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SoftwareCSIT-100SoftwareSoftware System Software Application Software341. System Software2. Application Software Operating systems Graphics/Multimedia Software Utilities Entertainment software Computer languages Professional software 561

Next talk about System SoftwareOperating system Operating systems Main program that controls how a computersystem functions. Utilities Computer languages78Operating systemOperating system Main program that controls how a computersystem functions. Main program that controls how a computersystem functions. All computer systems have an operating system All computer systems have an operating system Examples ?9Operating system10Operating systems: examples Main program that controls how a computersystem functions. All computer systems have an operating system Examples: MS Windows, Mac OS, Linux, UNIX,Android, iOS11122

Operating system: User InterfaceOperating system: User Interface13Operating systems: examples14Operating systems: examples15Hardware Software16The glue nsWORDWORDEXCELEXCELOperating SystemHardwareHardware17183

Operating SystemsDrivers are programs that coordinate: Are software programs that allow applications ona computer to interact with a hardware device Interactions of hardware components to each other Interaction between application software andcomputer hardware You may see them used for:–––––– Manage memory Handle input and output devices Video cardAudio cardEthernet adapterWireless cardsPrinters, scanners 1920FirmwareUtilities Are programs within devices that are usuallylocated in ROM or flash memory. Software designed to maintain, tune, improveand manage the operating system, othersoftware or computer hardware. Without these programs, devices would notfunction Very basic instructions2122UtilitiesUtilities – Virus Scanners Examples of software utilities: Examples of Anti Virus/Malware software– Virus scanners– Disk defragmenter– Disk Clean up– Kaspersky– F-Secure– Trend MicroAbove average anti-virusMicrosoft Security Essentials (free, for PC)PC ToolsAntiVir - free version offeredNOD32G DATAPandaBitDefenderAVG – free version offered23

Utilities – Virus Scanners for OSXUtilities – Online Virus Scanners ClamXav (free) Online virus/malware scanning–––– Norton Sophos (free) More sites can be found, search the internet usingkeywords: online virus scanning, online malwarescanning, McAfee Kaspersky 26Utilities – Firewalls27Utilities – Firewalls blocks unauthorized network access, whileallowing authorized communication on thenetwork.Freeware Comodo FirewallFor a fee Hands Off! (OSX) ZoneAlarm Little Snitch (OSX) TinyWall ZoneAlarm Pro Privatefirewall Norton Personal Firewall Kaspersky InternetSecurity many more28Utilities – Firewalls29Utilities – Disk defragmenter A utility that arranges files on a hard disk insequential order. Reunites fragmented files so your computer canrun more efficiently.Pop-up presented byComodo firewall30315

Both Fragmented disk32Defragmenter software 33Disk drive Diskeeper (pay) UltimateDefrag (pay) O&O Defrag (pay) Ashampoo Magical Defrag (pay) Defraggler (free)34Disk 35Disk 36376

Before and after Defragmenting in Windows OS START All programs Accessories System ToolsBefore . ShowAfter3839Disk Cleanup Disk Cleanup how? The process the enables you to cleanup yourdisk from unnecessary files. START All programs How? Accessories System Tools . Show4041Application SoftwareGraphics/Multimedia Software Graphics/Multimedia Software Application programs – Image editing/processing– Drawing– Video Editing Entertainment software Professional software 42437

1. Image editing (raster graphics, bitmap) 2. Drawing (vector graphics) Adobe IllustratorMS PaintPaint.Net (free)Adobe PhotoshopGIMP (free) Inkscape Draw Microsoft Expression Design Corel Draw442. Drawing (vector graphics)inkscape45Bitmap vs. Vector graphics463. Video editing 47Entertainment software Games software Music Video Sony Vegas Windows Movie Maker Apple Final Cut Adobe Premiere48498

Games Music video5051Professional softwareComputer Languages Word processors Application packages that can be used to createthe above categories Database Spreadsheet Presentation Financial52Computer Languages53Computer Languages “Hello World”// Hello World in ISO C #include iostream – is the first program one usually writes when learning anew programming language.– First appeared in chapter 1.1 of Kernighan & Ritchie'sbook about C, "The C Programming Language", in1978 Looked as follows:int main(){std::cout "Hello World!" std::endl;}main() {printf("hello, world\n");}54559

Computer LanguagesComputer Languages// Hello World in Java-- Hello World in Adapublic class HelloWorld {public static void main( String args[] ) {System.out.println( "Hello World!" );}}with Text IO;procedure Hello World isbeginText IO.Put Line("Hello World!");end Hello World;The fly-by-wire system software in the Boeing 777 was written in Ada.5657Computer LanguagesWeb languages More “Hello World” examples, in many differentlanguages, can be found here: Java, XML, HTML, PHP, JavaScript Hypertext Preprocessor– types of Software59Software function606110

BootingBooting The process of loading the operating systemprogram into the memory (RAM) is calledinitializing or booting-up.6263Booting Booting process The process of loading the operating systemprogram into the memory is called initializing orbooting-up.a) Cold bootb) Warm boot6465Cold BootWarm Boot Loads the system instructions, stored in a ROM,by turning manually the power ON. Clears the RAM and reloads the operatingsystem without turning off the computer. 66How ?6711

Warm BootWarm Boot is used to Clears the RAM and reloads the operatingsystem without turning off the computer. The warm boot is used to overcome computerfreeze or computer lock-up How ?Restart686912

Software CSIT-100 3 Software 4 Software System Software Application Software 5 1. System Software . Examples: MS Windows, Mac OS, Linux, UNIX, Android, iOS 12 Operating systems: examples. 3 13 Operating system: User Interface 14 . Ashampoo Mag