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Form-Scaff is South Africa’s leading supplier of formwork, falsework and scaffolding tothe construction and civil engineering industries. Form-Scaff not only manufactures,hires and sells world-class products, but also provides the design skills, technical adviceand support that comes with having 50 years experience and more than 30 branches locallyand internationally.We are Waco InternationalForm-Scaff is part of Waco International, a focused equipment rental and industrial servicesbusiness with operations in Africa (South Africa and other sub-Saharan African countries),Australasia (Australia and New Zealand) and the United Kingdom.The Group provides services in the areas of formwork, shoring and scaffolding, insulation,painting and blasting, hydraulics and suspended access platforms, relocatable modularbuildings, portable sanitation products and integrated hygiene services.Disclaimer:Copyright in this catalogue vests in Form-Scaff, a division of Waco Africa (Proprietary) Limited (”Form-Scaff”) and extends inter alia, to the making of copies in whole orin part without the prior written consent of Form-Scaff.While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this catalogue, we cannot accept responsibility for any errors which may occur as aresult of reliance on the contents of this catalogue and are not liable for any loss of any nature that may be incurred as a result of such reliance. Details of any of theproducts may change without prior notice.The customer must ensure that ‘good practice’ is adopted on site by competent persons and that the products shown in this catalogue are erected, used and strippedin accordance with the relevant Codes of Practice and the OHS Act and Regulations 85 of 1993. This catalogue does not contain any design detail but lists and depictsthe items available under this product range. The responsibility for design is the responsibility of the customer.Note: The colours used in this document are for illustrative purposes only and may differ on actual productsEdition 4 - January 2017

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econo-formEcono-Form WallsForm-Scaff has been manufacturing and supplying the Econo-Formsystem to contractors for over 40 years. The system has proven itselfto be a versatile formwork solution that can be used to form vertical,inclined, horizontal and curved concrete surfaces.System Features Quick and easy to assemble and strip. Individual components are lightweight and easy to manhandle. Soldiers and walers may be attached to provide large gangformed units. Tie holes at a 300mm spacing allows alternative tie locations. The punched periphery provides abundant locations forattachments. A large variety of panel shapes and sizes are available.2

econo-formGeneral Assembly

PanelsEcono-Form PanelsEcono-Form Panels are fabricated with a 3mm steel faceplate withpunched slotted holes at 50mm centres in the periphery. 18mmdiameter tie holes are at 300mm centres along the centre line ofthe panel.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)2705001ECONO-form PANEL 3000 x 6002705003ECONO-form PANEL 3000 x 45078.961.02705005ECONO-form PANEL 3000 x 30046.42705101ECONO-form PANEL 3000 x 23038.62705007ECONO-form PANEL 3000 x 15025.92705008ECONO-form PANEL 2700 x 60070.62705010ECONO-form PANEL 2700 x 45055.02705012ECONO-form PANEL 2700 x 30041.92705102ECONO-form PANEL 2700 x 23034.82705014ECONO-form PANEL 2700 x 15026.22705015ECONO-form PANEL 2400 x 60059.22705017ECONO-form PANEL 2400 x 45053.02705019ECONO-form PANEL 2400 x 30035.92705103ECONO-form PANEL 2400 x 23031.02705021ECONO-form PANEL 2400 x 15020.92705022ECONO-form PANEL 2100 x 60051.42705024ECONO-form PANEL 2100 x 45042.02705026ECONO-form PANEL 2100 x 30032.82705104ECONO-form PANEL 2100 x 23027.32705028ECONO-form PANEL 2100 x 15021.62705029ECONO-form PANEL 1800 x 60044.12705031ECONO-form PANEL 1800 x 45037.32705033ECONO-form PANEL 1800 x 30028.323.52705105ECONO-form PANEL 1800 x 2302705035ECONO-form PANEL 1800 x 15015.72705036ECONO-form PANEL 1500 x 60040.02705038ECONO-form PANEL 1500 x 45033.32705040ECONO-form PANEL 1500 x 30023.82705106ECONO-form PANEL 1500 x 23019.82705042ECONO-form PANEL 1500 x 15012.72705043ECONO-form PANEL 1200 x 60032.92705045ECONO-form PANEL 1200 x 45025.32705047ECONO-form PANEL 1200 x 30019.32705107ECONO-form PANEL 1200 x 23014.52705049ECONO-form PANEL 1200 x 1509.82705050ECONO-form PANEL 900 x 60025.92705052ECONO-form PANEL 900 x 45018.92705054ECONO-form PANEL 900 x 30014.72705108ECONO-form PANEL 900 x 23010.82705056ECONO-form PANEL 900 x 1509.1Note: Other sizes available upon request.Plastic ButtonsPlastic Buttons are used to plug any unused tie holes.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)2960810BUTTON 25MM DIA2960808BUTTON 21MM DIA0.012960811BUTTON 18MM DIA0.012960809BUTTON 16MM DIA0.0140.01

econo-formChannels & FillersEcono-Form ChannelsEcono-Form Channels can either be used as small panels or aslight soldiers to tie through when using the Flex-Form Panels.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)2706141ECONo-form CHANNEL 3000 x 10021.02706142ECONo-form CHANNEL 3000 x 7516.62706143ECONo-form CHANNEL 2700 x 10017.02706144ECONo-form CHANNEL 2700 x 7515.02706145ECONo-form CHANNEL 2400 x 10015.12706146ECONo-form CHANNEL 2400 x 7513.32706147ECONo-form CHANNEL 2100 x 10013.32706148ECONo-form CHANNEL 2100 x 7511.72706149ECONo-form CHANNEL 1800 x 10011.42706150ECONo-form CHANNEL 1800 x 7510.12706151ECONo-form CHANNEL 1500 x 1009.62706152ECONo-form CHANNEL 1500 x 758.42706153ECONo-form CHANNEL 1200 x 1008.32706154ECONo-form CHANNEL 1200 x 757.42706155ECONo-form CHANNEL 900 x 1006.62706156ECONo-form CHANNEL 900 x 755.2Econo-Form Filler PanelsThe Econo-Form Filler facilitates the closing of gaps of up to180mm between panels. It is simply placed between the twoadjacent panels and fixed with B or C Clamps to the O-form FILLER PANEL 3000 x 20015.82711512ECONO-form FILLER PANEL 2700 x 20014.32711513ECONO-form FILLER PANEL 2400 x 20012.72711514ECONO-form FILLER PANEL 2100 x 20011.12711515ECONO-form FILLER PANEL 1800 x 2009.52711516ECONO-form FILLER PANEL 1500 x 2008.02711517ECONO-form FILLER PANEL 1200 x 2006.42711518ECONO-form FILLER PANEL 900 x 2004.8Ef-Ti PanelsEf-Ti Panels are used to join Econo-Form Panels to Tifa / I PANEL 2700 X 15028.85110208EF-TI PANEL 1500 X 15016.45110121EF-TI PANEL 1200 X 15013.15110120EF-TI PANEL 900 X 15010.1

Tube & FittingsWedge SetsWedge Sets are used to join two Econo-Form Panels orFlex-Form Panels together.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)2715555KEY (HD)0.12715556WEDGE CURVED (HD)0.12715552WEDGE BENT CLIP0.12715553WEDGE ONLY (STRAIGHT)0.1Scaffold Tubes and Channel WalersScaffold Tubes and Channel Walers are placed behind theEcono-Form Panels to align the panels.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)1905151SCAFFOLD TUBE 610022.71905098SCAFFOLD TUBE 550020.51905097SCAFFOLD TUBE 500018.61905096SCAFFOLD TUBE 450016.71905095SCAFFOLD TUBE 400014.91905094SCAFFOLD TUBE 350013.01905093SCAFFOLD TUBE 300011.21905092SCAFFOLD TUBE 25009.31905091SCAFFOLD TUBE 20007.41905090SCAFFOLD TUBE 15005.61905089SCAFFOLD TUBE 10003.71905088SCAFFOLD TUBE 5005405113CHANNEL WALER 60001.960.6B-Clamps and C-ClampsB-Clamps are used to connect Scaffold Tubes to the flanges ofthe Econo-Form Panels. C-Clamps are used to connect 100mm x50mm Channels to the flanges of the Econo-Form Panels.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)2710501B-CLAMP (FOR TUBULAR WALER)0.82710502C-CLAMP (FOR CHANNEL WALER)1.1Tube Waler Prop Connecting BracketsTube Waler Prop Connecting Brackets are used to connect thePush-Pull Props to the Scaffold Tube Walers.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)5405301TUBE WALER PROP CONNECTING BRACKET(38MM)2.25405302TUBE WALER PROP CONNECTING BRACKET(50MM)2.56

econo-formApplication - FittingsScaffold Tube WalerTube Waler Prop Connecting BracketEcono-Form PanelKey & Wedge SetTieB-ClampPush-Pull PropPush-Pull Prop TiePush-Pull Prop Swivel FootKey & Wedge SetKey & Wedge SetC-ClampB-ClampScaffold TubeChannel

CornersExternal Corner AnglesExternal Corner Angles are used to align and secure standardpanels on outside corners at a 90º angle.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)2720608EXT CNR ANGLE 3000 x 50 x 5011.32720607EXT CNR ANGLE 2700 x 50 x 5010.22720606EXT CNR ANGLE 2400 x 50 x 509.12720605EXT CNR ANGLE 2100 x 50 x 507.92720604EXT CNR ANGLE 1800 x 50 x 506.82720603EXT CNR ANGLE 1500 x 50 x 505.72720602EXT CNR ANGLE 1200 x 50 x 504.52720601EXT CNR ANGLE 900 x 50 x 503.42720611EXT CNR ANGLE 600 x 50 x 502.3Internal Corner PanelsInternal Corner Panels are used to align and secure standardpanels on inside corners at a 90º angle.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)2707205INT CNR PANEL 3000 X 150 X 15039.12707210INT CNR PANEL 2700 X 150 X 15035.32707215INT CNR PANEL 2400 X 150 X 15031.92707220INT CNR PANEL 2100 X 150 X 15028.62707225INT CNR PANEL 1800 X 150 X 15025.02707230INT CNR PANEL 1500 X 150 X 15021.02707235INT CNR PANEL 1200 X 150 X 15016.22707240INT CNR PANEL 900 X 150 X 15012.4Internal & External Splay PanelsSplay Panels are used to connect standard Econo-Form Panelstogether at an angle of 135º.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)3375730EXTERNAL SPLAY 1200 x 200 x 10015.13375731EXTERNAL SPLAY 900 x 200 x 10011.63370728INTERNAL SPLAY 3000 x 200 x 10034.33370725INTERNAL SPLAY 1200 x 200 x 10014.83370726INTERNAL SPLAY 900 x 200 x 10011.68

econo-formPush-Pull PropsPush-Pull PropsPush-Pull Props and Push-Pull Prop Ties are used to plumb thecolumn boxes.The Push-Pull Prop Swivel Foot is used at the base of thePush-Pull Props and Prop Ties to connect the ends of the Propstogether.Connecting Pins 16 x 90 complete with R-Clips 70 x 3 are usedto connect a Prop to the Column Box and to the Swivel Foot.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)5110100PUSH-PULL PROP TIE8.45110022PUSH-PULL PROP 570063.35110201PUSH-PULL PROP 420023.05110024PUSH-PULL PROP 310016.65110007PUSH-PULL PROP 250014.05110008PUSH-PULL PROP SWIVEL FOOT 200 X 1503.45110021PUSH-PULL PROP SWIVEL FOOT 300 X 2507.65110090CONNECTING PIN 16 x 900.25110059R-CLIP 70 x 30.01Application - CornersExternal Splay PanelInternal Corner PanelExternal Corner AngleEcono-Form PanelInternal Splay Panel

Flex-FormsWall-Form Flex-Form PanelsFlex-Form Panels are used to create curved or radiused concretewalls or beams. They are held in shape by radiused ScaffoldTubes with ties installed through Econo-Form Channels adjacentto the Flex-Form Panels.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)3355007WALL-FORM FLEX-FORM 3000 X 60051.03355008WALL-FORM FLEX-FORM 3000 X 45038.03355009WALL-FORM FLEX-FORM 3000 X 30029.03355004WALL-FORM Flex-form 1800 x 60030.53355005WALL-FORM Flex-form 1800 x 45022.73355006WALL-FORM Flex-form 1800 x 30018.43355707WALL-FORM Flex-form 1500 x 60025.53355708WALL-FORM Flex-form 1500 x 45019.03355701WALL-FORM Flex-form 1200 x 60021.23355702WALL-FORM Flex-form 1200 x 45015.73355704WALL-FORM Flex-form 900 x 60016.03355705WALL-FORM Flex-form 900 x 45011.9Application - Circular WallsWall-Form Flex-Form PanelB-ClampRadiused Scaffold TubeEcono-Form Channel10

econo-formTies - Ferrule TypePVC Ferrule TubesPVC Ferrule Tubes are used with any recoverable tie system. Thetie is fed through the PVC Tube that stays behind in the concrete.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)5405083PVC FERRULE TUBE 24 ID & 27 OD0.042960806PVC FERRULE TUBE 22 ID & 25 OD0.042960805PVC FERRULE TUBE 17 ID & 19 OD0.04PVC Ferrule Tube ConesThe PVC Ferrule Tube Cone is placed on either end of the PVCFerrule Tube and is removed after the concrete has been poured.The hole can then be plugged if neccesary.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)5405084PVC FERRULE TUBE CONE 24 OD0.012960813PVC FERRULE TUBE CONE 22 OD0.012960815PVC FERRULE TUBE CONE 17 OD0.01Ferrule RosesFerrule Roses are used when steel round bars or reinforcing barsare used for the tie. The Ferrule Rose is secured to the steel tieby tightening the grubscrew.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)2960803FERRULE ROSE 12DIA (C/W GRUB)0.42960804Ferrule jack2.5Application - Ferrule TiesPVC Ferrule Tube ConePVC Ferrule TubeFerrule RoseRound Bar

Ties - Form TypeForm-Tie BarForm-Ties are recoverable ties used through PVC Ferrule Tubes.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)5405061FORM-TIE BAR F16 (PER M)1.65405072FORM-TIE BAR F12 (PER M)0.8Form-Tie NutForm-Tie Nuts are used each end of the Form-Tie.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)5405062FORM-TIE NUT F160.25405073FORM-TIE NUT F120.2Form-Tie PadThe Form-Tie Pad and washer 100 x 100 sits between theForm-Tie Nut and the Panel.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)5405064FORM-TIE PAD FOR F16 FORM TIE1.25110035WASHER 100 X 100 X 60.5Application - Form-TiesPVC Ferrule Tube ConePVC Ferrule TubeForm-Tie NutForm-Tie PadForm-Tie Bar12

econo-formTies - Dywidag TypeDywidag Tie BarDywidag Ties are recoverable ties used through tie sleeves.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)5405095dywidag bar 15MM 60008.75405094dywidag bar 15MM 55008.05405093dywidag bar 15MM 50007.25405092dywidag bar 15MM 45006.55405089dywidag bar 15MM 40005.85405088dywidag bar 15MM 35005.15405087dywidag bar 15mm 30004.35405086dywidag bar 15MM 25003.65405085dywidag bar 15MM 20002.95405079dywidag bar 15MM 15002.25405078dywidag bar 15MM 10001.55405077dywidag bar 15MM 5000.7Dywidag Combi Wing NutsThe Dywidag Combi Wing Nut is used with the 15mm Dywidag Bar.CODEDESCRIPTION5110150dywidag combi WING nutMASS(kg)1.2Application - Dywidag TiesPVC Ferrule Tube ConePVC Ferrule TubeDywidag Combi Wing NutDywidag Bar

Ties - Water-Bar TypeWater-Bar CastingThe Water-Bar Casting is used to prevent water passing from oneconcrete face to the other. The 15mm Dywidag Bars are removedwith the Dywidag Spanner.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)5821100Water-bar casting 15MM1.05821101WATER-BAR REDUCER 25 ID TO 22 ID0.1Cones & BoltsSteel Cones are used with non-recoverable ties. The threadedbar stays behind and the steel cone is recovered by means of anextractor tool.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)5410013Steel Cone M24 / F165410050STEEL CONE M24 / DYWIDAG 15MM0.70.75410051Steel Cone DYWIDAG0.72966028Set Screw M24 x 750.3Extractor ToolsExtractor Tools are used to remove the Steel Cones from theconcrete. The Dywidag Spanner 15mm is used to hold the tie barwhen tightening or loosening the nuts.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)2965906ANCHOR SCREW ExTRACTOR TOOL M242.25405098Dywidag Spanner 15MM1.0Application - Water Bar TiesPVC Ferrule Tube ConePVC Ferrule TubeWater-Bar CastingDywidag Combi Wing NutDywidag Bar14

econo-formTies - Coil TypeCoil TiesCoil Ties are used to tie panels on opposite sides of a concrete walltogether.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)5821019COIL TIE EXTENDED 12 x 5250.45821017COIL TIE EXTENDED 12 x 4750.35821015COIL TIE EXTENDED 12 x 4250.35821013COIL TIE EXTENDED 12 x 3750.35821011COIL TIE EXTENDED 12 x 3250.35821009COIL TIE EXTENDED 12 x 2750.25821007COIL TIE EXTENDED 12 x 2250.25821005COIL TIE EXTENDED 12 x 1750.25821003COIL TIE EXTENDED 12 x 1250.25821001COIL TIE EXTENDED 12 x 750.1Coil Ties (With Water Bar)Coil Ties are used to provide a water tight seal within theconcrete.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)5822019COIL TIE EXT 12 x 525 (Water-bar)0.45822017COIL TIE EXT 12 x 475 (Water-bar)0.45822015COIL TIE EXT 12 x 425 (Water-bar)0.45822013COIL TIE EXT 12 x 375 (Water-bar)0.35822011COIL TIE EXT 12 x 325 (Water-bar)0.35822009COIL TIE EXT 12 x 275 (Water-bar)0.35822007COIL TIE EXT 12 x 225 (Water-bar)0.35822005COIL TIE EXT 12 x 175 (Water-bar)0.25822003COIL TIE EXT 12 x 125 (Water-bar)0.25822001COIL TIE EXT 12 x 75 (Water-bar)0.2Coil LoopsCoil Loops are cast into the concrete to provide an anchoragepoint.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)5810053COIL LOOP 20 x 3000.35810052COIL LOOP 20 x 2250.25810051COIL LOOP 20 x 1500.25805004COIL LOOP 12 x 3000.25805003COIL LOOP 12 x 2250.25805002COIL LOOP 12 x 1500.15805001COIL LOOP 12 x 1000.1

Coil Extension ConesCoil Extension Cones are used to create a flush joint betweenthe end of the Tie and the panel face.CODE5870631DESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)COIL EXT CONE M12 x 38 (SQUARE)0.02Coil Washers RoundCoil Washers Rounds are used to seat the Coil Extension Conein position.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)5870633COIL WASHER ROUND 0.5MM0.015870634COIL WASHER ROUND 1MM0.01Coil Tie BoltsSecures the Econo-Form Panel to the Tie.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)5845404COIL TIE BOLT 12 x 1250.15845405COIL TIE BOLT 12 x 1500.2Coil WashersProvides a stable bearing surface for the Coil Tie Bolt.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)5860611COIL WASHER 100 x 100 x 60.55855602COIL WASHER 80 x 80 x 60.35855601COIL WASHER 50 x 50 x 60.116

econo-formExtractorsCoil Cone Combination ExtractorsThe Coil Cone Extractor tool is used to recover plastic Coil Conesfrom concrete. Different dimensions on either end allow it torecover both cone sizes.CODE5865630DESCRIPTIONCOIL CONE COMB EXTRACTORMASS(kg)1.7Application - Coil TiesCoil Tie Extended / Water Bar / Coil Tie LoopCoil Washer RoundCoil Extension ConeCoil WasherCoil Tie Bolt

ClimbingForm-SoldiersForm-Soldiers are placed behind the Econo-Form Panels whenused in a gang-formed application. The Ties are installed through M-SOLDIER 36005405008FORM-SOLDIER 330082.576.25405007FORM-SOLDIER 300069.95405006FORM-SOLDIER 270063.65405005FORM-SOLDIER 240057.45405004FORM-SOLDIER 210051.15405003FORM-SOLDIER 180044.85405002FORM-SOLDIER 150038.55405001FORM-SOLDIER 120032.25405012FORM-SOLDIER 900 EXTENSION26.25405011FORM-SOLDIER 600 EXTENSION20.4Form Wall BracketsThe Form Wall Bracket holds the Form Support Bracket in place.The Form Wall Bracket is bolted to the Anchor Screw which iscast into the concrete.CODE5405025DESCRIPTIONFORM WALL BRACKETMASS(kg)4.5Anchor Screw and Extractor ToolsThe Anchor Screw is used to secure the Form-Wall Bracketto the concrete wall. The Extractor Tool is used to remove anAnchor Screw from the concrete.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)2965904ANCHOR SCREW M36 x 4302965903ANCHOR SCREW M24 x 2804.01.12965902ANCHOR SCREW M20 x 2000.92965901ANCHOR SCREW M20 x 1200.62965905ANCHOR SCREW EXT TOOL M202.22965906ANCHOR SCREW EXT TOOL M242.22965907ANCHOR SCREW EXT TOOL M363.9Form Soldier Prop Connecting BracketsForm Soldier Prop Connecting Brackets are used to connect thePush-Pull Props to the Form Soldier.CODE540530018DESCRIPTIONFORM SOLDIER PROP CONNECTING BRACKETMASS(kg)2.4

econo-formForm Support BracketsThe Form Support Bracket is placed onto the Form Wall Bracketand creates a safe working platform as well as a supportplatform for the Plumbing Bracket. The sleeve at the end of theForm Support Bracket locates a 48mmØ handrail stanchion.CODE5405023DESCRIPTIONFORM SUPPORT BRACKETMASS(kg)25.7Form Hanging BracketsThe Form Hanging Bracket is suspended from the Form SupportBracket and creates a working platform 3200mm below the FormSupport Bracket.CODE5405024DESCRIPTIONFORM HANGING BRACKETMASS(kg)23.9Form Access BracketsThe Form Access Bracket is bolted to the back of the FormSoldier to create a safe access platform 685mm wide. The sleeveat the end of the Form Access Bracket locates a 48mmØ RM ACCESS BRACKET7.55405030FORM RETAINING WASHER C/W M16 X 90 BOLT0.7Form Plumbing BracketsThe Form Plumbing Bracket is bolted to the lower end of theForm-Soldier and facilitates plumbing of the gang-formedformwork.CODE5405022DESCRIPTIONFORM PLUMBING BRACKETMASS(kg)19.8

Application - AnchorsAnchor ScrewForm Wall BracketHT BoltApplication - Climbing 1Form Wall BracketForm Support BracketForm Hanging BracketSafety HandrailWalkway and Toe Board20

econo-formApplication - Climbing 2Form TubeWaler ClipDywidag TieEcono-Form PanelScaffold TubeForm-SoldierB-ClampForm Plumbing BracketForm Support BracketForm Hanging Bracket

LiftingForm Bottom PlatesThe Form Bottom Plate is used to prevent the Econo-FormPanels from slipping off the end of the Form-Soldiers when liftinga gang-formed unit.CODE5405082DESCRIPTIONFORM BOTTOM PLATEMASS(kg)3.4Form Lifting BracketsThe Form Lifting Bracket is attached to the end of a Form-Soldierto create a safe lifting point.CODEDESCRIPTIONMASS(kg)5405013FORM LIFTING BRACKET3.72966029M16 X 40 HT BOLT0.1Form Lifting Hook (Plate)M16 HT BoltForm-Soldier22

econo-formFixingsForm Channel Waler ClipsForm Channel Waler Clips are used to connect a 100mm x 50mmChannel Waler to the Form-Soldier face.CODE5405043DESCRIPTIONFORM CHANNEL WALER CliP completeMASS(kg)0.9Form Tube Waler ClipsForm Tube Waler Clips are used to connect a scaffold tube to theForm-Soldier face.CODE5405042DESCRIPTIONFORM TUBE WALER CLIP completeMASS(kg)0.6Form Timber Waler ClipsForm Timber Waler Clips are used to attach timber sections tothe Form-Soldiers.CODE5405044DESCRIPTIONFORM TIMBER WALER CLIP completeMASS(kg)0.5Form Panel ClipsForm Panel Clips are used to connect the Econo-Form Panels tothe Form-Soldier face.CODE5405041DESCRIPTIONFORM PANEL CLIP completeMASS(kg)0.4

Application - Fixings100 x 50 ChannelScaffold TubeForm Tube Waler ClipForm Channel Waler ClipTimber FormworkEcono-Form PanelTimber WalerForm Panel ClipForm Timber Waler ClipForm-Soldier24Form-Soldier

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Page 2 Econo-Form Overview Page 3 General Assembly Page 4 Panels Page 5 Channels & Fillers Page 6 Tube & Fittings Page 8 Corners Page 9 Push-Pull Props Page 10 Flex-Forms Page 11 Ties - Ferrule Type Page 12 Ties - Form Type Page 13 Ties - Dywidag Type Page 14 Ties - Water-Bar Type Page 15 Ties - Coil Type Page 17 Extractors Page 18 Climbing

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M39012/20-0504 D VIa Econo-Crimp 10-10005-006 3 Straight Cable Plugs (M39012/16) M39012 P/N Category Cable Group Cable Attachment Automatic P/N Figure M39012/16-0013 C VIa Econo-Crimp 10-01009-001 1 M39012/16-0014 C VIb Econo-Crimp 10-01009-002 1 M39012/16-0015 (1) C VIIa Econo-Crimp 10-01009-003 1 M39012/16-0016 C IV Econo-Crimp 10-01009-004 1 .

More recently, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-rich fi brin (PRF) are suggested as further possible scaff olds.[12] Table 1 shows materials used for dental pulp revascularization by diff erent researchers. Blood clot The utilization of a blood clot to regenerate dental pulp tissues was fi rst practiced by Ostby and resulted in a .

Econo Floss and Floss Boss Model No. 3017-00-000 and 3024-00-000 Page 10 Machine Operation Floss Machine Operation (3017 Econo Floss 3024 Floss Boss) WARNING Floss head rotates at high speeds. Operator MUST keep hands and face clear of the floss head to avoid injury. Operator must wear eye protection.

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1975-1991 Ford Econoline RV Chassis Van Complete AcoustiShield Insulation Kit ECONO 7591-RVAK Cowl Insulation Kit Floor Insulation Kit Front Roof Insulation Kit Automotive Thermal Acoustic Insulation Optional Econoline Van Headliner--1975-91 ECONO 7591-RVHK 1975-1991 Econoline RV Chassis Headliner (ABS) 110 Part # Description MSRP

Washable nano-platinum filter and anti-allergy enzyme filter Cooling-only and heat pump models Five fan speeds plus AUTO (select models) HM Models Econo Cool Energy-Saving feature Optional anti-allergy enzyme filter 12-hour timer WR Models 16 SEER/8.5 HSPF Econo Cool Energy-Saving feature 12-hour timer

Instruction Manual Econo Floss and Floss Boss Model No. 3017-00-000and 3024-00-000 GDLD MEDAL RRDDUCTS CD. 10700 Medallion Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241-4807USAFile Size: 1MBPage Count: 28

T T 2.2902* (0.9842 )/T0.1702 (ASTM D5084, 2014) Equation 3 In the Equations 1 through 3, a in is the cross-sectional area of reservoir containing influent/inflow liquid; a out is the cross-sectional area of the reservoir containing the effluent/outflow liquid; L is the length of soil sample; A is the cross-sectional area of soil sample; h 1 is the head loss across the permeameter at t 1 .