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FRAGRANCES AND FLAVOURS ASSOCIATION OF INDIANavinchandraRanchoddas Shah Hall,2-B, Court Chambers, 35, Sir VithaldasThackersey Marg, Mumbai – 400020Tel : 91-22-2209 0184 / 2207 6075 ; E-mail ; Website : www.fafai.orgCircular No. 2018-2019 / 2120th March, 2019To,All Ordinary and Life Members of the AssociationDear Member,Sub : Election of the 36th Managing Committee for the year 2019-2021In the Executive Committee Meeting held on 17th January, 2019, the Election to the 36thManaging Committee for the year 2019-2021were declared.NOTICE is hereby given that the Election of the Twenty One Members of the 36th ManagingCommittee is to be held this year as per the election schedule annexed herewith. To facilitateholding of the election the members are requested to send nominations in the enclosed form.1)The candidate’s name is required to be proposed by a member-firm and seconded byanother member-firm. The member firm eligible to contest, propose and second havebeen listed in electoral roll.2)The member firm has two representatives nominated in FAFAI as Chief and Alternate,only those can represent the Member Firm. (List of Member Firm, Chief & Alternate isavailable on website and at FAFAI office.)The candidate is required to sign the, nomination form as his consent to his/herNomination.While filing the Nomination Paper, the proposed candidate should putthe member firm’s company seals or rubber stamps, so also themembers proposing and seconding the nomination should all put theircompany seals or rubber stamps in the space provided for in theNomination Form, failing which the Nomination Form will be treated asinvalid.3)The Nomination Paper duly filled in by the member should be put in the self addressedenvelope marked “Nomination Paper” sent herewith for the purpose. The said covercontaining Nomination Paper should reach the Hon. Secretary before 5.00 p.m. onFriday, the 4th May, 2019.4)Schedule of Election for the above is sent herewith for Members’ information andnecessary action.5)The Members who have not paid their Annual Subscription Fees till 20th March,2019 for the year 2018-2019 cannot PROPOSE, SECOND or be a CANDIDATE forthe election, nor such member have any right to vote.

6)The eligibility to contest / vote will be in accordance with the Memorandum and Articlesof Association.7)The electoral roll (list of members eligible to take part in election process) is preparedand uploaded on website.Electoral roll is a list of member companies, their representatives’ i.e Chief or Alternatewho can contest / vote in the election as per the updated records of FAFAI office i.e up to17th January, 2019 (the date of declaration of election). This list is also applicable formembers who can propose and second the nominated candidate.It is available with FAFAI Office as well as with the offices of the Regional Secretaries.Members are advised to check the record before sending the Nomination Forms.Thanking you,Yours faithfullyFor Fragrances & Flavours Association of IndiaKAMLESH SHAHHon. Secretary 2017-19Encl : A copy of the Election Schedule, Nomination Paper.REGIONAL SECRETARIES:Central Zone: Shri. Jaimin ThakoreTel No. : ( 022 ) 23680974Mobile No. : 98211 51168E-mail ID : jaimin.thakore@yahoo.comNorth Zone: Shri. Jaideep M. GandhiTel No. : ( 011 ) 08447550003Mobile No.: 98100 73456E-mail ID : jaideep@ldg-intl.comSouth Zone: Shri. S. ShailendraTel No. : ( 0821 ) 2515120Mobile No. : 98863 40888E-mail ID : flowersynth@yahoo.comEast Zone: Shri. Ashish JhunjhunwallaTel. No. : ( 033 ) 22834642Mobile No. : 9831267004E-mail ID : ashish@affaromatics.comWest Zone: Shri. Bhavesh D. KanasagaraTel. No. : ( 02764 ) 225480Mobile No. : 99250 13037E-mail ID : shree gayatri spice@yahoo.comREMEMBER :*An OrdinaryFAFAI office will receive Nomination PapersUpto 5-00 p.m., 4th May, 2019Member (having voting rights) can contest election only after completion of oneyear of Membership.

FRAGRANCES AND FLAVOURS ASSOCIATION OF INDIANavinchandraRanchoddas Shah Hall,2-B, Court Chambers, 35, Sir VithaldasThackersey Marg, Mumbai – 400020Tel : 91-22-2209 0184 / 2207 6075 ; Fax : 91-22-22005875;E-mail : ; Website : www.fafai.orgNOMINATIONPAPERTo be completed and returned to the Honorary Secretary, Fragrances & Flavours Association of India,Mumbai-400020 upto 5-00 p.m. on 4th May, 2019, at the latest.I proposeof Messrsas a Candidate for Election to the membership of 36th Managing Committee of the Fragrances &Flavours Association of India.PROPOSED BYDesignation (Chief / Alternate)Seal/Rubber stampof the Member-FirmWith SIGNATURE ofProposer(Chief or Alternate)SECONDED BYDesignation (Chief / Alternate)Seal/Rubber stampof the Member-FirmWith SIGNATURE ofSeconder(Chief or Alternate)I hereby give my consent to the above Nomination.SignatureDesignation (Chief / Alternate)Seal/Rubber stampof the Member-Firm.Date:

FRAGRANCES AND FLAVOURS ASSOCIATION OF INDIANavinchandraRanchoddas Shah Hall,2-B, Court Chambers, 35, Sir VithaldasThackerseyMarg, Mumbai – 400020Tel : 91-22-2209 0184 / 2207 6075 ; Fax : 91-22-22005875;E-mail ; Website : www.fafai.orgSCHEDULE OF ELECTION TO THE POSTS OF 21 MEMBERS OF 36THMANAGING COMMITTEE OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE PERIOD OF TWOYEARS 2019 – 2021DateDayProgramme20-3-2019(Wednesday)To send Nomination Papers to all the Ordinary & Life Members)of the Association04-05-2019 up to(Saturday ) 5.00 p.m.To receive Nomination from the members desiring to contestelection to the office of 21 members of the Managing Committee.06-05-2019 11.00 a.m(Monday)To scrutinize the Nominations in the presence of the candidatesor their duly authorized representatives at Association Office,Mumbai and then publish list of valid Nominations.11-05-2019 upto(Saturday) 5.00 p.m.Withdrawal of Nominations by means of a letter signed in personand handed over or sent by the candidates to the Returning Officer.To notify at Association Office and Office of the RegionalSecretaries the Final list of valid candidates contesting the Election.24-05-2019(Friday)Dispatching of Ballot Papers08-07-2019 upto(Monday)5.00 p.m.Last date of receiving Ballot Paper sent by members in theAssociation Office, Mumbai.09-07-2019 11.00 a.m.(Tuesday)Counting votes in presence of the candidates or their dulyauthorized representative at the Association Office, Mumbai andthereafter to declare the Result of Election and to put up on theNotice Board of the Association Office, Mumbai.10-07-2019 11.00 a.m.(Wednesday)Annual General Meeting

Electoral Roll - List of Member Companies, their representative's i.e. Chief or Alternate who cancontest/vote in the election as per the updated list as on 17th January, 2019 ZonewiseCENTRAL ZONELIFE MEMBERSS.No.Name of the FirmcityName of ChiefName of AlternateClass1A.A.ATTARWALAMumbaiAbdul Sattar A.AttarwalaAbdullah M. Farook AttarwalaLM2A.HAMI BROS.MumbaiGulamabbas HamiAhsan HamiLM3AARPEE ENTERPRISEMumbaiRishit R.ParekhRashmikant I ParekhLM4ABC ENTERPRISESMumbaiSatish N.HindujaKamlesh S.HindujaLM5ALKA AROMATICSMumbaiBabubhai S.JaniNikul B.JaniLM6ANTHEA AROMATICS PVT.LTDNavi MumbaiDr.Vincent PaulDr.Paul MenacherryLM7ANUPAM INDUSTRIESMumbaiNayan GudkaHitesh ThakkarLM8AROFINE CHEMICAL INDUSTRIESMumbaiParag K.SatoskarMs.Anita P.SatoskarLM9AROMA IMPEXMumbaiParag HemaniArun KhanderiaLM10AROMATIC AGENCIES INDIA PVT.LTDMumbaiSatish GandhiVinod N.VoraLM11ASHAPURA AROMAS PVT.LTDMumbaiAjaykiran K.GudkaParas GadaLM12ASIAN CHEMICAL WORKS N FLAVOURS & FRAGRANCES (BOMBAY) MumbaiChetan S.MehtaVenkatesh G.BhandarkarLM14ASSOCIATE ALLIED CHEMICALS (INDIA)PVT.LTDMumbaiSachin B.Gandhi15AVON FLAVOURSMumbaiMahendra M.Kathrani16BEETA CHEMICALSMumbaiMrs.Pushpal R.Mantri17BHALCHANDRA UPASANIMumbaiY.B.UpasaniV.Y.UpasaniLM18BONTOUX NATURALS PVT.LTDMumbaiDayasagar ShettyNicolas LM20CAMLIN FINE SCIENCES LTDMumbaiSaumil PadhyaHarshat DaveLM21CAMPHOR & ALLIED PRODUCTS LTDMumbaiHarshul Dalal22CEEVEES AROCHEMRaigadMilind V.BhaveVasant V.BhaveLM23CHANDRAKANT ENTERPRISESMumbaiChandrakant S.ShahParesh Chandrakant ShahLM24CHARU ENTERPRISESMumbaiNilesh Ramniklal ShahLM25CHEMICAL & FRAGRANCE CORPORATIONMumbaiBipin HemaniLM26CHEMICAL PROCESS CONSULTANTSMumbaiS.V.JoglekarLM27CHETAN AYURVED COMumbaiChetan S.ShahLM28CHHAYA AROMATICSMumbaiKishan M.AssarLM29CHIMANLAL MAGANLAL & COMumbaiMahendra AjmeraJignesh AjmeraLM30D.D.SHAH & COMumbaiShailesh D.ShahSaumil S.ShahLMLMBipin M.KathraniLMLMLM

31D.G.GOREMumbaiDhananjay V.GoreAbhijit Y.GoreLM32DOEHLER INDIA PVT.LTDPuneTanay SrivatsavMilind MahajanLM33EASTERN AGENCIES AROMATICS PVT.LTDMumbaiSushil Jawaharlal BhatiaLM34ENAMDAR TRADING CORPORATION (THE)MumbaiPrakash V.RaneLM35EVEREST FLAVOURS LTDMumbaiAnand R.Ladsariya36FINE FRAGRANCES PVT.LTDMumbaiMrs.Kajal Shah37FLORASCENTMumbai38GENERAL ADDITIVES PVT.LTDMumbaiJ.P.WanchooAshutosh GandhiLM39GENERAL IMPORT CO (INDIA) (THE)MumbaiGopal L. TalrejaSiddharth G.TalrejaLM40GIRISH ENTERPRISEMumbaiGirish J.VajaniLM41GIVAUDANMumbaiAjit PalLM42GODAVARI BIOREFINERIES LTDMumbaiS.G.MokashiMrs.Shanta S.PillaiLM43GOLDEN FLAVOURS & FRAGRANCES PVT.LTD MumbaiBhavesh Prafulchandra ShahKetankumar P.ShahLM44GOLDENSUN MANUFACTURING COMumbaiJyotin N.Shah45GOLDFIELD FRAGRANCES PVT.LTDMumbaiBharatrao V.KamteJagdish R.VaidyaLM46GOVINDJI KHIMJI THAKKERMumbaiAshok Govindji ThakkerJanak Ashok ThakkerLM47GROVER BROTHERSMumbaiKulbhushan GroverSomdutt GroverLM48HARISH J.VAJANIMumbaiHarish Vajani49HARSHA AROMATICSMumbaiUday Lalji ShahKishore Lalji ShahLM50HEMANI BROTHERSMumbaiManhar HemaniDivyesh HemaniLM51HIMACHAL TERPENE PRODUCTS PVT.LTDMumbaiG.K. MaheshwariAkhil MaheshwariLM52HINDUSTAN AROMATICSMumbaiFiroz AttarwalaAziz AttarwalaLM53INDO-NIPPON CHEMICAL CO.LTDMumbaiHarish I.BhuvaAshish H.BhuvaLM54INDUSTRIAL AROMATICSMumbaiAmar ParikhHansa ParikhLM55ISHWARLAL JETHALALMumbaiArvind J.PopatJitend J.PopatLM56J.M.PERFUMERYMumbaiJagdishprasad M.JoshiMs.Kavita KotwaniLM57JAIMIN THAKOREMumbaiJaimin ThakoreSaumil ThakoreLM58JAMSONS INDUSTRIESNavi MumbaiSharad J.SejpalPoornima S.SejpalLM59JINDAL DRUG PVT.LTDMumbaiAashna Jindal60JUPITER TRADING COMumbaiAshesh A.Shah61K.H.DHAMDHEREMumbaiAmol DhamdhereLM62K.K.ENTERPRISESMumbaiKaushik M.DoshiLM63K.V.FRAGRANCESMumbaiBhagyam VenkatramanShankar VenkatramanLM64KALPSUTRA CHEMICALS PVT.LTDMumbaiAshok ShahNiranjan SachadeLM65KEVA FRAGRANCES PVT.LTDMumbaiRAMESH V.VAZEKEDAR R. VAZELM66KHANNA AROMATICSMumbaiPankaj KhannaNitin KhannaLM(INDIA) PVT.LTDKamal R.LadsariyaLMLMLMLMLMLMRajesh A.ShahLM

67KWALITY AROMASMumbaiKantilal H.GudkaPravin ShahLM68LABORATORY SUPPLIERSNavi MumbaiParag V.MahajanVasant S.MahajanLM69LALJI LAKHAMSHI CHEMICALS (P) LTDMumbaiManish Chheda70LANA FLORESSENS PVT.LTDMumbaiMs.Kusum BallalRitwik BallalLM71LANXESS INDIA PVT.LTDThaneNeelanjan BanerjeeAnand KarakaLM72LAVEESHA ENTERPRISESMumbaiVijay VighMehul VighLM73LAXMI CHEMICALS (THE)AhmednagarNilesh B HonPrashant B HonLM74LEELA AROMATICSMumbaiJagdish Pai75LEO AROMATICSMumbaiShaishav P.Suvarnkar76M.C.DAVAR & COMumbaiAsit M.Patel77M.D.TOLIA CORPORATIONMumbaiNarendra M.ToliaParag N.ToliaLM78M.RAWJI BROTHERSMumbaiLalit N.RawjiTarun L.RawjiLM79MAC INDUSTRYMumbaiAshok V.ShahManish DamaniLM80MANEKLAL & BROS.MumbaiNilesh MehtaUdayMehtaLM81MESO PVT.LTDMumbaiSudhir KapadiaKetan ShethLM82MOHINI AGENCY INDUSTRIAL FRAGRANCES(I) PVT.LTDMumbaiMadhusudan AssarMs.Nivedita AssarLM83MOHINI PERFUMERS PVT.LTDMumbaiVinaykant B.AssarAbhishek AssarLM84MULTIFLORAMumbaiJetha L.Bhatia85MUSKS & FRAGRANCEMumbaiMukesh N.Patel86MYSORE DHOOP & AGARBATTI WORKSMumbaiManoj Mohanlal Kataria87MYSORE SUGANDHI DHOOP FACTORYPVT.LTDMumbaiKanayalal K.LuthriaManoj K.LuthriaLM88N.CHIMANLAL & COMumbaiKirit C.SuvarnkarDharmik K.SuvarnkarLM89N.GIRDHARLAL & COMumbaiSuryakant N.BhutaNeelkanth S.BhutaLM90N.R.SHAH & COMumbaiSurendra N.ShahNikunj ShahLM91N.R.SHAH FRAGRANCE & FLAVOURSPVT.LTDMumbaiAnup M.Shah92NAGPUR CHEMICALSNagpurVinod S.Gaan93NEMAT ENTERPRISESMumbaiAnis AttarwalaLM94NEW BAROULIYA AROMATICS COThaneDilip BarouliyaLM95NISARGA BIOTECH PVT.LTDSataraGirish S.SomanPrakash V.ShindeLM96NISHANT AROMASMumbaiSanjay HarlalkaSandeep HarlalkaLM97P.M.RATHOD & CO.PVT.LTDMumbaiSuresh T.MehtaChetan S.MehtaLM98P.MUNCHERJI & COMumbaiR.d.MisllanMrs.Niloufer PARK AGENCIESMumbaiAvinash Kshetramade101PHARM AROMATIC CHEMICALSMumbaiMahesh K.ThakkerLM102PHARMACOMumbaiKishore Damodar PansareLMLMLMPravin C.SuvarnkarLMLMLMMrs.Sujata M.PatelLMLMLMAbhijeet GaanLMLMRohan KshetramadeLM

103PRAGATI AROMA OIL DIST. PVT.LTDMumbaiPrabhat Chandra JainPankaj JainLM104PRAKASH DOSHIMumbaiPrakash DoshiMitin DoshiLM105PRANAV PERFUMERSMumbaiNileshUday MehtaLM106PRAVINKUMAR HIRALALNavi MumbaiMrs.R.S.Pillai107PRIVI ORGANICS LTDNavi Mumbai108PUSHPAK ORGANICS (I) PVT.LTDMumbai109QUEST INTERNATIONAL INDIA LTDMumbai110R.D.CORPORATIONMumbaiParesh G.KhakharTanvi Rakesh KhakharLM111RACHNA PLASTICIZERSMumbaiChakor N.ShahMrs.Meghna S.K.LM112RAJDEEP ENTERPRISESMumbai113RAM & COMPANYMumbaiKetan R.ChandeAvunish R.ChandeLM114ROHDIS AROMATICSMumbaiSuketu Bhupendra ShahSanjay Bhupendra ShahLM115ROMA AROMASMumbaiRumit K.Shah116RONAK FLAVOURS & FRAGRANCESMumbaiDamodar D.TrivediHemanshu D.TrivediLM117ROSHANLAL & SONSMumbaiAshok JhinganVijay JhinganLM118RUPIN CHEMICALSMumbaiRavi MehraKrishma MehraLM119S.G.FRAGRANCE HOUSEMumbaiMukesh J.WaderaGaurav M.WaderaLM120S.H.KELKAR & CO.PVT.LTDMumbaiRamesh V.Vaze121S.P.AROMASMumbaiKaushik V.ShahMehul P.ParekhLM122SANRAD CHEMICALS & ESSENTIAL OILSPVT.LTDMumbaiAnuradha Satish NairMr.KuttyLM123SANTOSH AYURVEDIC DRUG SUPPLY COMumbaiHitesh ShahDharmin ShahLM124SATISH PERFUMERSMumbaiDr.Satish Vasant KelkarSubodh Satish KelkarLM125SENSIENT INDIA PVT.LTDMumbaiBhanuprakash GidigeLM126SETTY & SHAHMumbaiSanjay H.ShahLM127SEVANTILAL & SONSMumbaiRavi Shah128SHAH ENTERPRISESNavi MumbaiKamlesh Shah129SHIEL ICE & CHEMICALS PVT.LTDDombivaliRamesh N.KhandelwalKrishna R.KhandelwalLM130SHREE CHEMICAL INDUSTRIESSolapurBhagwandas S.NogajaSanjay B.NogajaLM131SHREEJI AROMAMumbaiRohit C.SuvarnkarVishal R.SuvarnkarLM132SPAC AROMASMumbaiJagdish H.ThakkerBhadresh H.ThakkerLM133SPECTRUM INGREDIENTS PVT.LTDMumbaiApoorva Madhusudan Patel134SUDHIR AROMATICSMumbaiShantilal V.Vasani135SUMAN ENTERPRISESMumbaiManoj G. GuptaLM136SYNOFLOR COMumbaiShoeb H.CalcuttawalaLM137TRIVENI CHEMICALSDombivli138U.K.AROMATICS & CHEMICALSBoisarMehtaLMLMRajnikant D.GhelaniSitanshu R.GhelaniLMLMLMLMLMJesal ShahLMLMLMSameer S.VasaniLMLMShabd K.MehtaMs.Usha S.MehtaLM

139V.V.DEEPA AROMATICS PVT.LTDMumbaiMs.Kshitija VaradanVenugopal ChariLM140VAMSHI CHEMICALS LTDMumbaiDr.Prithi Paul Singh SethiSuresh PillaiLM141VIJAY TRADING COMPANYMumbaiRumit K.ShahJitesh J.GudkaLM142VIJAYAM VARADAN & COMumbaiMs.Kshitija VaradanVenugopal ChariLM143VIKUVIMA CHEMICALSGoaHari Manohar SurlakarVibha Hari SurlakarLM144WILD FLAVOURS (I) PVT.LTDMumbaiRajendra P.Ghogale145YASHO INDUSTRIES PVT.LTDMumbaiParag V.JhaveriORDINARYS.No.LMNilesh V.JhaveriLMMEMBERSName of the FirmcityName of ChiefName of AlternateClass1A.A.ATTARWALA & CO.PVT.LTDMumbaiMohd.Yunus A.AttarwalaMohd.Rizwan Yunus AttarwalaOM2A.A.ATTARWALA & SONSMumbaiMohammed Yusuf AttarwalaMohammed Shafi AttarwalaOM3A.R.ATTARWALAMumbaiAbdul Rehman Attarwala4A.S.ATTARWALA & SONSMumbaiMuder I.Attarwala5A1 OIL INDIAMumbaiSahil Sunil Vora6AARAV FRAGRANCES & FLAVOURS PVT.LTDThaneAjit Suresh VazeTejas PradhanOM7ACME SYNTHETIC CHEMICALSMumbaiRajiv R.KallianpurVijay C.KallianpurOM8ADARSH AROMAS PVT LTDMumbaiDhirubhaiAshishbhaiOM9AIMS IMPEX PVT.LTDNasikShiv N.SanwalLaxmi SanwalOMOMMohammed Husain I AttarwalaOMOM10 AJMAL FRAGRANCES & FASHIONS PVT.LTD MumbaiMohd.Sirajuddin AjmalOM11 AL-FAIZ TRADINGMirajNizamuddin IsmailOM12 ALTAROMA CHEMICALS PVT.LTDMumbaiSandeep S.BapatR.S.MoreOM13 ALTO CHEMICOMumbaiPrakash NabarDr.Rahul Prakash NabarOM14 ANSHUL SPECIALTY MOLECULES PVT.LTDMumbaiRaviKirti M.KhasiaOM15 AQUA AROMAMumbaiQuraysh Aziz AttarwalaMohsinOM16 AQUILA ORGANICS PVT.LTDThaneGirish Suresh Vaze17 PVT.LTD18 ATHAR GLOBAL MARKETINGMumbaiAshwin S.NadkarniMumbaiShahzad Khan19 ATTAR MOHD AFAQUE & SONSMumbaiMohd.AfaqueMohd ArfanOM20 ATTAR MOHD. DAWOOD & BROS.MumbaiMoosa KhanEssa KhanOM21 ATTARI FRAGRANCESMumbaiShabbir A.K.AttarwalaMurtaza S.AttarwalaOM22 ATTARI SALES CORPORATIONMumbaiKhurshid AttariAbbas AttariOM23 BALAJI ENTERPRISESMumbaiAshish M.ThakkerMihir B.ThakkerOM24 BBK SPECIALITIESNavi MumbaiKamlesh H.shahBela K.ShahOM25 C.J.SHAH & COMumbaiManish AgarawalHimanshu RupareliaOM26 CARLS AERATING MACHINERY COMumbaiRajen ShahDipen ShahOMAROMATIC PRODUCTS & CHEMICALSShroffOMNitin S.NadkarniOMOM

27 CONCORDE CHEMICAL CORPORATIONMumbaiMs.Natasha Parekh28 CONCORDE FRAGRANCES PVT.LTDMumbaiSudhir Kapadia29 CRESCENT FRAGRANCES PVT.LTDGoaSameer S.KenySudhakar KenyOM30 CROWN CHEMICALS PVT.LTDBoisarDr.Vincent PaulDr.Paul MenacherryOM31 DEVI PRASAD AROMATICSMumbaiB.Narasimha V.PaiB.Vaman N.PaiOM32 DSS AROMASMumbaiDharmendra S.Solanki33 EMMCO PERFUMERSMumbaiShabbir Ahmed KaziTalha Shabbir A.KaziOM34 ENKAY FLORALS PVT.LTDMumbaiA.C.MalikNitin MalikOM35 FANCY INDIA CORPORATIONMumbaiDivvyesh ShahOM36 FFC AROMAS PVT.LTDMumbaiArun N.NimbalkarOMShekhar ParekhOMOMOM37 FIRMENICH AROMATICS (INDIA) PVT.LTD MumbaiOM38 FLAVOUR & ESSENCE RESOURCEMumbaiYogesh Jain39 FRAGRANCE WORLDMumbaiMehul P. Sheth40 GARDEN FLAVOURS CO.PVT.LTDNavi MumbaiOmprakash C.ChawlaPunit Omprakash ChawlaOM41 GEM AROMATICS PVT.LTDMumbaiYash ParekhMrs.Kaksha V.ParekhOM42 GLOBAL EXIMMumbaiMahesh ShaudiaNishant VoraOM43 GUJRAT ESSENCE MART PVT.LTDMumbaiJeshtaram C.KathraniSuresh Vallabhdas KathraniOM44 HAM INTERNATIONALMumbaiBharat KumarKrunalOM45 HAMI & COMPANYMumbaiMohsin T.Attarwala46 HARISONS CHEMICALSMumbaiG.H.DesaiMs.Sangita DesaiOM47 HEMANI AROMATICSMumbaiDharmesh G.HemaniGirish K.HemaniOM48 HERBOGENES INTERNATIONALMumbaiMs.Varsha SharmaSri Girdhar SharmaOM49 HERTZ CHEMICALS LTDMumbaiMustafa S.Mun50 HIMALAYA TERPENES PVT.LTDMumbaiAnil K. Agrawal51 HIMANSHU AROMATICSMumbaiHimanshu Desai52 INDENTA CHEMICALS (INDIA) PVT.LTDMumbaiM.K.MenonShashi MenonOM53 INDIAN METAL POWDER INDUSTRIESPanvelSudhir JatiaPreeti JatiaOM54 J.D.SAVANT & COMumbaiAnant J.Savant55 KANTA FLAVOURING INDUSTRIESMumbaiDevendra56 KDAC CHEM PVT.LTDMumbaiYogesh V.Halari57 L.LILADHAR & COMPANYMumbaiMadhusudan R.ModyGhanshyam ModyOM58 LA WHIFF FRAGRANCESMumbaiNikunj M.SavlaKetan M.SavlaOM59 LEO CHEMO PLAST PVT.LTDMumbaiHitesh C.MehtaSudhir C.MehtaOM60 M.P.AROMASMumbaiMehul Praful ParekhMs.Smita Praful ParekhOM61 MAHAMAYA FRAGRANCESMumbaiG.V.KamathP.S.NayakOMMukesh ShahaniRajesh ModiOM62 MAHARASHTRA ALDEHYDES & CHEMICAL LTD MumbaiJ.SejpalNeel JainOMOMOMOMShishir AgrawalOMOMOMMrs.Asha V. PatilOMOM

63 MALVE CHEMICALS (INDIA) PVT.LTDDombivaliAnup MalveSuhas MalveOM64 MATCHLESS SYNTHETICSNagpurAnil B.BhagadeHemant B.BhagadeOM65 MAYAS FRAGRANCE SPECIALITIESPunePandurang A.ShindeSandeep J.BhattadOM66 MEHK CHEMICALS PVT.LTDNavi MumbaiRohit Gajanan Kamath67 MERIDIAN TECHNICSNasikNarendra Shripad Parchure68 MODY & COMPANYMumbaiParesh.M.BankerOM69 MOHAN AROMATICS PVT.LTDMumbaiMaheshgopal MohanlalKhandelwalOM70 MUKESH INDUSTRIESMumbaiJayantilal GadaArun GadaOM71 MYSORE FINE AGARBATTI FACTORYMumbaiM.D.AhujaSanjay AhujaOM72 NAGAR HAVELI PERFUMES & AROMATICSMumbaiDr.Rakesh JainYatesh JainOM73 NAYAAB INTERNATIONALMumbaiGulam Abbas Ibrahim AttariIbrahim M.AttariOM74 ODHAWJI LAWJI & COMumbaiPradip A.BhutaAshok A.BhutaOM75 OPAL PRODUCTSMumbaiMs.Anjali V.DevasthaleK.R.PaulOM76 ORIENTAL AROMATICS LTDMumbaiAnil K.BodaniDharmil Anil BodaniOM77 PBS FRAGRANCES PVT.LTDMumbaiViraj HemaniOM78 PERFINE CHEMICAL INDUSTRIESMumbaiAshok BhatiaOM79 PERFUMATICSNavi MumbaiI.B.V.RaghavanMrs.Akhila80 PETIGARA CHEMICALSMumbaiKavas N.PetigaraMrs.Paula K.PetigaraOM81 PRANAV FRAGRANCESMumbaiVivekanand KrishnanMs.Shweta PenkarOM82 PRASOL CHEMICALS LTDNavi MumbaiPankil DhariaDharal ParikhOM83 PREMIER CHEM CORPORATIONMumbaiAnil P.HemaniUrvir A.HemaniOM84 PRIYANKA PHARMAMumbaiShirish G.Desai85 QUINT ESSENCE FRAGRANCE PVT.LTDMumbaiBharat Rao86 R.JAYANTILAL & COMumbaiJitendra J.Gandhi87 RAMESH TRADING CORPORATIONMumbaiAmit Chaudhari88 RAMSONS PERFUMERS PVT.LTDMumbaiRamesh Chandra PandeySuresh Chandra PandeyOM89 RAWJI FINE FRAGRANCESMumbaiTarun Lalit RawjiLalit N.RawjiOM90 REMLIN LABORATORIESMumbaiLinesh N.ShahManish N.ShahOM91 RUCHI INTERNATIONALMumbaiRaj Kumar Hirawat92 S & S AROMA ASSOCIATES PVT.LTDMumbaiSachin PenkarAmeya PrabhuOM93 S & S INTERNATIONALMumbaiShyam PrabhuAmeya PrabhuOM94 S.K.FLAVOURS & FRAGRANCESMumbaiSudhir A.HiraniKrish S.HiraniOM95 SAGAR AROMATICSMumbaiPraveen GhoghariSagar GhoghariOM96 SANJAY CHEMICALSMumbaiPrataprai K.VoraSanjay P.VoraOM97 SETH BROTHERS (PERFUMERS) PVT.LTDMumbaiSushil Kapoor98 SHAH AGARBATTI & COMPANYMumbaiKanti N.ShahV.KamteOMMahendra shripad ParchureImranOMOMOMJagdish R.VaidyaOMVaibhav J.GandhiOMOMOMOMBharat R.ShahOM

99 SHAKTI AROMATICSThaneKishor Lalji Shah100 SHAKTI ENTERPRISEMumbaiAshutosh S. Rungta101 SHREE SIDDHI AROMAMumbaiBhavesh SuvarnkarChandravadan SuvarnkarOM102 SOOFI ENTERPRISESMumbaiDeepak BhuraniMs.Ashwini GokhaleOM103 SOOFI TRADERSMumbaiDeepak BhuraniMrs.Ashwini GokhleOM104 T.ALIMAHOMED & COMumbaiTaiyeb M.HasanalyShabbir M.HasanalyOM105 THAKRAL PERFUMES LLPNagpurHasmukh R. ThakralBharat R.ThakralOM106 TRADEX IMPEXMumbaiRam S.SitlaniShaluOM107 UDAY AROCHEM (PVT) LTDPuneN.B.GodboleS.N.GodboleOM108 UMA ENTERPRISESMumbaiVasant M.Nadgir109 VIKRAM AROMATICSMumbaiMeghna Shah KarmakarChakor N.ShahOM110 VIMAL LIFESCIENCES PVT.LTDMumbaiSanjay JoshiKaran MadhvanOM111 VITAL ADDITIVESMumbaiShyam ApteNagpurSaurabh Ravindra MuthyeRavindra Jagannath MuthyeOMMumbaiAjay PatelBhavik PatelOMVITHAL VAMAN MUTHYE AROMATICS112 PVT.LTD113 ZEST AROMAS PVT.LTDKetan Kantilal ShahOMOMOMOMEAST ZONELIFE MEMBERSS.No.Name of the FirmcityName of ChiefName of AlternateClass1AFF AROMATICS PVT.LTDKolkataAnand JhunjhunwallaAshish JhunjhunwallaLM2AROMA CORPORATIONKolkataAjay ShethNikesh ShethLM3B.KAMDAR & COKolkataIlesh Kamdar4BAIDYABHAVAN CHEMICALSOrissaKeshab C.MishraSaradananda MishraLM5BREEZE FRAGRANCESKolkataBharat PrasadPradip PrasadLM6CALCUTTA ESSENCE SUPPLY COKolkataKanubhai KothariK.M.ShethLM7CHANDRAKANT KOTHARI & COKolkataChandrakant KothariRishabh KothariLM8DRUG & PERFUMERY HOUSECalcuttaEkhlas AhmedNasim AhmedLM9EAST INDIA AROMATIC TRADERSKolkataBharatDhaval KamdarLM10 FLORAL FRAGRANCES PVT.LTDKolkataNilesh S.ShahDilesh S.ShahLM11 IMPERIAL FRAGRANCES PVT.LTDKolkataMrinal S.NaikAmish S.NaikLM12 J.D.INTERNATIONALKolkataRajesh Kumar GuptaSangeeta GuptaLM13 JAMNADAS & BROS. PVT.LTDKolkataArun KhanderiaRajen HemaniLM14 K. KARKolkataNitai KarB.KarLM15 MANSUKHLAL & BROTHERSKolkataDilesh S.ShahNilesh S.ShahLM16 MUKTI AGENCIES (P) LTDKolkataAshik Kumar Das17 NATIONAL PERFUMERY HOUSEKolkataSubhash K.NaikKamdarLMLMMrinal S.NaikLM

18 ORIENT PERFUMERY HOUSEKolkataNawab Mushtaque AhmedShakeel AhmedLM19 PEARL FRAGRANCESKolkataAshish ShahMinku ShahLM20 PRATIK ENTERPRISEKolkataMahesh KotharyPratik KotharyLM21 RAJ AROMATICSKolkataDeepak ShethNikesh ShethLM22 RASIKLAL & BROTHERSKolkataPradip ShethApurva ShethLM23 REPROCESSKolkataJ.P.Sarkar24 RIDDHI AROMATICSKolkataBharat MehtaMrs.Asha MehtaLM25 SYNTHODOR COMPANYKolkataSusanta KarBiswadip KarLM26 SYNTHROMA LABORATORIESKolkataVibhakar R.ShahDhimant M. MehtaLM27 TULSI FRAGRANCESKolkataRajesh JhunjhunwallaSanjay JhunjhunwallaLM28 VISHAL ENTERPRISEKolkataVijay N.NaikJayesh N.NaikLMORDINARYS.No.LMMEMBERSName of the FirmcityName of ChiefName of AlternateClass1AARKAYSKolkataSanjeev Chowdhary2ACME PINE PRODUCTSKolkataDeep Kishan Saraf3BASHA PERFUMERY HOUSEKolkataIsmail BashaE.M.Khaja4BLUE MOON FRAGRANCESKolkataP.IsmailP.S.DulkarnyOM5CENTURY PRODUCTSKolkataShib Shankar PaulSubrata PaulOM6CHEMEX INDIAKolkataPulak PatodiaSomnath BanerjeeOM7D.JAYANTILAL & COKolkataMahendra M.ShahNirav M.ShahOM8F.C.AROMATICSKolkataSatyen DhingraSmt.M.DhingraOM9JAMES POKPINS& COKolkataBalu Panjabi10 LATIN FLAVOUROSYNTHESIS COKolkataSanjiv MehrotraKuldeep MehrotraOM11 PUSHPA FLAVOUR & FRAGRANCE PVT.LTDKolkataO.V.ChandranMrs.Pushpaja ChandranOM12 SETH BROTHERS (PERFUMERS) P.LTDKolkataKush SethAshok KumarOM13 SWASTIK INDUSTRIESKolkataChandrakant KothariRishabh KothariOMNORTHRajendra Prasad ChowdharyOMOMKamal BashaOMOMZONELIFE MEMBERSS.No.Name of the FirmcityName of ChiefName of AlternateClass1AJIT TRADERSDelhiAjit P.Jain2ALLIED SALESDelhiAjay KediaLM3ANSAN CHEMICAL COMPANYDelhiSandeep AgarwalLM4AROMA SALES CORPORATIONDelhiSunil Kumar JainVaibhav JainAnkush JainLMLM

5AROMATIC ESSENTIAL OIL COLucknowRakesh SuriNitin SuriLM6AROMATIKANew DelhiAtul AnandManu AnandLM7AYUROMA CENTREKanpurAnurag Katiyar8B.BANSAL & COMPANY (P) LTDKanpurMahendra Kumar Bansal9BHAGAT AROMATICS LTDNoidaPraveen BiyaniLM10 BHAI JI ATTAR WALEDelhiManinder Pal SinghLM11 BHAIJI ATTARWALE PERFUMERS (P) LTDDelhiAnuj JainAbhishek JainLM12 CHHUNNAMAL RAMDAYALLucknowVinay VijayvergiyaVinod VijayvergiyaLM13 CLASSIC AROMATICS PVT.LTDNew DelhiVarun Arora14 CREATIVE FRAGRANCESNew DelhiMrs.Asha SanganeriaRavi SanganeriaLMNeil PrasadDr.Ravindra KumarLM15 DANISCO INGREDIENTS (INDIA) PVT.LTD GurgaonESSENTIA FRAGRANCES FLAVOURS &LMRajendra Kumar BansalLMLM16 SEASONINGS PVT.LTD17 FAKIR CHAND & SONSNew DelhiManish KakkarAgraPurusottam Das SugandhiMahendra MittalLM18 FINE ORGANICSRampurNeeraj GuptaDhirendra SrivastavaLM19 G.K.CHEMICALSDelhiAshok Kumar Aggarwal20 GULABSINGH JOHRIMALDelhiRam Singh21 GUPTA & COMPANY (P) LTDNew DelhiSharad Jain22 GUPTA AROMATICSDelhiSanjay Gupta23 GUPTAJI GOPALJI & COLucknowDevesh GuptaLM24 H.B.CHEMICALSDelhiAnil MehtaLM25 HARISH C.KHOSLA & CODelhiArun KumarLM26 HARISH C.KHOSLA & CO.PVT.LTDDelhiAchal Kumar TrehanLM27 INDIAN SPICE OIL INDUSTRIESGhaziabadGagandeep SinghLM28 J.K.AEROMA PVT.LTDDelhiAlok GuptaPuneet GuptaLM29 J.K.AROMATICS & PERFUMERSDelhiSubhash Chand GuptaVikas GuptaLM30 J.K.PERFUMERY CODelhiGopal Dass MehraAnoop MehraLM31 J.NORAIN & SONDelhiRaj Narain BhargavaParas BhargavaLM32 JAGAN INDUSTRIESDelhiJ.N.SharmaNirmal SharmaLM33 JAPAN BOTTLE HOUSEDelhiMohd.SualehMohd RizwanLM34 JBJ INTERNATIONAL PVT.LTDSolanManish AroraNikhil RoyLM35 JINDAL EXPORTS LTDNew DelhiJai P.JindalS.K.JindalLM36 KANHA NATURE OILSNew DelhiPiyush GuptaDr.N.K.GuptaLM37 KANTA CHEMICAL CODelhiP.D.Gupta38 KANTA ENTERPRISES PVT.LTDDelhiAnil GuptaAshishGuptaLM39 KATYANI EXPORTSDelhiShyam KaseraPrince GoenkaLM40 KELKAR & SONS PERFUMERSKannaujShantaram S.KelkarAnoop S.kelkarLMLMLMKrishan Mohan SinghLMLMAwadhesh GuptaLMLM

41 KHUSHBOO ESSENTIAL OILSBudaunManoj Kumar Vaish42 KISHI ENTERPRISESDelhiRaj Kishan GargSmt. Prem LataLM43 LALA PRAGDUTT & COKannaujM.D.SainiVinod SainiLM44 FRAGRANC (P) Ltd45 LEF CHEM PVT.LTDKanpurAmit ShuklaLMKanpurLohit ShuklaLM46 MAGNUM PERFUMERS (P) LTDDelhiJayant M.Gandhi47 MAHAVIR AROMA PVT.LTDNew DelhiNarinder JainLM48 MAHENDRA PEPERMINT UDYOGDelhiSanjeev L.AgrawalLM49 MANOHARDAS SEWAK RAMKannauj50 MENTHA & ALLIED PRODUCTS LTDNew DelhiLAXMI ESSENTIAL OIL OLEORESINS &51 MITTAL AROMA ESSENTIAL OILS (P) LTD New DelhiLMDharmesh T.ParekhLMLMSubhash C.NandaArvind NandaLMR.P.MittalSanjay MittalLM52 MOHIT CHEMICALSBudaun53 MUNNALAL SONS & COKannaujAkhilesh Pathak54 NARESH CHAND & CODelhiNaresh ChandLM55 NATRAJ AROMATICSDelhiArun GuptaLM56 NATURAL AROMA PRODUCTS PVT.LTDDelhiPradeep Khandelwal57 NEEL INTERNATIONALDelhiSachin Kumar Gupta58 NEERU ENTERPRISESRampurVishnu KapoorAmrit KapoorLM59 NEW AROMATIC ESSENTIAL OIL COLucknowSanjeev SuriRajesh Kumar SuriLM60 NORTHERN AROMATICS LTDGhaziabadA.K.SharmaVilas SahasrabuddheyLM61 P.R.AGENCIESDelhiDinesh Kumar Jain62 PARAMOUNT CHEMICALSDelhiAnil Kumar ThaparNitin ThaparLM63 PERFUMES & ESSENTIAL OILS COLucknowRajneesh KumarNischal SuriLM64 PRAGDUTT PERFUMERS PVT.LTDKannaujPramod SainiPrasoon SainiLM65 PRAYAG DUTT SUNDERLALKannaujMani Dubey66 R.P.GUPTA & SONSDelhiNarendra Kumar Gupta67 R.S.SILK AGENCYKanpurMohanlal Maheshwari68 R.T.AROMATICS PVT LTDJalandharManinderpal Singh RiarManjit Singh ToorLM69 RADHA SALES CORPORATIONNew DelhiSant SanganeriaRavi SanganeriaLM70 RAHUL AROMANew DelhiR.P.ChhibbarRahul ChhibbarLM71 RAJHANS AROMATICSDelhiPrem Kumar VermaHarbans LalLM72 RAKESH EXPORTSKanpurYogeshDubeyKausheya DubeyLM73 RAKESH KUMAR RAMESH CHANDRAKanpurRakesh Kumar AgarwalGautam AgarwalLM74 RAKESH PRODUCTSKanpurYogesh DubeyGaurang DubeyLM75 RAKESH SANDAL INDUSTRIESKanpurYogeshKartikeya DubeyLM76 RASIKLAL HEMANI AGENCIES PVT.LTDDelhiRasiklal HemaniKishore HemaniLMLMDubeyO.P.PathakRama KhandelwalLMLMLMLMLMAtul GuptaLMLM

77 SALES SYNDICATENew DelhiManish KakkarLM78 SATYASHA CHEMICALSKanpurAtul AgarwalLM79 SETH BROTHERS (PERFUMERS) PVT.LTDDelhiVinod Kumar SethKush SethLM80 SHAIVI AGENCIESDelhiHitendra JainCharu JainLM81 SHAIVI INDUSTRIESLucknowShailendra JainVishalLM82 SHIV PREM AGENCIESNew DelhiShivi SansiPrem Prakash SansiLM83 SHREE ASSOCIATESNew DelhiMrs.Shashi LalRajiv LalLM84 SHREE BANKEY BEHARI LAL BOARD MILLS GhaziabadKamal GuptaAnand GuptaLM85 SHREE VEER CHEMICALSNew DelhiAjay Kumar JainAlok JainLM86 SIVA ESSENTIAL OILS & CHEMICALSDelhiSanjay Varshney87 SUNANDA MARKETING COMBINEDelhiHarish Kumar MaliKamal MaliLM88 SUPERMINT EXPORTS PVT.LTDRampurSanjay GuptaMs.Pushpa GuptaLM89 SURYA VINAYAK INDUSTRIES (P) LTDDelhiSanjay JainRajiv JainLM90 VEERA FRAGRANCES PVT.LTDDelhiVaibhav Jain91 VENKATRAMNA INDUSTRIESKanpurPrashant SahuPrateek SahuLM92 VIMAL PLASTICIZERS PVT.LTDDelhiOm NarainRaj KumarLMORDINARYS.No.JainLMLMMEMBERSName of the FirmcityName of ChiefName of AlternateClass1ARAMACSDelhiAmol Gupta2ARAVALI ESSENTIAL OIL & FRAGRANCESNew DelhiAshok JallanAbhishek JallanOM3ARIHANT INDUSTRIESLucknowSandeep Kumar JainBhartendu JainOM4AROMA WORLDGhaziabadAtishaya JainAarambh JainOM5AROMATIC & ALLIED CHEMICALSBareillyGaurav MittalMrs.Geeta AgarwalOM6ARUN MINERALS & CHEMICAL CONew DelhiArun KumarAchal KumarOM7AZAD BHARAT CHEMICAL CODelhiKanwaljit SinghRaminderpal SinghOM8B.D.AROMATICS PVT.LTDBareillyBineet K.AgarwalAmit AgarwalOM9BANWARI AROMAS PVT.LTDDelhiNavneet GoelVineet GoelOM10 BHAIJI ATTARWALEDelhiJatinder11 BMV FRAGRANCES (P) LTDNew DelhiDr.Baldev GulatiMohit GulatiOM12 BOMBAY PERFUMERY COMPANYDe

96 NISHANT AROMAS Mumbai Sanjay Harlalka Sandeep Harlalka LM 97 P.M.RATHOD & CO.PVT.LTD Mumbai Suresh T.Mehta Chetan S.Mehta LM 98 P.MUNCHERJI & CO Mumbai R.d.Misllan Mrs.Niloufer E.Taleyarkhan LM 99 P.R.S.NARAYANAN Mumbai N.Ramnath LM 100 PARK AGENCIES Mumbai Avinash Kshetramade Rohan Kshetramade LM 101 PHARM AROMATIC CHEMICALS Mumbai

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Pringle Permutation Formula Let's start with 3 flavours for our triple stack. The top of the stack can be any of the 3 flavours. The middle Pringle can be any of the 2 remaining flavours. The bottom Pringle has to be the final flavour That gives us 3 x 2 x 1 6 permutations.

Arm & HammerTM Carpet Deodorizer - All Versions and Fragrances Safety Data Sheet According To Federal Register / Vol. 77, No. 58 / Monday, March 26, 2012 / Rules And Regulations And According To The Hazardous Products Regulation (February 11, 2015). Revision Date: 03/07/2017 Date of Issue: 03/07/2017 Supersedes Date: 11/11/2013 Version: 1.0 .

THE LOVE OF HIGH-QUALITY FRAGRANCES One refers to the fast, light, and volatile fragrances as HEAD NOTES. These are perceived very quickly and shape the first impression of the fragrance. The actual fragrance character, which is much more pronounced after the volatility of the head-note, is called the HEART NOTE.

Let it Snow Scentsy Bar 3-pack 17* A set of three Scentsy Bars in all-new fragrances. Made in Idaho, USA New! Scentsy Pod Twin Packs 10 Pack of 2. For use with Scentsy Fan Diffuser systems. Contact your Consultant for options. Scentsy Bars and Scentsy Pods available in the same new fragrances. Made in Idaho, USA New! Buttercup Belle

Holiday Scentsy Bar 3-pack* 20.75/ 25.25 A set of three Scentsy Bars in all-new fragrances. Made in Idaho, USA NNew! ew! Dahlia Darling Fragrance Flower 19.50/ 23.50 each Scentsy Bars, Scentsy Pods and Fragrance Flowers available in the same new fragrances. *Products not sold separately. 7

ester that was produced. This novel technique has been patented and researchers used metabolic engineering to make E. coli produce a synthetic banana smell and nicknamed it "Eau d'coli".4 Market demand of microbial based perfumes and fragrances The biotechnology provides an attractive alternative for producing

In food industry, the use of herbs and plants in the production of essential oils becomes significance because of their use in many applications including flavours and fragrances as well as in medicine. Essential oils contain the DNA of the plant or herb they are extracted from. They are complex mixtures of volatile compounds such

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