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CryoTec Series

Made in HollanAll JLA Products are designed, engineered and assembled in the Port ofRotterdam, Europe’s largest Port.


Loading Technologiesfor Cryogenic productsCryogenic products are liquids with extreme lowtemperatures. JLA define liquids as Cryogenic liquidswhen they have boiling points below – 50 C.These low temperatures call for different measures.Cryogenic products require robust materials and designsthat can handle the wide temperature ranges. Moreoverthe Cryogenic applications require different safetymeasures. JLA have therefore developed a product linededicated for Cryogenic applications.This dedicated product line is suitable for Cryogenicproducts such as: LNG Ethylene Nitrogen And more.LNGJLA see a growing market for LNG loading facilities andidentify a growing need for state-of-the-art LNG loadingfacilities for storage and processing of LNG. Also themarket for bunkering of LNG as a fuel is asking for newstate-of-the-art Cryogenic Loading Facilities.It is therefore, that JLA have developed a product line tomeet this demand for state-of-the-art loading facilities. JLAcombined it’s expertise, gained in more than 30 years ofexperience, into this design.The JLA Cryogenic Products are characterized by A Supported structure A Cable-free design Minimum swivel joints in the product line Minimum downtime Easy maintenance A Minimum pressure dropLNGEthyleneNitrogen

Safety and ReliabilityExtreme low temperaturesThe extreme low temperatures and the huge differencebetween the ambient temperature and the temperatureof the cryogenic liquids brings along a unique set ofsafety challenges. JLA has made it theirduty to safeguardthe operators from harm while operating cryogenicloading facilities. , Measures to ensure personal andenvironmental safety form a key ingredient in every JLAdesign.Quality standardsIn order to meet the industry’s high standards on safetyand reliability, JLA test their equipment against norms andlevels even higher than the levels required in the petrochemical market.Beside the extreme temperatures, cryogenic liquidscan create dangerous situations when getting in directcontact with ambient temperatures. In order to protectthe operators and the environment, JLA incorporatedsafety measures in their designs to limit the risk of rapidexpansion of cryogenic liquids to a minimum.ReliabilityLoading facilities provided by JLA form a critical part in thevalue chain of their customers. It is of JLA’s utmost interestto assure reliability and be a certainty in the businessprocesses of their customers. Reliability and safety arefundamental to all JLA’s cryogenic technologies andequipment.Mimimum down-time, easy maintenance and a robustdesign are key features of the JLA designs.Flow AcademyIn our Flow Academy we train our engineers and customersthe ins-and-outs of the loading technology, the sciencebehind designing an innovative product and the reasonswe hold such high standards.

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Truck / Train(un)loadingShip-to-ShipBunkeringpage 20page 19

CryoTec Marine Loading ArmIn order to meet the global demand for cryogenic liquids, avast amount of storage terminals and plants require stateof-the-art loading facilities to load and unload cryogenicliquids from ships ranging from all sizes.JLA developed the CryoTec Marine Loading Arm, to providea safe and reliable solution for ship loading- and unloadingfacilities worldwide.The CryoTec is ideal for loading or unloading LNG, EthyleneNitrogen or any other cryogenic product.As a result of the high quality standards of JLA on safetyand reliability, the JLA CryoTec Marine Loading Solutionshave a Cable Free design with a minimum amount ofswivel joints. The design of CryoTec Marine LoadingSolutions are characterized by:-A Supported structureA cable-free designSingle counterweight balancingMinimum pressure dropJLA Ice fall of protectionEasy maintenanceCartrige type CryoTec swivel jointsDesigned for safety and convenienceGraphical representation that shows how the loadingarms are connected to the ship. Our PositioningMonitering System also shows the status of the hydraulicand electric systems.With our Position Monitering System the operator canensure a safe and reliable operation.

Design CryoTecSupported armsExtreme temperature differences cause expansion andshrinkage of the arms. The CryoTec loading arms arecompletely supported to ensure safety and durability.extreme cold temperatures (cryogenic)ambient temperaturesSmart Hydraulic MechanismIce fall off preventionThe CryoTec Smart Hydraulic Mechanism results insmoother operation and lower pivot loads.Working with extreme low temperature can cause thepiping of the loading arm to be covered with a thick layerof ice. The operator often works and walks under thesedynamic moving pipes. This can be very dangerous whenthe ice slowely starts to fall off.Our ice fall off protection makes sure all parts of the iceare caught in a special net that surrounds the piping,ensuring the safety of the operator.

Safe working platformsA safe working area with sufficient space for inspectionand maintenance for the swivel joint seals.Safety Integrity LevelSIL is defined as a relative level of risk-reductionprovidedby the safety components.JLA can deliver the critical components of the CryoTecseries as SIL1, SIL2 or SIL3.Cable free designOur marine loading arms use absolutely no cables andare therefore more practical, safe and durable.

Swivel JointThe swivel joints form the heart of our CryoTec MarineLoading Series, and allow them to freely follow the shipmovements.JLA has developed a unique swivel joint with cartridge typeball races, which can be easily replaced as a whole. Inorder to avoid the ball races to be frozen the ball races willbe nitrogen dried.The swivel joint is designed and tested according toEN1474, ISO16904:2013 and OCIMF’99Ultra High Molecular Weigh PE SealStatic Back-up Product SealSecondary Dynamic Product SealNitrogen Dried Ball RaceDouble Ball RacesExternal Wiper SealCartridge Type Swivel Joint

Safe and reliableRobust stainless steel swivel joints with double ball race, doubleseal design, nitrogen dried ball races.Extra large bearing balls results in a low peak stress in the ball racesand a longer lifetime.UHMW-PE with Stainless Steel Spring Energized Seals.Nitrogen dried ball racesNitrogen is purged through all 6 swivel joints throughoutthe loading arm and monitored via an visual flow indicator.N2N2The swivel joints are protected from moisture.Working with extreme cold temperatures, any moisturecan become a blockade in the movement of the loadingarm.

ERSEmergency Release SystemJLA has developed its own EmergencyRelease System. The ERS ensures safedisconnection of the Marine Loading Armbefore the ship gets out of reach.2 Stage mechanic interlockWhen valves are open, the ERC cylinder isnot positioned above the ring. Therefore abreak is only possible when the valves areclosed.Energized compression springRemovable ERC leverFor having an ESD simulationwithout really breaking the ERC.Break pinTo avoid unintentional activation of theERC ring.When ESD-2 is in operation, the springmakes sure to break through any ice builtup.Automatic lower valve lockingWhen ESD is in operation, this systemmakes sure the lower valve can’t beopened without unarming the system.

QC/DCQuick Connect / DisconnectDavid Construction for blind flangeManouvre the blind flange safely to the side.Light weight blind flange with handlesThe design of the JLA QC/DC allows for selfalignment of the ship manifold flangeFor easy handling the blind flange.Rotation LimiterPrevents fall over at ERC break.Slewing DiveFor easy manoeuvre the TSA in front of the ship manifoldand following ship movements.QC / DCOur in-house QC / DC is developed toallow easy and hassle free connectionand disconnection to the ship.

Bunkering ArmsShore-to-ShipThe market demand for LNG as fuel is growing.Therefore bunkering facilities are required to store LNGfuel units and fuel ships with LNG.JLA has developed two basic lines for bunkering:-ship - to - ship Bunkeringshore - to - ship BunkeringThe cryogenic bunkering arms are provided with the JLAswivel joints and have the same quality standards onsafety and reliability as the CryoTec Marine Loading Arm.Since the throughput time of the bunkering is critical, JLAhave developed bunkering arms that are easy to operateand flexible to manoeuvre.

Bunkering ArmsShip-to-ShipWith the JLA ship- to- ship bunkering arm, the ships donot have to moor at a LNG bunker terminal and theycan save time by receiving LNG from a bunkering shipequipped with a JLA bunker arm.Main CryoTec Bunkering Hose Loading Armcharacteristics:-Supported structureCable-free designA minimum of four swivel joints in the product lineMinimum pressure dropJLA ice fall off protectionContainer protectionMinimum downtimeEasy maintenanceMinimum pressure drop

Truck / Train (un)loadingJLA apply the same principles and quality standards to thecryogenic loading arm for Truck and Trains, as are appliedto the CryoTec Marine Loading Arm and the Bunker Arm.Most LNG trains and trucks are loaded and unloaded fromthe bottom of the vehicle.JLA combined the robust features of the CryoTec with theflexibility from the JLA Bunker Loading Arm for shore-toship.JLA cryogenic truck and train loading arm arecharacterized by:-Supported structureFlexible reach of the hoseOnly four JLA swivel joints are requiredSide and rear loadingWith the flexible configuration for the JLA loading arm thetrucks and trains can be loaded from both the side as fromthe rear.

After Sales ServiceJLA’s added value does not stop after design and deliveryof the equipment. JLA can take on the entire project fromthe engineering up to commissioning and start-up. JLA’sservice does not even stop there, with their global forceof service engineers and local sales offices, JLA are readyto advise and support their customers throughout the lifecycle of the JLA equipment.JLA services are characterized by:-24/7 call out serviceDelivery of spare partsKeep spare parts on stockPreventive Maintenance Inspections (PMI)Scheduled repair after PMIAccessories on existing equipmentRevisionUnscheduled breakdown maintenanceTotal Overhaul; On-site or in JLA Work shopUpgrade modificationThe JLA service is coordinated from our different hubs, andthe local sales offices and representatives provide directand local vocal points for all your questions and inquiries.Headquartered in The Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.Our HUB offices are located in Belgium, Germany and SaudiArabia and Mexico.JLA is represented globally in Belgium, Germany, Singapore,Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines, Myanmar, SouthKorea, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Tunesia, Nigeria,South-Africa and Uruguay,.24/7Call out serviceFor more information please visit our website atjla-loadingarms.comTotalOverhaulOn-site or in JLA WorkshopPMIPreventive MaintenanceInspections

JLA Sales Offices and WorkshopsRepresentation

AddressKoningin Wilhelminahaven Z.Z. 183134 KG VlaardingenThe NetherlandsContact informationTelephone: 31(0)10 248 5800Email: info@jla-loadingarms.comWebsite:

of-the-art loading facilities to load and unload cryogenic liquids from ships ranging from all sizes. JLA developed the CryoTec Marine Loading Arm, to provide a safe and reliable solution for ship loading- and unloading facilities worldwide. The CryoTec is ideal for loading or unloadi

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