The 2012 Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards

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The2012 Practical HomeschoolingReader Awards What’s the best homeschoolcurriculum, in 45 separatecategories? Read & see . . .

Copyright 2012 by Home Life, Inc. Originally published in PracticalHomeschooling #105, Sept/Oct 2012. All rights reserved.Permission is given to those who requested this by signing up for ouremail list to print out 1 copy for personal use.ABOUT THE 2012 PRACTICAL HOMESCHOOLING READER AWARDSThousands of homeschoolers voted.They ranked the products with which they were familiar from 1 to 10.The products with the highest satisfaction ratings won.So this is not a popularity ranking. Sometimes the most “popular” products are the mostheavily advertised, not those that their users actually like the best.Our annual Reader Awards are as close as you can get to personal curriculum recommendations from thousands of experienced homeschoolers.Things to keep in mind:1. Just being nominated for the Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards is an honor,let alone taking First Place, Second Place, Third Place, or Honorable Mention.2. These are all products with high satisfaction ratings. Thus, you should pick the onethat fits your family best, which is not necessarily always the First Place winner.3. The actual magazine article also included interviews with some of the winners. Weleft those out to make this report shorter.It took us hundreds of man-hours (actually, mostly woman-hours) to create this copyrighted report, which we are offering online exclusively to those who have signed up forour email list. Please encourage your friends to subscribe, rather than giving it to them.We will resend the email with the link to this report later this month, to all the new peoplewho subscribed after it first came out.Tell your friends to subscribe via the “Free Email Newsletter!” box on our home page,, or via the Join Our List tab on our Facebook g.We rely on your integrity to protect our copyright, and to enable us to keep publishingthese helpful items. :)

The2012Practical HomeschoolingReader Awardst’s time once again to discoverwhich products your fellow homeschoolers have chosen as the verybest. But first, let’s thank those ofyou who cast the thousands ofvotes—whether online or using our printed ballot—which made this all possible.And congratulations to Wendy Feddes,Sara Klasing, Jennifer Barnard, LauriHarrison, Lori Kilfian, Jean VanderPlaats,Abbey Lehman, Merit Kirkpatrick, GigiTillett, and Melissa Hawk, who won ourballot drawing. Each received a tote fullof Janice VanCleave science books.About the Reader Awards: they are sosignificant, because readers rated all theproducts with which they were personally familiar from one to ten on the basisof their personal experiences. So you’llbe learning which products have thehighest user satisfaction ratings, not justwhich products happen to have the mostusers.As in previous years, we thoughtyou’d enjoy a peek “behind the scenes”at some of the award-winning companies. Enjoy!And now . . . the winners of the 2012Practical Homeschooling ReaderAwards, by category:IGrade st Place Veritas Press Kindergarten CurriculumSecond Place TIE! Ruth BeechickBooks (Mott Media), Five in a Row &Before Five in a Row (RainbowResource Center)Third Place Get Ready, Get Set, Gofor the Code (EPS division of SchoolSpecialty, Inc.)Honorable Mention Little Hearts forHis Glory (Heart of Dakota Publishing),My Father’s World Kindergarten, Rod &Staff Kindergarten, Sonlight KinderWWW.HOME-SCHOOL.COMgarten (Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd.)ELEMENTARY CURRICULUMFirst Place Veritas Press ElementaryCurriculumSecond Place Five in a Row &Beyond Five in a Row (Rainbow Resource Center)Third Place TIE! “Little Hearts”series, Sonlight CurriculumHonorable Mention My Father’sWorld, Rod & Staff curriculum,Tapestry of Grace (Lampstand Press)MIDDLE SCHOOL CURRICULUMFirst Place TIE! Hearts for HimThrough Time series (Heart of DakotaPublishing), Veritas Press CurriculumSecond Place Sonlight CurriculumThird Place TIE! Tapestry of Grace(Lampstand Press), Starting Points curriculum (Cornerstone CurriculumProject)Honorable Mention Christian LightEducation, KONOS Curriculum, MyFather’s World Middle School Curriculum, Rod & Staff CurriculumHIGH SCHOOL CURRICULUMFirst Place Veritas Press CurriculumSecond Place Tapestry of Grace(Lampstand Press)Third Place Sonlight CurriculumHonorable Mention KONOS History of the World, My Father’s World HighSchool Curriculum, Robinson Curriculum (Oregon Institute of Science andMedicine), Seton Books High SchoolCurriculum (Seton Educational Media)UNIT STUDIESFirst Place Heroes of History series(YWAM Publishing)Second Place TIE! Christian HeroesThen and Now (YWAM Publishing),Family Study Handbook series (SimplyCharlotte Mason)Third Place Beautiful Feet UnitStudies (Beautiful Feet Books)Honorable Mention Unit Studies byAmanda Bennett, Jennifer Steward UnitStudies (Steward Ship Publishing),KONOSCharacterCurriculum(KONOS, Inc.)LAPBOOK STUDIESFirst Place TIE! A Journey ThroughLearning lapbooks, Hands of a ChildlapbooksSONG-BASED CURRICULUMFirst Place SongSchool Greek &Latin (Classical Academic Press)Second Place Audio Memory songkits (Audio Memory Publishing)Third Place Lyrical Life Science/Earth Science (Lyrical Learning)BibleBIBLE CURRICULUMFirst Place TIE! Bible StudyFellowship, What We Believe series(Apologia Educational Ministries)Second Place TIE! AWANA ClubsInternational, Discover 4 YourselfInductive Bible Studies (Harvest HousePublishers), Doorposts materialsThird Place TIE! Balancing theSword, Christian Studies curriculum(Memoria Press)Honorable Mention BJU BibleTruths series (BJU Press), Encyclopediaof Bible Truths (ACSI), Explorer’s BibleStudyLanguage ArtsGRAMMAR / LANGUAGE ARTSFirst Place TIE! Analytical Grammar, Building Christian English series(Rod & Staff Publishers, Inc.)Second Place TIE! English from theRoots Up (Literacy Unlimited), First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind(Peace Hill Press), Winston Grammar(Precious Memories Ed’l Resources)Third Place TIE! Daily GRAMS(Easy Grammar Systems), Easy Grammar (Easy Grammar Systems), Language Lessons series (Queen Home-SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 PRACTICAL HOMESCHOOLING

FEATURE2012 Practical Homeschooling Reader Awardsschool Supplies), Shurley English (Shurley Instructional Materials)Honorable Mention Editor in Chief(Critical Thinking Company), GrowingWith Grammar (JacKris Publishing)HANDWRITINGFirst Place TIE! Classically Cursive(Veritas Press), Cursive First (LithbethEducational Services)Second Place TIE! Delightful Handwriting (Simply Charlotte Mason),Handwriting Without Tears, Pictures InCursive (Queen Homeschool Supplies)Third Place A Reason for Writing(A Beginning Advantage)Honorable Mention Getty-DubayPortland Italic (Getty-Dubay Productions), Draw Write Now (Barker CreekPublishing)LITERATUREFirst Place TIE! Jim Weiss storytelling CDs (Greathall Productions),Teaching the Classics (Center forLiterary Education)Second Place TIE! Beautiful FeetBooks, Five in a Row series (RainbowResource Center), Sonlight CurriculumThird Place TIE! Drawn Into theHeart of Reading (Heart of Dakota Publishing), Progeny Press book studiesHonorable Mention Perspectives ofLife/Perspectives of Truth (ChristianLight Education), Robinson Curriculum(Oregon Institute of Science & Medicine), Total Language Plus book studiesHonorable Mention Phonics Pathways (Jossey-Bass division of Wiley),Sing, Spell, Read & Write (PearsonLearning)PRIMERS & READERSFOREIGN LANGUAGESFirst Place TIE! La Clase Divertida(The Fun Class), Rosetta StoneSecond Place Pimsleur LanguagecoursesThird Place TIE! Speedy Spanish(Bechtel Books), TELL ME MOREseries (Auralog)Honorable Mention The Learnables(International Linguistics)PUBLIC SPEAKINGGREEKFirst Place Art of Argument series(Classical Academic Press)Second Place Beginning PublicSpeaking (Communicators AdvantageProject)First Place Greek for Children(Classical Academic Press)Second Place TIE! ElementaryGreek curriculum (Open Texture),English from the Roots Up (LiteracyUnlimited)Third Place Hey Andrew! Teach MeSome Greek (Greek ‘N’ Stuff)Honorable Mention A GreekHupogrammon (Trivium Pursuit), Rummy Roots (Eternal Hearts)SPELLINGFirst Place All About Spelling (AllAbout Learning Press)Second Place Spelling Wisdom(Simply Charlotte Mason)Third Place TIE! Phonetic Zoo (Institute for Excellence in Writing), Spell toWrite and Read (Back Home Industries)Honorable Mention Rod & Staffspelling curriculum, Soaring withSpelling and Vocabulary (JacKrisPublishing)VOCABULARYFirst Place Christian Logic series(Trivium Pursuit)Second Place Building ThinkingSkills series (Critical Thinking Company)Third Place TIE! Introductory/Intermediate Logic series (Canon Press),TraditionalLogic/FormalLogic(Memoria Press)Honorable Mention Discovery ofDeduction (Classical Academic Press)First Place Vocabulary Cartoons(New Monic Books)Second Place TIE! English from theRoots Up (Literacy Unlimited), Vocabulary from Classical Roots (EPS divisionof School Specialty, Inc.), Word Roots(Critical Thinking Company)Third Place Wordly Wise (EPSdivision of School Specialty, Inc.)Honorable Mention Latin Road toEnglish Grammar (Schola Publications),Rummy Roots (Eternal Hearts)First Place Spell to Write and Read(Back Home Industries)Second Place TIE! Explode the Code(EPS division of School Specialty, Inc.),Phonics Museum (Veritas Press), TheThree R’s by Ruth Beechick (Mott Media)Third Place TIE! Alpha-Phonics(Storehouse Press), Logic of English(Pedia Learning)LanguagesFirst Place Pathway Readers (Pathway Publishers)Second Place Sonlight ReadersThird Place TIE! Doctor Seussbooks (Random House), Rod & Staffreaders (Rod & Staff Publishers, Inc.)Honorable Mention Bob Books(Scholastic, Inc.), Christian LibertyAcademy readers, McGuffey Readers(Mott Media)LOGICPHONICS PROGRAMHonorable Mention Wordsmith(Common Sense Press), Writing withEase (Peace Hill Press)WRITING / COMPOSITIONFirst Place Andrew Pudewa WritingSeminars (Institute for Excellence inWriting)Second Place One Year AdventureNovel (Clear Water Press)Third Place WriteShop curriculum( HOMESCHOOLING SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012LATINFirst Place Visual LatinSecond Place First Form Latin(Memoria Press)Third Place TIE! Latin for Children(Classical Academic Press), Lively Latin( Mention Henle’s Latin(Memoria Press), Prima Latina &Latina Christiana (Memoria Press)MathELEMENTARY MATHFirst Place Math-U-See ElementaryMathSecond Place Life of Fred: Fractions& Decimals and Percents (Polka DotPublishing)Third Place TIE! MathematicalReasoning (Critical Thinking Company), Right Start Math (Activities forLearning)Honorable Mention Key to . . . Series (Key Curriculum Press), SingaporeMath ( Place Math-U-See GeometryWWW.HOME-SCHOOL.COM

FEATURE2012 Practical Homeschooling Reader AwardsSecond Place TIE! Life of FredGeometry course (Polka Dot Publishing), Teaching Textbooks GeometryThird Place Jacob’s Geometry (W.H.Freeman & Co.)Honorable Mention Chalk DustGeometry courseALGEBRAFirst Place Hands-On Equations(Borenson & Associates)Second Place Life of Fred Algebracourses (Polka Dot Publishing)Third Place TIE! Chalk Dust Algebra courses, Jacob’s Algebra (W.H. Freeman & Co.), Math-U-See AlgebraHonorable Mention Teaching Textbooks Algebra coursesTRIGONOMETRY/PRECALCULUSFirst Place Life of Fred Trigonometry course (Polka Dot Publishing)Second Place Math-U-See Pre-CalculusThird Place TIE! Chalk DustTrigonometry & Precalculus courses,Saxon Advanced Mathematics course(Saxon Homeschool division of Harcourt)Honorable Mention DIVE IntoMath Advanced Math (Digital Interactive Video Education)mate Geography & Timeline Guide(GeoCreations)GOVERNMENTFirst Place The “Uncle Eric” series(Bluestocking Press)Second Place TIE! ConstitutionalLaw course (HSLDA), TeenPact coursesThird Place Exploring Government(Notgrass Company)Honorable Mention BJU HeritageStudies courses (BJU Press), Land ofFair Play (Christian Liberty Press)HISTORYFirst Place Veritas Curriculum (Veritas Press)Second Place TIE! Exploring America (Notgrass Company), Stories ofAmerica/Stories of the Nations (SimplyCharlotte Mason)Third Place TIE! Beautiful FeetBooks, Drive Through History (ColdWater Media), Sonlight CurriculumHonorable Mention Heritage Classical Curriculum (,Mystery of History (Bright Ideas Press),TruthQuest HistoryScienceMATH DRILLWORLDVIEW CURRICULUMFirst Place TIE! Flashmaster, MathU-See drill sheetsSecond Place TIE! Calculadder (TheProvidence Project), Saxon Math drillsheets (Saxon Homeschool division ofHarcourt)Third Place TIE! Audio Memorymath song series (Audio Memory Publishing), Math Wrap-Ups (LearningWrap-Ups)First Place Worldview AcademycoursesSecond Place Understanding theTimes (Summit Ministries)Third Place Starting Points/Worldviews of the Western World(Cornerstone Curriculum)Honorable Mention ChristianWorldview series (Worldview Weekend)ELEMENTARY SCIENCESocial StudiesGEOGRAPHYFirst Place TIE! Beautiful Feet Geography units (Beautiful Feet Books),Geography Songs (Audio Memory Publishing)Second Place TIE! My Father’sWorld geography, Trail Guide series(Geography Matters), Visualize WorldGeography (Tender Heart Press)Third Place A Child’s Geography(Knowledge Quest)Honorable Mention Galloping theGlobe (Geography Matters), The UltiWWW.HOME-SCHOOL.COMFirst Place TIE! Exploring Creationseries(ApologiaEducationalMinistries), Young Explorer series(Apologia Educational Ministries)Second Place 106 Days of CreationStudies (Simply Charlotte Mason)Third Place God’s Design series(Answers in Genesis)HonorableMentionJaniceVanCleave books (Wiley), Usbornescience books (EDC Publishing)MIDDLE SCHOOL SCIENCEFirst Place Exploring Creation series(Apologia Educational Ministries)Second Place Wonders of Creationseries (Master Books)Third Place Rainbow Science(Beginnings Publishing House)Honorable Mention ConsideringGod’s Creation (Eagle’s Wings Educational Materials), Real Science-4-Kids(Gravitas Publications)HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCEFirst Place Apologia High Schoolcourses (Apologia Educational Ministries)Second Place Biology 101: BiologyAccording to the Days of Creation(Westfield Studios)Third Place Noeo Science Level 3(Noeo Science)Honorable Mention BJU Press highschool science courses, Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum coursesSCIENCE KITS AND SUPPLIESFirst Place Home Science ToolsSecond Place TIE! Insect Lore Kits,Nature’s Workshop Plus!Third Place TimberdoodleCOMPUTER SCIENCEFirst Place Computer Science Pure& Simple (Motherboard Books)Second Place KidCoder/TeenCoderseries (Homeschool Programming)Third Place Computer Basics(Christian Light Education)CREATION SCIENCEFirst Place Apologia science coursesSecond Place TIE! Answers inGenesis books & DVDs, Master BooksThird Place Institute for CreationResearchHonorable Mention ConsideringGod’s Creation (Eagle’s Wings Educational Materials)HEALTHFirst Place Total Health series(ACSI)Second Place Health in ChristianPerspective series (A Beka Book)Third Place Health for Homeschool(BJU Press)Honorable Mention HorizonsHealth (Alpha Omega Publications)PHYSICAL EDUCATIONFirst Place Fitness 4 Homeschool(Family Time Fitness)SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 PRACTICAL HOMESCHOOLING

FEATURE2012 Practical Homeschooling Reader AwardsSecond Place Home School FamilyFitness (Home School Family FitnessInstitute)Third Place Horizons PhysicalEducation (Alpha Omega Publications)Fine ArtsART APPRECIATIONFirst Place Picture Study Portfolios(Simply Charlotte Mason)Second Place Harmony Fine Arts atHomeThird Place Discovering GreatArtists series (Bright Ring Publishing)Honorable Mention Child-SizedMasterpieces (Parent Child Press),Come Look with Me series (Charlesbridge), God and the History of Art(How Great Thou Art), Meet the Masters(, Usborne artappreciation books (EDC Publishing)ART CURRICULUMFirst Place ARTistic PursuitsSecond Place Bruce McIntyre’sDrawing Textbook (Audio-VisualDrawing Program)Third Place TIE! Atelier Art curriculum (Arts Attack), Draw Write Now(Barker Creek Publishing), Drawing onthe Right Side of the Brain (PenguinGroup)Honorable Mention Barry Stebbing’sart courses (How Great Thou Art), Howto Teach Art to Children (Evan-MoorEducational Publishers), Walter Foster“How to Draw” books (Walter FosterPublishing division of Quarto, Inc.)MUSIC APPRECIATIONFirst Place Harmony Fine Arts atHomeSecond Place Great Musicians series(Zeezok Publishing)Third Place TIE! Alfred’s GreatComposers (Alfred Publishing), Musicfor Little Mozarts (Alfred Publishing)Simply Music piano coursesLife SkillsDOMESTIC SCIENCEFirst Place Laying Down the Rails(Simply Charlotte Mason)Second Place Homestead BlessingsDVD series (Franklin Springs FamilyMedia)Third Place TIE! Don Aslett books(Marsh Creek Press), Stitches &Pins/Buckles & Bobbins beginningsewing books (Bunkhouse Books)Honorable Mention Home Economics 1 & 2 (Christian Light Education),Home Economics for Homeschoolers(Pearables)MUSIC CURRICULUMFirst Place Harmony Fine Arts atHomeSecond Place TIE! Alfred’s PianoSystem (Alfred Publishing), Suzukicurriculum (Alfred Publishing)Third Place TIE! Kindermusik(Kindermusik International, Inc.), MusicAce Deluxe (Harmonic Vision)Honorable Mention Bastien PianoSeries (Neil Kjos Music Company),DRIVER EDUCATIONFirst Place Driver Ed in a BoxSecond Place National Driver TrainingPERSONAL FINANCEFirst Place Dave Ramsey for Kids(The Lampo Group)Second Place Math-U-See Stewardship [email protected] Home Life, Inc. All rights reserved. Permission given to those who requested it by signing up forour email list to print out 1 copy for personal use.Find this helpful?You get MUCH MORE when you subscribe to Practical Homeschooling!Join over 100,000 readers who love our: Exclusive annual Reader Awards and iLearn Awards (for interactive learningproducts). Special Features thattake the mystery out ofdaunting topics such asspecial education, college prep, & how toteach a child to read. In-depth reports that tellyou what you need toknow. often before youeven ask! Some recentexamples: the truthabout Common Corestandards, how to earnmoney while homeschooling, how to teachthe NEW library skills. “Day at Our House” Diaries - see how otherfamilies do it! “Show & Tell” - encouraging reports of homeschool excellence to inspire your students. Detailed product reviews NewsShorts - tidbitsyou can trust Nationally knowncolumnists Contests with prizes inevery issue!To subscribe, and to see the FREE bonuses you’ll receive, go to this shortened URL: preferred, you can also pay by check. Just send 17.95 (or 19.19, if you're from MO) to Home Life,Inc., PO Box 1190, Fenton MO 63026-1190. Include a note with your name and full address, and sayit's for 1 year of Practical Homeschooling. For 2 years, it's 35 ( 37.36 for MO residents). Also mentionyou want the new subscriber bonuses! Your satisfaction is guaranteed: Cancel anytime & receive afull refund of all unmailed issues. No matter what, the FREE bonuses are yours to keep!

Life of Fred Geometry course (Polka Dot Publish-ing), Teaching Textbooks Geometry Third Place Jacob’s Geometry (W.H. Freeman & Co.) Honorable MentionChalk Dust Geometry course ALGEBRA First PlaceHands-On Equations (Borenson & Associates) Second PlaceLife of Fred Algebra course