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Ship To:Pathfinder ClubOrder FormClub Name:Club Director:Date:Phone: Bill Me DirectlyE-mail:Authorized Signature:DescriptionNote: We will gladly accept merchandise that you may want toreturn, however a 10% re-stocking fee applies to the total valueof the returned merchandise.Price EachQuantityAdventSource Manuals / SuppliesPathfinder Staff ManualAY Class Instructor’s ManualHonors HandbookHonors WorksheetsMaster Guide CurriculumPathfinder Leadership Award (PLA)Pathfinder Instructor Award (PLA)Teen Leadership Training BookPathfinder Club Drill ManualArts/Crafts/Hobbies Answer BookNature Honors Answer BookRecreation Honors Answer BookOutreach Ministries Honors Answer BookWild Plants to Eat BookletSign Language Honor BookNature Bound: Pocket Field GuideHappy PathFinding the Right PathPathfinder BiblePathfinder Sabbath Program7 Steps for Successful Path LeadershipWhy Knots?Pathfinder Club Drill: The 5.9529.9517.95InductionCandelabra Candle Set (7 candles)Pathfinder Induction Certificate11.950.48Uniform PatchesWorld Sleeve PatchAssociate Director Sleeve StripConference Sleeve PatchCounselor Sleeve StripDirector Sleeve StripInstructor Sleeve StripPathfinder Triangle PatchTeen Leadership Sleeve Strip Check / Cash2.701.804.551.801.801.802.701.80TotalBack Order

Teen Leadership Patch4.75DescriptionPrice EachField T-ShirtsChild’s S – LAdult – S (34/36)Adult – M (38/40))Adult – L (42/44))Adult – XL (46/48)Adult – XXL (50/52)10.3511.8511.8511.8513.3514.80Uniform PartsSashesSmall – 21.5”Medium – 24.5 “Large – 28” - AdultLarge – 28” – Adult (3 wide)Extra Large – 35” - AdultExtra Large – 35” – Adult (3 wide)5.957.158.359.559.5510.75Scarves and SlidesYellow Scarf –Pathfinder SlideBelt and Buckle 30”Belt and Buckle 40”Belt and Buckle 50”Belt and Buckle 60”Buckle onlyBelt strap only 30”Belt strap only 40”Belt strap only 50”Belt strap only 60”Adult /Child8.35 / 7.152.35Web Belts and s / LadiesBoysMen’s BasicMen’s Pathfinder LogoMen’s Master Guide LogoMen’s Adventist Youth Logo4.757.158.3523.9523.9523.95BeretsSmall – (Size: 6 5/8) 22”Medium – (Size: 7) 22.5”Large – (Size: 7 3/8) 23.5”Extra Large – (Size7 5/8) 24”Beret Cap Triangle Patch11.9513.1513.1514.351.15Individual Activity DiariesFriend – Grade 5Companion – Grade 6Explorer – Grade 7Ranger – Grade 8Voyager Grade 9Guide – Grade Order

InvestitureHONOR PATCHES (see honor pages)Patches.96DescriptionPrice EachAdvanced Patch StarsMaster Award PatchesChurch Heritage Patch.681.852.35Master GuideAchievement CertificateMaster Guide PinMaster Guide Name StripMaster Guide Combination Chevron Sleeve PatchMaster Guide Star PatchMaster Guide Scarf - with Class stripesMaster Guide ScarfMaster Guide SlideMaster Guide Large Patch der PinsTLT PinCaptain PinScribe PinBaptismal PinPathfinder Triangle PinGood Conduct Ribbon BarGood Conduct Star Pin3.554.754.752.352.352.351.15TLT / MG ItemsTLT CordTLT Polo ShirtsTLT Polo ShirtsRedBlack11.9532.9932.99MG Polo ShirtsMG Polo ShirtsTanWhite32.9932.99Official Pathfinder ItemsArea Coordinator Stars(2 star set)Directors Stars(1 star set)NAD Logo PatchPathfinder Logo Watchlarge facePathfinder Logo Watchsmall facePathfinder Whistle / pen lightPathfinder Logo StickersPathfinder Flag – Indoor (3x5)Pathfinder Flag – Outdoor (4x6)Pathfinder Pledge / Law Banner Set ( 4 color /fringe)Pathfinder Pledge / Law Banner Set ( White)Pathfinder Unit GuidonInstructor Diamond PinReading .95107.95110.2511.95.75.50QuantityTotalBack Order

DescriptionPrice EachFriend – Grade 5Completion CertificateClass PinClass Name StripClass ChevronAdvanced Class Pin.501.35.95.901.45Companion – Grade 6Completion CertificateClass PinClass Name StripClass ChevronAdvanced Class Pin.501.35.95.901.45Explorer – Grade 7Completion CertificateClass PinClass Name StripClass ChevronAdvanced Class Pin.501.35.95.901.45Ranger – Grade 8Completion CertificateClass PinClass Name StripClass ChevronAdvanced Class Pin.501.35.95.901.45Voyager – Grade 9Completion CertificateClass PinClass Name StripClass ChevronAdvanced Class Pin.501.35.95.901.45Guide – Grade 10Completion CertificateClass PinClass Name StripClass ChevronAdvanced Class Pin.501.35.95.901.45Other ItemsAY Aim / Motto/Pledge Banner SetHonors PosterHonors PosterHonors PosterPathfinder logo 9511.95QuantityTotalBack Order

Please print your Name Address {including ZipCode) and phone number belowOffice Use OnlyOrder BilledBack Order CompletedOrder CompletedDate

Nature Honors Answer Book Eng 47.95 Recreation Honors Answer Book Eng 47.95 Outreach Ministries Honors Answer Book Eng 26.35 Wild Plants to Eat Booklet Eng 13.15 Sign Language Honor Book Eng 23.95 Nature Bound: Pocket Field Guide Eng 11.95 .

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to be established. (Pathfinder Manual, page XI). The Pathfinder Club is a Seventh-day Adventist Church sponsored ministry open to all children in grades 5-10 (ages 10-15) who agree to keep the Pathfinder Pledge and Law. The Pathfinder children and parents are encouraged to attend all meetings and functions sponsored by the

Pathfinder Club Basic Staff Participant Guide - v1.0 5 Introduction to Club Programming and Planning—PFAD 003 Description This workshop reviews the mission and goals of Pathfinder Ministry and introduces the planning process. It then reviews the elements of the typical Pathfinder year and their format and/or sequence. This includes

Lincoln, NE 68506 1.800.328.0525 Other printed materials available: Honors Handbook Pathfinder Brochure Pathfinder Staff Manual AY/Pathfinder Class Instructor s Manual Seven Steps for Successful Pathfinder Leadership Pathfinder Club Drill Manual The Happy Path North American Division Youth Ministries Director: James L .

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