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Ingersoll RandRotary Screw Air Compressors5-15 hp (4-11 kW)

Ingersoll RandA New Standard of PerformanceWelcome to Ingersoll Rand’s rotary air solutions,a new standard of performance.Achieve highest productivity and lowest totalcost-of-ownership.Boost Your ProfitabilityBoosting your company’s profits was the mainOur rotary screw compressors are more thangoal that Ingersoll Rand had in mind whenintegrated air systems; they are complete airdesigning our revolutionary line of integratedsolutions designed to maximize the keyrotary screw air solutions.drivers of profitability in today’s business:So how can a compressed air system help you Ultimate reliabilityincrease profitability? The answer is really Shop productivity Flexibility of operation Energy efficiency and savingspretty simple: by ensuring that you achievethe highest productivity in your shop whilereducing the total costs of ownership to theabsolute lowest levels.2 Rotary Compressors

Exceptional ValueUltimate ReliabilityMaximum UptimeIngersoll Rand is so confident in the performanceof these compressors, that we offer a choice ofextended warranty packages designed toprovide you with maximum operating security.70% Fewer ConnectionsSmart integration eliminates leaks andpressure drops, ensuring maximum reliability.Ultimate EfficiencyMore Air for Your MoneyIndustry-leading performance delivers moreair for less horsepower, saving thousands ofdollars per year on energy.Smart, Energy-efficient ControlsEliminates wasteful unloaded running bycycling the compressor on/off.Ultimate FlexibilityCompact FootprintSmall footprint frees up valuable floor spaceand reduces installation costs.Installation Close to Point-of-useWhisper-quiet operation allows forinstallation closer to point-of-use, reducingcosts and ensuring a better, safer workenvironment.Ultimate ProductivityClosely Maintained PressureClosely maintained discharge pressure avoidsexcessive pressure bands and increasesdownstream tool and equipment life.4 Rotary Compressors

InnovationHigh-efficiency IntegratedCompression Module To provide maximum performance,Real WorldAdvantagesefficiency and ease-of-service, the airend,interconnecting piping and separationsystem have all been integrated into onesimple design. Integration of thecompression module eliminates leaks andWhisper-quiet OperationOversized, high-efficiencymotor mount blower. Soundlevels as low as 65 dB(A).pressure losses to increase efficiency andperformance. Service and maintenance are madeextremely easy through spin-on oil andseparator cartridges.Dual-control OperationAuto start/stop operation withconstant speed control formaximum flexibility.Simple DiagnosticsVisual indication of operatingstatus, hours and faultwarnings for ease-of-operationand reduced downtime.Poly-V Belt DrivePremium drive system tominimize belt stretching andincrease air output.Advanced CoolingHigh-efficiency, oversizedcombination cooler with roofmount discharge for ease ofducting.Generous ServiceabilitySpacious design for ease ofserviceability.

Introducing the Total Air Systemby Ingersoll RandThe high-efficiencycompressor room . withoutthe need for an actual roomThe Fully-integrated Air SystemThe Right Choice to Maximize ProductivityAt the same time as eliminating the task ofselecting separate components, and reducingthe extensive space requirements of thetraditional compressed air system, the TotalAir System will provide your business withmaximum efficiency, reliability, flexibilityand productivity.Smart IntegrationA Revolutionary AdvancementGoing far beyond combining the compressor,dryer and filters in one package, smartintegration also: Eliminates vulnerable interconnecting piping Minimizes pressure losses and drops Integrates the compressor, dryer andcontrols into an energy-reducing,optimized system Incorporates the entire supply-side systeminto one whisper-quiet package, enablinginstallation virtually anywhere Provides generous space to promote coolingand to allow unobstructed service6 Rotary Compressors

Dry and Clean Compressed AirLifetime BenefitsThe Right Air Quality to Do the JobAll Total Air System packages come fullyequipped with an integral, energy-saving airtreatment center including a high-performanceair dryer and filtration pack to remove water,oil and particles from the air stream.All components are perfectly matched toBenefits are virtually endless Plug-and-play simplicity — eliminatesthe leading causes of failure inair systems: incorrect sizing andinstallationVirtually no install costs — eliminates80% of install time, material and costsair-powered tool and system equipment life.Integral packaging saves valuablefloor space for other usesHigh-efficiency ComponentsLifetime power savings through highlyefficient componentsdeliver the right air quality to increaseSetting the Standard in System DesignThe Total Air System incorporates only thehighest quality components to ensure that bothsystem efficiency and productivity aremaximized—a high-efficiency compressor roomwithout the hassle, complexity and costs of thetraditional compressor room. Total Air Systempackages come fully equipped with: A high-efficiency rotary screw air compressor An energy-saving, cycling refrigerated air dryer A high-efficiency coalescing filter A high-efficiency particulate filter An integral air receiver storage tank Integrated compressor and dryer controls Low pressure drop piping A high-efficiency moisture separator Whisper-quiet, low sound operationIncreased productivity through better airquality — eliminates water and corrosionresulting in extended tool andequipment lifeWhisper-quiet operation enablesinstallation closer to point-of-use, whichcan eliminate hundreds of feetin piping and costly pressure drops

Integral Air TreatmentDual Filtration PackClean Air to Drive Productivity Two stages of filtration deliver bestperformance, reduce pressure losses andextend operating life Particulate removal to industry-leading1 micron Oil removal down to 0.01 micron Longer element life, lower pressure drop Better air quality delivered to tools andequipment results in longer lifeEnergy-saving Refrigerated Air DryerDry Air-to-drive Productivity Cycling dryer – automatically shuts off withthe compressor, saving energy compared totraditional dryers, which run continuously Stainless steel, braised heat exchanger forlow losses, high thermal efficiency and longservice life Solenoid drain valve and high-efficiencymoisture separator to permanentlydischarge condensate Eliminates corrosion of piping—a cause ofpremature wear of tools and seals8 Rotary Compressors

Smart IntegrationAdvanced Packaging to Drive ReliabilityIngersoll Rand offers industry-leading productsand Uptime and solutions that enable businesses around theIntegrally cooled with common blower toworld to reduce energy consumption and costs andensure cooling is achieved 100% of thedecrease harmful environmental emissions. From airtime that compressor is runningcompressors that reduce energy consumption toelectric-powered golf cars with near-zero emissions, Spacious design promoting serviceability Package pre-filter for longer cooler life andand solutions to help our clients achieve theirlower pressure dropssustainability goals. Simplified piping eliminates potential leaks Single-point condensate drain systemIngersoll Rand provides the knowledge, experienceinstead of separate points – eliminates leaksPatented segregated package coolingcompartment provides advanced coolingflow management and reduces noise levelINCREASED SYSTEMEFFICIENCYINCREASED PRODUCTIVITY REDUCEDMAINTENANCE COSTS

Local Customer SupportThere is More to Value than Simply PriceThe commitment of many thousands of dedicated compressedair specialists, either directly employed or members of a selectmarket channel partnership, mean that friendly Ingersoll Randsupport is close at hand. In addition to parts availability,qualified on-site service is available globally.Ease of ServiceNo matter what the industry or location, Ingersoll Rand iscommitted to serving you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Our worldwide network of distributors, engineers and certified,factory-trained technicians, are a phone call away — ready tosupport you with innovative and cost-effective service solutionsthat will keep you running at peak performance.Ultra CoolantTMSave costs with the advanced synthetic compressor coolantsupplied as standard. Ultra CoolantTM reduces frictionand wear, has a long operating life, has simple condensateseparation characteristics and is biodegradable.PackageCare is a service contractdesigned to help customers get themost out of their air system investment.Whether it’s Ingersoll Rand equipmentor a competitor’s, a new compressoror used, with PackageCarecustomers get hassle-free systemreliability, backed by the mostcomprehensive service program inthe industry. We’re the only OEMin the industry offering this type ofservice coverage.10 Rotary Compressors

HWLIndustry-leading Performance60 Hertz Total Air System SpecificationsDischarge PressureCompressor PackageCapacity*Model No.hppsigpsigcfmm3/min dB(A)†60 Hertz Specifications - Without Air Treatment SystemDischargeCapacity*PressureModel & Weight4153.674.751.6811,0421,3611,8971,3112,05950 Hertz Total Air System SpecificationsDischarge PressureCompressor PackageModel No.kWbar gbar 0.760.760.7dB(A)†50 Hertz Specifications - Without Air Treatment SystemDischargeCapacity*PressureModel No.kWbar ightmminCapacity*m3/min cfm7.* Performance in accordance with ISO 1217 1996 annex Without AirTreatment SystemTotal Air System50 & 60 Hertz Baseplate and Receiver Mounted UnitsLengthinmmBase Mount80 Gallon Receiver Tank120 Gallon Receiver Tank272 Liter Receiver Tank500 Liter Receiver 1081014.581014.581014.5Measured in accordance with CAGI-pneurop test code PN8NTC2.3Rotary Compressors 69

Ingersoll Rand Industrial Technologies provides products, services and solutions that enhance our customers’ energyefficiency, productivity and operations. Our diverse and innovative products range from complete compressed air systems,tools and pumps to material and fluid handling systems and environmentally friendly microturbines. We also enhanceproductivity through solutions created by Club Car , the global leader in golf and utility vehicles for businessesand individuals.www.air.ingersollrand.comDistributed by:Ingersoll Rand compressors are not designed, intended or approved for breathing air applications. Ingersoll Randdoes not approve specialized equipment for breathing air applications and assumes no responsibility or liability forcompressors used for breathing air service.Nothing contained on these pages is intended to extend any warranty or representation, expressed or implied,regarding the product described herein. Any such warranties or other terms and conditions of sale of products shallbe in accordance with Ingersoll Rand’s standard terms and conditions of sale for such products, which are availableupon request. Product improvement is a continuing goal at Ingersoll Rand. Designs and specifications are subject to changewithout notice or obligation. 2009 Ingersoll-Rand CompanyIRITS-1107-022 R0209

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