U.S. Army Ranger School

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Agenda ARTB Mission & Overview Ranger School Overview Course Statistics Current Program of Instruction (POI)AIRBORNE AND RANGER TRAINING BRIGADEPOC:DTG:RLTW!2

MissionThe ARTB conducts transformational training to create and deliver combat-ready Rangers,Paratroopers, Jumpmasters, Pathfinders, and Reconnaissance Leaders to the US Armyand the Department of Defense IOT increase the leadership ability, tactical skill, andtechnical competence of the fighting forces of the United States.Camp MerrillEubanks FieldCamp RogersFryar DZCamp DarbyCamp RudderAIRBORNE AND RANGER TRAINING BRIGADEPOC:DTG:RLTW!3

Ranger School OverviewThe purpose of the Ranger Course is to further develop leadership attributes andcompetencies, resiliency, and the technical and tactical proficiency of Soldierstoimprove their ability to plan and conduct missions to close with and destroy theenemy in direct ground combat normally associated with Infantry and Rangersquads and platoons.Prerequisites-Physical Test-Swim Test-Land Nav Test-Footmarch Test-Ranger Skills Test(Unit CDR Validation)Training Highlights-61 days-51 field days-15 high risk days-26 days patrolling-7 knots tested-3 obstacle courses-3 airborne operations-4 air assaults-4 boat movements-2-3 graded patrols per phaseHigh Risk Training-Airborne Operations-Training in/on water-DemolitionsAIRBORNE AND RANGER TRAINING BRIGADEPOC:RLTW!4

Course Imposed Stress Prolonged low-intensity physical activity 65-90 lbs combat equipment Tactical foot movements of 200 mi Sleep deprivation 0 to 5 hours of sleep a night Food restriction Only 2200 calories a day Environmental impacts Benning – Mountains – Swamps Graded leadership positions in mockcombat patrols Constant harassment by Opposition Forces Peer evaluations after each phaseAIRBORNE AND RANGER TRAINING BRIGADEPOC:RLTW!5

FY 16-18 Ranger School TrendsTop 5 Reasons for Ranger SchoolFailure(Failures, % Overall) Nav12mi 8.2%)(6.0%)(4.4%)AIRBORNE AND RANGER TRAINING BRIGADE1. Nav12mi .2%)(6.6%)(5.0%) Nav12 )(5.8%)(4.3%)RLTW!6

Grad Rate Comparison FY 19CAO RC 08-19BLUF: After initial course prerequisites are verified, we have an ̴80%graduation rate.2019 STATS2019 STATSPatrols, Peers,Spots1.35%WITHOUT RAP EVENTSWITH RAP EVENTSPatrols7.46%GRAD45.30%RTT10.67%Foot March5.69%Peers & Spots0.07%GRAD RATE 33.84%RPA18.60%MED Peers & Spots0.12%2.41%Partrols & SpotsPatrols & 06%Patrols4.27%Other0.10%Partrols & .38%CWSA1.29%Patrols, Peers, Spots0.77%EVENTTOTAL STUD:TOTAL FAIL:TOTAL GRAD:297216251347Land Nav4.97%Patrols & Peers2.22%ADM1.36%LOM1.82%GRAD79.14%% FAIL# .36CWSA1.29EVENT% FAIL# FAILPatrols7.46127Patrols & Peers3.8866LOM3.1754MED2.414144Prs, Ptls, Spts1.3539SOR1.12TOTAL STUD:TOTAL FAIL:TOTAL GRAD:1702355134772319

4th RTBn Ranger POIBenning PhaseSUNDAYMONDAYDAY 0DAY 1 In-process Med screen POV storage BN In-Brief Co In-process Co layoutTUESDAYWEDNESDAYDAY 2 Land NAV RTT Malvesti RPA CWSA S4 issue HIITS 2 Issue Terrain Assoc. CombativesDAY 3 Land NAV Re-test CIF Draw WPNs Tie downsTHURSDAYFRIDAYDAY 4DAY 5 12 M Foot march Demo SAT/BAR ABN Prep

-15 high risk days-26 days patrolling-7 knots tested-3 obstacle courses-3 airborne operations-4 air assaults-4 boat movements-2-3 graded patrols per phase . CAO RC 08-19 7. AIRBORNE AND RANGER TRAINING BRIGADE POC: DTG: RLTW! 8 DAY 7 DAY 8 DAY 9 DAY 10 DAY 11 DAY 12 DAY 13 DAY 14 DAY 15 DAY 16 DAY 17 DAY 18 DAY 19 DAY 20 23 -2

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4. The overall objective of Ranger training is to raise the standard of training in all combat units.1 In October 1951, the Commandant of the united States Army Infantry School established the Ranger Department and extended Ranger training to all combat units in the Army. On 1 November 1987, the Ranger Department was reorganized as the Ranger

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consisting mainly of members of the ranger regiment and led by a member of the ranger regiment's chain of command. A ranger force may be a TOE unit or it may be a specially organized task force for a specific mission. 1-1. Mission. a. The mission of the ranger regiment is to plan and conduct special military operations.

9" " Introduction: The 75th Ranger Regiment Ranger Mission: The 75th Ranger Regiment’s mission is to plan and conduct special missions in support of U.S. policy and objectives. The 75th Ranger Regiment is a direct-action special operations raid force that conducts forcible entry operations and special operations raids across the entire spectrum of combat.

To become a Junior Ranger at Montezuma Castle, do pages 3–7 and 12–14. To be a Junior Ranger at Montezuma Well, do pages 7–14. Once you finish, bring your book to the visitor center or ranger station to get your official Junior Ranger badge and certificate! Grown-Ups The Junior Rang

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