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PitchayaLiewchanpatana(aka Pitch @pitchnotperfect!)From: ThailandStudy: SingaporeNow: Hong KongFinal Semester:BBA in ECON withformer GBUSWent onexchange atWharton in Fall2019 (pre-covid!)2

KunalLakhwani@kunal2312From: Hong KongFinal Year: BBAGBUS and FINAExchange studentduring Fall 2019and visitingstudent in Spring20203

Why I choseWharton @UPennRIGOROUSAcademic pool ofprofessors &students are amongthe best in the worldLOCATION30 mins away fromPhiladelphia Airport,1-hour bus away fromNew York, 3-hour trainfrom DCCOMPETITIONSMany opportunities toparticipate in casecompetitions & hackathons(eg. PennHack)EXPOSUREDistinguished alumnilist in Business,Finance andespecially Tech!4

Why I choseWharton @UPennTOP QUALITY PROFESSORSProfessors are extremely qualified in their respectivefieldsLOCATIONClose to NYC!NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIESNot only with students, but also with reputablefirms in various fields5


East to West CoastGoing inside the Independence Hall where the US Constitution was debated @Philadelphia7

East to West CoastWent exploring Phily and this happened .XD only in US!8

Around the States9

Meeting LegendsA seminar by my long-time business idol Disney CEO andChairman Mr Bob IgerTalk by Vice President of Amazon in the Public Policy Brain Huseman.10

School HurrahRight: info session by a WhartonClub called Wharton LeadershipVenturesAt the Penn Transplant House where I wasvolunteering with the Penn Rotaract ClubAt the Wharton Sports Business Initiative where my WhartonGRC friends and I participated case competition held by Deloitte11

School HurrahOfficial Orientation talk held by UPennInvited to unofficial ‘orientation’ by UPenn students12

Srsly Amazing PeopleSupporting my Spanish exchange friend at her dance recitalwith my other close exchange friendsAll around the world in one photo- Australia, Germany,Scotland, Spain, Malaysia, US and of course, Thailand!13

Srsly Amazing People14

Any questions? :)15

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Hello!I am Jayden SmithI am here because I love to givepresentations.You can find me at @username17

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“Quotations are commonlyprinted as a means ofinspiration and to invokephilosophical thoughtsfrom the reader.19

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89,526,124 That’s a lot of money185,244 usersAnd a lot of users100%Total success!30

Let’s review someconceptsYellowBlueRedIs the color ofgold, butter andripe lemons.Is the colour ofthe clear sky andthe deep sea.Is the color ofblood, dangerand courage.YellowBlueRedIs the color ofgold, butter andripe lemons.Is the colour ofthe clear sky andthe deep sea.Is the color ofblood, dangerand courage.31

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volunteering with the Penn Rotaract Club At the Wharton Sports Business Initiative where my Wharton GRC friends and I participated case competition held by Deloitte Right: info session by a Wharton Club called Wharton Leadership Ventures. 12 School Hurrah Official Orientation talk held

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