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The National ArthroplastyRegistry of Slovenia (RES)1st Annual Report – KneeReplacement(data from 2019)Authors: dr. Vesna Levašič, PhD, MD, Denia Savarin, dr. Simon Kovač, PhD, MDThe National Arthroplasty Registry of Slovenia– RESRegistry Holder: Valdoltra Orthopaedic HospitalNovember 2020

Registry compliance: 100 % of all KneeReplacement in SloveniaDemographic data:Surgery 2019AverageAge( SD)Men (%)Primary TKR70 ( 8)35Primary Partial KR67 ( 9)Revision KR69 ( 10)Women (%)Right (%)Left (%)6554464159465439614951

N of operations per surgeon (primary and revision)Hospital

InfectionOtherAVNNPMenisctearLig tearTraumaRAOATKR by preoperative diagnosesHospital

parapatelarTKA approachHospital

TKA by manufacturers

Primary 2019N N of revision % of revisionTotal kneereplacementPart 1

Primary 2019LIMAPhysica CR-Physica FBcementedPhysica KR-Physica FBcementedPhysica PS-Physica FBcementedMATHYSBalanSys PS-BalanSyscementedSMITH-NEPHEWGenesis II CR Oxinium-Genesis IIcementedGenesis II CR-Genesis IIcementedGenesis II PS-Genesis IIcementedRT-Plus RH-RT-Plus RHcementedUNITED ORTHOPEDIC CORPORATIONU2 PS-U2cementedN 5113311180180180145887979505088111N of revision % of revision21,411111,31,32,02,0Total kneereplacementPart 2

Primary 2019N N of revision % of revisionTotal kneereplacementPart 3

Ligament tearRATraumaOtherAVNMenisc tearPrimary unicndylararthrosisOAUnicondylar KR by preoperative diagnosesHospital

atellarMedialminiinvasiveUnicondylar KR by approachHospital

Primary 2019AMPLITUDEUni Score HA-Uni Score FBhybridUni Score HA-Uni Score HAuncementedUni Score-Uni Score FBcementedreverse hybridATRHROSURFACEHemiCAPcementedPF rd HAcementlessreverse hybridPersona Partial-Persona PartialcementedLIMAPhysica ZUK-Physica ZUKcementedSMITH-NEPHEWJourney Uni Oxinium-Journey UnicementedZIMMERGender PFJcementedPatellofemoralcementedGrand TotalN N of revision % of revision14,5115,35,6Unicondylar kneeprostheses2220,80,80,830,8

PatellectomyReplacementof tibial partReplacementof femoral partArthrodesisOtherReplacementof the linerRemoval ofcomponentsReplacementof wholeprosthPrimary op.Revisons of knee replacements by previousprocedure, sum 221Hospital

DislocationInstability oflateral ligamentsImplant brokenPatellardislocationLiner wearFemoral otal prosthesislooseningPoor ROMInstabilityNPOA of othercompartmentOtherPain2-stage revisionTibial componentremovalEarly infection 3Chronic infection( 3 months)Revision KR by reason for revisionHospital

ision KR by approachHospital

Revision knee prosthesis by manufacturers – femoralparts

Revision knee prosthesis bymanufacturers – tibial parts

% of revision and revision burden in 2019StateSlovenijaN of priamarykneereplacementsRevized kneereplacements#N% and revision burden of allrevisions in 2019 *320023 (0,7%)221 (6,5%)# % of revisions Nº of revisions in this year x 100 / Nº of primaries in the same year* RB (revision burden) Nº of revisions*100/(Nº of primaries Nº of revisions) in %

THANK YOU!Citation:Levašič V, Savarin D, Kovač S. The National Arthroplasty Registry of Slovenia (RES) [Internet].Orthopaedic Hospital Valdoltra. [cited 2020 Dec 28]. Available from:

Unicondylar knee prostheses AMPLITUDE 22 1 4,5 Uni Score HA-Uni Score FB 2 hybrid 2 Uni Score HA-Uni Score HA 1 uncemented 1 Uni Score-Uni Score FB 19 1 5,3 cemented 18 1 5,6 reverse hybrid 1 ATRHROSURFACE 2 HemiCAP 1 cemented 1 PF Wave 1 cemented 1 BIOMET 54 Oxford-Oxford 1 cemented 1 Oxford-Oxford HA 47 cementless 45 reverse hybrid 2 Persona .

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Knee 27447 Arthroplasty, knee, condyle and plateau; medial AND lateral compartments with or without patella resurfacing (total knee arthroplasty) 27486 Revision of total knee arthroplasty, with or without allograft; 1 component 27487 Revision of total knee arthroplasty, with or without allograft; femoral and entire tibial component

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New Name Old Name CPT Code Service ARTHROPLASTY, KNEE, BILATERAL, UNICOMPARTMENTAL ARTHROPLASTY UNICOMPARTMENTAL KNEE BILATERAL 27446 Arthroplasty, knee, condyle and plateau; medial OR lateral compartment Orthopedics ARTHROPLASTY