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PSoC Designer Release NotesVersion 5.4 SP1PSoC Designer Release NotesVersion 5.4 Service Pack 1Release Date: 4 March 2015Thank you for your interest in PSoC Designer. PSoC Designer is a complete Integrated DevelopmentEnvironment (IDE) for designing with PSoC 1 devices. This is the production release of PSoC Designer.This document describes the new features and changes since the previous release.ContentsContents . 1New Features, User Modules, and Device Support . 2Support for New CY8C20075 Device . 2Support for New CY7C64346 Device . 2Updated User Modules . 2Supported Tool Chains . 2ImageCraft Compiler (Standard and Pro versions) . 2User Module Changes . 3PSoC Designer Compatibility Matrix . 3Open Source . 4Internet Explorer 9 Installation . 4Installation . 4Minimum and Recommended Requirements . 4Update Instructions . 5Installation Notes . 5PSoC Designer CD Installation . 5Web Installation . 5System-level Design Users . 6Note to HI-TECH Compiler Users . 6PSoC Designer Known Problems and Limitations . 6Removed SD Card User Module . 6Restriction of pin-names . 6Further Reading . 6Customer Filed Defects Fixed . 8For More Information Regarding PSoC Development Tools . 10March 4, 2015-1-

PSoC Designer Release NotesVersion 5.4 SP1New Features, User Modules, and Device SupportThe following section details the new features released with PSoC Designer.Support for New CY8C20075 DeviceThis release provides support for the following new CY8C20075 devices:Marketing Part pport for New CY7C64346 DeviceThis release provides support for the following new CY7C64346 devices:Marketing Part pdated User ModulesThe following user modules have undergone significant upgrades:User Module NameDescriptionCSD2xSmartSense2XSmartSense2X EMCEzADCImproved operation of shorts detection, Cmod(*Rb)measurement, and Background scanning features.Fixed issues with compiler optimization.BootLdrI2CBootLdrI2C user module has been added to theCY8C20055 device family.ThermistorImproved the methods of temperature and resistancecalculation.Corrected the operation of the OffsetCompensationparameter and EzADC GetSamples API function.Supported Tool ChainsImageCraft Compiler (Standard and Pro versions)One of the following compilers is required for PSoC Designer 5.4 Service Pack 1.ICCV7 for M8C STD version 7.05.00ICCV8 for M8C PRO version 8.05.00March 4, 2015-2-

PSoC Designer Release NotesVersion 5.4 SP1User Module ChangesThe table below is the list of the user modules that were updated in this release. For detailed listing anddescriptions of the changes, see the version history tables in user module datasheets.VersionUser Module Name (Device Family)EzI2Cs (for CY8C20xx5/6/7 and enCoRe V devices)1.60BootLdrI2C (for CY8C20xx5/6/7 and enCoRe V devices)3.20CSD2X (for CY8C21x45 and CY8C22x45 artSense1.70SmartSense EMC1.40SmartSense EMCplus1.30SmartSense2x2.00SmartSense2x EMC2.00SPIS2.80Thermistor2.10TX8SW1.30PSoC Designer Compatibility MatrixPSoC Designer provides backward compatibility for projects created between PSoC Designer 4.4 andPSoC Designer 5.4 through the project update mechanism. The following table shows the projectcompatibility h 4, sYesYesYes-NoNoYesYesYesYesYesYes-3-

PSoC Designer Release NotesVersion 5.4 SP1“Yes” Projects can be opened with or updated to a later version.“No” Projects can neither be opened with nor updated to a later version.“-“ Not applicable – Projects created with the latest versions of PSoC Designer cannot be opened in itsolder versions.Open SourcePortions of this software package are licensed under free and/or open source licenses. Such free and/oropen-source software is subject to the applicable license agreement and not the Cypress licenseagreement covering this software package. The applicable license terms will accompany each sourcecode package. You may obtain the source code of such free and/or open-source software at no chargefrom this web site: Explorer 9 InstallationAfter installing PSoC Designer, if you update or install Internet Explorer 9, an issue may arise that willrequire a reinstallation of the SVG Viewer. PSoC Designer has implemented a runtime check that willwarn users if this error is found. To eliminate this error, please, perform the following actions.1) Navigate to the following web page and download the latest SVG Viewer: use the direct link for the English version of Adobe SVG vgviewer/win/3.x/3.03/en/SVGView.exe2) Run this installer following the instructions. Once the SVG Viewer has been re-installed, you willnot receive the runtime error message and PSoC Designer will function properly.Users with Internet Explorer 9 installed prior to PSoC Designer will not need to reinstall the SVG Viewer.CyInstaller updates the SVG Viewer during the installation.InstallationMinimum and Recommended RequirementsHardware/Operation System Requirements Processor Speed MB of RAM MB of Free Hard Drive Space Screen Resolution CD/DVD Drive* USB Windows XP (SP2 or higher), Vista, Windows 7,Windows 8, Windows 8.1Minimum2 GHz2 GB1.3 GB1024x768Not Req.Full Speed Recommended2 GHz Dual Core3 GB1.3 GB1280x1024 2.0 Hi-Speed Software Prerequisites ** Microsoft Internet Explorer .NET Framework Adobe Reader (for viewing PDF Documentation) Windows Installer PSoC ProgrammerMinimum72.0 SP163.13.22.0RecommendedMarch 4, 20159-4-

PSoC Designer Release NotesVersion 5.4 SP1* CD/DVD drive is only required for installation with no web access.** Software Prerequisites – To install and run PSoC Designer, you may also need to install additionalsoftware. Cypress Installer guides you through the process if the additional programs are not alreadyinstalled.Update InstructionsAs part of the installation process, the Cypress Update Manager utility is also installed and located on theStart menu. You can use this utility to update all the programs you have installed when updates for thembecome available.Follow the instructions provided with the tool.Installation NotesCypress uses the Live Update feature to simplify the installation process and to decrease a downloadsize. This process consists of a set of wizards that walk you through the installation. You can install PSoCDesigner and its various prerequisites from the web, but if you have issues with installing behind a firewallor on a machine with no internet connection, an ISO file is provided on the web to create your own CD.There are slight differences in the process, based on the medium used to install the software.The CD provides the necessary prerequisites and wizards to guide you through installing the appropriatesoftware. The following sections contain more specific installation details.Note Do NOT connect your Cypress programmers (Miniprog1, Miniprog3, etc) until all softwareinstallation is complete AND the PSoC Designer application is open.PSoC Designer CD InstallationThe PSoC Designer CD contains PSoC Designer and PSoC Programmer as well as variousprerequisites.1. Load the CD. The main installer program should run automatically. If not, double-click thecyautorun.exe file to launch it.2. On the main installer, click the Install the PSoC Designer 5.4 button to launch the PSoC DesignerInstallShield Wizard.3. Follow the prompts on the wizard. The CyInstaller for PSoC Designer opens and displays steps toinstall PSoC Designer.4. Click the hyperlink for any software that is not installed as indicated (such as, .NET, etc.). Run theinstaller for that program as needed.5. Continue following the prompts to install PSoC Designer.Web InstallationIf you are downloading the software from the web (, run the PSoCDesigner single package executable.1. Double-click the PSoC Designer executable file to launch the installer.2. If a non-Cypress prerequisite is missing (like .Net and Windows Installer, etc), a webpage with adownload link will pop up. Download and install the prerequisites. Run the installer of those programs asneeded.3. Follow the prompts to install PSoC Designer. The CyInstaller for PSoC Designer opens and displays aseries of steps to install PSoC Designer, and it will perform Cypress’s prerequisite checks and install theprerequisites like PSoC Programmer.March 4, 2015-5-

PSoC Designer Release NotesVersion 5.4 SP14. When complete, close the installerSystem-level Design UsersUsers who wish to continue developing system-level projects need to install PSoC Designer 5.0 SP6. Thesystem-level development has been removed from PSoC Designer. PSoC Designer 5.0 SP6 is providedon the PSoC Designer archives web page for any user interested in maintaining system-level projects,although creating new projects is no longer recommended. PSoC Designer 5.0 SP6 and PSoC Designer5.4 will coexist on the same machine allowing users to continue developing system-level designs anddesigning new chip-level designs with PSoC Designer.Note to HI-TECH Compiler UsersThe HI-TECH compiler is no longer supported by PSoC Designer. At your own risk, you may perform thefollowing instructions if you wish to enable your existing HITECH PRO license.You must manually update the psoc.ini file to add the device support before you can compile projects thatuse the new devices. The HI-TECH psoc.ini file is found in the HI-Tech installation folder. The defaultlocation of the psoc.ini is here:C:\Program Files\HI-TECH Software\HCPSOC\PRO\9.61\dat\psoc.iniThe default location of the replacement psoc.ini file that adds support for the new devices is here:C:\Program Files\Cypress\PSoC s\psoc.iniPSoC Designer Known Problems and LimitationsThe Knowledge Base Search web page contains solutions to known issues: 4&rtID 330.Removed SD Card User ModuleStarting from PSoC Designer 5.0 SP5, SD Card User Module is not supported.Restriction of pin-namesStarting from PSoC Designer 5.0, names of pins have a restriction – it is not allowed to use symbols andspaces in pin names except English letters and digits. Names of pins should start with a letter.Further ReadingThe documentation for PSoC Designer is provided with on-line help, which you can open from the Helpmenu or by pressing [F1]. There are numerous other documents under the Help- Documentation menu,including: IDE User Guide PSoC Designer Release Notes Updating boot.tpl file (update of BOOT.pdf) Project Update help (Version Update.pdf) ICE User Guide C Language Compiler User Guide Math Libraries User GuideMarch 4, 2015-6-

PSoC Designer Release NotesVersion 5.4 SP1 ImageCraft Release Notes Assembly Language Users Guide Hi-Tech to ImageCraft Migration guide User module and device datasheetsMarch 4, 2015-7-

PSoC Designer Release NotesVersion 5.4 SP1Customer Filed Defects FixedThe following table lists the customer filed defects that were fixed in this release:CY CDT#132902User Modules151831User Modules154815User Modules155730User Modules156695User Modules157825User Modules160269CompilerThe SmartSense2X User Moduledoes not work with enabledCondensation and Sublimation.160784User Modules161119User ModulesEzADC GetSamples(1) functiondoes not work if OffsetCompensation enabled.The PLT Start and PLT RestartAPI functions overwrite Port Data.161128User Modules161661Engine162070LinkerMarch 4, 2015CategoryTitleClarification is required on theDAC9 User Module update ratementioned in the datasheet.The E2PROM User Moduledatasheet states 511 flash blocksfor the 32 K device.Negative noise spikes in theCSDPLUS User ModuleRawCounts.CSD Start API functiondisconnects LUT1 from the globalbuses.The incorrect register map table inthe I2C Bootloader User Moduledatasheet.Bootloading does not workalthough the read status is 20h(sucess).No build error present if pins arenot assigned in the AMuxN UserModule’s Wizard.The wrong prototype is shown forthe ftoa() library function.The E2PROMx128 User Moduleoverwrites the user variable atRAM 0xF7.Fix and ImpactLimited the update rate of DAC9User Module in the datasheet to 54ksps.Corrected the number of flash blocksin the E2PROM User Moduledatasheet.Removed the negative RawCountsspikes if long interrupts are presentin the CSDPLUS User Module.Resolved the issue that CSD StartAPI disconnects theRow 0 Output 1 connections to theGlobal Output buses for CY8C21x12devices.Updated the description of the InitialStatus response registers in theBootLdrI2C User Module datasheet.Improved the algorithm that sets the"Relocatable code start address"parameter of the ImageCraftcompiler in the Bootloader UserModules.Resolved the issue with CapSenseUser Modules operation ifImageCraft compiler optimization isenabled.Corrected operation of theEzADC GetSamples API function inthe EzADC User Module.Updated the PLT User Moduledatasheet with the information howto control GPIO pins.Added build error if the AMuxN UserModule’s Wizard hasn’t been called.Corrected operation ofAutoComplete with the libraryfunctions.Removed the byte of RAM with the0x00F7 address from the RAMspace in devices with a 128-byteflash block.-8-

PSoC Designer Release NotesVersion 5.4 SP1CY CDT#163520CategoryTitleFix and ImpactUser ModulesThe sensor on P1[5] does not workwhen the Rb pin is at P14.164237CompilerA linker error only whenCondensation is enabled.170085EngineThe pinout window disappears ifsign "&" is typed.Corrected the masks of Data andDrive Mode Registers for the Rb pinin the CSD User Module forCY8C21xxx devices.Resolved the issue with CapSenseUser Modules operation ifImageCraft compiler optimization isenabled.Added verification if a pin namecontains a "&" symbol.170105User ModulesInsufficient flag operation in theEzI2C User Module.174423Engine174583User ModulesThe CPU usage increases up to100% when PSoC Designer isopened.Unable to assign pin P3[0] to thePWM8SW User Module’s output.179172User ModulesInclude inSPISINT.asm template.181513User ModulesThe TX8SW User Module start bitfailure.186084User Modules186849User Modules189502User ModulesThe CYFISNP Node User Moduleis not supported in theCYRF69103 device.An error when upgrading the I2CmUser Module from version 1.4 to2.00.RawCount overflows when a fingertouches the sensor.194554User Guide194998User Modules195800User ModulesMarch 4, 2015The usage to be correctedin the Arithmetic Librariesdocument.It is not possible to place thePWM8 user module in 3rd row.The COMP User Module’s Wizarddoes not appear for theCY8C24123A-24SXI device.Corrected the method of clearingstatus bits in the EzI2Cs SCR REGregister in the EzI2Cs User Moduleon CY8C20xx7 devices.Corrected operation ofAutoComplete with the "DS", "DSU"and "ASCIZ" Assembly types.Updated the PWM8SW User Moduledatasheet with the information howto assign any pin to the UserModule’s output.Included the file intoSPISINT.asm.Resolved the issue with incorrectgeneration of the start bit at low baudrates (4800 bps and lower) when theCPU clock is high (6 MHz andabove).Added support of CYRF69103devices for CYFISNP User Module.Resolved the issue with the I2CmUser Module upgrade from version1.4 to 2.00.Resolved the issue with RawCountsoverflow in the CSD User Module forCY8C21xxx devices.Corrected the description of theArithmetic Libraries usage inAssembly.Fixed placement configurations forPWM8 and PRS16 User Modules forCY8C28xxx devices.Corrected operation of the COMPUser Module’s Wizard on theCY8C24x23 devices.-9-

PSoC Designer Release NotesVersion 5.4 SP1CY CDT#196977CategoryUser ModulesAn error when importing an LDFfile into the LINs User Module.Corrected import operation of theLINs User Module’s Wizard.199496User ModulesA problem in upgrading PSoCDesigner from version 5.3 to 5.4.203300User ModulesSetIdacValue API does not work.Added the “Backward compatibility”description to the E2PROM UserModule datasheet.Corrected operation of SetIdacValueAPI in the CSD2X User Module forCY8C21x45 and CY8C22x45devices.TitleFix and ImpactFor More Information Regarding PSoC Development ToolsFor more information regarding PSoC Designer functionality and releases, please, review the user guideand release notes on the PSoC Designer web more information regarding PSoC Programmer, supported hardware, and COM layer, please, refer tothe PSoC Programmer web more information regarding Cypress’s new and exciting PSoC3, PSoC4 and PSoC5 products and thePSoC Creator development environment, please, refer to the PSoC Creator web a list of PSoC Designer-related trainings, please, refer 40543March 4, 2015- 10 -

PSoC Designer Release NotesVersion 5.4 SP1Cypress Semiconductor198 Champion Ct.San Jose, CA 95134-1709 USATel: 408.943.2600Fax: 408.943.4730Application Support Hotline: Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, 2012. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Cypress SemiconductorCorporation assumes no responsibility for the use of any circuitry other than circuitry embodied in a Cypress product. Nor does it convey or implyany license under patent or other rights. Cypress products are not warranted nor intended to be used for medical, life support, life saving, criticalcontrol or safety applications, unless pursuant to an express written agreement with Cypress. Furthermore, Cypress does not authorize its productsfor use as critical components in life-support systems where a malfunction or failure may reasonably be expected to result in significant injury to theuser. The inclusion of Cypress products in life-support systems application implies that the manufacturer assumes all risk of such use and in doingso indemnifies Cypress against all charges.PSoC is a registered trademark, and Programmable System-on-Chip and PSoC Designer are trademarks of Cypress SemiconductorCorporation. All other trademarks or registered trademarks referenced herein are property of the respective corporations.This Source Code (software and/or firmware) is owned by Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (Cypress) and is protected by and subject toworldwide patent protection (United States and foreign), United States copyright laws and international treaty provisions. Cypress hereby grants tolicensee a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to copy, use, modify, create derivative works of, and compile the Cypress Source Codeand derivative works for the sole purpose of creating custom software and or firmware in support of licensee product to be used only in conjunctionwith a Cypress integrated circuit as specified in the applicable agreement. Any reproduction, modification, translation, compilation, or representationof this Source Code except as specified above is prohibited without the express written permission of Cypress.Disclaimer: CYPRESS MAKES NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH REGARD TO THIS MATERIAL, INCLUDING,BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Cypressreserves the right to make changes without further notice to the materials described herein. Cypress does not assume any liability arising out of theapplication or use of any product or circuit described herein. Cypress does not authorize its products for use as critical components in life-supportsystems where a malfunction or failure may reasonably be expected to result in significant injury to the user. The inclusion of Cypress’ product in alife-support systems application implies that the manufacturer assumes all risk of such use and in doing so indemnifies Cypress against all charges.Use may be limited by and subject to the applicable Cypress software license agreement.March 4, 2015- 11 -

PSoC Designer 5.0 SP6 is provided on the PSoC Designer archives web page for any user interested in maintaining system-level projects, although creating new projects is no longer recommended. PSoC Designer 5.0 SP6 and PSoC Designer 5.4 will coexist on the same machine allowing users to conti

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