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1HENDERSON STATE UNIVERSITYDepartment of NursingGraduate Nursing Student Handbook2020-2021Approved 3/27/2019; Revised 5/19; 7/20

2Mission Statement of the Department of Nursing:The Mission of the Department of Nursing at Henderson State University is toprepare baccalaureate and graduate level nurses by providing a nursing educationin a caring environment.Mission Statement of the Graduate Nursing Program:The mission of the Henderson State University Graduate Nursing Program is toprovide liberal and professional nursing education to produce expert nurses.Graduates of this program will demonstrate expertise in professional practice,healthcare leadership, and research.

3CALENDAR OF EVENTS: STUDENT GUIDE (not all inclusive- subject to change)MonthActivitiesAugustWelcome! Classes BeginEnsure Castle Branch is up to date (all students)OctoberProvide proof of Influenza ImmunizationNovemberConference with Graduate Nursing Advisor for Spring AdvisingThanksgiving Holiday: Enjoy the rest!Late FallYear 1 MSN Family Nurse Practitioner Students participate inthe Advanced Physical Assessment Competency Day & the Standardized PatientExamsDecemberFinal Exam Week and Break between Fall and Spring Semesters!JanuaryWelcome back!FebruarySubmit application for May Graduation to Graduate School Office (Year 2Students)Nurses Day at the Capitol (Attendance is strongly encouraged for all students)MarchConference with Graduate Advisor for Application summer and fall courses(Year 1 students)Spring Break: Get out and enjoy!MayFinal Exam WeekCommencement: You made it! (Year 2 Students)JuneSummer Session beginsApproved 3/27/2019; Revised 5/19; 7/20

4WELCOME: HSU GRADUATE NURSING STUDENTSWelcome to Henderson State University (HSU) and the Department ofNursing. You have chosen a career that benefits humanity and society, one that canbe expected to offer substantive opportunities, if you are willing to meet theacademic and professional challenges of advanced practice nursing.As graduate faculty, we are proud to be professional nurses and are investedin your education and growth in advancing your nursing career. Our goal for you isthat you become a superior nursing practitioner, leader or researcher dedicated to alifetime of caring and continued learning. We will require that you adhere to thehighest standards of nursing.The study of nursing is a rigorous endeavor requiring expert skill in criticalthinking and the mastery of a substantive body of knowledge. We hold our graduatestudents to rigorous expectations, without apology, because the safety of patients isat stake. We hold for ourselves, a parallel expectation for instructional excellenceand compassion. We know that when the dignity of the student is respected, thelearning environment is conducive to best learning outcomes, and the student ismuch more likely to affirm the dignity of both patients entrusted to their care andcolleagues with whom they practice and lead.We expect an atmosphere of scholarship, civility and dedication to the higheststandards of science and ethics in nursing. Study in a university involves activeexchange between faculty and students each learning from and teaching the other.This is in agreement with our basic philosophy of nursing and learning as Hendersonfaculty. We also believe/support the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code forNurses (2015).FNP Students: Please review The Consensus Model for APRN Regulation,Licensure, Accreditation, Certification and Education at this linkhttps://www.ncsbn.org/aprn-consensus.htm for details regarding Advanced PracticeRegistered Nursing.In addition to this handbook, all graduate nursing students follow the rules andregulations for all graduate students at Henderson State University, which are printedin the HSU Graduate Catalog and can be found on the hool/catalog/.

5GENERAL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES FOR NURSING STUDENTSAbilities and Skills for Admission to Program and ProgressionPlease refer to HSU Graduate Catalog, alog/, for admission to program and progression.The Department of Nursing affirms that all students enrolled in the Department of Nursingmust possess those intellectual, ethical, physical, and emotional capabilities required toundertake the full curriculum and to achieve the levels of competence required by the facultyfor safe professional practice.For additional information, please refer to Arkansas State Board of Nursing licensurerequirements, http://www.arsbn.org/licensing, for abilities and skills required to maintaininglicensure.Academic IntegrityThe Department of Nursing adheres the HSU Academic Integrity Policy and Code of Conduct.Any student who compromises their academic integrity risks the full sanctions of the judicialprocess articulated in the Henderson State University Code of Student Rights, Responsibilitiesand Conduct Student Guide tegrity-1.pdfHenderson State University Nursing Honor CodeThe Nursing profession is an honorable profession. We, the faculty and staff of the Departmentof Nursing take your professional development throughout this program very seriously. Thisdocument is provided to allow mutual understanding of our expectations of you, the nursingstudent, throughout your course of study with us.The following agreement summarizes the basic integrity expected of a nursing student and,ultimately, a nurse.An honorable person does not lie, cheat, steal or display inappropriate verbal or nonverbalbehaviors toward self or others. An honorable person does not tolerate such conduct by others.Ethical integrities include trustworthiness and anything less is not tolerated by the profession orschool (American Nurses, A., 2015).According to the ANA Code of Ethics, the nurse/nursing student will be accountability fornursing practice measured with high ethical standards as to how one should act according tonational, state, and institutional standards (ANA, 2015).I understand and agree that my placement in the Nursing Program is a privilege, not a right, thatis conditional upon my being an honorable person. Sanctions may be imposed for academicdishonesty/integrity from the course-level, through the program/major level, up to theuniversity-level. Any direct violation of the Honor Code will result in any or all of thefollowing sanctions from the Henderson State University Academic Integrity Policy:Approved 3/27/2019; Revised 5/19; 7/20

61. Resubmission of work: The instructor may require that the work in question be redone tomeet appropriate academic standards or may require that a new project/exam be submitted. Atthe instructor’s discretion, she or he may specify additional requirements for the work beingresubmitted. The instructor does not have to offer this sanction. The nursing faculty may/maynot consider this as an option if only a small percent of plagiarism has occurred (depending onthe severity).2. Grade reduction: The instructor may lower a student's grade or assign "F" for the work inquestion; even if this fails a student out of the nursing program all the way up untilgraduation or beyond.3. Failing: The instructor may assign an "F" for the course; even if this fails a student out ofthe nursing program all the way up until graduation or beyond.Sanctions that may be imposed at the university level include the following:1. Suspension from the university: The offending student may be administratively withdrawnby the university. The student is suspended for a length of time determined by the university,depending upon the specific circumstances of the academic dishonesty.2. Expulsion from the university: Expulsion is the most severe sanction for academicdishonesty and may be imposed by the University for Extreme or multiple acts of academicdishonesty. Once expelled, the student is not eligible for readmission to the university.Both the instructor and the university may impose combinations of sanctions.Withdrawal from a course does not exempt a student from sanctions for academicdishonesty imposed at any level.Adopted with permission from University of Pine Bluff Nursing 5.16.18 and University of Arkansas Monticello Nursing 5.17.18 Amended6.11.18American Nurses Association (2015). Code of ethics for nurses with interpretive statements. Silver Spring, Maryland: American NursesAssociation.AdvisementOnce a graduate nursing student has been accepted into the graduate nursing program, theywill be assigned a graduate nursing advisor. The graduate nursing student is encouraged to seetheir assigned graduate nursing advisor at any point in their educational process when theyhave questions, problems, or concerns.Alumni AssociationThe HSU Department of Nursing Alumni Association is composed of graduates of the BSNand MSN programs. Graduating students are encouraged to join and remain members of theAlumni Association throughout their professional careers.Graduates should also remember to keep both the Department of Nursing and the UniversityAlumni Office informed of changes in name, address, and telephone number.

7Americans with Disabilities Act, Implications for Nursing MajorsStudents with documented disabilities who are applying for admission to Henderson and to theGraduate Nursing Student will be welcome according to the guidelines of the Americans withDisabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. Reasonable accommodations will be made for students whoare disabled, but who have the abilities to assume the role of the professional nurse. Theseabilities include, but are not limited to, verbal and written communication, critical thinking,nursing assessment of physical and psychosocial health status of clients/families, mathematicalcalculations for correct dosage administration to patients, and performance of nursingprocedures including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR at the healthcare provider level). Forinformation on how to apply for services or accommodations, please contact the HSUDisability Resource Center. Contact information can be found on the website lity-resource-center/.APEA PolicyThis policy establishes guidelines and grading criteria for the use of the Advanced PracticeEducation Associates (APEA) products in the MSN-Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)track. The goal of this policy is to establish a framework for consistent usage and applicationof APEA products.1. APEA ExamsAPEA assessments are used as both formative and summative assessments in the MSN-FNPtrack. The exams are administered in the APEA online testing center. The APEA online testingcenter provides documentation of completed APEA exams.1. The APEA 3P exam measures competency of the core criteria for advanced healthassessment, advanced pathophysiology and advanced pharmacology. A minimumscore of 67 (minimum score may change based on exam psychometrics) is thegoal. This exam is administered in the 14th week of MSN 5137 Practicum I.2. The Grading Rubric is presented in Table 1.1 below.APEA 3P Exam Grading CriteriaScorePoints/Percentage 67%100/10% 67%50/5%Note: Score ranges may change based on exampsychometrics.3. The APEA Pediatric exam measures competency in pediatrics and is designed tomeasure the specific knowledge, abilities and behaviors required to care for thepediatric population within a family nurse practitioner primary care role. Aminimum score of 67 (minimum score may change based on exam psychometrics)is the goal. This exam is administered in the 14th week of MSN 5117 Practicum II.4. The Grading Rubric is presented in Table 1.2 below.Approved 3/27/2019; Revised 5/19; 7/20

8APEA Pediatric Competency Exam Grading CriteriaScorePoints/Percentage 61%100/10% 61%50/5%Note: Score ranges may change based on exampsychometrics.5. The APEA Pre-Predictor exam measures competency in patient management:assessment, diagnosis, planning and intervention, pharmacotherapeutics, andevaluation The Pre-Predictor Exam identifies weaknesses or gaps in knowledgeareas and testing domains for remediation in preparation for the APEA PostPredictor exam. This exam is administered in the second week of MSN 5147Practicum III. A minimum score of 70% is the goal. The Pre-Predictor exam is 5%of the MSN 5047 course grade. The Grading Rubric is presented in Table 1.2 below.6. Table 1.3 APEA Pre-Predictor Grading RubricAPEA Pre-Predictor Exam Grading CriteriaScorePoints/Percentage 70%50/5%65-69%30/3% 65%10/1%Note: Score ranges may change based on exampsychometrics.7. The APEA Post-Predictor exam measures competency in patient management bytesting knowledge areas and testing domains that include: assessment, diagnosis,planning and intervention, pharmacotherapeutics, and evaluation. The APEA PostPredictor exam identifies gaps in knowledge areas and testing domains forremediation in preparation for the certification exam The APEA Post-Predictorexam considered a national standardized exam or exit exam. This exam isadministered in the 14th week of MSN 5147. A minimum score of 70% is the goal.The Post-Predictor exam is worth 5% of the final course grade. The Grading Rubricis presented in Table 1.4 below.8. Table 1.3 APEA Post-Predictor Grading RubricAPEA Post-Predictor Exam Grading CriteriaScorePoints/Percentage 70%50/5%65-69%30/3% 65%10/1%Note: Score ranges may change based on exampsychometrics.

92. Remediation1. Individualized remediation provides an opportunity for students to review studyand acquire the requisite knowledge necessary to safely practice as an FNP.Remediation is intended to help students master important concepts that weremissed when taking the assessment.2. Remediation is required for all APEA assessments. Students must utilize theirtest results to create and complete a remediation plan. The student-developedremediation plan must be submitted to the course faculty member within 72hours of the assessment date. Faculty will review and approve the remediationplan or send it back to the student for revision. Content areas with a score of 66 on the 3P exam and 69% on the pre and post predictor exams requireremediation (minimum score may change based on exam psychometrics).3. Failure to comply with the APEA policy may result in a course failure.Graduate Nursing Program Comprehensive APEA Resource Utilization PlanTable 3.1 Courses with Corresponding APEA ResourcesCourseAPEA Resources & StrategiesMSN 5093APEA Resource: Begin Q Bank: Pathophysiology (3-month access)Advanced Nursing APEA Resource: Clinical Guidelines TextbookPathophysiologyStudents must complete 50 Pathophysiology Q Bank questions per week in tutormode (15% of course grade).In week 15, students must complete a 75-question exam mode assessment with arecommended score of 80%. Students may repeat the exam to achieve therecommended 80%. The higher of the two scores will determine the exam score(see table below). This exam will not exceed 5% of the course grade.Assessment Performance% of Points Possible 80%90-100%75-79%80-89%70-74%70-79%65-69%60-69% 64% 59%MSN 5123APEA Resource: Begin Q Bank: Prescribing (5-month access)Advanced Nursing Students must complete 50 Prescribing Q Bank questions per week in tutorPharmacologymode (15% of course grade).In week 15, students must complete a 75-question exam mode assessment with arecommended score of 80%. Students may repeat the exam to achieve therecommended 80%. The higher of the two scores will determine the exam score(see table below). This exam will not exceed 5% of the course grade.Assessment Performance% of Points PossibleApproved 3/27/2019; Revised 5/19; 7/20 80%90-100%75-79%80-89%

10MSN 5137Practicum I: AdultMSN 5117Practicum II:MSN 5147Practicum III:Primary Care70-74%70-79%65-69%60-69% 64% 59%APEA Resource: APEA Guide to Coding (includes videos) (5% of course grade)APEA Resource: Coding CardsStudents are required to include ICD-10, E & M and CPT codes for alldiagnoses, levels of care and procedures referenced in papers, presentations andclinical documentation (comprehensive and focused SOAP notes) throughoutthe program.APEA Resource: 3P Exam administered in week 14 (10% of course grade) within 72 hours of the exam, students will develop and submit a remediationplan based upon their exam results.APEA Resource: Pediatric Dosing CardsAPEA Resource: Clinical Guidelines TextbookAPEA Resource: Pediatric Competency ExamStudents are required to include ICD-10, E & M and CPT codes for alldiagnoses, levels of care and procedures referenced in papers, presentations andclinical documentation (comprehensive and focused SOAP notes) throughoutthe program.APEA Resource: Pediatric competency exam will be administered in week 14(10% of course grade) - within 72 hours of the exam, students will develop andsubmit a remediation plan based upon their exam results.APEA Resource: Q Bank Patient Management (6-month access)Students must complete 75 Management Q bank questions per week in tutormode. (15% of course grade-completion only, not grades)APEA Resource: Pre-Predictor Exam (5% of course grade) administered inweek 2- within 72 hours of the pre-predictor exam, students will develop andsubmit a remediation plan based upon their pre-predictor exam results.In week 14, prior to taking the post-predictor exam, students will submit theircompleted pre-predictor remediation plan.APEA Resource: Post-Predictor Exam (5% of course grade) administered inweek 14. If a student fails to achieve a score of 70%, within 72 hours of thepost-predictor exam, students will develop and submit a remediation plan basedupon their post-predictor exam results that will help them address the identifiedgaps in knowledge and prepare for the certification exam of their choosing(remediation plan is 5% of course grade). If a student achieves the benchmarkscore ( 70%) on the post-predictor exam, they will automatically receive fullcredit for the 5% of the course grade assigned to the post-predictor remediationplan.Applying to the Graduate Nursing programAn undergraduate applicant must be accepted into the Henderson State University GraduateSchool, see the following link for details ly/

11Complete Work Verification Form, Appendix C, and submit with Graduate Nursing SchoolApplication, Appendix B. Have and maintain an unencumbered registered nursing license oradvanced practice license within the state of residence.All graduate applicants must have completed an undergraduate introductory statisticscourse (or transferable) as a prerequisite for admission. The following courses fromHenderson State University will satisfy this requirement and this list is not all inclusive: PSY 2143 Research Statistics. CRJ 3103 Statistics. SOC 3103 Statistics. STA 2323 Statistical Methods.AttendanceAttendance is one of the most significant correlates of performance. Students who are absentfrequently risk their academic success. HSU attendance policy is found in the HSU GraduateCatalog, talog/. Graduate Nursingfaculty may announce course specific attendance policy, related to their courses, in theirsyllabi OR in writing as a syllabi addendum.When ill, students are expected to place a first priority on their health and are asked to attendonly when there is no increased risk of disease transmission to others. Students who comewhen ill, may be asked to return home.CalculatorsStudents may use basic calculators during exams unless otherwise noted by instructor.Communicable Diseases1. Caring for clients with communicable diseasesGraduate Nursing Faculty believes all clients in the Practicum experience area deserve qualitynursing care without regard to age, sex, race, socio-economic status, sexual orientation,immigration status, or disease state. Students will be expected to provide care to any clientassigned to their care in the Practicum experience

Department of Nursing Graduate Nursing Student Handbook 2020-2021 . 2 Mission Statement of the Department of Nursing: The Mission of the Department of Nursing at Henderson State University is to prepare baccalaureate and graduate level nurses by providing a nursing education in a caring environment. Mission Statement of the Graduate Nursing Program: The mission of the Henderson State .

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