Imagio MP 4000/5000 Series, Aficio MP 4000/5000 Series .

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Page 1 of 100imagio MP 4000/5000 series, Aficio MP 4000/5000 seriesSecurity TargetAuthors : RICOH COMPANY, LTD. Yasushi FUNAKI, Hiroshi KAKII, Atsushi SATOHDate: 2009-10-30Version : 1.13This document is a translation of the evaluated and certified security targetwritten in JapaneseCopyright (c) 2008, 2009 RICOH COMPANY, LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Page 2 of 100Revision shiFUNAKI,HiroshiKAKII,AstushiSATOHFirst version1.012009-02-10YasushiFUNAKIRevised notes.1.022009-03-31YasushiFUNAKIRevised notes.1.032009-04-10YasushiFUNAKIRevised notes.1.042009-04-14YasushiFUNAKICorrected clerical errors.1.052009-04-23YasushiFUNAKIRevised notes.Corrected clerical errors.1.062009-06-02YasushiFUNAKIRevised notes.Corrected clerical errors.1.072009-06-11YasushiFUNAKICorrected clerical errors.1.082009-06-15YasushiFUNAKIRevised notes.1.092009-07-10YasushiFUNAKIRevised notes.Corrected clerical errors.1.102009-10-06YasushiFUNAKIRevised notes.Corrected clerical errors.1.112009-10-07YasushiFUNAKIRevised notes.1.122009-10-23YasushiFUNAKIRevised notes.1.132009-10-30YasushiFUNAKIRevised notes.Copyright (c) 2008, 2009 RICOH COMPANY, LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Page 3 of 100Table of Contents1ST Introduction. 91.1ST Identification . 91.2ST Overview. 101.3CC Conformance. 111.4Terminology . 111.4.12Terms in this ST. 11TOE Description . 162.1TOE Type . 162.2Environment for Usage of TOE. 162.3Physical Boundary of TOE . 182.4Involved Roles of TOE . 202.4.1Responsible Manager for MFP. 202.4.2Administrator. 202.4.3Supervisor. 212.4.4General User. 212.4.5Customer Engineer . 212.5Logical Boundary of TOE. 212.5.1Basic Functions . Function . Function . Function. Function . Server Function. Function . Service Function. 242.5.2Security Functions . Function. and Authentication Function . Data Access Control Function. 26Copyright (c) 2008, 2009 RICOH COMPANY, LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Page 4 of 1002. Data Protection Function. Communication Data Protection Function . Management Function. Mode Lock Function . Line Intrusion Protection Function . Control Software Verification Function. 28Protected Assets . Document Data . Document Data . Document Data. 292.6.2345Print Data. 29TOE Security Environment. 303.1Assumptions . 303.2Threats. 303.3Organizational Security Policy. 31Security Objectives. 324.1Security Objectives for TOE. 324.2Security Objectives for Environment . 33IT Security Requirements. 345.16Document Data. 28TOE Security Functional Requirements . 345.1.1Class FAU: Security audit . 345.1.2Class FCS: Cryptographic support . 395.1.3Class FDP: User data protection. 405.1.4Class FIA: Identification and authentication . 435.1.5Class FMT: Security management. 465.1.6Class FPT: Protection of the TSF . 535.1.7Class FTP: Trusted path/channels. 545.2Minimum Strength of Function Claim . 555.3TOE Security Assurance Requirements . 555.4Security Requirements for the Environment . 56TOE Summary Specification. 57Copyright (c) 2008, 2009 RICOH COMPANY, LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Page 5 of 1006.1TOE Security Function . 576.1.1SF.AUDIT Audit Function. 586.1.1.1Audit logs generation . 596.1.1.2Reading Audit Logs. 606.1.1.3Protection of Audit Logs . 606.1.1.4Time stamps. 606.1.2SF.I&A User Identification and Authentication Function. 606.1.2.1User Identification and Authentication. 616.1.2.2Action in case of Identification and Authentication Failure . 616.1.2.3Password Feedback Area Protection. 626.1.2.4Password Registration . 626.1.3SF.DOC ACC Document Data Access Control Function. 636.1.3.1Operations on Document Data by General Users. 636.1.3.2Operations on Document Data by File Administrator . 646.1.4SF.SEC MNG Security Management Function . 646.1.4.1Management of the Document Data ACL . 646.1.4.2Management of Administrator Information. 656.1.4.3Management of Supervisor Information. 656.1.4.4Management of General User Information. 666.1.4.5Management of Machine Control Data . 666.1.5SF.CE OPE LOCK Service Mode Lock Function. 676.1.6SF.CIPHER6. Function. 67Encryption of Document Data. 68SF.NET PROT Network Communication Data Protection Function . 686.1.7.1Use of Web Service Function from Client PC . 686.1.7.2Printing and Faxing from Client PC . 686.1.7.3Sending by E-mail from TOE. 696.1.7.4Deliver to Folders from TOE. 696.1.8SF.FAX LINE Protection Function for Intrusion from Telephone Line Interface . 696.1.9SF.GENUINE MFP Control Software Verification Function . 696.2Claims of Strength of Function. 696.3Assurance Measures. 697PP Claims. 768Rationale.

Ricoh Aficio MP 4000/5000 series Refer to Table 1 about product names for "Ricoh imagio MP 4000/5000 series" and "Ricoh Aficio MP 4000/5000 series". TOE Version : "Ricoh imagio MP 4000/5000 series" and "Ricoh Aficio MP 4000/5000 series" are identified by following software and hardware. Software System/Copy 1.09 Network Support 7.23

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Manufacturer : RICOH COMPANY, LTD. MFP Name : Table 1 shows the MFP names for the Japanese version "Ricoh imagio MP 7501/6001 series" and the English version "Ricoh Aficio MP 9001/8001/7001/6001 series". Table 1: MFP names for each series Name of series MFP name Ricoh imagio MP 7501/6001 series - Ricoh imagio MP 6001

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element is the Studio 5000 Logix Designer application. The Logix Designer application is the rebranding of RSLogix 5000 software and will continue to be the product to program Logix 5000 controllers for discrete, process, batch, motion, safety, and drive-based solutions. The Studio 5000 environment is the foundation for the future ofFile Size: 1MBPage Count: 71Explore furtherEmulate a Studio 5000 Controller and Connect to a .www.dmcinfo.comStudio 5000 Logix Emulate (Virtual PLC) - PLC Programmin www.plctr.comDownload Center Rockwell Automation United Stateswww.rockwellautomation.comStudio 5000 Logix Emulate FactoryTalk United Stateswww.rockwellautomation.comStudio 5000 Design Software FactoryTalk United Stateswww.rockwellautomation.comRecommended to you based on what's popular Feedback

TOE Version : "Ricoh imagio MP 2550/3350 series" and "Ricoh Aficio MP 2550/3350 series" are identified by following software and hardware. Software System/Copy 1.14 Network Support 7.23 Scanner 1.11 Printer 1.05 Fax 05.00.00

engine rpm chart johnson rpm . 100 hp 1989 thru 4750-5250 2.07 115 hp 1989-2005 4750-5250 2.07 125 hp 1994-2005 4750-5250 2.07 135 hp 1990-1996 5000-5600 2.00 150 hp efi 2004 5000-6000 1.87 150 hp efi 2005 5000-5600 1.87 175 hp 1990-1999 5000-5600 1.87 175 hp efi 2000-2002 5000-5600 1.87 200 hp 1991-2005 5000-5600 1.87 200 hp efi 1994-2002 5000-5800 1.87 225 hp 1996-1998 5000-5500 1.64 .

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