WWF Climate Savers, The Planet And The Bigger Picture

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WWF ClimateSavers, theplanet and thebigger pictureClimate Savers WorkshopOctober 27, 2010Lasse Gustavsson,Executive Director, ConservationWWF International

Agenda The State of the Planet Are we on-track to fix it? The role of business Climate Savers what you are doing and what else you could do

1The State ofthe Planet


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WWF’s missionWWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environmentand to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature by: Conserving the world’s biological diversity Ensuring that the use of renewable resources is sustainable Promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption

Living Planet Report 2010Global Living Planet Index30% declinesince 1970

Living Planet Report 2010Global Ecological Footprint 100% increasesince 1966

Living Planet Report 2010Ecological FootprintGlobal footprint bycomponent 1961-2007

We consume the natural resourcesof 1.5 planets yearly

“DangerousClimate change”“The Climatesolution”Source: University of Oxfordand Potsdam Institute forClimate Impact Research,April 2009

Millions at risk

WWF and climate change To avoid catastrophic climate change the world must limit global warmingto well below 2 C from pre-industrial levels Global GHG emissions must be reduced with at least 80% below 1990levels by 2050 Industrialized countries must reduce emissions 25-40% below 1990levels by 2020

2Are we on-trackto fix it?

UNFCCC, Copenhagen, Cancun & Beyond

USANational legislationstalled in the USA

CancunVery small window of opportunity andthat window is closingGovernments in Cancun should agree afair, ambitious and balanced to negotiate acomprehensive, legally-binding globalframework that will come into force by2012

3The role ofbusiness

WWF will not be able to deliver itsmission without the active involvementof the private sector.

ObjectivesShow world leaders that companies from a varietyof sectors can lead in reducing emissions andimproving productivity, translating into broadmarket transformationDemonstrate that reduction in greenhouse gasemissions can go hand-in-hand with economicgrowth. photo creditRecognize corporate leadership on climatesolutions: develop low, zero or carbon positivebusiness models

Reversing the trendBAU emissions(scope 1, 2 and 3)based on projectedgrowth of salesGHGsRelative reduction targetAbsolute reduction strategyBase yearemissionsAbsolute reduction target20062007200820092010201120122013

Some Results Over the last decade, members of the programme will jointly have reducedtheir emission by 50 million tonnes since the program’s inception in 1999(equivalent to the annual emission of Switzerland) Demonstrated that reducing emissions is consistent with growing output andshareholder value Inspired suppliers, consumers and industry peers to address GHG emissions Commitments by businesses are building support for a strong internationalpolicy framework and national regulation on climate change

but is this enough?Total reductions of the programme are only small in terms of total emissions andeven when compared to the annual global growth of emissions.Climate Business leaders need to be change agents, not only in their ownemission reductions, but also in their supply chain, the policy debate, and indeedtheir entire business model.

Shared risk shared opportunity, We need to do moreSponsorship opportunities for WWF’s Climate and Energy Network Initiative orspecific projectsAdvocacy opportunities, supporting climate legislation globally and locallyAdopt policies that support WWF’s energy vision

How else can you help?Improve efficiencySubstitute fossil fuelsSubstitute oil-based materials

WWF International WWF Climate Savers, the planet and the bigger picture Climate Savers Workshop October 27, 2010. Agenda The State of the Planet Are we on-track to fix it? The role of business Climate Savers what you are do

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