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The HiSET ProgramDouglas GarciaSenior ManagerETS HiSET ProgramCopyright 2018 by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved. ETS, the ETS logo, MEASURING THE POWEROF LEARNING and HISET are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS). All other trademarks areproperty of their respective owners.

Agenda HiSET OverviewHiSET Fees and Test Center CostsThe HiSET ExamTesting AccommodationsScoringTranscripts and HSE CredentialsTest PreparationCustomer Service2

HiSET OverviewAbout ETS and the HiSET ProgramWhy HiSET?The HiSET Test at a Glance

About ETS Non-profit research and assessmentorganization with over 70 years of experienceand expertise Develop, administer and score 50 million testsin over 180 countries each year SAT and PSAT AP CLEP GRE NAEPPraxis Assessments4

About the HiSET Program Developed in partnership with states and adulteducators Aligns with the College- and Career-ReadinessStandards (CCRS) for Adult Education releasedby the Office of Career, Technical and AdultEducation in April 2013 Recognized by employers, higher educationsinstitutions and federal and state agencies Testing started in 2014 Currently adopted in 28 states and territories5

The HiSET Program Landscape5 PACIFIC ISLANDSAMERICAN SAMOAGUAMMARSHALL ISLANDSNORTHERN MARIANASPALAU23 STATES TOTAL 7 HISET ONLY STATES 16 MULTI-VENDOR STATESCopyright 2016 by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved. ETS, the ETS logo, WORK2CAREER and HiSET are registered trademarks of EducationalTesting Service (ETS). MEASURING THE POWER OF LEARNING is a trademark of ETS. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. 339696

National HiSET Testing VolumesOver 1 million HiSET tests deliveredNational battery pass rate: 76.5% Over 56,000 testers completed with over 42,000 passers in 2017HiSET pass rate by subtest: Math – 76% Science- 84% Social Studies – 88% Reading – 83% Writing – 80%Data from the 2017 Annual Statistical Report on the HiSET Exam annual statistical report.pdf7

Historical HiSET Testing Volumes2014201520162017National Data# Tested44,62361,60078,41085,214# Completed37,87147,77557,12256,006Completion Rate84.9%77.6%72.9%65.7%Passing Rate75.1%74.7%81.5%76.5%Data from the 2017 Annual Statistical Report on the HiSET Exam annual statistical report.pdf8

Why HiSET? Flexibility Paper- or computer-based format Spanish or English Familiar single response, multiple-choice testquestions and answers Exceptional customer service Test takers Testing accommodations Test center support Affordability Reasonable test fees Free and low-cost test prep materials9

HiSET Fees andTest Center CostsWhat’s Included in HiSET Fees2018 and 2019 FeesRescheduling, No Shows and Cancellations

What’s Included in HiSET FeesThere are no costs to test centers to offer the HiSETExam. The HiSET test fee covers: PBT materials and shipping to test centers Access to administrative and CBT software Scoring and reporting Testing accommodations Free online resources and practice tests Training Customer service and technical support Test center audits Marketing tools – posters, brochures, etc.11

2018 and 2019 HiSET Test Fees2018HiSET Subtest FeeHiSET Retest Fee2019CBT or PBTCBTPBT 10 10.75 15Up to two retest attempts are included in subtest feeif taken within 12 months of the date of purchase.Test Center fees may apply.Optional Telephone Registration (one‐time, first call‐in) 10Optional Score Verification (each test verified) 25Optional Reschedule (first time free, fee applies to anyadditional reschedules) 10Test center and state administration fees may apply12

The HiSET Exam

Test Takers Registration14

Candidate Online Profile15

The HiSET exam tests studentsknowledge in: olege, Career And The FutureReadingWritingMathematicsScienceSocial Studies50 questions61 questions55 questions60 questions60 questions100% multiplechoice100% multiplechoice100% multiplechoice90 minutes80 minutes70 minutes100% multiplechoice65 minutes*Multiple Choice(60)Essay Question(1)120 minutesTotal Test Time: 7 Hours and 5 Minutes* 2019 Spanish Reading subtest time will be 80 minutes16

HiSET Test at a Glance Subtest detail Content Categoriesand approximate %of the test Process Categoriesand CategoryDescriptors Depth of KnowledgeLevels (DOK) CCRS in Reading,Writing and Math17

2019 Test at a Glance UpdatesDepth of Knowledge Levels detail added18

2019 Test at a Glance UpdatesContent Descriptors will include examplesFor example, Social Studies/History Particularly helpful for Science and Social Studieswhere common standards are not available19

Good To Know – ReadingThe Reading test includes a paired passage witha set of crossover or related questions on both. Paired passages and related questions assessthe tester’s ability to synthesize informationacross texts and genres. Currently, the Reading test is 60% literary textsand 40% informational texts. In 2019, this will flip – 60% informational textsand 40% literary texts.20

2019 Test Form Update – Reading21

Good To Know – WritingThe Writing test includes an argumentativeessay question. Testers are provided two opposing views on thesame topic Testers are required to take a position andsupport it with evidence from the text and theirown experience Minimum passing score on the essay is a 2,college and career ready indicator is achievedwith at least a 4 out of 6 on the essay22

Writing Essay Tips Write a fully developed essay supporting a positionwith relevant ideas and reasons Provide ideas and examples from the test taker’sexperience Avoid just repeating the provided texts Take a position on the issue however, there is no penalty for arguing the advantagesof both positions Do not depending solely or heavily on ideas from theprovided texts without additional explanation orinterpretation This can warrant a lower score The responder’s ability to express and supportIDEAS is the key focus23

Differences between a 2 and a 4Score Point: Amount of developmentClear organizationSelective use of evidence from the textsAddressing a counterclaimLanguage facilityFormal tone Use these HiSET Resources: Essay Scoring Guide, Writing Samples and Rubric forInstructors24

Good To Know – Mathematics The Math test is multiple-choice No gridded responses required Content tested includes: Numbers and Operations on Numbers Measurement/Geometry DataAnalysis/Probability/Statistics Algebraic Concepts Thoroughly review the Math section of the Testat a Glance to understand the Process CategoryDescriptors and CCRS included in the Mathsubtest25

Formula Sheets A formula sheet is provided for the Math test The formula sheet is available on our website(English/Spanish): formula sheet.pdf formula sheet es.pdf Formulas not included on formula sheet:26

Calculators The Math test is calculator neutral the tester has an equal opportunity to pass the Mathtest with or without a calculator, regardless of themake and model Calculator is provided in the CBT test package;the test center provides a handheld calculatorfor PBT Scientific versus four function is a statedecision, as is make and model Testers CANNOT provide their own calculator27

Good To Know – Science and SocialStudies Science and Social Studies tests are strictlymultiple choice Require some background knowledge The Science content tested includes: Life Science Physical Science Earth Science The Social Studies content test includes: HistoryCivics/GovernmentEconomicsGeography28

TestingAccommodationsCommonly Approved AccommodationsRegistration and Accommodations for Test TakersExamples of Accommodations that Do Not RequirePrior Approval

Disability Accommodations Attention Deficit DisorderPsychological or psychiatric disordersLearning or other cognitive disabilitiesPhysical/chronic health disordersIntellectual disabilitiesHearing and vision stration/disabilities/30

Testing AccommodationsETS provides a wide variety of CBT or PBT accommodations.Test takers are welcome to request accommodations otherthan those listed.Commonly Approved PBT and CBT AccommodationsTesting Accommodationextended timeseparate roomtesting center location with wheelchair accessaudiocassette or other form of recorded audioLarge Printscreen magnificationcalculator/talking calculatorscribe or keyboard entry aideadditional supervised break timesign language-interpreted instructions for deaf orhard-of-hearing test takersPBT CBT 31

Accommodations that Do Not RequirePrior ApprovalProvided by ETS or Test Center: Large Print 14 pt. test booklet (ETS) Scratch paper (test center) Wheelchair access (test center)Provided by Test Taker: Colored overlays Straightedge Magnifying device (without memory)32

Requesting ements/disabilities/Request Form: request form.pdfDocumentation Policy tation/Scheduling ities/request33

ScoringScoring LevelsScore Reporting CycleComprehensive Score reportIndividual Score report

HiSET Scoring LevelsHigh School Equivalent (HSE) Score Minimum scaled score 8 of 20 on each subtest Minimum score of 2 on the essay Combined scaled score of 45 on entire batteryCollege and Career Readiness (CCR) Score Minimum of scaled score 15 of 20 on each subtest Minimum score of 4 on essay Performance level indicative of college entry into credit bearing coursesHighest Possible Scores 20 on each subtest; and 100 for entire battery35

ETS Provides High-Quality Score ReportingTest TakerMultiple ChoiceUp to 3Business DaysCredentialStateWriting ExamUp to 5 Business Days36



Transcripts andHSE CredentialsOfficial Transcripts and Credentials

Official Transcripts and Credentials ETS issues HiSET score report Access includes state, test center, test taker via theHiSET Portal Official transcripts and state high schoolcredential issued by the state40

HiSET CustomerServiceTest Administration ServicesOffice of Testing IntegrityTest Center Technical SupportTest Taker InquiresHiSET Disability Services

Test Administration ServicesContact Test Administration Services for supportand resolution of: Emergencies prior to and on the test date Clarification of test administration procedures Test center staffing Scheduling of test dates at your center, changeof address or examiner or administrator or anyother questions pertaining to your test center Uncertainty about which department to contact42

Test Administration ServicesContacting Test Administration ServicesMonday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. and Saturday:8:00a.m. – 5:00 p.m.Phone: 1-800-257-5123, option 3 for HiSETEmail:hisettas@ets.orgMail:ETS-HiSET Test Administration ServicesMail Stop 34-QEwing, NJ 08618 U.S.Fax: 1-609-771-771043

Office of Testing IntegrityContacting The ETS Office of Testing IntegrityFor all matters involving security of a test and/or test materials,contact the ETS Office of Testing Integrity Monday – Friday, 8:30a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Eastern TimePhone: 1-800-750-6991 or 1-609-406-5430All test days, -970944

Test Taker InquiriesContacting The ETS Test Taker Customer Service TeamContact Customer Service for support and resolution of testtaker questions or issues Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 8:00p.m.Phone:1-855-MyHiSET1-855-694-4738Recorded information is available 24 hours a day ifusing a touchtone phoneEmail:hiset@ets.orgWebsite: www.HiSET.ets.orgCopyright 2016 by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved. ETS, the ETS logo, WORK2CAREER and HiSET are registered trademarks of EducationalTesting Service (ETS). MEASURING THE POWER OF LEARNING is a trademark of ETS. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. 3396945

HiSET Disability ServicesContact for support and resolution ofaccommodations: Scheduling for test takers receivingaccommodations Questions regarding accommodations Emergencies prior to or on the test date for testtakers receiving accommodations Clarification of test administration proceduresfor tests being given with accommodations46

Disability Services Support47

Educator & TestTaker ResourcesHiSET ResourcesAssessing Readiness

HiSET Road Map for Instructors Understand the HiSET exam Build backgroundknowledge Develop fundamentalskills Assess readiness roadmap.pdf49

HiSET Resources for Educators Test at a Glance Essay Scoring Guide, Writing Samples Rubric for Instructors50

Assessing ReadinessPretest: Free Interactive Practice Tests at Free Practice TestsBenchmarks: Paid Practice Tests Series at test order form.pdf Official Guide to the HiSET Exam practice testsPost-test: Official Practice Test Series at order form.pdfPractice Test Reference GuideAre you Ready to Take the HiSET exam?51

Official Guide to the HiSET Exam52

HiSET Academy and OPT HiSET Academy Official Practice Test indigital format Purchased exclusivelythrough EssentialEducation Full battery or singletestsContact dan@essentialed.comto set up a demonstration!53

HiSET Curriculum BlueprintIncludes: CCRS Anchors Standards Essential InstructionalSkills HiSET Academy Lessons54

HiSET Test Prep Providers55

Thank YouFor additional informationcontact:Douglas GarciaSenior

Free online resources and practice tests Training . Test center audits Marketing tools –posters, brochures, etc. 11. 2018 and 2019 HiSET Test Fees Test center and state administration fees may apply 12 2018 2019 CBT or PBT CBT PBT HiSET Subtest Fee 10 10.75 15 . Good To Know –Writing

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