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City of CamarilloHousing ResourceGuide 2018Camarillo has all aspects of a suburban ruralcommunity with a small-town quality. There is avariety of housing options, which includetraditional single-family neighborhoods, townhomes, cluster developments, apartments, mixed-use,and several large retirement communities, as well ashomes in rural and country-club settings.Ownership — Existing Affordable Housing (see map on pg. 6)The resale restrictions of affordable homes within the subdivision listed below remain in place for30-55 years, depending on the development. The City maintains an interested parties list forpurchasing a “resale” home. If and when a unit is available, a copy of the list will be given to the seller.The seller may contact any person on the list or sell to any other income-qualified buyer. To be addedto the list, call 805.388.5367. Affordable units must be owner-occupied and will be monitored by theCity on an annual basis.Project NameLocationAffordable UnitsCedarbrook WalkAvenida Acaso/Nellora Street30 Low-income unitsMission WalkChapel Drive/Palm Drive7 Low-income unitsWickford PlaceVillage at the Park Drive26 Low-income unitsMulberry PlaceAdolfo Road/Mission Oaks Boulevard/Flynn Road10 Moderate-income unitsCourtyards at Camarillo SpringsCamarillo Springs Road6 Low-income unitsTesoro WalkFlynn Road10 Very low-income unitsNelloraNellora Street4 Moderate-income unitsSpringville CondosSpringville area2 Very-low; 1 Low-incomeOwnership — Existing Mobile Home ParksMobile homes offer another housing opportunity in Camarillo. There are five mobile home communitiesin the City.NameLocationPhone No.MH SpaceCamarillo Mobile Home Park1150 East Ventura Blvd.805.482.0022RentedLamplighter Mobile Home Park3905 East Pleasant Valley Rd. 805.482.4718RentedCasa del Norte Mobile Home Park4388 Central Ave.805.485.5556RentedCamarillo Springs Mobile Home VillageCamarillo Springs805.484.1650OwnedRancho Adolfo Mobile Home Estates1055 Adolfo Rd.805.484.2734OwnedLast UpdatedNovember 9, 2018ContentsApartments2-4Affordable Housing:Existing —Ownership6Emergency Housingand Assistance9Fair Housing andLandlord/TenantCounseling7Home BuyerWorkshop /Assistance5Home Ownership —Affordable HousingComing Soon5HousingRehabilitation7Mobile Homes —Ownership1Mortgage CreditCertificate Program5Multi-Family andMobile Home RentReview8PropertyMaintenance andCode Compliance8Real Estate Fraud9Rent Subsidy/PublicHousing4Rentals — AffordableHousingComing Soon2Residential CareFacilities8Senior Center8

Page 2Housing Resource Guide 2018Rentals — Affordable Housing Coming SoonProject NameDateLocationContact Valley Road/andorra/affordable/Lewis Road805-383-0222Andorra Apartments(RPD-186/187)2018Cedar Oak Apartments(CUP-330)MidOld Town Area2018Camarillo Village Homes(CUP-369)2019805.988.4114Pleasant Valley Road/None at this timeLewis RoadAffordable Units24 Very low-income units22 Moderate-income units1 Low-income unit3 Low-income unitsCamarillo Apartments with Affordable Housing Program (see map on pg. 3)This is a listing of the larger apartment complexes in the City. The list can be used as a starting point in looking foran apartment. The apartments listed below have affordability programs. There are also smaller apartmentdevelopments scattered around the City that are not listed here.ADAGIO APARTMENTSAMLI SPANISH HILLSAVALON CAMARILLOAVALON MISSION OAKSBRADFORD APARTMENTSCASA VELASQUEZCASA DE SUENOCOURTYARD APARTMENTS168 Stonegate Road1-3 Bedrooms60 Units: Affordable Units: 60—30 very low 30 low668 Spring Oak Road1-2-3 Bedrooms384 Units: 309 market-rate units Affordable Units: 38 very low 37 low1571 Flynn Road1-2-3 Bedrooms249 Units: 212 market-rate units Affordable Units: 37 low5240 Corte Bocina2 Bedrooms160 Units: 128 market-rate units Affordable Units: 32 low127 Calle La Sombra1-2 Bedrooms27 Units: 1 market-rate unit Affordable Units: 3 very low 23 lowFulton/Barry; Daily Drive3-4 Bedrooms23 Units: Affordable Units: 18 very low 5 low350 Westpark Court2-3 Bedrooms34 Units: 1 market-rate unit Affordable Units: 33 very lowMEADOWBROOKAPARTMENTS610 Calle La Roda2-3 BedroomsMIRA VISTA VILLAGE(Seniors 55 )2700 Ponderosa DrivePARK GLENN SENIORS(Seniors 55 )200 S. Glenn DrivePONDEROSA VILLAGE(Seniors 55 )2105 E. Ponderosa DriveSPRINGVILLE SENIORS(Seniors 55 )551 Camino Tierra Santa13 Units: Affordable Units: 13 very low1-2 Bedrooms305 Units: Affordable Units: 305 very low18 Units1 Bedroom18 Untis: Affordable Units: 18 low1 Bedroom91 Units: Affordable Units: 90 very low1-2 Bedrooms103 Units: Affordable Units: 103—51 very low 52 05.987.6486805.482.6000805.437.6545805.427.2601

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Page 4Housing Resource Guide 2018Major Camarillo ApartmentsThis is a listing of the larger apartment complexes in the City. The list can be used as a starting point in looking foran apartment. There are also smaller apartment developments scattered around the City that are not listed here.ALLURA AT CAMARILLO390 Paseo Camarillo165 Units1-2 Bedrooms805.484.3800CAMARILLO OAKS APTS.921 Paseo Camarillo564 Units1-2-3 Bedrooms805.987.8905CAMINO RUIZ APTS.105 Camino Ruiz #21159 Units1-2 Bedrooms805.389.1440CAPISTRANO APTS.180 Ripley Street44 Units1-2 Bedrooms805.383.1207CASA DE CAMARILLO520 Daily Drive33 Units1-2 Bedrooms805.484.3885HACIENDA DE CAMARILLO831 Paseo Camarillo73 Units1-2-3 Bedrooms805.987.6146IVY PICKWICK PARK APTS.2400 Pickwick Drive66 Units1-2 Bedrooms805.484.1716LAS POSAS CAPRI440-450 N. Daily Drive32 Units1-2 Bedrooms805.482.4964LAS POSAS RIVIERA450 N. Daily Drive32 Units1-2 Bedrooms805.389.1268MOUNTAIN VIEW APTS.659 N. Las Posas Road106 Units1-2 Bedrooms805.484.4893PARK GLENN APTS.200 S. Glenn Drive150 Units1-2 Bedrooms, Studio805.482.6000PONDEROSA APTS.701 Mobil Avenue40 Units1-2 Bedrooms805.484.5860ROSEWOOD APTS.555 Rosewood Avenue150 Units1-2-3 Bedrooms805.484.1415VILLA CAMARILLO645 Lantana Street352 Units1-2 Bedrooms, 2 den, studio805.987.1000VILLA CAMPANA530 Calle La Roda84 Units1-2 Bedrooms, studio805.484.1530VILLA CAPRICE2600 E. Ponderosa Drive82 Units2 Bedrooms805.482.1682VILLA CARMEN1675 W. Chapel Drive40 Units1-2 Bedrooms805.482.7756VILLA PALAZZO750 Mobil Avenue84 Units1-2-3 Bedrooms805.482.8800VILLAGE COMMONS267 Village Commons Dr13 Units2 Bedrooms818.994.5600VILLAS AT THE PARKVillage at the Park Drive58 Units1-2 Bedrooms805.482.8981Rent Subsidy and Public Housing: Area Housing Authority of Ventura CountyThe Area Housing Authority of the County of Ventura (AHA) is a nonprofit housing provider in the City of Camarillo.Vacancies at AHA properties are placed on the Rental List, available on their website at or in theircentral office. In addition to owning and operating affordable housing units, the AHA administers the federallyfunded Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program and the Public Housing Program. To be notified via emailwhen applications for any housing program are available, go to, select Contact Us, and follow theinstructions.Area Housing Authority, 1400 West Hillcrest Drive, Newbury Park, CA 91320Phone: 805-480-9991 Fax: 805-480-1021 Email: Website:

Housing Resource Guide 2018Page 5Ownership — Affordable Housing Coming Soon (see map on pg. 6)Project NameDateLocationContact InformationAffordable UnitsTeso Robles Townhomes(RPD-194)Early2018Verdugo Way/Camino RuizMaggie Laveymlavey@comstock-homes.com805.914.0836Parkwest Townhomes(RPD-188)Early2019Pleasant Valley Road/Lewis Road805.388.8788 orwww.parkwesttownhomes.com9 Moderate-income unitsCamarillo Village Homes(RPD-196)2020Pleasant Valley Road/Lewis RoadNone at this time29 Moderate-income units13 Moderate-income unitsHome Buyer Workshop / AssistanceArea Housing Authority offers workshops where you can learn about programs that help with down payments,closing costs, and lower interest loans. Workshops cover tax benefits, raising your FICO score and loan optionsthrough the State of California. Please call 805.480.9991, extension 235, to reserve a seat at their next class. Thisis not a sales presentation and is a free class.Area Housing AuthorityPhone: 805.480.9991 ext. 235 Website: www.ahavc.orgHome Buyer Workshop / AssistanceSince its creation in 2001, Ventura County Community Development Corporation (VCCDC) has assisted low-tomoderate income families in buying affordable homes in Ventura County. VCCDC supplies the education andcoaching necessary to provide its clients with a clear pathway to home ownership and financial stability. Servicesinclude its HUD-approved Homebuyer Education Workshop, HUD-approved Coaching for Homeownership, Mortgage Lending services including up to 30,000 in down payment assistance, and Realty services specializing inassisting first-time low-to-moderate income buyers. VCCDC provides additional support after the home purchasethrough our Homeowner Workshops and Post-Purchase one-on-one Coaching for our clients who have recently become homeowners. This is the final step in VCCDC’s unique continuum of homebuyer support before, during andafter the purchase process. For more information, please visit or call (805) 273-7800.Ventura County Community Development Corporation2231 Sturgis Road, Suite A, Oxnard, CA 93030Phone: 805-273-7800 ext. 7805 Website: www.vccdc.orgMortgage Credit Certificate ProgramPurchase your first home with a Mortgage Credit Certificate and save thousands of dollars in federal income taxes. If youhave not owned a home in the last three years, and you could use some help in qualifying for a loan, this program mightassist you. There are over 100 approved loan officers listed by county that may assist you with obtaining a MortgageCredit Certificate.For information regarding the Mortgage Credit Certificate Program, please contact:Mortgage Credit Certificate ProgramPhone: 310.342.5400 Website:

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Housing Resource Guide 2018Page 7Housing RehabilitationThere are limited funds available to rehabilitate homes in Camarillo. When available, they are in the form of lowinterest loans and grants that are used to rehabilitate owner-occupied residences and mobile homes in Camarillo.The program uses Community Development Block Grant funds to improve the quality of life for low– and very lowincome residents by assisting with property repairs and improvements to make their homes decent, safe, andsanitary.The owner must qualify as either a low– or very low-income household. Most rehabilitation assistance is in the formof a low-interest loan. Grants are available to extremely low-income families, where it is demonstrated there is notthe ability to repay the loan.For program information and rehabilitation loan applications, please contact:Comprehensive Housing Services8840 Warner Avenue, Suite 206Fountain Valley, CA 92708Phone # 714.841.6610Eligible repairs and improvements include:Affordable Housing and Rehabilitation2018 Income LimitsFamilySizeLow IncomeVeryLow IncomeExtremelyLow Income1 58,800 35,500 21,3002 64,900 40,600 24,3503 73,000 45,650 27,4004 81,100 50,700 30,4005 87,600 54,800 32,8506 94,100 58,850 35,3007 100,600 62,900 38,0608 107,100 66,950 42,380Source: FY 2018 Income limits, HUD Roof repair or replacement Heating/cooling, plumbing or electrical systems Damaged walls, floors, doors, windows, cabinets,fixtures and affixed appliances Insulation, weatherization, and other energyconserving repairs Exterior and interior painting Replacement of deteriorated floor coverings andcountertops Removal of dry rot Termite extermination Americans withimprovementsDisabilitiesAct(ADA)Fair Housing and Landlord/Tenant CounselingThe Housing Rights Center provides fair housing services in Camarillo. The organization provides free counselingand landlord/tenant counseling to help with your housing problems. They can also help to resolve evictions,security deposit disputes, repairs, and other troubling landlord and tenant problems. If you have been deniedhousing because of discrimination, they will provide counseling and legal services. The Housing Rights Centerinvestigates housing discrimination complaints based on race, color, religion, national ancestry, and familial ormarital status. If you want to learn more about how to avoid housing problems, they offer educational materialsand programs. The Housing Rights Center conducts workshops on fair housing issues. Their sessions focus on bothlandlord and tenant issues.Housing Rights Center3255 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1150, Los Angeles, CA 90010Phone: 800.477.5977 Website:

Page 8Housing Resource Guide 2018Senior CenterThe Senior Center is dedicated to providing an array of special events, recreation and leisure programs, and socialservices for adults living in the Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District, Camarillo, and neighboringcommunities. All active adults are invited to participate. The Senior Center also has a resource center forinformation on assisted living facilities in Camarillo.Pleasant Valley Senior Center1605 East Burnley AvenueCamarillo, CA 93010Phone # 805.482.4881Residential Care FacilitiesThere are a number of larger assisted living facilities in Camarillo that provide long-term programs, includingassisted living, dementia special care, and skilled nursing facilities. There are also smaller facilities scatteredaround the City that are not listed.Alma Via of Camarillo2500 Ponderosa Drive805.388.5277100 bedsAtria Las Posas24 Las Posas Road805.987.9872140 bedsBrookdale Senior Living6000 Santa Rosa Road805.388.8086140 bedsRoyal Gardens of Camarillo903 Carmen Drive805.484.2777130 bedsBrookdale Senior Living6000 Santa Rosa Road805.388.808645 bedsCamarillo Health Care Center205 Granada Street805.482.9805114 bedsSt. John’s Pleasant Valley2309 Antonio Ave805.389.580099 bedsMulti-Family and Mobile Home Rent ReviewThe City of Camarillo City Council established a Rent Review Commission to provide a forum, which may assist in theresolution of rent disputes for certain mobile homes and apartments. Specifically, the Commission is available toaddress issues relating to apartment buildings with five or more units that were leased or occupied on or beforeJuly 1, 1984, and for mobile homes located in mobile home parks with 25 or more spaces.For information regarding the Rent Review Commission, contact:City of Camarillo — City Clerk601 Carmen Drive Camarillo, CA 93010Phone # 805.388.5316Property Maintenance and Code ComplianceThough most homes and neighborhoods in Camarillo are well maintained, occasional encouragement is required tosee that the community standards are met. The City of Camarillo maintains a comprehensive code complianceprogram. All properties in the City are reviewed twice a year, as well as on an ongoing daily basis by the City ofCamarillo Code Compliance officers.Code Compliance, Department of Community Development, City of Camarillo, 601 Carmen DrivePhone # 805.383.5660

Housing Resource Guide 2018Page 9Real Estate FraudThe Ventura County District Attorney’s “Real Estate Fraud Unit” investigates and prosecutes crimes that strike atthe American dream of “home ownership.” The sophisticated criminal can victimize dozens of people by stealingtheir life savings and their home. Victims of criminal real estate fraud and predatory lending schemes can beanyone, and the District Attorney has established a special task force to investigate the crimes.Ventura County District Attorney Special Prosecutions5720 Ralston AvenueSuite 300Ventura, CA 93003Phone # 805.662.1750Emergency Housing and AssistanceThere are times when additional assistance is needed for residents. There is a “continuum of care”umbrella of services to assist residents in a time of need.InterfaceProvides emergency shelter andsupport to abused women and children.Through their 24-hour information andreferral helpline, youth and family crisis,domestic violence, and children’sresource programs. Interface linkschildren, families, the elderly, and thedisabled with crisis assistance,counseling, emergency shelter, andother needed resources.Interface-www.icfs.org1305 Del Norte Road #130Camarillo, CA 93010Phone # 805.485.6114Fax # 805.983.162524-Hour Helpline - 800.339.9597Food ShareFood Share is a regional food bank thatdistributes food at various locations inCamarillo.Food Share—www.foodshare.com4156 North Southbank DriveOxnard, CA 93030Phone # 805.983.7100Fax # 805.485.4156Emergency Shelter ProgramVentura County Behavioral Healthworks with the homeless & mentallydisabled to provide housing and otherneeded resources.Ventura County Behavioral HealthPhone: 24-hour hotline 800.671.0887Ventura County Rescue MissionProvides emergency housing for singlemen.Ventura County Rescue Mission234 E. 6th StreetOxnard, CA 93030Phone # 805.487.1234Turning Point FoundationProvides an overnight shelter andresource center for homeless andmentally ill individuals at their facility inVentura.Turning Point Foundation536 East Thompson BoulevardVentura, CA 93001Phone # 805.652.0596Fax # 805.652.219524-hour shelter 805.652.2151www.turningpointfoundationRAINRAIN provides transitional housing forthe homeless at their facility inCamarillo.RAIN1732 Lewis RoadCamarillo, CA 93010Phone # 805.388.1296Lighthouse Women and Children’sMissionProvides emergency shelter for womenand children.104 N. Hayes AvenueOxnard, CA 93030Phone # 805.385.7200www.rescuemission.orgCall 2-1-1The “2-1-1” number providesassistance towards receiving essentialservices from funding an after-schoolprogram to securing adequate care fora child or an aging parent. They alsoprovide direction on other social needsand concerns throughout VenturaCounty.Society of St Vincent de PaulEmergency help for homeless andworking poor.Phone # 805.504.4753F:\HANDOUTS\Housing Resource Guide\HRGuide 2018Last Updated: December 21, 2017

CASA DE CAMARILLO 520 Daily Drive 33 Units 1-2 Bedrooms 805.484.3885 HACIENDA DE CAMARILLO 831 Paseo Camarillo 73 Units 1-2-3 Bedrooms 805.987.6146 IVY PICKWICK PARK APTS. 2400 Pickwick Drive 66 Units 1-2 Bedrooms 805.484.1716 LAS POSAS CAPRI 440-450 N. Daily Drive 32 Units 1-2 Bedrooms 805.482.4964File Size: 903KB

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Camarillo - Start Smart Program 1/28/2013 3:30:00 PM Nature of Incident: Start Smart Program Location: Camarillo Police Station 3701 E. Las Posas Road. Camarillo, Ca. 93010] Date & Time: Thursday 21. st @ 5:30 pm. Unit Responsible: Camarillo Traffic Bureau. Narrative:

May 24, 2021 · Major Camarillo Apartments This is a listing of the larger apartment complexes in the City. The list can be used as a starting point in looking for an apartment. There are also smaller apartment developments scattered around the City that are not listed here. ALLURE AT CAMARILLO 390 Paseo

The City of Camarillo met the test of compliance with respect to Transportation Development Act (TDA) regulations. Status of Prior Recommendations The prior audit – completed in 2017 by Moore & Associates, Inc./Ma and Associates for the three fiscal years ending June 30, 2016 – prescribed five recommendations for the City of Camarillo. 1.

Major Camarillo Apartments This is a listing of the larger apartment complexes in the City. The list can be used as a starting point in looking for an apartment. There are also smaller apartment developments scattered around the City that are not listed here. ALLURA AT CAMARILLO 390 Paseo


Crisis response system recognize roles in housing advocacy and rapid connection to permanent housing. Strong referral linkages between crisis response system and permanent housing. Unified, streamlined, and user-friendly process for applying for rapid re-housing, permanent supportive housing and/or other housing interventions.

12-3 Noise lement TODUCT 12.1 INTRODUCTION The City of Camarillo is a suburban community whose focus is on maintaining a pleasant, healthy, and productive environment for the people who live, work, and play within the City.

ASME Materials Division 2019 Fall News 5 2019 Awards Nadai Medalist: The Nadai Medal is awarded in recognition of significant contributions and outstanding achievements which broaden the field of materials engineering. The 2019 Nadai Medalist is Ellen M. Arruda, Tim Manganello/ Borg Warner Department Chair of Mechanical Engineering, and the Maria Comninou Collegiate Professor of Mechanical .