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P I P E R DY N A ST R E A ME F F I C I E N T TA N K E R M E T E R I N G ,SAMPLING & TRACEABILITYIncreasing Efficiencyat Every Point of the Journeywww.pipersystems.com

PIPER EFFICIENCYHi There,We’re Piper.Founded in 1994 in Wicklow, Ireland, Piper has beenworking in the Dairy industry for more than 25 years,making systems for metering and sampling milk.We operate internationally, suppling the world’sleading dairy-producing countries with technologythat streamlines the milk collection process.Our industry experience means that we knowthe importance of milk to your livelihood. Wemake sure we accurately measure, sampleand track every precious drop.What’s different about milk pickup usingPiper DynaStream? Our solution automatesparts of your process, eliminating delays andensuring you get the most from your resources.So, if your milk collection process deservesexpert attention, we can help. We fully understandthe complexity of your milk delivery process andwe’re with you every step of the way. .Over every single drop.

PIPER EFFICIENCYIncrease Efficiencywith Piper DynaStreamUsing the Piper DynaStream eliminates timeconsuming delays. The business case is simple.Your driver saves time on every pickup, allowingmany more pickups per day. Faster pickups meanbetter use of your resources, and real savings.Value forProducersValue forMilk HaulersValue for DairyCo-ops & Processors Time saving on collection No human erroron Weights Representative Samples Quality of life Safer conditionsfor drivers Fair PaymentAccurate WeightsReliable SamplesTraceabilityNo overflow ofcompartmentsTime saving on collectionAccurate Load WeightsValue for milk boughtTraceabilityBetter schedulingpotential Ability to plan production Consumer confidenceIncrease Efficiency withPiper DynaStreamTHE BENEFITS OF DYNASTREAMCUT DOWN AGITATION TIMEELIMINATE SETTLING TIMEELIMINATE DIP READINGELIMINATE MANUAL SAMPLINGELIMINATE PAPERWORKNO NEED TO CLIMB THE TANKTaking out steps in the milk assembly processmeans faster pickups, safety for drivers, and lessopportunity for human error. And these savingsare replicated on every farm pickup, so thereare big efficiency gains on multi-stop routes.

PRODUCTS SAMPLINGPRODUCTS DIRECT LOAD SYSTEMThe benefitsof choosing PiperPiper isgood for DriversSamplingAccuracyWe accurately measure milk weightsand temperatures during loading,using a flow meter. We record this dataelectronically, taking paperwork andhuman error out of the picture. ThePiper DynaStream has a demonstratedability to reliability and repeatabilityprovide weight accuracy within /- 0.2 %.The Piper variable speed technologysampler “VariStream” takes a representativesample over the entire load. This automatedsampler brings significant efficiency, qualityand reliability to the sampling process.No more waiting around for tanks to finishagitating and settle. And every single sampleis identified and traceable back to source.In tests our variable speed technology haseven shown the ability to take representativesamples from stratified milk. This ensuresaccurate sampling for fair payment.And what’s good for your process is also good foryour people. Drivers find the Piper system easy to use,and it makes their work easier and more productive:Using Piper DynaStream, you can makeyour milk pickups faster, more accurate,and safer, bringing you savings over everyprecious drop. No need to climb the tankReduced wait timeNo paperworkDriver safetyLess opportunity for errorDataTraceabilityPiper benefits go beyond just the pickupefficiencies. Collection data is available inreal time on the Piper Portal, allowing yourdispatch to map vehicles and payload tooptimise routing. This data can be used topay producers, and to help field staff withremote trouble shooting.There’s a big benefit to the milksupply chain too. The systemautomatically creates an electronicrecord of every pickup, stop, deliveryand CIP. This means no paperworkfor drivers, no human error, and easymonitoring and traceback. Giving youbetter process quality all along thevalue chain from Farm to Plant.Install andCommissioningWorking with and supporting your local installers,Piper engineers will conduct a step-by-step installationand rigorous commissioning program. We will test datatransfer, metering and representative sampling to ensurethat your system provides great quality results from the outset.We will work alongside your computer people to ensure youget the data you need, where and when you need it.ABOVE: A SCREEN FROM THE PIPER PORTAL

DYNASTREAM QUICK LOOK & KEY FEATURESPiper DynaStreamTechnical Information01020304050607Piper Air Eliminator AssemblyTemperature SensorProduct Detect ProbeMagnetic FlowmeterPressure Sensor*Centrifugal Pump*Priming Pump*08091011121314Ball Check ValvePiper VariStream SamplerAir Actuated ValveAir Actuated ValveCheck ValveAseptic Sampling PortPoint Level Detector*Piper can supply pumps, or work with your existing pumping technology, as requiredContact UsPiper Systems, Sunnybank Centre,Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, A98 C5P8T: 353 (0)1 282 9844e: sales@pipersystems.comBob GilchristPiper USA ConsultantT: 1 (518) 441 2261e: bob@pipersystems.comwww.pipersystems.com

Piper DynaStream Technical Information 01 Piper Air Eliminator Assembly 02 Temperature Sensor 03 Product Detect Probe 04 Magnetic Flowmeter 05 Pressure Sensor* 06 Centrifugal Pump* 07 Priming Pump* 08 Ball Check Valve 09 Piper VariStream Sampler 10 Air Actuated Valve 11 Air Actuated Valve

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