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MAG-GAGE THE SUPERIOR MAGNETICLEVEL GAUGE Patented Wide-Flag Solid Design Magnet-350 / 1100 F rating Standard 2 to 4 week deliveryExpedited delivery available Constructed to meet ANSI/ASMEcodes B31.1/B31.3 Min. Sch 40 No Pressurized Floats All Welds are GTAW/TIGNo MIG or T-Drilling Replaces SightglassesWWW.MAG-GAGE.COMISO 9001 Certified 1410004

A SUPERIOR MAGNETIC CIRCUITWhen designing the magnetic circuit between the float and indicator there are manyconsiderations other than just how strong the magnets are in the float. The Mag-Gage level gages have undergone extensive testing to produce a rigid and high performancedesign. With a unique construction the indication performs under the most demandingconditions such as high/low temperatures, vibrations, even schedule 160 chambers.Our patented solid magnet Wide Flag design not only provides highly visible indicationbut provides a powerful connection with the float. The reliability and repeatability of theMag-Gage float and indicator combination is unmatched. CPVC Float Kynar Float All floats are engineered to the specific operatingconditions of each application.Shell is constructed of stainless steel, titanium,hasteloy, monel, CPVC, PVDF (Kynar), or any othernon-magnetic material.Magnetic circuit is made of a series of Alnicomagnets to provide a light yet effective connection.We can handle the highest pressures in theindustry with no oversized, pressurized or ventedfloats. Pressurized floats can be a safety concernand can leak over time.PLT uses solid engineering to conquer thedemands of high pressures and low gravities.Titanium High Pressure FloatHigh Pressure Interface Floatwith Field Adjustable WeightStandard Stainless Steel FloatCoated Float for Corrosive ProcessThe Carbon Fiber Float (Patented)mag-gage.comProcess Level Technology, Ltd.281.332.62414

MAG-GAGE LIQUID LEVEL ORDERING GUIDEStandard Specifications Float ChamberNon-Magnetic Chamber materialAll Flanges, Fittings and Pipe meetASME/ANSI StandardsFabricated/Welded to B31.1/B31.3 code Scale Feet and Inches, ¼” divisionsPhoto etched and backfilled on stainless steelMetric, Percentage, or Volumetric availableOptional 3½” Acrylic scales Indicator Chamber StylesStyle AStyle F5Style BStyle Gmag-gage.com2” to 3” pipe W/RF Flanges - Sch 40½” FNPT vent and drain connectionsAll flanges and fittings rated forprocess conditionsConnections: ½” through 8” plusPressure ratings vacuum to 5000 PSIGTemperature Rating: -350 F to 1100 FSpecific gravity range: 0.28 and upLengths from 4.0” to 50 feetBright coloredCan be seen from 200 ft. or more1.4” wideHermetically SealedStyle CStyle HProcess Level Technology, Ltd.Style DStyle EStyle X (Other Configurations)281.332.6241

MG112345Model2MaterialMG: Mag-Gage 4S:4C:6S:6C:2S:304/304L SS304 SS/CS316/316L SS316 SS/CS321 SS34StyleSpecify Options6Specific GravityHalar Coated 304 SSAluminumAlloy 20MonelTitaniumProcess ConnectionPressure7Unit in PSIG8HB:HC:ZR:CP:PV:5911KY: Kynar (PVDF)PP: PolypropyleneCM: Other materialHastelloy BHastelloy CZirconiumCPVCPVCFlange Rating01: 150#03: 300#810TemperatureUnit in Fahrenheit06: 600#09: 900#915: 1500#25: 2500#LengthSpecifyIndicatorWF: Wide Flag 114H:AL:A2:MO:TT:7Specify SizeSpecify106SWF: SS Wide Flag WT: Wide Tracker SWT: SS Wide Tracker OptionsChamberWN: Weld Neck FlangesLJ: Lap Joint FlangesRJ: Ring Joint FlangesBW: All Butt Weld ConstructionNM: NACE MR0175/MRO1034T: Teflon Lined 304 SSNS: Non-Stick CoatingDC: Dual ChamberEG: E-GaugeNST: Nano Non-Stick TreatmentValvesDV: Drain ValvesVD: Vent & Drain Valves( Specify Ball or Gate )mag-gage.comTemperature ControlsCI: Low Temp. Cryogenic InsulationIB: High Temp. Insulation BlanketEH: Electrical Heat TracingFP: Freeze ProtectionST: Steam TracingFE: Frost ExtensionTestingHY: HydrostaticNDE: 100% Non-destructive Testing(Die Penetration, X-Ray)PMI: Positive Material IdentificationProcess Level Technology, Ltd.Indication and ScaleMS: Metric ScalePS: Percent ScaleVS: Volumetric ScaleAS: 3 ½ “ Acrylic ScaleFE: Non Frost ExtensionDI: Dual IndicationIF: Interface IndicationAR: Level Arrow IndicatorsIL: Illuma-Mag IG: Indicator GuardHDC: Heavy Duty Mounting Clamps281.332.62416

MAG-TRANS PREMIER LEVEL TRANSMITTERThe Mag-Trans 2523 Series Level Transmitter is the next generation in MagnetostrictiveLevel Sensing Technology. It contains a dual compartment enclosure attached to thepiezomagnetic wave guide sensor. The output is reliable, repeatable, fast and accurate. Standardized Dual Compartment Stainless Steel Enclosure Option Two Wire: Loop Powered 10-30 Vdc (24 Vdc Nominal)Graphic Display: Inch-Metric-Percent Scroll-Tile HART – Protocol PACTware Local Programming Repeatable Reliable Variable Range Process Temperatures: -50 F to 800 F Class 1, DIV 1, GRP B, C, DSpecificationsAccuracyRepeatability.001% Full SpanOutputLinearity.020% Full SpanSoftwareRefresh Rate25x per secondDisplayDampingElectrical Classfication7Input /- 0.015mag-gage.com10-30 Vdc (24 Vdc Nominal)4-20mA, HARTHART/PACTwareLCD-Graphic1.0-25.0 SecondsProcess Temperature-50oF to 800oFClass 1, Div 1, Grp B, C, DAmbient Temperature-25oF to 175oFProcess Level Technology, Ltd.281.332.6241

MAG-TRANS ORDERING GUIDEMT 25231122ModelMT 2523533Length66S: 316 Stainless Steel56Mounting LocationBML:TML:BMR:TMR:Unit in InchesProbe Material4ALE: Epoxy Coated AluminumSSE: All 316 Stainless Steel7TemperatureUnit in FahrenheitFRD: Field Mounted, Loop PoweredIndicator - Can be externallymounted anywhere within powerloop. Epoxy Coated Aluminum or316 SS Class1, Div1, Group B, C, DDual CompartmentHousing Materal4Bottom LeftTop LeftBottom RightTop Right7OptionsHT:RD:FM:FRD:High TempRemote DisplayFM Approved US/CanadaField Mounted LoopPowered IndicatorFRDS: All Stainless Steel FRDFRDS: All 316 Stainless SteelInstallation OptionsPLT"B"MT-25238.0" mA"B"8.0" ERLINE96in.3003in.ft.ft."A"PLT"A"12.0" TYP.4-20 mA12.0" TYP.MT-2523BMLmag-gage.comTMLProcess Level Technology, Ltd.TMRBMR281.332.62418

GENERAL INSTALLATIONSStyle AStyle BStyle EStyle GStyle FApplicationsAcetic Acid Hydrochloric Acid Ammonia Hydrofluoric Acid Asphalt Settler Hydrogen Sulfide Benzene Interface (i.e. oil/water) Blow case Jet Fuel Boiler Steam Drum LPG Butane Liquid Carbon Dioxide Caustics Liquid Ethylene Cooling Towers Molten Sulfur Deionized Water Phosgene Dow Therm Propylene Drip Pot Propane Feedwater Heaters Seal Oil Pots Flare Drums Slop Oil Freon Sour Oil Glycol Sump Tank Hydraulic Oil Underground Storage Hydrazine and more.mag-gage.comStyle HStyle XOther Products 9Style DStyle CProcess Level Technology, Ltd.BypassIT2523Seal PotDay Tanks281.332.6241

OPTIONS AND CUSTOMIZATIONSSANITARY MAG-GAGE DUAL CHAMBERTri-colored flagsOptions: MAG-TRANS ,Guided Wave RadarHIGH omPLASTICS Process Level Technology, Ltd.Options: CPVC, KYNAR, OthersINTEGRALSIGHTGLASS281.332.624110

INQUIRIESUpon product inquiry, a thorough analysis of thecustomer’s application and product specificationsis performed. Promptly after the initial inquiry, PLTissues a quotation in complete compliance with theapplication/specifications previously submitted.DELIVERABLESAfter purchase date, a standard shipping termbetween 2 to 4 weeks will be issued with allstandard orders. Requests for a faster delivery, orimmediate (24 hour) delivery can be accommodated.Any delivery requirements are to be given with initialinquiry in order to ensure on time delivery.Process Level Technology, Ltd.MAG-GAGE MADE IN USA 2019888 Clear Creek Ave.League City, TX 77573Phone 281 332 6241Fax 281 332 0232www.mag-gage.comMG1000-001-01 (Rev.1) Process Level Technology, Ltd. 281.332.6241 Process Level Technology, Ltd. 281.332.6241 The Process Level Technology Mag-Gage is a proven method to measure liquid levels. The Mag-Gage is one of the safest and most economical ways to

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4) Optional on PFA Please see product selector on the Internet, because some constrains might be related to some of the features: www.pia-selector.automation. MAG 1100 MAG 1100 HT MAG 1100 F MAG 3100 MAG 3100 HT MAG 3100 P MAG 5100 W 911/E MAG 8000/ MAG 8000 CT MAG 8000 Irrigation

On an exceptional basis, Member States may request UNESCO to provide thé candidates with access to thé platform so they can complète thé form by themselves. Thèse requests must be addressed to esd rize unesco. or by 15 A ril 2021 UNESCO will provide thé nomineewith accessto thé platform via their émail address.

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Dr. Sunita Bharatwal** Dr. Pawan Garga*** Abstract Customer satisfaction is derived from thè functionalities and values, a product or Service can provide. The current study aims to segregate thè dimensions of ordine Service quality and gather insights on its impact on web shopping. The trends of purchases have

English/Language Arts 4. Grade Level i. Ninth grade 5. Length of Class Time i. 90 minute class 6. Length of Time to Complete Unit Plan th i. The unit on Non-fiction began on March 8 and was competed on March th 30 . The class had instruction on the topic everyday of the week. Student population Contextual/Environmental Factors Source Implications for Instruction and Assessment Rural School .