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Novell SUSE Linux Package Description and Support LevelInformation for Contracted Customers and PartnersDefinitions and Support Level DescriptionsACC:Additional Customer Contract necessaryL1: Installation andConfigurationproblem determination, which means technical supportdesigned to provide compatibility information, installationassistance, usage support, on-going maintenance and basictroubleshooting. Level 1 Support is not intended to correctproduct defect errors.L2: Reproduction ofPotential Issuesproblem isolation, which means technical support designed toduplicate customer problems, isolate problem area and provideresolution for problems not resolved by Level 1 Support.L3: Code Debugging andPatch Provisionproblem resolution, which means technical support designed toresolve complex problems by engaging engineering inresolution of product defects which have been identified byLevel 2 Support.Package Short NamePackage Description3ddiag844-ksc-pcfA Tool to Verify the 3D ConfigurationKorean 8x4x4 Johab FontsThis software changes the resolution of an available vbiosmode.Converts ASCII Text into PostScriptSUSE Linux Base PackageSkeleton for Default UsersAn ASCII Art LibraryDevelopment Package for AAlibUser-Specific Process AccountingCommands for Manipulating POSIX Access Control ListsExecutes Actions at ACPI EventsFirmware files for Adaptec SAS Cards (AIC94xx Series)Professional TrueType FontsAdvanced Intrusion Detection EnvironmentAdvanced Linux Sound ArchitectureInclude Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.Additional Package Documentation.Network Disk ArchiverHigh-Performance E-Mail Virus ScannerAbstract Machine Test UtilityA Java-Based Build ToolKana-Kanji Conversion EngineInclude Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.Optional trax tasks for antThe Apache Web Server Version 2.0Apache 2.0 Header and Include FilesAdditional Package Documentation.Example Pages for the Apache 2 Web ServerAppArmor module for apache2Enables the Apache Web Server to Authenticate Users againsta MySQLDefine and Use Macros within the Apache ConfigurationEmbedded Perl for ApachePHP5 Module for Apache 2.0855resolutiona2psaaa baseaaa armorapache2-mod auth mysqlapache2-mod macroapache2-mod perlapache2-mod php5Novell, Inc. page 1/38ServicelevelSLES10 SP1 3L3L2L2L2L3L2L3L2L318.10.2007

Package Short NamePackage Descriptionapache2-mod -admin enapparmor-docsapparmor-parserA Python Module for the Apache 2 Web ServerApache 2 prefork" MPM (Multi-Processing Module)"Apache 2 worker MPM (Multi-Processing Module)APC UPS Daemon (Powerful Daemon for APC UPSs)AppArmor Admin Guide (English)AppArmor Documentation packageAppArmor userlevel parser utilityAppArmor profiles that are loaded into the apparmor kernelmoduleOpenwbem CIM provider for AppArmor that exportsmanagement interfaceCIM provider for managing the AppArmor notification system.CIM provider for managing the AppArmor reports configuration.AppArmor User-Level Utilities Useful for Creating AppArmorProfilesNetwork Monitoring ToolClient for Network Monitoring ToolDaemon for Network Monitoring ToolArpwatch Keeps Track of Ethernet and IP Address PairingsEthercodes Data for arpwatchModular Software SynthesizerInclude Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.A Modular Software SynthesizerThe Ash ShellA Free and Open Source Spell CheckerAn Afrikaans Dictionary for AspellAmharic Dictionary Package for AspellAn Azerbaijani dictionary for aspellBelarusian Dictionary Package for AspellBulgarian Dictionary for AspellA Bengali dictionary for aspellA Breton Dictionary for AspellA Catalan Dictionary for AspellA Czech Dictionary for AspellKashubian Dictionary Package for AspellA Welsh Dictionary for AspellA Danish Dictionary for ASpellA German Dictionary for ASpellInclude Files and Libraries Mandatory for DevelopmentA Greek Dictionary for ASpellAn English Dictionary for ASpellAn Esperanto Dictionary for AspellA Spanish Dictionary for ASpellAn Estonian dictionary for aspellA Persian dictionary for aspellFinnish Dictionary PackageA Faroese Dictionary for ASpellA French Dictionary for ASpellAn Irish Dictionary for AspellScottish Gaelic Dictionary Package for AspellGalician Gaelic Dictionary Package for AspellManx Gaelic Dictionary Package for AspellHebrew Dictionary Package for AspellAn Hindi (ििदी) dictionary for aspellAn Hiligaynon dictionary for aspellA Croatian Dictionary for AspellAn Upper Sorbian (hornjoserbsce) dictionary for aspellAn Hungarian dictionary for hsbaspell-huNovell, Inc. page 2/38ServicelevelSLES10 SP1 2L2L2L2L2L2L218.10.2007

Package Short NamePackage dit-libs-pythonautoconfAn Interlingua dictionary for aspellAn Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) dictionary for aspellAn Icelandic Dictionary for AspellAn Italian Dictionary for AspellAn Kurdi dictionary for aspellAn Latin dictionary for aspellAn Lithuanian dictionary for aspellAn Latvian dictionary for aspellAn Malagasy dictionary for aspellAn Maori dictionary for aspellAn Macedonian dictionary for aspellAn Mongolian (Монгол) dictionary for aspellAn Marathi (मराठी) dictionary for aspellAn Malay dictionary for aspellA Maltese Dictionary for AspellA Norwegian Bokmaal Dictionary for AspellA Norwegian Nynorsk Dictionary for AspellAn Chichewa dictionary for aspellAn Oriya dictionary for aspellAn Punjabi dictionary for aspellA Polish Dictionary for AspellA Portuguese Dictionary for ASpellAn Quechua (Runasimi (qheshwa)) dictionary for aspellA Romanian Dictionary for AspellA Russian Dictionary for AspellAn Kinyarwanda dictionary for aspellAn Sardinian dictionary for aspellA Slovak Dictionary for ASpellAn Slovenian dictionary for aspellA Swedish Dictionary for ASpellAn Swahili dictionary for aspellAn Tamil dictionary for aspellAn Tetum dictionary for aspellAn Tagalog dictionary for aspellAn Setswana dictionary for aspellAn Turkish dictionary for aspellA Ukrainian Dictionary for AspellAn Uzbek (Ўзбекча) dictionary for aspellAn Vietnamese dictionary for aspellAn Kevin Atkinson ( dictionary for aspellAn Yiddish dictionary for aspellZulu Dictionary Package for AspellA Job ManagerAdvanced TFTP Server and ClientAn Accessibility ToolKitInclude Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.Additional Package Documentation for atk.Assistive Technology Service Provider InterfaceInclude Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.Additional Package Documentation.A Command to Manipulate File System Extended AttributesAn Audio File LibraryAn audio file libraryUser Space Tools for 2.6 Kernel AuditingHeader files and static library for libauditDynamic library for libauditPython bindings for libauditA GNU Tool for Automatically Configuring Source CodeNovell, Inc. page 3/38ServicelevelSLES10 SP1 2L2L3L3L2L3L2L3L3L218.10.2007

Package Short NamePackage DescriptionautofsA Kernel-Based AutomounterA Program for Automatically Generating GNU-Style Makefile.inFilesYaST2 Automated InstallationYaST2 - Auto Installation ModulesAvMailGate Virus Scanner Software PackageSoundFont Utilities for SB AWE32/64 and Emu10k1 DriversBaekmuk Fonts (Korean Fonts for the X Window System BitmapVersion)Baekmuk Fonts (Korean Fonts for the X Window System TrueType Version)The GNU Bourne-Again ShellGNU Command Line CalculatorByte Code Engineering LibraryJavadoc for bcelAn 8086 Assembler and LinkerDomain Name System (DNS) Server (named)Chroot environment for BIND named and lwresdDevelopment Libraries and Header Files of BINDBIND documentationShared libraries of BINDUtilities to query and test DNSA Point-to-Point Bandwidth Measurement ToolGNU BinutilsScripts to manage firmware updatesThe GNU Parser GeneratorBitstream Vera(tm) Truetype fontsBloCXX--C Framework for Application DevelopmentBloCXX - Include Files and LibrariesBloCXX - DocumentationTcl/Tk ExtensionFile System BenchmarkBoost C LibrariesDevelopment package for Boost C Documentation for the Boost C LibrariesBoot Cycle DetectionGraphical System Boot UtilitiesDefault SuSE Linux Enterprise Server Bootsplash ThemeUtilities for Configuring the Linux Ethernet BridgeThe Swiss Army Knife of Embedded LinuxA Program for Compressing FilesA Program to Extract Microsoft Cabinet FilesCommand Line WebDAV Client for UnixVector Graphics Library with Cross-Device Output SupportDevelopment environment for cairoDocumentation for cairoA Report GeneratorCAPI 2.0 library and associated toolsThe Runtime for the Curses Development KitDevelopment Part of Curses Development KitA Program for Extracting, Verifying and Fixing Audio Tracksfrom CDsWrite CD-Rs in Disk-At-Once ModeTool for Writing CDRsTool for writing CDRsCheckHardware ToolCheck Installation MediaWadalab CID-Keyed Fonts (for libsbind-utilsbingbinutilsbios update onts-WadaNovell, Inc. page 4/38ServicelevelSLES10 SP1 2L3L2L3L3L218.10.2007

Package Short NamePackage maWadalab CID-Keyed Fonts (for Rare Japanese Characters)Mount using the Common Internet File System (CIFS)Common Information Model (CIM) SchemaA Combined Serial and Network Communication SoftwarePackageAntivirus ToolkitTransparently Decompressing Loopback Block Device UtilitiesTransparently Decompressing Loopback Block Device UtilitiesTransparently Decompressing Loopback Block Device UtilitiesTransparently Decompressing Loopback Block Device UtilitiesTransparently Decompressing Loopback Block Device UtilitiesTransparently Decompressing Loopback Block Device UtilitiesA Wrapper to Securely Run Insecure or Untrusted ProgramsLibraries from Compatibility VersionsCurl Compatibility LibraryThe Old stdc LibrarySecure Sockets and Transport Layer SecurityThe Old readline Library 4.3The GNOME Control Center for the GNOME 2.x DesktopThe GNOME Control Center for the GNOME 2.x DesktopConverts File Names from One Encoding to AnotherGNU Core UtilitiesA Backup and Archiving UtilityThe system GNU PreprocessorTools to Determine and Set CPUfreq SettingsFull dictionary for cracklib - A Password-Checking LibraryHeader files and libraries for developing apps which will useCrackLibCrash utility for live systems; netdump, diskdump LKCD ormcorecron DaemonA Utility to Configure Encrypted Home Directories and LUKSPartitionsMouse Cursors in Crystal Icon StyleA Program to Generate Tag Files for Use with vi and OtherEditorsCT-API and tools for Reiner SCT Cyberjack USB-SmartCardReaderThe Common UNIX Printing SystemVarious Free Backends for the cups PackageCUPS Client ProgramsDevelopment Environment for CUPSDrivers for the Common UNIX Printing SystemGutenprint drivers for CUPSLibraries for CUPSPregenerated ppds.dat for cupsdA Tool for Transferring Data from URLsHeader Files and Libraries for cURL DevelopmentConcurrent Versions SystemOpen Source Development with CVS 2nd Edition BookAn IMAP and POP Mail ServerLibraries and Includes for Cyrus IMAPdImplementation of Cyrus SASL APIcyrus-sasl plugin for the CRAMMD5 mechanismCyrus SASL API Implementation Libraries and Header Filescyrus-sasl plugin for the DIGESTMD5 mechanismcyrus-sasl plugin for the GSSAPI mechanismcyrus-sasl plugin for the OTP mechanismcyrus-sasl plugin for the PLAIN dc gssapicyrus-sasl-otpcyrus-sasl-plainNovell, Inc. page 5/38ServicelevelSLES10 SP1 2L3L3L3L318.10.2007

Package Short NamePackage opdantedante-develdante-serverdasherdbdb1The SASL Authentication Servercyrus-sasl SQL auxprop pluginA Free Socks v4 and v5 Client ImplementationInclude Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.A Free Socks v4/v5 Server ImplementationZooming Predictive Text Entry SystemBerkeley DB Database LibraryBerkeley DB Database Library Version 1.85Include Files and Libraries for the old Berkeley DB libraryVersionBerkeley DB Database Library Version 4.0Development Include Files and Libraries for the old Berkeley DBlibraryBerkeley DB Database Library Version 4.1Development Include Files and Libraries for the old Berkeley DBlibraryBerkeley DB Database Library Version 4.2Berkeley DB database library Version 4.2Include Files and Libraries for the Berkeley DB libraryD-Bus Message Bus SystemDeveloper package for D-BusGLib-based library for using D-BusGTK based D-Bus toolsJava bindings for D-BusMono Bindings for D-BusPython bindings for D-BusQT3/KDE bindings for D-BusDeveloper package for QT3/KDE bindings for D-BusX11-requiring add-ons for D-BusCommand Line tools for Managing Berkeley DB DatabasesA Perl Client to Update Dynamic DNS EntriesData Copying in the Presence of I/O ErrorsDDS2 Tape Streamer UtilitiesDejaVu Truetype FontsDelay Accounting UtilitiesTools to Create and Apply deltarpmsSuSE Theme Files for KDE and GNOMEUtilities for Manipulating Desktop FilesDesktop Files Translation updates8086 Development SuiteDevice Mapper ToolsDevelopment package for the device mapperDevice FilesDHCP D-BUS DaemonCommon Files Used by ISC DHCP SoftwareDHCP Client and Server for IPv6A DHCP Client DaemonISC DHCP ClientHeader Files and Libraries for dhcpctl APIDHCP Relay AgentISC DHCP ServerDHCP ToolsMenus and Input Boxes for Shell ScriptsGNU diff UtilitiesA Client for Managing and Downloading CRLsData Management API Runtime EnvironmentDMAPI Libraries and Header FilesA Device-Mapper Software RAID Support l, Inc. page 6/38ServicelevelSLES10 SP1 3L3L3L3L3L2L218.10.2007

Package Short NamePackage Descriptiondocbook 4dos2unixdosbootdiskDocBook DTD Version 4.xA DOS to UNIX Text ConverterA DOS Boot Disk Based on FreeDOSUtilities for Making and Checking MS-DOS FAT File Systems onLinuxDistributed Replicated Block DeviceDistributed Replicated Block DeviceDistributed Replicated Block DeviceDistributed Replicated Block DeviceDistributed Replicated Block DeviceDistributed Replicated Block DeviceDistributed Replicated Block DeviceA Backup ProgramCollection of Tools for Mastering DVD RW/ R MediaUtilities for the Second Extended File SystemInclude Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.Standard UNIX Line EditorThe Eazel Extensions LibraryInclude Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.Unicode Font by /efont/A Program to Eject Media under Software ControlGNU Emacs Base PackageSeveral Lisp Files for GNU EmacsInfo files for GNU EmacsGNU Emacs-nox: An Emacs Binary without X Window SystemSupportGNU Emacs: Emacs binary with X Window System SupportAn ASCII to PostScript(tm) ConverterEye of GNOME for the GNOME 2.x DesktopA Sound Daemon for Enlightenment and GNOMEEsounD Development PackageA Network Traffic AnalyserA Network Traffic AnalyserExamine and Tune Ethernet-Based Network InterfacesGNOME Document ViewerEVMS--Enterprise Volume Management SystemEVMS - GUI FrontendEVMS - HA UtilitiesEvolution Data ServerEvolution Data Server Development FilesXML Parser ToolkitA Tool for Automating Interactive ProgramsFile Alteration Monitoring DaemonInclude Files and Libraries Mandatory for DevelopmentFile Alternation Monitoring DaemonThe fastjar Java package archiverInternationalized Terminal Emulator for FramebuffersFramebuffer Configuration ToolThe Festival Speech Synthesis SystemFull-Featured POP and IMAP Mail Retrieval DaemonFetchmail Configuration UtilityA Tool to Determine File TypesInclude Files and Libraries mandatory for DevelopmentAn Archive Manager for GNOMESet and list filesharesBasic Directory LayoutTool for Merging Config FilesPrinter Filters for HP, Lexmark, CaPSL, Citizen and paedumpdvd resetfilesystemfillupfiltersNovell, Inc. page 7/38ServicelevelSLES10 SP1 3L3L2L3L3L3L3L218.10.2007

Package Short NamePackage erverflacflac-develflexGNU find--Finding FilesTool for Locating Files (GNU Findutils Subpackage)Show User Information (Client)A Server for Showing User InformationFree Lossless Audio CodecFLAC Library Development PackageFast Lexical Analyzer GeneratorFree C GUI Toolkit for the X Window System, OpenGL andWIN32Include Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.Library for Font ConfigurationInclude Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.Configures Fonts for X Windows and other applicationsFilter Scripts Used by Printer SpoolersA Program to Ping Multiple HostsFreely Licensed Alternative to the GLUT LibraryDevelopment Package for freeglut (GLUT Library)Very Highly Configurable Radius ServerFreeRADIUS Development Files (static libs)TrueType Font EngineA TrueType Font LibraryInclude Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.Bundled Tests Demos and Tools for FreeType (Needed forCJK-LaTeX)Free Implementation of BiDi AlgorithmStatic Libraries and Header Files for FriBiDiCheck File System UsageFreetype2 Utilities and Demo ProgramsImproved Version of FVWM Window ManagerTools for the G3 (Fax) Graphics FormatThe GNOME Accessibility Implementation LibraryGNOME Accessibility Implementation LibraryAdditional Package Documentation for gail.The G App LibraryInclude Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.GNU awkGAWK Package Documentation.A Program for Printing CalendarsA GNOME Calculator ApplicationThe system GNU C CompilerThe system GNU C CompilerThe system GNU Fortran CompilerThe system GNU Compiler documentationThe system GNU Java CompilerThe system GNU Compiler locale filesThe system GNU Objective C CompilerThe system GNU Objective C CompilerThe GNOME 2.x Desktop Configuration Database SystemInclude Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.Documentation for the GNOME 2.x Desktop ConfigurationDatabase SystemAn Editor for the GCONF Database SystemA Drawing Library for Programs That Use PNG and JPEGOutputThe GNU DebuggerGNU Database RoutinesInclude Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.Drawing Library for Programs with PNG and JPEG 2-develgawkgawk-docgcalgcalctoolgccgcc-c bj-c dbm-develgd-develNovell, Inc. page 8/38ServicelevelSLES10 SP1 3L3L2L3L2L218.10.2007

Package Short NamePackage fxbootA Library for Fast Pixel ManipulationThe GNOME 2.x Display ManagerThe Editor for the GNOME 2.x DesktopTools for Native Language Support (NLS)Tools for Native Language Support (NLS)Graphical Boot Logo for LILO and SYSLINUXTools for Using CJK TrueType Fonts and CID-Keyed Fonts withGhostscriptOptional fonts for GhostscriptRussian Fonts for GhostscriptStandard Fonts for GhostscriptNecessary Files for Running GhostscriptOmni Toolkit for GhostscriptGhostscript for the X Window SystemA Library for Working with GIF ImagesLibrary for Working with GIF Images - Files Mandatory forDevelopmentTools for Working with the GIF LibraryThe GLE Tubing and Extrusion LibraryThe Utility Functions for GtkA Library with Convenient Functions Written in CInclude Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.Documentation for the C Library with Convenience FunctionsStandard Shared Libraries (from the GNU C Library)Include Files and Libraries Mandatory for DevelopmentHTML Documentation for the GNU C LibraryDatabase Sources for 'locale'Info Files for the GNU C LibraryLocale Data for Localized ProgramsLibc Profiling and Debugging VersionsStatic Libraries and Header Files for GLibMono bindings for glibGlitz--OpenGL Image Compositing Libraryglitz - OpenGL image compositing libraryMIME LibraryMIME LibraryThe GNU MP LibraryInclude Files and Libraries for Development with the GNU MPLibraryDistribution Default Settings for the GNOME 2.x DesktopGNOME 2.x Desktop DocumentationA Collection of Useful Programs for the GNOME 2.x DesktopPanelA Collection of Useful Programs for the GNOME 2.x DesktopPanelAudio Files for the GNOME DesktopCommonly Used Files for the GNOME 2.x Desktop PlatformGNOME CUPS Printer ManagerGNOME CUPS Printer ManagerThe GNOME Desktop API LibraryInclude Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.A Collection of Documentation Utilities for GNOMEGNOME Directory LayoutGNOME Icon ThemeGNOME Keyring Password ManagerGNOME Keyring Password ManagerGNOME Keyring Password ManagerThe GNOME Desktop n-menuNovell, Inc. page 9/38ServicelevelSLES10 SP1 3L3L2L3L318.10.2007

Package Short NamePackage GNOME Multimedia (Media)The GNOME Desktop MenuThe GNOME Desktop MenuMIME Type and Application Database for the GNOME 2.xDesktopGNOME Interface for Various Networking ToolsThe GNOME 2.x Desktop PanelAdditional Package Documentation.Power Management for GNOMEUtility to Add a New Printer to GNOMEGNOME Screen Saver and LockerSession Tools for the GNOME 2.x DesktopGNOME Speech APIBonobo Spelling ComponentA Simple Process MonitorThe GNOME 2.x Desktop TerminalGNOME ThemesBasic Utilities for the GNOME 2.x DesktopThe GNOME 2.x Desktop Virtual File System LibrariesInclude Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.Additional Package Documentation for gnome-vfs2.The GNOME Volume ManagerLibrary for EFI ApplicationsFunction Plotting UtilityThe GNU Transport Layer Security LibraryDevelopment package for gnutlsGNOME On-Screen KeyboardTool That Can Guess a Lost Partition TableA Compiler Tool for Generating Perfect Hash FunctionsThe GNU Privacy Guard: Encrypts, Decrypts and Signs DataGnuPG 2A Library Designed to Give Applications Easy Access to GnuPGA Library Designed to give Applications easy Access to GnuPGConsole Mouse SupportPrint lines matching a patternGNU troff Document Formatting SystemGrand Unified Boot LoaderStreaming-Media Framework RuntimeStreaming-Media Framework Runtime: Documentation forDevelopersGStreamer Streaming-Media Framework Plug-InsGStreamer Streaming-Media Framework Plug-InsGStreamer Streaming-Media Framework Plug-InsA Library for the Creation of Graphical User InterfacesLibrary for Creation of Graphical User InterfacesInclude Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.Additional Package Documentation for gtk2.Engines for GTK2 ThemesAdditional Themes and Engines for GTK2Developer Files for GIMP ToolKitTheme Engines for GTK An OpenGL Widget for GTK Library for HTML Support for Gtk2.Net Language Bindings for GTK C Source Parser and C GeneratorGTK 2.0 Source Editing WidgetGTK 2.0 Source Editing WidgetAdditional Package sourceview-develgtksourceview-docNovell, Inc. page 10/38ServicelevelSLES10 SP1 2L3L3L3L2L2L2L218.10.2007

Package Short NamePackage TK2 Spell Checker Interface LibraryStatic libraries and header files from gtkspellA Feature-Rich Unicode Character MapInclude Files and Libraries mandatory for Development.GNU's Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for ExtensionGroup Update Program for INN and C-NewsA Program to View PostScript FilesA GUI for ViDitroff Output Displayer for GroffGtk-XMHTMLGNU Zip Compression UtilitiesDaemon for Collecting Hardware InformationDeveloper package for HALGNOME based device manager for HALInstall ACLs on device nodesA Program to Get and Set Hard Disk ParametersThe Heartbeat Subsystem for High-Availability LinuxHeartbeat CIM ProviderA Monitoring Daemon for Maintaining High AvailabilityResourcesA General Plug-In and Interface Loading LibraryAn Interface for Shoot The Other Node In The HeadTools Used for the Macintosh's Hierarchical File SystemA Collection of How-TosA Collection of HOWTOs from the Linux Documentation Project(HTMLHP's Printing, Scanning and Faxing SoftwareHP's Printing, Scanning and Faxing Software: Cutting EdgeVersionHPIJS for HP's printing and scanning software HPLIP: CuttingEdgeHPIJS for HP's printing and scanning software HPLIPWWW Index and Search SystemHardware LibraryHardware Detection LibraryISDN for Linux Basic UtilitiesISDN firmware for active ISDN cardsAn ISDN line logging and control utilityA Voice Answering Machine for isdn4linuxIA32 Execution LayerIBM Advanced System Management DriversA Tool for Looking at ICMP Messagesfirmware files for IBM serial communication adaptersA Library for Manipulating ID3v1 and ID3v2 tagsDocumentation and Headers for id3libExample Applications for the id3lib LibraryChinese Fonts for the X Window SystemEuropean fonts for the X Window SystemDaemon Activating Network Interfaces on Cable PlugReal-Time Interface Bandwidth UsageIMAP4, POP2 and POP3 Mail ServerIMAP4rev1/c-client Development EnvironmentIMAP4rev1/c-client Development EnvironmentA Shared Library for Loading and Rendering 3D ImagesConfiguration Tool for imlibImlib Development EnvironmentIndent Formats C Source CodeA Stand-Alone Terminal-Based Info -stonithhfsutilshowtohowtoenhhp

aspell-eo An Esperanto Dictionary for Aspell L2 aspell-es A Spanish Dictionary for ASpell L2 aspell-et An Estonian dictionary for aspell L2 aspell-fa A Persian dictionary for aspell L2 aspell-fi Finnish Dictionary Package L2 aspell-fo A Faroese Dictionary for ASpell L2 aspell-fr A French Dictionary for ASpell L2 aspell-ga An Irish Dictionary .

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