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CITY CLUB HEALTH & FITNESS CENTREBE FIT. STAY FIT. LIVE FITGROUP FITNESSCity Club Health & Fitness offers a diverse range of groupfitness classes in our specialty studios. With over 40 classesrun on a weekly basis, our diverse timetable offers flexibility andconvenience for those with busy schedules.PERSONAL TRAININGOur trainers understand that different exercise regimes suitdifferent people, which is why they world closely with you todevise a unique plan to meet your health and fitness objectives.By keeping you motivated, improving your technical skills,introducing you to new equipment and new exercises, your trainerwill make sure every work out counts. Leave your excuses at thedoor and book your first training session today!Gold6 to 6 175* 120* 66* 75 75 756 monthsJoin Fee3 monthsprepaid 3606 MonthsPrepaid 1,050Casual Visits 25 720 396WHERE TO FIND US:COLLINS STREETMelbourneTown HallLITTLE COLLINS STREETCityClubFLINDERS LANEEXHIBITION STREETMEMBERSHIPSAchieve your fitness goals with a City Club Health & Fitnessmembership. Enjoy a tailored membership to suit your everyneed from access to cutting edge fitness equipment to your ownpersonal secure locker. Receive a complimentary one-on-oneconsultation with our trainers to help you start off on the righttrack and make the most out of every work out.MonthlyMembershipFee *minimumPlatinumRUSSELL STREETCity Club members can also enjoy access to an indoor heatedswimming pool, Jacuzzi, spa, sauna, steam room and plunge pool.Play a game of tennis on our full size roof top tennis court, shootsome hoops on our half basketball court or have hit of golf onone of our golf ranges. Bookings are essential and professionalcoaching is available.PRICING:SWANSTON STREETFACILITIESAt City Club Health & Fitness, we offer state-of-the-art facilities,along with cutting edge Life Fitness and Total Gym Gravityequipment. City Club has three group studios with over 40 classesper week, including aerobics, spinning and mind & body. Visitour 2XU retail store exclusively located at City Club Health &Fitness reception to receive your member discount on their fitnessclothing and product range.FLINDERS STREETFLINDERS STREETFederation SquareStreet StationYARRA RIVERANENAVUTSTADCITY ROALEXANAlexandraGardensDRCITY CLUB ArtsHEALTH & FITNESSCENTREAAURWith a team of highly-trained professional therapists, we cancustomise treatments to suit the unique needs of the individualand address a range of areas including: jet lag remedies,detoxification, rejuvenation and relaxation to relieve overworkedmuscles and minds. Utilisation of the pool, sauna and steamrooms is all part of the City Club Health & Wellbeing experience.TMBAMASSAGE BEAUTY SERVICESCity Club Health & Wellbeing offers a range of results-orientedmassage therapies, aesthetic services and relaxation facialCasinotreatments with a focus on total well-being. Our private treatmentrooms housed within one of Asia Pacific’s largest exclusive hotelgyms at Grand Hyatt Melbourne.STJoin Melbourne’s best CBDgym & fitness centre rightin the heart of Collins Streetfeaturing state-of-the-artfacilities, cutting edge LifeFitness equipment, indoorswimming pool, rooftop tenniscourt, and a team of dedicatedprofessional trainers. We haveeverything you need to fulfillyour fitness goals.CentreVGrand Hyatt MelbourneQueen VictoriaNationalLevel 9, 123Collins Street, MelbourneGardensGalleryVictoria 3000, Australia 61 3 9653 4894


BARREA fusion of pilates, dance and yoga moves to strengthen, lengthen and tone the body using a barre ball, light hand weights, magic ring and6.15 – 7.15am6.30 – 7.15am9.30 – 10.30amof course barre! No prior dance experience required. Open to all levels.SHAPE &FRESTYLETOTAL GYMPREGGI BELLIES*TO THE CLOCKAMBROSE BOXINGTO THE CLOCKTOTAL GYMGRAVITYSTRENGTH from ReceptionSTRENGTH 15 minutesGRAVITYTOTAL GYM GRAVITY – *Gravity class passes are availableprior to the class start timeIncline bodyweight training that targets a multitude of health and fitness goals by imposing demands on an individual’s condition by using a12.00can– 12.45pm12.00 for– 12.30pm– 12.45pm12.00 – 12.30am– 11.15amvariable pulley system. The equipmenteasily adjuststrength,12.00mobilityand endurancetraining.10.30In fact,any challenges ormodifications are possible, making it a perfect class for allFREESTLESTRENGTHAMBROSE BOXINGPURE STRENGTHWork your muscles12.45in everyway possiblein this class designed to builddefinition,– 1.30pm12.50 – 1.30pm12.50strength,– 1.30pm add12.45– 1.30pmincrease your bone density, anddecrease your body fat by increasing your lean muscle. You will use hand weights, plate loaded barbells and your own body weight toTHE CLOCKTOTAL GYMSHAPE &FREESTYLEchange the shape ofTOyourbody. No musclegets neglected in this class!TOTAL GYMGRAVITYGRAVITYSTRENGTHSTRENGTHPILATES/MAT PILATES5.45 – 6.30pm5.45 – 6.30pm5.45 – 6.30pm5.45 – 6.45pmA body conditioning work-out that concentrates on core stability, postural alignment, breathing techniques and body awareness in order totone and strengthen theGRINabdominal andback muscles.TOTALTo lengthenthe muscles,increaseflexibility and FREESTYLEimprove posture, this is the idealFREESTYLEGYMSHAPE 30 – 7.15pm6.50 – 7.50pmSPINNING *The ultimate cardiovascular and muscle endurance program. This high cadence cycling class places the workload on your heart and lungsGRINon joints and connective tissue.FREESTYLEPREGGIBELLIES*FREESTYLEwhilst reducing the impactIt’s fun andgivesyou results!*Express Spin FREESTYLE30 minutesSTRENGTHSTRENGTHSTRENGTHTO THE CLOCK CIRCUITCombines functional movements at an intensity relative to your own physical ability. Push your body out of its comfort zone safely andreach new levels in your fitness. Sessions are scalable to suit any fitness level.6.30 – 7.15am7.15 – 7.45am6.30 – 7.15am6.30 – 7.15am9.30 – 10.15am10.00 – 10.45amMETAFIT Metafit combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest HIIT training techniques to set the metabolism on fire! Metafit willSPINNINGSPINNINGSPINNINGSPINNINGseriously change your SPINNINGbody. Classes are 30 minutes inSPINNINGduration.VINYASA YOGA .45-1.30pmA series of carefully planned asanas (postures) are linked together in fluid transitions synchronised with the breath. Suitable for all levels,Vinyasa Yoga will enableyou to developstrength and flexibility,improvedbalance and awarenessas wellas strong REESTYLEFREESTYLESTRENGTHSTRENGTHconnection. Create less stress & more calm.5.45 – 6.15pm6.00 – 6.45pm5.30 – 6.15pmTRAINING STRENGTH6.15 – 7.00pmSPINNINGFREESTYLESTRENGTHSUPERVISED HOURS6:30am – 7:30pm Monday - Friday8:00am – 7:00pm Saturday, Sunday and Public HolidaysOutside supervised hours, only our gym floor is accessible .For more information, please contact Reception on (03) 96534894 or via email on 0pmMAT WORKPILATESFREESTYLESTRENGTH1.00 – pm12.30-1.15pm11.45-12.45pmPILATES & PROPSPOWER YOGAMAT WORKPILATESHATHA ESTRENGTHPOWER YOGAFREESTYLESTRENGTHFREESTYLESTRENGTH11.00 – 12.00pm1.00 – 1.45pmMAT WORKPILATESFREESTYLESTRENGTHMAT WORKPILATESFREESTYLESTRENGTH6.30 – 7.30pm7.00 – 8.00pm6.30 – 7.15pm6.30 – 7.30pmPOWER YOGAMETA YOGAMAT WORKPILATES PLUSYOGA PILATESCOMBO

PERSONAL TRAININGMEET OUR TRAINERSOur trainers understand that different exercise regimes suit different people, which is why they work closely with you to devise a uniqueplan to meet your health and fitness objectives. By keeping you motivated, improving your technical skills, introducing you to newequipment and new exercises, your trainer will make sure every work out counts. Leave your excuses at the door and book your firsttraining session today!ADAM GRIMES – PERSONAL TRAINERGAYLENE MOLINIA – PERSONAL TRAINER“Keep it simple, fun and achievable with goodintensity helped by clean nutrition”.“I am committed to developing and maintainingfit, healthy and happy clients”.Available Monday – Friday0401 962 681agpersonaltraining@hotmail.comAvailable Monday - Thursday0419 340 Specialty:· Strength training· Functional training· High intensity trainingTraining Specialty:· Stress relief· Sport specific· Weight loss and toning· Body buildingCertifications:· Cert III & IV Fitness· Crossfit Level 1· Level 1 Strength and Power Coach· Group Fitness QualifiedANITA ROBI – PERSONAL TRAINERCertifications:· Cert. III & IV Fitness· Cert. I, II & III Pilates & Yoga· Menofitness (Menopause)· Kettlebell Training· Suspension Training“Exercise should be progressive, results drivenand fun”.LIZ MORRIS – PERSONAL TRAINERPlease Enquire for availability0415 573 202“Physical fitness and good nutrition is the key toachieving better health and indeed a better life”.Training Specialty:· Strength training· Functional training· General fitnessAvailable Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday0412 878· B. Education Primary & Secondary· Cert. III & IV Fitness· Cert. I BoxingTraining Specialty:· Postural improvement· Strength training· Body composition· Older adultsCertifications:· Bachelor of Education· Cert. III & IV Fitness· Total Gym Instructor· Group Fitness QualifiedTo book in your personal training session with one of our dedicated trainers please contact City Club reception on,03 9653 4894 or

PERSONAL TRAININGMEET OUR TRAINERSBRAD IMMERMANN – SPORTS CHIROPRACTOR“Success in training lies in the ruthless executionof the basics”.VAN HUYNH – PERSONAL TRAINER“2 things I like:1. Weight Lifting 2. Not Cardio”.Available Everyday0414 562 enquire for availability0419 403 716Huynhv87@gmail.comTraining Specialty:· Strength training· Mobility training· RehabilitationTraining Specialty:· Resistance & HIIT training· Muay Thai Kickboxing· Metabolic PrecisionQualifications· Cert. III & IV Fitness· Bachelor of Health Science (Chiropractic)· Master of Clinical Chiropractic· Internationally Certified Chiropractic SportsPractitioner (ICCSP)· Master of Exercise Science (Strengthand Conditioning) - currently completingCertifications:· Cert. III & IV Fitness· Metabolic Precision· Kettlebell Level 1 & 2· MetafitTo book in your personal training session with one of our dedicated trainers please contact City Club reception on,03 9653 4894 or

CONDITIONS OF ENTRYBy entering these premises, you are acknowledging that you will adhere to the following rules and regulations: Guests are responsible for knowing their own physical limitations and ensuring the safe use ofequipment. Directions of the Chief Health Officer.Appropriate attire and closed-in footwear must be worn.Children under the age of 16 years old must be supervised by a parent or adult guardian who assumesresponsibility for them at all times when using the gym floor, wet areas, basketball court and tennis courts.Do not leave valuables unattended as Grand Hyatt Melbourne is not responsible for loss, damage or theft ofpersonal property.Guests that require a locker key, a deposit is to be exchanged.It is the responsibility of the guest to return the locker key upon departure. Failure to return a locker key willincur a 20.00 fee.Use of photographic devices is prohibited without prior approval from City Club management.No glassware or alcoholic beverages are permitted within the facility.Smoking is not permitted inside the facility.No Running, ball games or diving in the pool, Jacuzzi or plunge pool.Please shower prior to use of the wet area facility.Bags are not permitted within the exercise areas.All equipment must be thoroughly wiped down with provided sanitising wipes after use.Please return all weight and general equipment to their appropriate place after use.Please show due courtesy and consideration to fellow members and guests by sharing equipmentthoughtfully.Please show consideration to other users by disposing of all towels in the trolleys and baskets provided. DISCLAIMERI hereby represent to City Club that I am physically capable of and there is no medical reason to prevent me fromproceeding with the use of City Club facilities without endangering my health.I acknowledge that entering and utilising City Club facilities are at my own risk. I acknowledge that I am responsible forknowing my own physical limitations and will ensure the safe use of equipment.I hereby release and will indemnify and keep indemnified City Club for any injury or loss suffered by me while on CityClub premises.(03) 9653 tt.comCityClubHealthFitness

total gym gravity * barre spinning barre vinyasa yoga 12.05 - 12.50pm total gym gravity * vinyasa yoga 12.15 –1.00pm metafit power yoga yoga pilates/yoga power yoga total gym gravity* 6.00 - 6.45pm timetable effective 05 april 2021 to current 1.00 - 1.45pm pure strength barre express boxin

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along with cutting edge Life Fitness and Total Gym Gravity equipment. City Club has three group studios with over 40 classes per week, including aerobics, spinning and mind & body. Visit our 2XU retail store exclusively located at City Club Health & Fitness reception to receive your mem

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