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Get the HiSET testing experience Answer questions developed by the test maker Find out if you’re ready for the actual subtestMathematicsHiSET Exam Free Practice Test FPT – 7hiset.ets.orgReleased 2017

Copyright 2017 by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved. ETS, the ETS logo and HiSET are registeredtrademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS). MEASURING THE POWER OF LEARNING is a trademark ofETS. Test items copyright 2001, 2003, 2007 by The University of Iowa. All rights reserved. Used under license fromHoughton Mifflin Harcourt. THE IOWA TESTS is a registered trademark of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt PublishingCompany. Test items from Iowa Testing Programs copyright 2017 by The University of Iowa. All rights reserved.

MathematicsDirectionsTime 45 minutes25 QuestionsThis is a test of your skills in applying mathematical concepts and solving mathematical problems.Read each question carefully and decide which of the five alternatives best answers the question. Thenmark your choice on your answer sheet.There are relatively easy problems scattered throughout the test. Thus, do not waste time on problemsthat are too difficult; go on, and return to them if you have time.Work as quickly as you can without becoming careless. Try to answer every question even if you haveto guess.Mark all your answers on the answer sheet. Give only one answer to each question.If you decide to change one of your answers, be sure to erase the first mark completely.Be sure that the number of the question you are answering matches the number of the row of answerchoices you are marking on your answer sheet. The answer sheet may contain more rows than youneed.

What are the zeros of the function2f (x) x 2x 24 ?A. 8 and 3B. 6 and 4C. 4 and 6D. 3 and 8E. 2 and 242What is the sum of5x 2 3x 7 and 12x 12?A. 5x 2 15x 52B. 5x 15 x 19C. 17x 2 3x 5D. 17x 2 15x 12E. 20x 4 5Unauthorized copying or reuse of any part of this page is illegal.153Aisha has 100 saved from her job. She wants tobuy as many charms for her bracelet, at 4 eachand earrings at 5 per set, as she can withoutspending all of her money. The inequalityrepresents her spending, where x is the numberof charms and y is the number of sets ofearrings.4x 5y 100Which ordered pair (x, y ) represents acombination of charms and earrings Aisha canbuy?A. (16, 8)B. (15, 8)C. (9, 13)D. (6, 15)E.(5, 16)GO O N

4Which of the following graphs represents the relationship betweenx and y if y always increases as x increases?A. I and IV onlyB. I and III onlyC. III and IV onlyD. I , III , and IV onlyE. I , II, III , and IVA restaurant is at 75 percent capacity with120 patrons. How many people are in therestaurant when it is at 100 percent capacity?A.90B. 120C. 160D. 200E. 2806Several students are going to ride their bikesfrom the city park to Lake Kegonsa, a distanceof 25 miles. They will ride at an average rate of10 miles per hour. What is the latest time theycan leave the park in order to arrive at the lakeby 11 A.M.?A. 7:30A.M.B. 8:00A.M.C. 8:30A.M.D. 9:00A.M.E. 9:30A.M.Unauthorized copying or reuse of any part of this page is illegal.567Ms. Lund placed a 7-foot ladder against a wallwith the base of the ladder 4 feet (ft.) away fromthe wall. She decided that a different, 10-footladder needed to be used. If Ms. Lund wants thelonger ladder to rest against the wall at the sameangle as the shorter ladder, about how far awayfrom the wall should she place its base?A.5.7 ft.B.6.0 ft.C.7.0 ft.D.8.1 ft.E. 17.5 ft.GO O N

The graphs below show the total value (in U.S.dollars) of the imports and exports of Country Wwith its only three trade partners, Countries X, Y,and Z, in a recent year.8What percent of Country W’s total imports wasfrom Country X?A. 20B. 25C. 33D. 40E. 50Unauthorized copying or reuse of any part of this page is illegal.Question 8 refers to the following information.79What is the solution to 3x 2 2x 4 0 ?A. x 1 i 113B. x 1 i 113C. x 1 2i 113D. x E. x 1 1331 i 133GO O N

An artist has all her paintings framed with a3-inch-wide border. She has a painting to beframed that is 1 foot by 1.5 feet.Which of the following measurements representsthe perimeter of the painting with the border?A. 2.5 feetB.3 feetC.5 feetD.6 feetE.7 feet11It takes 1 bag of chocolate chips to make72 cookies. How many bags does it take to make18 dozen cookies?A.2B.3C.4D.6E. 36Unauthorized copying or reuse of any part of this page is illegal.10812Each time a coin is flipped, it has a 50% chanceof landing on heads and a 50% chance oflanding on tails. The coin will be flipped3 times. What is the probability it will land ontails all 3 times?A.18B.16C.14D.13E.1213An electronics store offers to finance thepurchase of any single item with zero interest forone year, with a down payment of 60. The restof the purchase price will be split evenly intofour quarterly payments. Which of the followingequations represents the relationship between theamount, a dollars, of each quarterly paymentand the purchase price, s dollars, of an itemunder this offer?A. a s 604B. a s 604C. a s 604D. a 4s 60E. a 4s 60GO O N

Let g(x) x 2 1. What is the average rate ofchange of the function from x 3 to x 6?A.19B. 2C.83D.358E. 915Which expression gives the distance betweenpoint S and point T ?A.10 2 112B.62 32C.42 7 2D.22 8 2E.22 12Unauthorized copying or reuse of any part of this page is illegal.14916Melody is making a spinner with a 12-inchdiameter for a game. She will divide thefollowing spinner into sections.What is the area, in square inches, of section C?A. 144pB.36pC. 4.5pD. 3.2pE. 0.8pGO O N

A lighting designer created a program for theopening of a stage show. When the show starts,10 lights are on. Every 30 seconds, 1 more lightcomes on. If t is time in minutes and L is thenumber of lights that are on, which function bestmodels the number of lights that are on aftert minutes of the stage show?1A. L t 102B. L 2t 10C. L 30t 10D. L 10t 12E. L 10t 3018A radio station ordered hats and coffee mugs togive away as prizes. A total of 1,000 of theseitems were ordered, and 3 times as many coffeemugs were ordered as hats. In which equationdoes h represent the number of hats ordered?A. h 1,000(3)B. h 1,000(4)C. h 1,0002D. h 1,0003E. h 1,0004Unauthorized copying or reuse of any part of this page is illegal.171019Volunteers are needed to do a total of 60 hoursof work at a concert. The shortest volunteer shiftis 2 hours, and the longest is 3 hours. Whichinequality shows v, the number of volunteersneeded?A. 20 v 30B. 20 v 30C. 20 v 30D. 20 v 30E. 20 v 3020Jenna bought some apples for 1.25 per poundand some avocados for 4 per pound. Altogether,she spent 14.25 for 7 pounds of apples andavocados. What is the total number of pounds ofavocados Jenna bought?A. 1B. 2C. 3D. 4E. 5GO O N

Khalid is 56 years old. Cathleen is 6 years olderthan Brody. The sum of Cathleen’s and Brody’sages is half Khalid’s age. How old is Cathleen?A. 62B. 34C. 22D. 17E. 11Unauthorized copying or reuse of any part of this page is illegal.211122A backpack is on sale for 25% off. After thediscount is taken, a 7% sales tax is applied. Ifthe original price of the backpack is p, whichequation represents the final cost, c, in dollars, ofthe backpack?A. c p(0.25)B. c p(1.07)C. c p(0.25)(0.07)D. c p(0.75)(0.07)E. c p(0.75)(1.07)GO O N

A newspaper published the table below. It showsa sample of the daily wages paid by 5 localfactories. Each factory reported the wages of5 workers.FactoryAFactoryBFactoryCFactoryDFactoryE 140 130 100 200 160 160 220 300 210 200 200 120 250 205 150 190 150 180 220 170 180 140 190 220 19023What is the median daily wage reported byFactory D?A. 200B. 210C. 205D. 220E. 21124The worker at Factory A who made 180 perday received a raise and now makes 195 perday. If this value were changed in the table, howmuch would the average wage increase forFactory A as a result of this raise?A. 3.00B. 3.50C. 15.00D. 26.50E. 39.00Unauthorized copying or reuse of any part of this page is illegal.Questions 23 and 24 refer to the followinginformation.1225Lydia and Claudia have the same number ofcharms in their collections. Lydia started with6 charms and bought 3 more packs. Claudiastarted with 9 charms and bought 2 more packs.If each pack had x charms, which equation canbe used to find x?A. x (2 3) (6 9)B. x 6 3 9 2C. 6x 3 9 x 2D. 3x 2x 6 9E. 3x 6 2 x 9


HiSET Answer Key and RationalesSequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty1BIV. Algebraic ConceptsMediumRationalef (x) x 2 2x 24Option B is correct because f (x) (x 6)(x 4)x 6 0 or x 4 0x 6 or x 4SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty2AIV. Algebraic ConceptsEasyRationaleOption A is correct because 5x 2 3x 7 12 x 12 (5) x 2 (3 12) x ( 7 12) 5x 2 15 x 5.SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty3DI. Numbers and Operations on NumbersMediumRationale4(6) 5(15) 100Option D is correct because 24 75 10099 100SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty4AIV. Algebraic ConceptsMediumRationaleOption A is correct because graph I keeps rising from left to right and so does graph IV .Unauthorized copying or reuse of any part of this page is illegal.14

SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty5CI. Numbers and Operations on NumbersMediumRationale75100 xOption C is correct because 12075x 12,000x 160SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty6CI. Numbers and Operations on NumbersMediumRationaleOption C is correct because 25 miles need to leave would be 8:301 hour 2.5 hours; 11: 00 2: 30 8: 30. So the time they would10 milesA.M.SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty7AII. Measurement/GeometryHardRationale710 x4Option A is correct because7x 40x ª 5.7SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty8BI. Numbers and Operations on NumbersMediumRationale40 80 40 1601Option B is correct because 40 0.25 25%1604Unauthorized copying or reuse of any part of this page is illegal.15

SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty9BIV. Algebraic ConceptsHardRationalex ( 2) ( 2)2 4(3)(4)2 (3 )2 4 4862 44Option B is correct becausex 62 2 i 11x 61 i 11x 3x SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty10EI. Numbers and Operations on NumbersMediumRationalelength 1.5 feet 3 inches 3 inches 1.5 feet 6 inches1 foot6 inches 0.5 foot12 incheslength 1.5 feet 0.5 footlength 2.0 feetOption E is correct because width 1 foot 6 incheswidth 1.5 feetpppp 2l 2w2(2 feet) 2(1.5 feet)4 feet 3 feet7 feetUnauthorized copying or reuse of any part of this page is illegal.16

SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty11BI. Numbers and Operations on NumbersMediumRationale18 dozen 12 2161 dozenOption B is correct because 72 216x172x 216x 3SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty12AIII. Data Analysis/Probability/StatisticsEasyRationaleOption A is correct because 50% 11 1 11and .22 2 28SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty13AIV. Algebraic ConceptsMediumRationaleOption A is correct because the amount paid, a, each quarter is equal to the purchase price, s, lesss 60.60 dollars divided by four equal payments, or a 4SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty14EIV. Algebraic ConceptsMediumRationaleOption E is correct because using g(x) x 2 1 from x 3 to x 6, then g(3) 32 1 8 and35 827 9.g(6) 62 1 35.6 33Unauthorized copying or reuse of any part of this page is illegal.17

SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty15BII. Measurement/GeometryMediumRationaleOption B is correct because there are 6 horizontal units between S and T. There are 3 vertical unitsbetween S and T. Therefore, the distance between S and T is calculated using the Pythagorean Theorem,ST 2 62 32. Solving for ST, ST 62 32 units.SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty16CII. Measurement/GeometryMediumRationale45p (6)2360 451 1 . So 1Option C is correct because 45 is of a circle 3608 8 p (36)8 4.5pSequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty17BIV. Algebraic ConceptsHardRationaleOption B is correct because the show started with 10 lights. That would be the y-intercept of the equation.The rate is 1 light per 30 seconds, which is equivalent to 2 lights per minute. Knowing the rate and they-intercept, the equation of the line can be written as y mx b , or L 2t 10.SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty18EIV. Algebraic ConceptsHardRationaleOption E is correct because the total number of prizes was 1,000, so h c 1,000. Since there are 3 timesas many coffee mugs as hats, c 3h. Substituting into the first equation, the equation becomes1,000h 3h 1,000. This results in 4h 1,000 or h .4Unauthorized copying or reuse of any part of this page is illegal.18

SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty19EIV. Algebraic ConceptsHardRationaleOption E is correct because if everyone worked 2 hours, then vT 60, or v(2) 60,or v 30. If everyone worked 3 hours, then vT 60, or v(3) 60, or v 20.So the inequality representing the number of volunteers would be 20 v 30.SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty20BIV. Algebraic ConceptsMediumRationaleOption B is correct because if P represents the number of apples and V represents the number of1.25P 4.00V 14.25125P 400V 1,425P V 7P 7 Vavocados, then125(7 V ) 400V 1,425875 125V 400V 1,425275V 550V 2SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty21DIV. Algebraic ConceptsMediumRationaleOption D is correct because if Cathleen’s age is C, Brody’s age is B, and Khalid’s age is 56, then2B 6 282B 221B 11C B 6, and C B (56) so substituting in for C,C B 62C 11 6C 17Unauthorized copying or reuse of any part of this page is illegal.19

SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty22EIV. Algebraic ConceptsHardRationaleOption E is correct because 25% off the original price, p, is equivalent to 75% p, or 0.75 p . The tax onthe backpack is 7% of the new price or 0.07(0.75p). Therefore, the cost of the backpack, including thediscount and tax, should be c 0.75p 0.07(0.75 p), orc 1.07(0.75p), or c p(0.75)(1.07).SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty23BIII. Data on B is correct because if the values are written in order, the result is 200, 205, 210, 220, 220. Then themiddle number is chosen for the median, which is 210.SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty24AIII. Data on A is correct because an increase of 15 in the total daily wages of the workers divided equally bythe 5 workers results in the average increasing by 3.SequenceNumberCorrectResponseContent CategoryQuestion Difficulty25EIV. Algebraic ConceptsMediumRationaleOption E is correct because if Lydia started with 6 charms and increased the number of charms by xcharms per package times 3 packages, Lydia now has 3x 6 charms. For the same reason, Claudia now has2x 9 charms. Since the two people have the same number of charms, 3x 6 2x 9.Unauthorized copying or reuse of any part of this page is illegal.20



Get the HiSET testing experience Answer questions developed by the test maker Find out if you’re ready for the actual subtest Mathematics HiSET Exam Free Practice

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