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STREAMLINE SL-V Plus SeriesHigh Performance Waterjet Technology

Table of ContentsAdvance to SL-V4Choosing the Right System5The Intensifier6STREAMLINE SL-V 158STREAMLINE SL-V 30 / 50 / 60 / 75 & 100 hp Pumps9Technical Specifications10Accessories & Options113

Advance toSTREAMLINE SL-VSTREAMLINE Technology:Establish Your Competitive EdgeStreamline systems use the latest technology anda very smart design for ease of use, reliability andconvenience. The result is a system that delivers highestefficiency and profit.SL-V: The Best Series Ever OfferedThe SL-V line represents the culmination of several technologicaladvancements:Advances in Convenience Complete Redundancy – Because a single intensifierproduces all of the needed pressure, adding an optionalredundant system for continuous production of 60,000 psi isa simple operation. More Ergonomic Design – From the see-through topcover, which opens on both sides, to the high pressureintensifier, which can be disassembled in parts or one sideat a time, extreme convenience was a high priority duringdesign.4 Better Software Features – High-tech software andbuilt-in sensors provide protection and immediate access toinformation. More control and information is available faster. Long-term Competitiveness – The SL-V pumps weredesigned with the latest technology to provide a competitiveedge that will last long into the future.Smart Design Advances Longer Run-times – Significant advances were achieved byeliminating some seals and changing materials. Faster Cutting – Rather than just increase the pressure, wechanged and strengthened the machine design to produce60,000 psi for faster cutting and cleaner edges.

Choosing the Right SystemThere are two main factors which determine the sizeof system required: water volume and pressure. Byincreasing these two factors, cutting can be faster andhave cleaner edges. With this in mind, there are threemain variables which help determine how much waterand pressure is needed, and in turn, which system is bestfor an application:3) Size and Number of Cutting HeadsMultiple cutting heads enable higher productivitybut require more water. KMT Waterjet pumpsenable operating multiple cutting heads cuttingthe same or different parts, at extremely lowoperating costs.1) Type of MaterialThe hardness and thickness of the material to be cut determinesa minimum water volume requirement. Thick materials (whetherhard or soft) require larger streams of water which have greatervelocity and more energy to cut over a long distance. Hardermaterials with dense structures also require higher pressures.2) Cut Speed RequiredCutting faster, extremely important for higher margins and highproduction environments, is possible by increasing both watervolume and pressure. KMT Waterjet pumps can be networked(a KMT Waterjet exclusive) to allow high cutting speeds formultiples of cutting heads.Abrasive Waterjet Cutting SpeedsApproximate inches per MinuteAt 60,000 PSI (4,137 Bar)KMT Waterjet canhelp determine theideal mix of waterand pressure byproviding samplecuts or drawingon extensiveexperience withcutting materials.The tableprovides generalinformation aboutcutting speeds;please call toarrange for freesample cuts of yourspecific materials.MATERIALMATERIALTHICKNESS0.007"ORIFICE DIAMETER0.010"0.012"0.014"Aluminum0.25” (6mm)0.50” (13mm)0.75” (19mm)12 - 196-83-423 - 3411 - 155-730 - 4713 - 216 - 1038 - 5817 - 268 - 12StainlessSteel0.25” (6mm)0.50” (13mm)0.75” (19mm)4-62-31-28 - 124-52-310 - 165-72-313 - 206-93-4Titanium0.25” (6mm)0.50” (13mm)0.75” (19mm)5-72-31-29 - 134-62-312 - 195-82-415 - 237 - 103-5Marble0.25” (6mm)0.50” (13mm)0.75” (19mm)14 - 176-83-422 - 3110 - 145-628 - 4413 - 206-936 - 5416 - 257 - 11Glass0.25” (6mm)0.50” (13mm)0.75” (19mm)20 - 319 - 144-639 - 5618 - 258 - 1149 - 7922 - 3510 - 1663 - 9629 - 4313 - 190.4 - 0.60.7 - 1.00.9 - 1.51.3 - 2.0Abrasive Flow Rate(Pounds/minute Medium-Fine Grade)5

The IntensifierThe source of pressure.No other system incorporates the features ofthe SL-V to deliver the simplest, easiest-tooperate, most reliable system.Plunger Ceramic – Harder surface lasts longer, eliminatesscoring and reduces wear on seals. Exclusive Long, Slow Stroke Moves MoreWater– Reduced maintenance results from thelonger (about 8") stroke which moves more volume(up to 5.5ci) allowing a slower stroke rate, extendingthe life of seals. “Quick Release” Plunger – Allows fast, easyremoval and replacement of plungers.Seals “One-Step” Seal Replacement – Hydraulic andhigh pressure seals can be replaced in one operation– with little downtime. HYPERLIFE Seals – U.S. Patent #6,769,695- Sweden Patent #0203660-6. The seals now lasttwice as long over 1,000 hours while providinga better seal by conforming to the shape of thecylinder when under pressure. (Seal performancemay be longer or shorter depending on pressureand water quality.)Hydraulic SealThe convenient, cartridge-style seal in theintensifier combines 6 seals on one cartridge;it can be changed quickly using the plungerremoval tool.6

Electronic ShiftingElectronics provide smoother, more reliableshifting for a more leak-free operation.Metal-to-Metal Seal HeadThe exclusive, metal-to-metal seal of the seal headeliminates the maintenance of a consumable seal.Threaded End CapThe threaded Hard Seal End Cap and threadedcylinders make it easier to access internal parts.Maintenance can be performed quickly to just oneside of the intensifier at a time no need to removethe entire intensifier to work on one side.Weep Hole IndicatorsWeep holes were included to reveal the conditionof internal seals, before major problems appear.7

STREAMLINE SL-V 15The smallest pump in the SL-V family delivers bigperformance and reliability - fitting for a productbearing the STREAMLINE name.This pump was designed specifically for light-duty applicationsdemanding a reliable source of high pressure. For pure-waterapplications with one to three cutting heads or abrasiveapplications with a single cutting head, it consumes littlewater yet produces 60,000 psi.Features: Simpler, more basic controls than the large SL-V systems. Small, compact machine with minimal water consumption. Open top for higher visibility and ease of maintenance. Includes the significant SL-V technology advancements.8

STREAMLINE SL-V 30, 50, 60, 75& 100 hp PumpsOur full-featured, SL-V pumps are available in more sizesand with new “Cutting Edge” options available onlyfrom KMT Waterjet. These pumps are the easiest tomaintain and the most advanced STREAMLINE pumpsever offered. Seals last over 1,000 hours, dependingon pressure and water quality – longer than anyother system – for continuous operation for the mostdemanding production schedules.Easiest to Maintain Single Intensifier per Pump – 60,000 psi is produced withjust one intensifier, delivering lower maintenance costs, andquieter operation with fewer parts. Larger Plunger – The longer, slower strokes of the ceramicplunger move more water with each stroke, providing moreuptime and longer seal life. “Quick Release” Plunger – Exclusive plunger removaldesign simplifies removal. Cartridge seal system design isthe fastest change-out design and provides a redundantsealing system.Most Intelligently Designed System High Tech Software –Standard system includes plungerlocation control (plunger can be moved to a specific side tofacilitate maintenance), system capacity utilization (to showif it is stroking at the maximum rate), hours ofoperation (for either side, if redundant option is installed),and more. Lower Noise Levels – The SL-V's were designed to operatebelow 77.5 dB(A), improving the environment for workers. See-through Top Covers – Inspection of the intensifier canbe done by looking through the top cover. In addition, bothsides can be open at the same time, allowing easier access. Dual Pressure Control – Pumps are equipped for a highand a low setting. Ideal for brittle materials, the low setting isused for piercing and the high setting for cutting. For evenmore versatility, check out the Proportional Control optionunder "Options". Threaded End Cap Retainers – End caps, highpressure cylinder and hydraulic cylinder are all threadedtogether, simplifying access to the seals. In addition, eachside of the intensifier can be disassembled independently ofthe other. Booster Pump Protection – Sensors before and after thebooster pump assure that the flow of water is continual andadequate. An important feature to protect your system.Sophisticated Software Touch Control Panel – Rapid programming and troubleshooting. Upgradeable Communications – Remote access andnetworking of multiple pumps are options which representhuge potential for creating new opportunities. Multiple Language, Dual Pressure Control and manymore standard features.9

Technical SpecificationsSL-V 15 PLUSSL-V 30 PLUSSL-V 50 PLUSSL-V 60 PLUSSL-V 75 PLUSSL-V 100 PLUSSystem InformatonNominal Power Rate15hp (11kW)30hp (22kW)50hp (37kW)60hp (45kW)75hp (56kW)100hp (75kW)Maximum Pressure Range60,000psi (4,137 bar)Max. Water Flow Rate @ 55,000psi (3,792 bar) .30 gpm (1.14 lpm) .60 gpm (2.27 lpm) 1.0 gpm (3.79 lpm) 1.2 gpm (4.54 lpm) 1.5 gpm (5.68 lpm) 2.0 gpm (7.57 lpm)Maximum Single Orifice Diameter0.007” (0.178mm) 0.011” (0.279mm) 0.014” (0.355mm) 0.015” (0.381mm) 0.017” (0.432mm) 0.020” (0.508mm)Number of Language Options on DisplayControl Voltage & Power SupplyMax. Noise LevelAmbient Operating TemperatureLengthWidthHeightWeight524V DC; 10 Amps DC75.5 dB(A)72.5 dB(A)77.5 dB(A)Minimum: 40 F (5 C); Maximum: 104 F (40 C)56” (1.4 m)67.75” (1.7 m)77.75” (2.0 m)28” (711 mm)36.00” (914 mm) 36.00” (914 mm) 36.00” (914 mm) 36.00” (914 mm)36.00” (914 mm)33” (838 mm)57.19” (1,453 mm)1,800 lbs (816 kg) 2,100 lbs (953 kg) 2,900 lbs (1,315 kg) 3,400 lbs(1,542 kg) 3,800 lbs (1,724 kg) 4,200 lbs (1,905 kg)Cutting WaterMinimum Inlet Cutting Water FlowMinimum Inlet Cutting Water PressurePlunger DiameterMax. Nominal Strokes per Minute(at 55,000 psi, 3.792 bar)Accumulator Volume1.5 gpm (6.82 lpm) 2.5 gpm (9.5 lpm) 4.0 gpm (15.1 lpm) 4.8 gpm (18.2 lpm) 6.0 gpm (22.7 lpm) 8.0 gpm (30.3 lpm)35 psi (2.4 bar) flowing0.875” (22.2mm)1.125” (28.6mm)1734546451710.11 gal (0.41 L)0.25 gal (0.96 L)0.51 gal (1.92 L)Hydraulic SystemMax. Hydraulic Pressure(operating at max water pressure)Hydraulic Reservoir CapacityHydraulic Pump Flow Rateat 60Hz (@1,750 rpm)3,000 psi (207 bar)2,600 psi (179 bar)12 gal (45 L)28 gal (106 L)48 gal (182 L)12.9 gpm (49 lpm) 20.9 gpm (79 lpm) 33.0 gpm (125 lpm) 33.0 gpm (125 lpm) 53.4 gpm (202 lpm) 65.0 gpm (246 lpm)Cooling SystemCooling Water Consumption@ 75 F (24 C) Water Temp. (Max)Minimum Cooling Water Pressure2 gpm (7.6 lpm)2.5 gpm (9.5 lpm) 3 gpm (11.4 lpm) 3.5 gpm (13.2 lpm) 4 gpm (15.1 lpm)4.5 gpm (17.0 lpm)35 psi (2.4 bar)Options & Other Features10Booster Pump (adjustable & protected)Wye-Delta Starter or Soft ptionalOil / Air-CoolerDual Pressure CompensatorRedundant TopworksProportional ControlRemote Online Diagnostics (via Modem)EQUALIZER Networking Kit OptionalOptionalIncludedIncludedWye Delta Included Wye Delta IncludedSoft Start Optional Soft Start onal

Accessories and OptionsElectrical Options50 Hz: 190/380, 200/400, 208/416, 230/460 volts AC (3phase) 60 Hz: 230/460, 240/480 volts AC (3 phase)Redundant IntensifierAdding a Redundant Intensifier provides a completelyidentical high pressure production system to any pump over15hp. Activating the redundant system takes just a fewminutes and maintains a continuous flow of maximum highpressure for continuous production. The option is well worththe investment for shops under tight production schedulesand in need of continuous, reliable production from just onemachine. It is nearly the equivalent to having two pumps inone, while consuming less space - and far less capital.Proportional ControlThe Proportional Control enables automatic changes to thepressure generated by the pump, even mid-job, in order tomaximize machine time and vary the cutting speed. It candramatically reduce the complexity of cutting and the cuttingtime required, especially when working with fragile materialssuch as ceramic tile and glass. Using the ProportionalControl, pressure can be lowered to one level for startingnew holes, ramped up for cutting lines, and adjusted againfor cutting curves. Pressure can be instantly adjusted to anylevel. Installing this option also makes it possible to connectmultiple pumps to a common high pressure line for theultimate in continuous production shops: a networked pumpsystem where the pumps are monitored by the Equalizerload-balancing system.EQUALIZER SystemThe load-balancing Equalizer, available exclusively fromKMT Waterjet, is the perfect tool for connecting multiplepumps and creating a much more reliable source of highpressure. The Equalizer controls the output of each pumpto be consistent with the size of the pump and proportionalto the total load required from the pump network. With theEqualizer, the stroke rate of each pump is monitored so thetotal system demand is shared equally by all pumps. It is theultimate in automated, reliable, high pressure production.Remote Diagnosis CapabilityWith the Remote Diagnosis option, KMT Waterjet technicianscan quickly access the control panel of any pump, remotely,for immediate troubleshooting. Simply connect a phone lineso the technician can dial in, and it will be as if a KMT Waterjetexpert was in your shop performing diagnostic work on thecontrol panel. This feature pays for itself after it is used toquickly identify issues and speed your machines back intoservice.Soft Start or Wye-Delta StarterThese energy efficient starters reduce electrical demand whenpumps first start and are especially important in areas whereenergy costs are based upon peak-demand.Additional Tools and OptionsKMT Waterjet also makes and distributes a complete range ofcertified genuine high pressure system parts including valves,cutting heads, nozzles, orifices, tubing and abrasive feederequipment. Call for more information.Standard Service CommitmentKMT Waterjet is committed to helping customers successfullychoose the best system for specific applications and, after theselection is made, run and operate that system. KMT Waterjetprovides the highest level of training, service and support forall of the systems it makes, directly and in conjunction withthe widest range of system integrators in the world. No othercompany has a larger support network. Support and access to“Cutting Edge Solutions” is only a phone call away.For the best in support and service, call KMT WaterjetSystems.11

KMT Waterjet is a leading manufacturer of waterjetcutting systems and developer of “Cutting EdgeSolutions” for customers in a very wide range ofindustries. The focus of the company is on intelligentlydeveloping systems and parts for ease of use andreliable operation by customers.The strength of the company is found in the strongwaterjet experience (tracing back to 1971) of the2employees, the largest network of system integratorsin the world, the continual investment in research anddevelopment and the ability to use customer feedback.The world’s largest network of system integratorsand support people are available to assist with moreinformation at any time.For the best waterjet system , rely on the “Cutting EdgeSolutions” delivered by KMT Waterjet.

Advancing Waterjet TechnologyWorldwide Sales and Support NetworkMaking Waterjet Systems Easier to Use, with Greater ReliabilityISO 9001:2000 Certification; CSA and CE CertifiedTrained, Certified Technicians 2008635 W. 12th Street P.O. Box 231 Baxter Springs, KS 66713Tel.: 1-620-856-2151 Fax: sales@kmtwaterjet.comSLV-REV.3-09/08KMT Waterjet Systems Inc.

KMT Waterjet pumps can be networked (a KMT Waterjet exclusive) to allow high cutting speeds for multiples of cutting heads. Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Speeds Approximate inches per Minute At 60,000 PSI (4,137 Bar) . the same or different parts, at extremely low operating costs.File Size: 567KBPage Count: 12

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