On July 15,Reading2019.Activity on JulyTopic- Addition12,19.Topic –इ मात्राशब्द व वाक्य।(पेज़ न – २४व २६ )

SESSION 2019-20ACADEMIC MONTHLY PLANNERCLASS 2Month- JulySUBJECTTOPIC/CONTENTENGLISHLiterature:Lesson No. -3:- NipunLearns a LessonGrammarGenderOne and Many Articles (A/An/The) AdjectivesandOpposites ACTIVITIESDiscussion:Importance ofhealthy food Game : TreasureHunt Flash Card Activity GENERALMATHSHINDIAWARENESSClothes we wearLESSON –3पाठ कबूतर 3 Knowledge of Subtractionऔरvarious Properties of मधमिक्खयाँुseasons &Subtraction,पाठ सरू ज 4clothes wornSubtractionऔर मग Types of fibresु ार्without Special clothes गनती )1regrouping(uniforms and Subtraction20(dresses)with लंग औरregrouping वचनWork & Play Word Indoor &बदलना ।ProblemsOutdoorLESSON – 4games,ShapesRecreational Plane Shapes,activitieslines,SolidShapes Riddles Seasons Collection ofpictures ofvariouscostumes anduniforms Season Cycle IndoorandOutdoorPlayPictureCompositionusing differentshapes अपनासाथी ढूँढो।COMPUTERL -2: HelpingParts and storage Difference betweenmain parts andhelping parts Various storageparts Smart modulesbased on parts ofComputer Type names ofmain, helping andstorage parts ofcomputerPhysicalEducation PEC-9:GamesThrowing& Catching PEC-9:GamesMonkey inthe centre Recreational activity Yoga:SuryaNamaskar Recreational activity:Fire in themountainArt Secondarycolours ArtoonsactivitybookPageno. 10,11, 12& 13Music & DanceMUSIC DefinitionsAaroh, Avroh,Swar, Saptak,Shudh, Vikrit,Alankars. Prayers- Morelove morepower.,Showers ofblessings.,Lab pe atti haidua.DANCE SamyutaHastamudras –Definition andUsage [Single HandGestures] PEC-2:Challengeraces PEC-18: Dogand the bone Marchingcommands

SubjectEnrichmentDates :8th July SpeakingActivityTopic: Everythingwent topsy turvy one daywhen I reached school-----15th July(ConceptualUnderstanding)MCQTopic- Numbersand Addition12जलु ाई,)2019ReadingActivity)Topic-पाठ कबतू र 3औरमधमु िक्खयाँ

Salwan Public School, GurugramAcademic Monthly PlannerSession: 2019 – 20For Class IIIMONTH – ect Enrichment Activity: L-4: Ma Liang and The Magic Listening Skills (Fill ups based onvisual)Paint BrushGrammar : Gender Singular – Plural Nouns – Common, Proper andCollectiveCreative Expression: Picture Composition Reading ComprehensionHindiसा हत्य: पाठ 3 – सच्चाईअभ्यास कायर्, प्रश्न उ र, वाक्य नमार्ण पाठ - 4 हमसे सब कहते (क वता)पठन व लेखन ,अभ्यास कायर्समान तुक वाले शब्दव्याकरण: वचनसवर्नामPage 1 of 2क ा ग त व ध – सं ा और सवर्नामके शब्द को अलग –अलग छाँटकर लखना । वषयसंब ं धत ग त व ध :- श्रुतलेख पठन

रचनात्मक लेखन:अनच्ु छे द लेखन –मेरा वद्यालयMathematicsAddition (Contd.) Missing addend, Word problems,Subject Enrichment Activity:MCQChapter 3: Subtraction – Introduction Properties of Subtraction,Subtraction with regrouping Word Problems on Subtraction ,Addition and SubtractiontogetherChapter 4: Introduction to BasicGeometrical Shapes Drawing and Measuring LinesPlane Shapes,Environmental Lesson 6: Leaves in our lives Leaf diversityScience Leaves are useful Shedding of leavesClass Activity: Leaf ImpressionSubject Enrichment Activity:Diagram of a leafLesson 7: The world of animals Animals vary in size Movement in animals Tails help in different ways Food animals eatLesson 8: Tiny animals Introduction to insects Insects can be harmful Useful insectsComputerScienceLesson 3: Working with Files andFolders About the Operating System Features of Windows OperatingSystem Working with Files and Folders Arranging icons on the desktop Components of the desktop.Page 2 of 2Subject Enrichment Activity:Demonstration and practice on: Creating your folder, renaming it Saving files in a folder Using Recycle bin

Salwan Public School, GurugramAcademic Monthly PlannerSession: 2019 – 20For Class IVMONTH – JULYSubjectEnglishContentLiterature: L–4: Banyan Deer Poem: The Ant and the CricketGrammar: Adjectives, Degrees of Comparis Kinds of NounsActivitiesSubject Enrichment ActivityListening Skills assessment (Fill ups) Class Activity:Structured Group Discussion –Compassion towards fellow beingsCreative Expression: Story BuildingHindiसा हत्य: पाठ 3 पतंग और गब्ु बारा(अभ्यास कायर्, प्रश्न उ र, वाक्य नमार्ण )क वता- लालची बंदर (केवल पठन हे तू) पाठ 5 प्रेरक प्रसंग(पाठ पठन , अभ्यास कायर्, प ठतगद्यांश,वाक्य नमार्ण)व्याकरण: पयार्यवाची शब्दPage 1 of 3 वषयासंबं धत ग त व ध: श्रुतलेख पठन

लंगवचनसवर्नाम का प रचयरचनात्मक लेखन:अनुच्छे द लेखन- लालच बुर बला हैMathematicsChapter-3 Subtraction(Cont.) Addition and subtractiontogether Finding the missing Numbers,Subtraction facts, checkingsubtraction by addition Word Problems on Subtraction,Estimation. WorkbookClass ActivityLattice MultiplicationChapter-4 MultiplicationScience Properties, Finding producthorizontally, Tables Multiplication by 10,100 and1000 Multiplication by 1, 2 and 3digit multiplier. Lattice Multiplication Word Problems inMultiplicationChapter 19: The Human Body Skeletal, Muscular, Digestiveand respiratory system Circulatory, Excretory ,Nervous SystemSubject Enrichment Activity:M.C.Q on Human BodyClass Activity: Lab Visit – To observe parts ofskeletal system, digestive system,respiratory system, excretorysystem Healthy Sandwich making withall the nutrients. Planning your meal – balanceddietChapter 20: FoodSocial Science Nutrients, Food Pyramid Food PreservationChapter 4: Central IndiaClass Activity: Plateau and Desert Lesson 5: The Coastal RegionsPage 2 of 3Project Work (Travelogue ofany one famous city ofRajasthan)/ Web Chart

and Islands The Western Coastal plain,Eastern Coastal plain The IslandsLesson 6: Climate and SeasonsMap workSubject Enrichment Activity: Web chart Factors influencing climate,SeasonsComputerScienceLesson 2:More About Windows 10Subject Enrichment: Various Icons on The Desktopof Windows 10 Demonstration on Windows 10Operating System. About Microsoft Edge browser Creating multiple desktops Windows 10 for touch devices Activity: Prepare a project report(Text Document) on variousfeaturesofWindows10Operating system.About central notification center Page 3 of 3ExplorevariousOperatingSystems other than Windowsfrom Microsoft Corp.

Salwan Public School, GurugramAcademic Monthly PlannerSession: 2019 – 20For Class VMONTH – s Activity Lesson-3: A Day at the Floating Activity : Acrostic gameMarket Poem- Dad and the Cat and theTreeGrammar: Adjectives Kinds of Adjectives Degrees of ComparisonCreative Expression: HindiParagraph Writingसा हत्य: पाठ- 4 एक बँदू (क वता)अभ्यास कायर्, प ठत पद्यांश, वाक्य नमार्ण वषयासंबं धत ग त व ध वाचन कौशल– श्रुतलेख पठन क ा ग त व ध – सवर्नाम व उसकेभेद वगर् पहे ल पाठ- 5 प य का अस्पताल (लेख)अभ्यास कायर्, प ठत गद्यांश,वाक्य नमार्णPage 1 of 3

व्याकरण: सवर्नाम व उसके भेद वचनरचनात्मक लेखन:अनौपचा रक पत्रMathematicsChapter 2: The Four FundamentalOperations Word problemsWorkbookChapter 3 : Factors and Multiples ScienceRelationship between HCF andLCM,Lesson 20: How Do PlantsReproduce? Subject Enrichment ActivityMental Math: Chapter 3 : Factorsand MultiplesFactors and its propertiesTests of divisibilityPrime and Composite numbersPrime factorization by factortree method and efactorization and by divisionmethodMultiples, Properties, LCM,LCM by Prime factorization anddivision method Word problems.Lesson 19: Nervous system Brain Spinal cord Nerves Reflex action Sense organs Class Activity: Sieve of EratosthenesReproduction in plantsNew plants from seedsSeed dispersalNew plants from leaves , stemand RootsGraftingPlant adaptationsPage 2 of 3Lab visit –To observe parts ofNervous system Class Activity-To share sampleof plants reproducing throughbody parts . Class Activity-To observe partsof flower in Hibiscus flower. Class Activity-Germination ofseeds Collection of seed of dispersedby wind and waterSubject Enrichment Activity Labeling of Skeletal System

Social Science Lesson 4: Temperate Zones AltitudeDistance from a water bodyLatitudeWindsTemperature zonesClass Activity Map work Diagram- Heat ZonesSubject Enrichment Activity Diagram TestLesson 5: The Equatorial Forests IntroductionClimatePlant lifeWild lifeHuman lifeFarmingAgricultureLesson 6: The Deserts ComputerScienceIntroductionClimatePlant lifeAnimals and birdsAdaptations of desert animalsHuman lifeLesson 2:Page Formatting inWriter Subject Enrichment Activity Design a Newspaper Article /brochure using 3 columns.Inserting a Header /Footer Apply header and footer, pageInserting a Page Break, Pageborder with landscape pagenumberssettings.Making columnsApplying Border and shadingChanging page orientationPage 3 of 3

Salwan Public School, GurugramSession: 2019 – 20Academic Monthly PlannerFor Class VIMONTH – JULYSubjectsEnglishUnitHoney Suckle An Indian American Woman in Space A different kind of school The Quarrel (poem)Supplementary Reader – The Shepherd’s Treasure (Pleasure Reading) The old clock shopCreative Writing: Informal letterGrammar: PrepositionsihndIvasaMt paz paz ,6Ê 7vyaakrNa – saM&aÊ sava-naamaÊ ilaMgaÊ pyaa-yavaacaIÊ vacanaramaayaNa – 4Ê5MathematicsChapter 3: Playing with NumbersChapter 6: IntegersChapter 4: Basic Geometrical Ideas (Till Triangles & quadrilaterals)ScienceChapter 4: Sorting Materials into Groups (Continued)Chapter 5: Separation of SubstancesChapter 6: Changes Around UsHistorySocial ScienceChapter 3: In the Earliest CitiesPage 1 of 3

GeographyChapter 2: Globe: Latitudes & Longitudes (contd.)Chapter 3: Motions of the EarthChapter4 : MapsPolitical ScienceChapter 3: What is Government?III LanguagesaMskRtcatuqa-Á pazÁ ivaValayaÁ³laRT\ lakarsyap yaaoga pHcamaÁ pazÁ vaRxaaÁvyaakrNaQaatu p – kRÊdaÊvad\ Ê Kad\ \ËIDÊ BaUÊ kUja \Ê paÊ dRSavah\ ³laRT\lakaro kark icah\naaoMka pircaya ³p qamaa iWtIyaa [email protected] ko p %yaya ApiztgaVaMSaAByaasapuistka– AByaasa 3FrenchUnité 2: Dans la cour (contd )Unité 3: Pendant la semaineGermanL-3: Hast du Geschwister? To provide information about family and friends Conduct interviews Counting 20 onwards Introduce Accusative case Song Reading comprehension Wortschatz, Diktat Rollenspiel E-mail writingJapaneseLesson 3: Kore wa nan desukaSongs : Twinkle Twinkle Little Star(English Rhymes in Japanese with Japanese art form Ikebana.)Script Writing: さしすせそざじずぜぞComputerChapter 2: Language and Software Story Software and its type- System Software, Application Softwareand Utilities. Exercise Time.Page 2 of 3

Chapter 5: Programming techniques using Flow Charts Learning about Flowcharts: Various Boxes and their purpose,About various Programming Constructs- Sequence, Decision andRepetitions, Understanding Counters and Accumulators, Exercise Time.Assessment Activity II:Chapter 2: Objective type Q/AAssessment Activity III:Chapter 5: Activity on FlowchartsArt & CraftStudy of Human FiguresPage 3 of 3

Salwan Public School, GurugramSession: 2019 – 20Academic Monthly PlannerFor Class VIIMONTH – JULYSubjectsEnglishUnitHoneycombChapter 3: Gopal and the Hilsa fish (only for activity) (Pleasurereading)The Shed (Poem)The Ashes that made trees blossomChivvy (Poem)An alien handChapter 3: The DesertWriting: E-mail WritingGrammar: Conjunction Passive VoiceHoliday AssignmentihndIvasaMt paz – paz 4 ,5 ,6vyaakrNa – ivaSaoYaNaÊ mauhavaro ³1–25 oÊ iËyaa ÊilaMgaÊ vacanaÊmahaBaart– saBaa pva-MathematicsChapter 5: Lines & AnglesChapter 6: Triangles & Its Properties (till Properties of equilateral &isosceles triangles)ScienceChapter 4: Heat ( Continued)Chapter 5: Acids, Bases & SaltsPage 1 of 3

Chapter 6: Physical and Chemical ChangesChapter 7: Weather, Climate and Adaptation of animals to ClimatePolitical ScienceSocial ScienceChapter-3 How the State Government WorksGeographyChapter-3: Our Changing EarthHistoryChapter-3: The Delhi SultansChapter-4: The Mughal EmpireIII LanguagesaMskRtcatuqa-Á pazÁ hasyabaalakivasammaolanama\pHcamaÁ pazÁ pMiDtarmaabaa[vyaakrNaQaatu p – sqaaÊ&a [Ya\Ê namaÊ laBa\ ³laT\Ê laRT\ va la lakaro SabD paiNa–lata [karant ³kivaÊ mauinaÊnadIÊmait svarsainQagauNaAvyayaÊ AnauvaadP a%yaya]psaga- saihtlyap\ p %yayasaMvaadlaoKnaÊ ApiztgaVaMSaAByaasapuistka– AByaasa 3FrenchGermanJapaneseUnité 3: Le week-end prochainL-3: Was Gibtesim Fernsehen? To discuss TV viewing habits To be able to tell the time Class survey on TV-viewing habits E-mail writing Wortschatz Rollenspiel Reading, comprehensionLesson 2: Omedeto TanjiyobiLesson 3: Genkina Saru Ga ImasuJapanese Movie: Momotaro (Ikebana art form to be taught in class.)Script WritingPage 2 of 3

ComputerChapter 2: Functions and Manipulations in Calc IF FunctionData Manipulation options like Goal Seek, Filters andConditional Formatting.Practice Book Activity & Exercise TimeChapter 3 : Charts in Open Office Calc 4.1.1 The Charts and the Chart WizardUnderstanding ChartsElements of a Chart; data series, chart title, axis, legends etc.Inserting ChartsVarious Chart Types in OpenOffice Calc: Column, Line, Pie,Bar, Area charts etc. XY(Scatter)(Contd )Assessment Activity II :Chapter 2: Practical TestArt & CraftStudy of Human FiguresPage 3 of 3

Salwan Public School, GurugramSession: 2019 – 20Academic Monthly PlannerFor Class VIIIMONTH – JULYSubjectsEnglishUnitHoneydew Glimpses of the Past (Pleasure Reading) Macavity: The Mystery Cat (Poem) Bepin Choudhary’s Lapse of MemoryIt so happened The Selfish Giant The Treaure WithinWriting Skill- Formal LetterGrammar– Future TenseihndIvasaMt : paz 5Ê 7p omacaMd kI khainayaaÐM : paz 3vyaakrNa : sava-naama Ê kark ÊAlaMkar –SabdalaMkarÊ ica vaNa-naÊ ]psaga—p %yayaÊ AnaokaqaI- 1–25Ê sama pI iBannaaqa-k SabdÊ AnaaOpcaairk p MathematicsChapter 4: Practical GeometryChapter 5: Data HandlingChapter 6: Squares and Square Root (Till Repeated Subtraction Method)ScienceChapter 5: Coal & Petroleum (Continued)Chapter 6: Combustion & FlameChapter 7: Conservation of Plants and AnimalsPage 1 of 3

HistorySocial ScienceChapter-3: Ruling the CountrysideGeographyChapter-3: Mineral and Power ResourcesPolitical ScienceChapter-3: Why do we need a Parliament?Chapter-4: Understanding LawIII LanguagesaMskRtcatuqa-Á pazÁ sadOvapurtaoinaQaoihcarNama\pHcamaÁ pazÁ kNTkonaOvakNTkma\vyaakrNaQaatu p – Asa\Ê daÊ kRÊ kqa\ ³laT\Ê laRT\ va la lakaro svarsainQa – dIGa-Ê gauNaÊ vaRiwAvyayaÊ saMvaadlaoKnaÊ AnauvaadAByaasa puistka– AByaasa 3FrenchGermanComputerUnité 3: Pour un concoursL-3 Was hast du fuerdeine Gesu

Monthly Planning- July, 2019 . Class: Pre-Nursery . Theme: Seasons/Our Environment. Rhythmic Skills Gross Motor Skills Fine Motor Skills Environmental