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NC 8400 cooling tower M O R E CA PAC I T Y. M O R E VA L U E .

Marley is raising theindustry bar – again.Sacrifice nothingIf you’re looking for maximum value in apackage cooling tower, look no furtherthan the NC from Marley. After all, whysacrifice productivity for value when youcan have both with the Marley NC?Highest capacityMore fully assembled, CTI-certified, deliverable tons ofcooling than any other package cooling tower on themarket. The NC makes it easier to cool larger applicationswith more value and shorter installation times.Highest efficiencyAll that capacity is achieved with even less power– lowering operation costs and energy usage –accomplishing ASHRAE 90.1 efficiencies up to sixtimes more than required.Smaller profileIncreasing capacity and efficiency typically meansincreasing size. Not with the Marley NC. Mostmodels are the same or smaller footprint than before.In addition, there is a 30 to 60cm height reductionfrom previous comparable models, saving costs forarchitectural walls and enclosures.

With higher capacity and efficiency withina smaller footprint, the NC will reduce costsfor an even wider array of applications.More applicationsThe NC has the right combination of increasedefficiency and reduced footprint to bring theperformance of a crossflow cooling tower tomore applications than ever before.Marley reliabilityAs a recognized leader in product quality, thegreatest value of all might just be the name on theside. Our reputation, our service and our 90-yearhistory of excellence deliver the peace of mind thatcomes from knowing you’ve made a quality choice.Now, more than ever, value is important whenlooking for the best cooling solution. The NCfrom Marley delivers more value than ever before.Is the Marley NC right for your application?The best way to see if a Marley NC suits your needs is to haveus run a complimentary product match analysis of your specificinstallation or plans. You can do it yourself or contact your localMarley sales representative.Find out at the key specs you’re working with, and make yourown selection.

The NC is redefining crossflowpackage cooling towers.See increased value from thevery beginning. L ower shipping costs and global availability.Affordable performance – delivered when youneed it, wherever you need it. Ease of installation. 90 years in the businesshave taught us to streamline the installationprocess and to anticipate the installationneeds for numerous applications.Softork MC Coupling Standard low-sound – high-efficiency axial fanOptional easy fit guardrails and safety cage5-year maintenance-free System 5 Geareducer The System 5 Geareducer requires no oilchanges for a full five years – the lowestmaintenance requirements in the industry. Softork MC Coupling absorbs excessiveshock loads at start-up – forgives minormisalignment between the motor andGeareducer. Specifically designed forVFD applications and cooling towers. The standard low-sound, high-efficiencyaxial fan has adjustable-pitch fan bladesto permit maximum utilization of ratedhorsepower – allowing field adjustmentsto optimize performance. E asy fit guardrail and safety cage option forquick, hassle-free field installation.

The perfect fit makes all the difference.Industry-leading features andoptions of the Marley NC. I mproved efficiency and increased capacity:At its largest capacity, the Marley NC has theability to deliver more tons of cooling than anyother package cooling tower on the market, ashigh as 1439 tons in a single unit. Drift rates as low as .0005% of design flowrate are available on many standard models –the lowest drift rates of any standard crossflowconfiguration. A ir inlet screen horizontal orientation. Byremoving just the lower screen, completeaccess to the collection basin is available.Just one more way the new NC is easierto maintain. O ptional belt drive – the choice is yours.Choose the belt drive for all models up to45 kW. L argest selection of options and accessories.Select and customize your NC with the mostoptional features of any factory-assembledcooling tower.See how the best gets even better. There’s a Marley NC that’sideal for your –1439423568336888***Two-story modular cells**Velocity recovery fan cylinders required on some models in this box size T he most CTI-certified low-sound options, withlow-sound fans standard on all NC models.LW1372 **H

The Marley NC sets the standardon certifications and standards.More Factory Mutual approvedfeatures than ever.We’ve added more FM options than ever before,including high wind load applications. The NC willhelp bring more affordable operation insurance formission-critical facilities and lower the cost forFM customers. What’s more, Marley is still the onlymanufacturer to provide an FM-approved single-cellcrossflow cooling tower.The NC has codes andcertifications covered.CTI, ASHRAE, ASCE, OSHPD, OSHA, ACOP L8,IBC, FBC, FM, China GB7, Eurovent, ISO, BSI, etc. –the NC is covered with the codes you need nowand for the future. Plus, we have more modelsmeeting the China efficiency standards than everbefore. And all models are ASHRAE 90.1 compliant.

The new NC is greener, too.Greater energy efficiency is just the beginningof the green story. The NC employs watersaving strategies to help achieve sustainablebuilding goals. Being green can do more than helpwith LEED projects – it can boost yourbottom line.Simply put, the NC from Marley is a packagecrossflow cooling tower like no other.

Marley NC 8400additional NC COOLING TOWEROther SPX COOLING TECHNOLOGIES productspublicationsSPX Cooling Technologies offers a full line ofindustry leading products – with exceptional supportand innovation designed to help you get the most outof your cooling process. Take a look at these otherMarley products at further information about theNC cooling tower – including engineeringschematics, data, layout requirements andmore – download these NC publicationsand others at P E C I F I CAT I O N SE N G I N E E R I N G DATANC 8400 steelNC 8400 stainless steelMarley NC alphaMarley MD 5000Marley AVMarley AquatowerC O O L I N G TOW E RC O O L I N G TOW E RS P L A S H - F I L L C O O L I N G TOW E RC O U N T E R F LOW C O O L I N G TOW E RC R O S S F LOW C O O L I N G TOW E RC R O S S F LOW C O O L I N G TOW E REngineering DataSpecificationsMarley NC AlphaSplash-FillCooling TowerMarley MDCooling TowerS PX C O O L I NG T E C HN O LO G I E S M A L AYS I A S DN BHDUNIT 505, BLOCK B, PHILEO DAMANSARA 2NO. 15 JALAN 16/11 OFF JALAN DAMANSARA46350 PETALING JAYA, MALAYSIAP: 60 3 7947 7800F: 60 3 7947 7999spxcooling.asiapacinfo@spx.comspxcooling.comIn the interest of technological progress, all products are subject to design and/or material change without noticeISSUED 08/2014 sea NC-14COPYRIGHT 2014 SPX CorporationMarley AV SeriesCooling TowerMarley AquatowerCooling Tower

Marley aquatower Cooling tower Marley AV CROSSFLOW COOLING TOWER Marley Aquatower CROSSFLOW COOLING TOWER aNDDitiO aL NC COOLiNG tOWEr PUbLiCatiONS For further information about the NC cooling tower – includ

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