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Ray Wickline’s CollectionModel Kits: AMT/ERTL ’25 Ford Roadster #31223 – open, apparently complete, unbuilt AMT ’32 Ford Phaeton #31758 – open, apparently complete, unbuilt AMT/ERTL ’32 Ford sedan/phaeton Buyer’s Choice #38016 – open, apparently complete,unbuilt AMT ’34 Ford street rod #8457 (in a Lindberg ’64 Dodge 330 “Ramchargers” SS box) –open, apparently complete, unbuilt AMT ’36 Ford coupe #31540 – open, apparently complete, unbuilt, includes RMCM of MDchopped custom body w/skirts (#RH-8) AMT ’53 Studebaker “Double Whammy” #30107 – open, apparently complete, unbuilt AMT ’40 Ford sedan delivery (in a SnapFastPlus Mustang GT box) - o open, apparentlycomplete, unbuilt AMT ’41 Plymouth #6184 – open, apparently complete, unbuilt AMT ’49 Ford coupe #6805 – open, apparently complete, unbuilt AMT ’57 Bel Air hardtop #6563 (in ’62 SD Catalina box) – open, apparently complete,unbuilt, includes Pro Tech detailing screen & Detail Master Street magneto AMT/ERTL Classic Chevy 3-Pack #8099 – ’57 Bel Air, ’58 Impala, & ’64 Impala – open,apparently complete, unbuilt Lindberg ’34 Ford pickup #72157 – open, apparently complete, unbuilt, chrome tree NOTchromed (?!) Lindberg ’40 Ford coupe #72159 – open, apparently complete, unbuilt, extra (AMT?)parts (engine, custom wheels/tires) Monogram Packard Boattail Speedster #2301 – open, apparently complete, unbuilt Monogram ‘Green Hornet’ Ford ‘T’ Roadster#85-0061 - open, apparently complete, un-built Revell Tweedy Pie 2 #85-7675 – open, apparently complete, unbuilt Revell ’29 Ford 3 ‘n 1 Rat Rod #85-2348 – open, apparently complete, unbuilt Revell ’31 Ford Model A sedan hotrod 2 ‘n 1 #85-21679 – open, apparently complete, unbuilt, butstarted – minimal painting Revell ’32 Ford 3-window coupe#85-7605 – open, apparently complete, unbuilt Revell ’39 Chevy coupe lowrider#85-2362 – open, apparently complete, unbuilt Revell ‘Saints’ ’51 Henry J #7398 open, apparently complete, unbuilt,incl. RMCM of MD Gopodyear Blue

Streak Spcl tires (#T-37) & dragsterfront tires (#T-26) Revell ’56 Chevy Del Ray #85-2349 –open, apparently complete, started,painted sky blue & partially assembled Tamiya Mustang GT ‘convertible’ #24141– open, apparently complete, started,painted (blue) Testor’s Aluma Coupe #5202 – open, apparently complete, unbuiltBuiltup Models:AMT/ERTL Burgundy ’32 Ford VickyAMT/ERTL Beige/brown ’34 Ford sedanAMT/ERTL Primer Grey ’37 Chevy convertible GasserAMT/ERTL Red ’40 Ford sedanAMT/ERTL Black ’49-’50 Merc sedanAMT/ERTL Burgundy ’49-’50 Ford sedanJoHan Green ’62 Studebaker Lark convertibleRevell (?) Green Metallic ’56 Chevy hardtopDetailing Supplies:’51 Packard resin (slush-cast)’32 Ford Vicky body RMCM of MD #B-24(1) Package Micro-Mark Decal paper(1) package Bare Metal foil (unopened)(1) package Bare Metal foil Bright Chrome(unopened)(2) packages Bare Metal foil (opened, par-tial)(1) package Bare Metal foil Bright Chrome(opened, partial)(2) packages Bare Metal foil Gold (opened,partial)(2) packages Bare Metal foil Matte Aluminum(opened, partial)(1) LMG Enterprises polishing kit(1) 27 oz. bottle Future floor wax (nearlyfull)(1) 8 oz. bottle Novus #1 (Plastic Clean &Shine)(1) 8 oz. bottle Novus #2 (Fine Scratch Re-

mover)(1) 8 oz. bottle Novus #3 Heavy ScratchRemover)(1) pack Testor’s sanding film(1) Tube Squadron white putty(1) Tube Testor’s cement(1) tube Ambroid cement (small)(2) Tubes G-S Hypo cementAftermarket detail set: Incl. (2) sets airbrushed Firestone wide whitewalls,asst’d. flocking, asst’d. photoetch andwiringHobby Works 5-Minute EpoxyJ-B WeldTools:(1) Black tool holder(1) Corded (electric) 300 Series Dremel Moto-toolDremel accessory bits(1) 24-piece mini-brush set(1) Professional respirator(1) Craftsman replacement filter set(2) Paintstands (home-made)(1) Clamp-on two-tube fluorescent light desk fixture(5) spare, replacement fluorescent light bulbs(1) Freestanding incandescent light desk fixture(1) 12-piece file set (2 missing)(8) Yellow plastic clamps(22) Wooden mini-clothespin clamps(1) set 3 C-clamps (asst’s sizes)(1) 5-Pack X-acto #11 knife blades(1) 100-Piece Excel #11 knife bladesScotch masking tape set – (1) roll 1/8”, ( 1) roll 1/4” (used)(1) Wire strainer (flocking accessory)(1) Package disposable plastic gloves(1) Opti-visor(1) X-acto knife & Blade setFinishing set: Incl. 9 clamps, asst’d. sanding sticks, and asst’d. tweezers(1) handful (approx. 15) paintbrushes – asst’d sizes(2) heavy duty X-acto knives(1) Excel light duty knifePaints:(1) 5 oz. can of Dupli-Color Gray primer

(2) 12 oz. cans of Krylon flat white spray paint(1) 12 oz. can of Krylon Suede Textured Caramel spray paint(1) 1 oz. bottle Microscale Micro Kristal Klear(1) 1 oz. bottle Microscale Micro Sol Decal Setting solution(2) 1 oz. bottles Polyscale paintRoof BrownATSF Blue(2) 1/2 oz. bottles Polyscale paintsRoof RedWhite(1) Tamiya Red paint marker (sealed)(1) Tamiya Orange paint marker (sealed)(1) large bottle Tamiya X-20A Thinner(12) 1/3 oz. bottles Tamiya paintClear (X-22)Flat Red (XF-7)Flat Black (XF-1, 2 bottles)Semi-Gloss Black (X-18)Flat Aluminum (XF-16, 2 bottles)Neutral Grey (XF-53)Light Grey (XF-66)Flat White (XF-2)White (X-2)Orange (X-6)Flat Yellow (XF-3)(7) 3/4 oz. bottles Tamiya paintRed (X-7)Flat Earth (XF-52)Flat Brown (XF-10)Deep Green (XF-26)Chrome Silver (X-11)RLM Grey (XF-22)Clear Red (X-27)(4) cans Tamiya spray paintRacing Green (TS-43)Metallic Blue (TS-19)Maroon (TS-11, sealed)Black (TS-14, sealed)(14) cans of Testor’s spray paint (unopened)Dullcote (1260)Glosscote (1261)Bright White (2943)

Clear Enamel Top Coat (2936)Sprint White (RC251)Black Pearl (1813)Black Metallic (2913)Green Metalflake (1630)Fifties Aqua (2942)Purple (1234)Purple Metalflake (1631 – 2 cans)Racing Orange (2938)Boyd’s Dusty Rose Pearl (52917)Gloss Clear Lacquer (1961)(8) cans of Testor’s spray paint (used)Boyd’s Kandy Scarlet (52902)Bright Cherry red (1801 – 2 cans)Metallic Blue (RC265)Blue Angel Blue (1972)Gloss Black (1247)Dullcote (1260)Gloss Clearcoat (1814)(1) 1 3/4 oz. bottle Testor’s Brush Cleaner(1) 1 3/4 oz. bottle Testor’s Glosscote Lacquer(16) 1/2 oz. bottles Testor’s paintsModel Master Acryl Semi-Gloss BlackModel Master Acryl RustModel Master Skin Tone Warm TintModel Master Semi-Gloss WhiteModel Master Insignia WhiteModel Master Dark GreenModel Master Gun MetalModel Master Chrysler Engine RedModel Master TanModel Master British CrimsonModel Master LeatherModel Master AluminumModel Master Aluminum Plate Buffing MetalizerModel Master Burnt Metal Buffing MetalizerModel Master Steel Buffing MetalizerModel Master Magnesium Buffing Metalizer(3) 1 oz. bottles Long Enterprises ‘The Detailer’ Black(2) 1/4 oz. bottles Testor’s Decal Set(2) 1/4 oz. bottles Testor’s paintFlat Brass

GoldRust(2) 1 oz. bottles of ‘The Treatment’ waxReference Material:“Packard,” by Dennis Adler“Encyclopedia of American Cars,” by the Auto editors of Consumer Guide, c’ 1996“Scale Modeling Detail Projects You Can Do,” by Kalmbachbooks, c. 1995“Building Better Scale Model Cars & Trucks,” by Pat Covert/Kalmbach books, c. 1999Collectible Automobile magazine issues:October, 1987December, 1988February, 1989April, 1989August, 1989October, 1991February, 1992August, 1995October, 1996January, 1998April, 1998February, 2000August, 2000February, 2001October, 2001April, 2002June, 2002August, 2002December, 2002April, 2004DiecastsAnso Black (1/43rd scale?!) ’34 Packard convertibleClassic Metal Works 1/87th scale ’58 ImpalaCorgi Campbell’s 100th AnniversaryCorgi Campbell’s 100th AnniversaryCorgi Campbell’s 100th AnniversaryCorgi Campbell’s 100th Anniversary VW VanDanbury Mint 1/25th scale Red ’37 Studebaker pickupDanbury Mint 1/24th scale Gray ’50 Studebaker ChampionconvertibleFord Precision 100 Collection 1/18th scale Burgundy ’37 Lin-

coln Zephyr (missing one fender skirt?)Franklin Mint 1/43rd scale ’53 Red Studebaker hardtopFranklin Mint 1/43rd scale Blue Desoto 4-door sedanFranklin Mint 1/43rd scale Lilac ’53 Packard convertibleFranklin Mint 1/43rd scale Sky Blue/White ’55 Chevy convertibleFranklin Mint 1/43rd scale Black/White ’57 Bel Air hardtopFranklin Mint 1/43rd scale Pink ’58 Edsel convertibleFranklin Mint 1/43rd scale Gold ’63 AvantiFranklin Mint 1/43rd scale Copper ’68 Charger R/TFranklin Mint 1/24th scale two-tone Green/Black ’30 Model A TudorFranklin Mint 1/24th scale Green ’37 Ford convertibleFranklin Mint 1/24th scale ’40 Packard convertible (1/1,500)Franklin Mint 1/24th scale Pale Yellow ’49 Buick convertibleFranklin Mint 1/24th scale Green ’55 Hudson HornetGearbox Collectibles 1/43rd scale MD State Trooper Crown VicHubley 1/25th scale Green/White Rolls Royce convertible (damaged but repairable?)Maisto 1/24th scale ’00 FLSTF Fat BoyMaisto 1/24th scale ’01 H-D FXTS Springer SoftailMira 1/18th scale White ’53 CorvetteNational Motor Museum Mint 1/43rd (?) scale Green ’32 Ford convertible sedanNational Motor Museum Mint 1/43rd (?) scale Burgundy ’31 Model A convertibleNational Motor Museum Mint 1/43rd (?) scale Black ’25 Model T pickupNewRay 1/43rd scale Sky Blue/White ’55 Olds Super 88 convertibleNewRay 1/43rd scale burgundy ’57 Chrysler 300 convertibleRoad Champs 1/43rd scale ’57 Ford police carRoad Champs 1/43rd scale Washington, DC Crown VicRoad Champs 1/43rd scale VA State Police Crown VicRoad Champs 1/43rd scale VA Stat Police Crown VicRoad Champs 1/43rd scale ’55 Safari Brown/WhiteRoad Champs 1/43rd scale MD State Police CapriceRoad Legends 1/18th scale Blue ’59 Impala convertibleRoad Signature 1/43rd scale Black ’49 Coupe de Ville convertibleSignature Models Aqua/Black ’56 (?) Plymouth hardtopSignature (?!) 1/18th scale Black ’36 Chrysler AirflowSignature Models (?) Black Chrysler AirflowSignature Models (?) Green ’30 Hudson sedanSet of (7) seven 1/64th scale (?) Antique cars1/25th scale Sky Blue ’58 Impala convertible (unknown mfr)Lois Wickline, 16920 Longfellow Court,Hagerstown, MD 21740, (301) 5822728

Ray Wickline’s Collection Model Kits: AMT/ERTL ’25 Ford Roadster #31223 – open, apparently complete, unbuilt AMT ’32 Ford Phaeton #31758 – open, apparently complete, unbuilt AMT/ERTL ’32 Ford sedan/phaeton Buyer’s Choice #38016 – open, apparently complete, unbuilt AMT ’34 Ford street rod #8457 (in a Lindberg ’64 Dodge 330 “Ramchargers” SS box) –

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