NC Fiberglass Cooling Tower

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NC fiberglass cooling towerM O R E CA PAC I T Y. M O R E VA L U E .

Marley is raising theindustry bar – again.Sacrifice nothingIf you’re looking for maximum value in apackage cooling tower, look no furtherthan the NC Fiberglass from Marley.After all, why sacrifice productivity forvalue when you can have both with theNC Fiberglass?Highest efficiencyAll that capacity is achieved with even less power –lowering operation costs and energy usage – with moremodels meeting ASHRAE90.1 and China efficiencies thanany other manufacturer.Smaller profileIncreasing capacity and efficiency typically meansincreasing size. Not with the new Marley NC Fiberglass.Many models are the same or smaller footprint than before.In addition, there is a 100 to 400mm height reduction fromprevious comparable models, saving costs for architecturalwalls and enclosures.

With higher capacity and efficiency withina smaller footprint, the NC will reduce costsfor an even wider array of applications.More applicationsThe NC has the right combination of increasedefficiency and reduced footprint to bring theperformance of a crossflow cooling tower tomore applications than ever before.Marley reliabilityAs a recognized leader in product quality, thegreatest value of all might just be the name on theside. Our reputation, our service and our 87-yearhistory of excellence deliver the peace of mind that comesfrom knowing you’ve made a quality choice.Now, more than ever, value is important whenlooking for the best cooling solution. The latest generationNC Fiberglass from Marley delivers more value than everbefore.Is the Marley NC right for your application?The best way to see if a Marley NC Fiberglass suits yourneeds is to have us run a complimentary product matchanalysis of your specific installation or plans. You can do ityourself or contact your local Marley sales representative.Find out at the key specs you’re working with, and make yourown selection.

The NC is redefiningcrossflow cooling towers.

The perfect fit makes all the difference.See how the best gets even better. There’s a Marley NC that’sideal for your application.Industry-leading features andoptions of the Marley NC. D rift rates as low as .0005% of design flowrate are available on many standard models –the lowest drift rates of any standard crossflowconfiguration. M arley horizontal control inlet valves. Pro-videsa continuing means of flow-regulation betweenhot water basins – and between cells ofmulticell towers as well. O ptional gear drive – the Marley Geareducer is now available on all models. L argest selection of options and accessories.Select and customize your NC with a largeselection of optional features. T he most CTI-certified low-sound options, withlow-sound fans standard on all NC models.ModelsCapacity 23568336888***Two-story modular cells**Velocity recovery fan cylinders required on some models in this box sizeLW1372 *H

The Marley NC sets the standardon certifications and standards.The NC has codes andcertifications covered.CTI, ASHRAE, ASCE, OSHA, ACOP L8,China GB7, Eurovent, ISO, BSI, etc. – the NCis covered with the codes you need now and forthe future. Plus, we have more models meetingthe China efficiency standards than ever before.And all models are ASHRAE 90.1 compliant.See increased value from thevery beginning. A ffordable performance – delivered when you needit, wherever you need it. Ease of installation. 92 years in the businesshave taught us to streamline the installationprocess and

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to certify that the location of the cooling tower is in compliance with applicable air pollution, fire and clean air codes. Fiberglass construction brings the classic Marley Aquatower into the 21st century. This Aquatower combines the proven cooling tower technology of the Aquatower with the proven corrosion resistance of fiberglass.

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