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The Ward M. Canaday Center for Special CollectionsThe University of ToledoFinding Aid The Andersons, Inc., Records, 1936-2015 MSS-194Size: ca. 27.5 linear feetProvenance: Records placed on deposit by The Andersons, Inc., July 2004; addition placed ondeposit, May 2016Access: OpenCollection Summary: The Andersons began as a grain elevator company in 1936, and grew intoa diversified agribusiness company with agricultural, retail, grain processing, railroad, andfinancial divisions. This collection is composed of photographic material, newsletters andnewspapers, company scrapbooks, audio-visual material, and artifacts.Subjects: Business and CommerceCopyright: The literary rights to this collection are assumed to rest with the person(s)responsible for the production of the particular items within the collection, or with their heirs orassigns. Researchers bear full legal responsibility for the acquisition to publish from any part ofsaid collection per Title 17, United States Code. The Ward M. Canaday Center for SpecialCollections may reserve the right to intervene as intermediary at its own discretion.Completed by: David Chelminski, January 2005; Tom Smith, September 2016

The Andersons, Inc., Records1936-2015Historical SketchHarold Anderson (1894-1968), a native of Webster Grove, Missouri, moved to Toledo, Ohiowith his parents, graduating from the old Central High School in 1912. He graduated from theUniversity of Wisconsin’s College of Agriculture in 1916, but enlisted as a pilot and instructor incloud flying in World War I (subsequently serving as first commander of the Toledo Post of theAmerican Legion). In 1919 he joined the National Milling Company, and in 1927 succeeded hisfather, David Anderson, Sr., as president and manager of the firm, which later that same yearwas purchased by the National Biscuit Company. Harold continued as manager until 1936, whenhe resigned to form the Anderson Elevator Company as a family partnership with his wifeMargaret, his father and others.The Anderson Elevator Company built “one of the largest grain elevators of its type in thispart of the country” on Anderson farm property on Conant Street in Maumee (south of Toledo)on the Maumee River in northwest Ohio. (This elevator was later leased, then sold to Cargill,Inc.) From 1941 to 1946, Harold Anderson farmed his Maumee holdings. By 1947 Harold andMargaret Anderson established The Andersons as a family partnership with their five sons andone daughter, and the Anderson Truck Terminal on Illinois Avenue in Maumee opened forbusiness. By 1968, the partnership had expanded to include their children’s spouses, forty-sevengrandchildren and three non-family associates.The Andersons, Inc., has since expanded into the “Largest industrial partnership in the UnitedStates,” with a network of thirteen similar facilities across the country’s eastern Corn Belt(including Champaign, Illinois; Delphi, Dunkirk/Redkey and Frankfort, Indiana; Albion,Potterville, Webberville and White Pigeon, Michigan; as well as Findlay, Maumee, Metamoraand Toledo, Ohio) and a diverse “Agribusiness” including grain exporting, grain marketing,fertilizer blending and distribution, agricultural products distribution, retail mass merchandising,lawn fertilizer production and marketing and cob milling. The Andersons has claimed to be thelargest processor of finished corncob products in the world. The company headquarters at theMaumee Complex has developed storage capacity for half a million metric tons of grain and twohundred thousand metric tons of fertilizer, in addition to its cob processing and feedmanufacturing operations. The local export terminal at the Port of Toledo has developed astorage capacity of 180,000 metric tons (capable of loading-out 1500 metric tons per hour),exceeding the corn and soybean export of any other Great Lakes port, and the network hashandled five million metric tons of grain annually, while its combined fertilizer storage facilitieshave a total capacity exceeding 450,000 tons. The Andersons has also operated general storesand garden centers in Columbus/Dublin and Berwick, Ohio, as well as other business ventures.The firm has boasted assets of 200 million, with sales in excess of 687 million, and 1,700employees and partners. In 1995, shareholders and partners approved the merger of TheAndersons and The Andersons Management Corp. (TAMC) into a single corporation known asThe Andersons, Inc. effective January 2, 1996.2

The Andersons, Inc., Records1936-2015Scope and Content NoteThe Andersons, Inc. deposited this collection in the Ward M. Canaday Center in 2004,with an addition deposited in 2016. It contains scrapbooks, printed materials and photographicmaterials. The largest series consists of fifteen scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings,photographs, correspondence and other materials documenting the history of the company from1936 through at least 1983. Newspapers represented are mainly the Maumee Valley News orToledo Blade or other local (regional) or agricultural business publications, but also occasionallyinclude national or even international titles such as Fertilizer International & World FertilizerTrade (England), Forbes Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. The scrapbooks are inchronological order. The printed material contains nearly-complete newspaper files of OMIFarm News (March 1959 through September, 1971) and The Anderson Herald (February, 1964December, 1977), Anderson Herald (January, 1978-May, 1984) and The Andersons Herald (July,1984-December [2003]/January 2004), arranged alphabetically by title. The photographicmaterial includes negatives, prints and slides (dating from ca. 1959-1999), all of which arearranged within general topics, in chronological order wherever possible. The addition of 8 linearfeet in May 2016 includes administrative and financial materials, annual reports, audio-visualmaterials, artifacts, and many more printed and photographic materials.The majority of the materials track the growth of the firm from 1947 to 2015. Thiscollection should prove useful to business historians in documenting the development of a familybusiness into a major corporation, as well as the history of the Port of Toledo. Agriculturalhistorians will also find the collection useful for studying the evolution of farming into modernagribusiness. The scrapbooks should provide local historians with some useful personal materialabout various members of the Anderson family, especially the founders, Harold and MargaretAnderson, and at least three of their sons, John, Richard (Dick) and Thomas (Tom), with goodrepresentation of their involvement in the community, including Harold Anderson’s unsuccessfulbid for the Ohio State Legislature in 1954. Labor historians might note the coverage of severalearly strikes, and certainly the personalized history of the firm’s numerous employees providedin the company’s publications.3

The Andersons, Inc., Records1936-2015Series DescriptionsS1Photographic Materialsca. 1959-19993.5 linear ft.Consists of negatives, prints and slides (mostly color), arranged within general topics, inchronological order wherever possible.Subseries A: NegativesSubseries B: PrintsSubseries C: SlidesS2Printed Materials1959, 1963-20033 linear ft.Contains nearly-complete newspaper files of OMI Farm News, The Anderson Herald,Anderson Herald and The Andersons Herald, arranged alphabetically by title.Subseries A: Anderson HeraldSubseries B: OMI Farm NewsSubseries C: The Anderson HeraldSubseries D: The Andersons HeraldSubseries E: NewpapersSubseries F: Other PublicationsS3Scrapbooks1936-1979, 198314 linear ft.Contain newspaper clippings, photos, correspondence and other materials documentingthe history of the company and personal lives of the Anderson family members,arranged chronologically.S4Community Relations Materials1950-20102 linear ft.Contains material related to The Andersons’ charity work, community partnership withthe Kennedy Institute for Ethics at Georgetown University, the endowed professorshipat Ohio State University, advertisements, promotional materials, land sale files, andother community related materials.4

The Andersons, Inc., Records1936-2015Subseries A: Charity WorkSubseries B: Community Partnership – Kennedy Institute for Ethics, GeorgetownUniversitySubseries C: Ohio State University EndowmentSubseries D: Advertisements and Promotional MaterialsSubseries E: Special EventsSubseries F: Land Sale Files 1994-1999S5Administrative Recordsca. 1950s-20062 linear ft.Contains administrative and financial materials, official statements to the press, internaldocumentation of important company events, policies and procedures, annual reports,and material documenting the experiences of Andersons’ employees.Subseries A: Press ReleasesSubseries B: Policies and ProceduresSubseries C: Employee ExperienceSubseries D: Annual ReportsSubseries E: OtherS6Audio-Visual Materials2002-20101 linear ft.Contains VHS tapes, compact disks, and DVDs which document press recordings,pictures, informational sheets, advertisements, and other material arranged by format.Subseries A: VHSSubseries B: CDSubseries C: DVDS7Artifactsca. 1950s-2000s2 linear ft.Contains non-documentary material including but not limited to: product samples,buttons, plaques and models.5

The Andersons, Inc., Records1936-2015Folder ListBoxFolder ArrangementS1. PHOTOGRAPHIC MATERIALSA. 33343536“The Andersons” Partners (15 men)—8 photosDick Anderson & Mike Anderson—24 photosDick Anderson, Tom Anderson, John Klotz—22 photosPartner Group (15-16 men)—12 photosAndersons Cookout—32 photosCalifornia—Rialto—33 photosIndiana—Clymers (aerial shots)—15 photosMichigan—Albion (aerial shots)—6 photosOhio—Bettsville—23 photosOhio—Bryan—14 photosOhio—Lyons (aerial shots, 7/4/94)—11 photosOhio—Maumee (train at elevators, grain drier)—22 photosOhio—Maumee (truck spilling cobs at elevators)—24 photosOhio—Maumee (dump truck at silos)—16 photosOhio—Maumee (aerial shots)—3 photosOhio—Maumee (Farm Supply, aerial shots)—6 photosOhio—Maumee (truck spilling cobs at elevators, grain drier)—9 photosOhio—Maumee (boxcars at elevators)—3 photosOhio—Maumee (Hubbard Milling)—15 photosOhio—Maumee (elevators, silos, aerial shots)—10 photosOhio—Maumee (elevators, silos, aerial shots)—2 photosOhio—Maumee (General Store/Garden Center exterior)—18 photosOhio—Maumee (elevators, silos, aerial shots)—24 photosOhio—Maumee (Red Wells restaurant exterior)—3 photosOhio—Metamora/Lyons—16 photosOhio—Metamora (“Tee Time” truck)—4 photosOhio—Metamora (“Floater M3000”)—6 photosOhio—Pleasant Plain (L/M Animal Farms exterior)—38 photosOhio—Toledo (river elevator, ship, boxcars, aerial shot)—3 photosOhio—Toledo (General Store exterior, 4/96)—37 photosOhio—Toledo (General Store interior, checkout)—20 photosOhio—Toledo (General Store interior)—20 photosGrain (5-22 kernels of corn)—9 photosRetail (Ecoclean)—9 photosRetail (Q Country Dog Food)—6 photosRetail (Customer Service Desk, weighing seeds)—6 photos6

The Andersons, Inc., 444546474849505152Retail (lawn mowers, wines, bakery, baby floats, windows)—8 photosRetail (Pet Center)—8 photosRetail (Test card “Valued customer 02/97 thru 12/99”)—1 photoRetail (Tire Man Auto Center)—15 photosRetail (Tire Man Auto Center exterior, Garden Center)—28 photosRetail (Cob Products)—2 photosRetail (family in General Store)—5 photosRetail (General Store interior)—42 photosRetail (General Store interior)—15 photosRetail (Envirocar Center)—4 photosRetail (Sii tanks)—2 photosMiscellaneous (boxcars with man atop boxcars)—8 photosMiscellaneous (silos & warehouse—possibly Lyons OH)—2 photosMiscellaneous (corn cobs in heap & plant)—2 photosMiscellaneous (golf)—9 photosMiscellaneous (welding boxcar inside shop)—7 20Additional NegativesAds, Folder 1 1970-presentAds, Folder 2 1970-presentAds, Folder 3 1970-presentAds, Folder 4 1970-presentAds, Folder 5 1970-presentAds, Folder 6 1970-presentEvents, Folder 1 1970-presentEvents, Folder 2 1970-presentEvents, Folder 3 1970-presentEvents, Folder 4 1970-presentEvents, Folder 5 1970-presentEvents, Folder 6 1970-presentEvents, Folder 7 1970-presentEvents, Folder 8 1970-presentEvents, Folder 9 1970-presentEvents, Folder 10 1970-presentEvents, Folder 11 1970-presentEvents, Folder 12 1970-presentEvents, Folder 13 1970-presentPersonnel, Folder 1 1970-presentPersonnel, Folder 2 1970-presentPersonnel, Folder 3 1970-presentPersonnel, Folder 4 1970-presentPersonnel, Folder 5 1970-presentPersonnel, Folder 6 1970-presentPersonnel, Folder 7 1970-presentPersonnel, Folder 8 1970-present7

The Andersons, Inc., 21234Facilities, Folder 1 1979-1998Facilities, Folder 2 1979-1998Facilities, Folder 3 1979-1998Facilities, Folder 4 1979-1998Facilities, Folder 5 1979-1998Facilities, Folder 6 1979-1998Facilities, Folder 7 1979-1998Facilities, Folder 8 1979-1998Miscellaneous, Folder 1 n.d.Miscellaneous, Folder 2 n.d.Miscellaneous, Folder 3 n.d.Miscellaneous, Folder 4 n.d.B. 24204“Ag Products” ca 1979Andersons Board of Directors 2001Andersons Board of Directors 2006Andersons Board of Directors 2007Andersons Board of Directors ca 1988Andersons Board of Directors February 1998Andersons Garden Annex, n.d.Champaign IL Build/Construction 1968, Folder 1Champaign IL Build/Construction 1968, Folder 2Community Events, 1994Facilities 1959-1973Facilities ca. 1963-ca.1977 Folder 1Facilities ca. 1963-ca.1977 Folder 2Facilities ca. 1970sFacilities, Aerial – Tom Root, Folder 1 1957-1990Facilities, Aerial – Tom Root, Folder 2 1957-1990Facilities, Aerial – Tom Root, Folder 3 1957-1990Facilities, Aerial 1959-1965Facilities, Aerial, n.d. Folder 1Facilities, Aerial, n.d. Folder 2Facilities, Aerial, n.d. Folder 3Facilities, Broadsheets, n.d.Facilities, Non Aerial Photos, Indoor and Outdoor 1957-1982Matte Board of Dick Anderson and executive n.d.Michigan—Albion (silos, aerial shot)—1 photo (4 x 6”)Ohio Agricultural Hall of Fame, Harold Anderson Induction, n.d.Ohio—Maumee (Anderson Truck Terminal, “8-27-52”)—1 photo (b/w,8 x 10”)Personnel, n.d.Photo Album, n.d.8

The Andersons, Inc., 24555658575932Photo Album, Summer Camp 1986Photo Proofs, 1963-1975Political Ad, ‘Harold Anderson for State Legislature,’ September 29,1954Political Ad, ‘The Man for the Job,’ September 29, 1954Port of Toledo ca. 1965-1970Port of Toledo, Ag Fertilizer ca. 1979Press, Photo Proofs 1958-1962Rene McPhersonRetail (Garden Center, interior)—2 photos (4 x 6”)Retail (General Store, exterior)—1 photo (4 x 6”)Retail (General Store, interior & exterior)—5 photos (4 x 6”)Retail (General Store, interior, 11/29/95)—1 photo (4 x 6”)Retail (General Store, interior, 1996)—8 photos (4 x 6”)Shipping Boat docked on Maumee River n.d.C. io--Toledo (elevator, ship, aerial shot)—1 photo (8 x 10”)Ohio—Toledo (elevator, ship, aerial shot)—5 photos (3 x 3”)Illinois—Champaign & Ohio—Maumee (unmounted)—5 photosAnderson Partners (Harold Anderson, Dick Anderson, John Anderson,Tom Anderson, etc., 02/65--07/85)—169 photosPeople—Other (California—Rialto, Michigan—Albion & WhitePigeon, Ohio—Bowling Green, Bryan, Maumee & Pleasant Plain, etc.,10/77--“’86”)—239 photosIllinois—Champaign (aerial shots, etc., 07/70—06/84)—30 photosIndiana—Delphi (aerial shots, etc., 08/75—06/84)—20 photosIndiana—Dunkirk/Redkey (aerial shots, etc., “2/83”—07/84)—42photosMichigan—Albion, Potterville, Webberville & White Pigeon (“Fall‘82”—“5/83”)—21 photosOhio—Bryan (06/85, buildings & silos at sunrise)—8 photosOhio—Findlay—4 photosOhio—Maumee (The Andersons Farm Supply, 12/69—09/75)—17photosOhio—Maumee (The Andersons Maumee Complex, original Cargillelevator & Anderson Truck Terminal, “Ag Fert Plant,” boxcars with“The Andersons” logo, truck loading bulk fertilizer, Lawn FertilizerSpecialties Plant, “Ag Fert Operations,” train by silos & elevators, CobMill Warehouse, Garden Shop & Tireman, truck dumping load,Hubbard Milling Company, Maumee Scales, grain filling boxcars,boxcars pouring corn cobs, 2 men loading truck from forklift, Elevatorsafter dusk, aerial shots, etc., 10/59—07/85)—374 photosOhio—Maumee (Maumee Warehouse Market & General Store &9

The Andersons, Inc., 85186187188Garden Center, Historical Anderson Warehouse & ATT Elevator,Nursery Annex, exterior & interior shots, “05/60”—05/81)—35 photosOhio—Pleasant Plain (L/M Animal Farms, 07/85)—31 photosOhio—Toledo (Toledo General Store, exterior & interior shots, 01/85-“5/19/86”—184 photosOhio—Toledo (River Elevator, construction, boat loading, storagetanks, silo construction, train, aerial shots, etc., 04/60—07/85)—331photosOhio—Toledo (Other) (Toledo Museum of Art exterior with Americanflags, University of Toledo University Hall tower exterior)—12 photosEvent—“Anderson’s AV Grand Opening 8-27-84” (Toledo GeneralStore, Garden Center)—10 photosEvent—“Grand Opening 8-27-87” (with John Klotz, Tom Anderson,Dick Anderson, clown)—47 photosEvent—“Motivation Mtg. 8-24-87” (dinner, speakers include BobSavage, John Klotz, Dick Anderson)—18 photosEvent—“Neighborhood Party 8-25-87” (face-painting, clown,accordionist, bass player & clarinetist)—18 photosEvent—“Redkey Open House 6/81” (Dick Anderson, John Anderson,Tom Weidner, tent by elevators)—4 photosEvent—“Retail Vendors Golf Outing 6/17/86”—54 photosAgricultural Fertilizer Operations (forklift loading truck, truck loadingdump truck, “Nosco,” 2 men loading truck from forklift, 1-2 menworking alongside train, 07/85--08/85)—80 photosAgriculture (farm equipment in fields, ear of corn on stalk, handsholding kernels against cornfield background, “Green Wheat,” “StockPhoto Historical” farmers, boat & train, boat by early crane, “OhioCountry Ele[vator],” ship at elevator, fields & plants, cows, sunrise,wheat field, 06/72—08/78)—130 photos“The Andersons Capabilities” (warehouse interior, “Abbott” truck,computer monitor with “Calendar/Diary of Phil Fox” “6/6/84,” trucksdumping, 2 men by fire hydrant at train track, hand on adding machine)20 photos“The Andersons” Publications, etc. (“The Andersons: a Statement ofPrinciples,” “The Andersons: Statement of Principles,” “The AndersonsJob Description,” “The Andersons Identification” card—“John A.Doe,” “The Andersons Patient Services Program” card, “TheAndersons Certificate for Education,” “The Andersons RetirementSavings Investment Plan” & “The Andersons Qualified Profit SharingPlan” for “Peggy E. Black”)—10 photosCommercial Products (“Reldan,” “Lasso,” “Tee Time Fertilizer,”“Break-Thru,” “Slikwik,” “Spectracide 6000,” “The AndersonsPremium Lawn Food,” “The Andersons Crabgrass Preventer,”“Premium Lawn Food Weed Killer,” “Gardn [sic?] Gro,” “RoseMaker,” “Turf Food,” “Film From Lawn Products 4 pg DistributerBrochure,” “Film from Lawn Products Book Y,” “Lawn Products From10

The Andersons, Inc., 5Folder Andersons Fertilizer,” “Nike” shoes, “Quality Seed,”“Hillsdale,” etc., 02/79—09/83)—78 photosGrain (trucks & bulldozer at pile of grain—possibly Indiana—Delphi,heaps of grain colored red, yellow & blue, bulldozer with heaps ofgrain inside warehouse, grain pouring into grate, men packaging“Nosco Seed—Wheat,” 10/30-80—07/05/88)—81 photosMiscellaneous—locations uncertain (“Hopper loading spouts,” boxcarswith “The Andersons” name, boxcars & welder, 02/99)—17 photosResearch (“Industrial” man in lab coat with chemical reactions, snake,lizard, mushrooms, small pile of grain, white mice or rats in lab,08/85)—41 photosRetail—location uncertain (model of store, “The Andersons GeneralStore/Garden Center” exterior & interior shots, 1983—02/99)—87photosShips—location uncertain (includes “Coventry City” slide made inSweden)—3 photosSlide Presentations—titled slides (“Champaign Presentation 1983”)—49 photosSlide Presentations—titled slides (“Insects Of Turfgrass In TheNortheast” & “Film from Lawn Products Book Z” insects)—82 photosSlide Presentations—titled slides (“Rotary ‘80” etc.—graph, “IndustryOverview” titles, “Corncob Properties” titles, “The Andersons” logo,“The Andersons Cob Division,” “The Andersons Lawn FertilizerDivision,” “Retail Division,” “Retailing,” “Agricultural Products,” etc.,maps, “P.i.G. pulls in grease: A product from SERMAC” logo, graphframes, etc.)—78 photosSlide Presentations—unidentified numbered set (plants in ground, podsof peas against red surface)----7 photosSlides – Aerial PhotographsSlides – Facility Photos and PresentationS2. PRINTED MATERIALSA. Anderson Herald2122232425Anderson Herald (January thru February, 1978—v. 13, n. 1 thru n. 2,March thru October, 1978, December, 1978, includes “Spring 1978,”“Summer 1978,” “Fall 1978”)Anderson Herald (January thru June, 1979, August, 1979, October thruDecember, 1979, includes “Spring, 1979”)Anderson Herald (January, 1980, June thru August, 1980, October thruNovember, 1980, includes “Special Issue: Plan for your family’sfuture”)Anderson Herald (January thru February, 1981, July thru December,1981)Anderson Herald (January thru August, 1982, October thru December,11

The Andersons, Inc., Records1936-201526271982, includes “United Way issue, 1982”)Anderson Herald (January thru July/August, 1983, October, 1983,includes “Special Issue, 1983” & “Special Issue” [1983 United Way])Anderson Herald (February thru March, 1984, May, 1984)B. OMI Farm News2228910211212213214215216217OMI Farm News (March 1959—v. 9, n. 4)OMI Farm News (March thru October, 1963—v. 13, n. 5 thru n. 12)OMI Farm News (November, 1963 thru October, 1964—v. 14, n. 1thru n. 12 [NB—n. 2-3 marked as v. 15]OMI Farm News (November, 1964 thru July, 1965; September thruOctober, 1965—v. 15, n. 1 thru n. 9, n. 11 thru n. 12)OMI Farm News (November, 1965 thru April, 1966; June thruDecember, 1966—v. 16, n. 1 thru n. 6, n. 8 thru n. 14 [sic])OMI Farm News (February thru April, 1967; July thru August, 1967—v. 17, n. 4 [sic] thru n. 6, n. 9 thru n. 10)OMI Farm News (November, 1967 thru October, 1968—v. 18, n. 1thru n. 12)OMI Farm News (November, 1968; January thru June, 1969; Augustthru October, 1969—v. 19, n. 1, n. 3 thru n. 8, n. 10 thru n. 12)OMI Farm News (November, 1969 thru October, 1970—v. 21 [sic], n.1 thru n. 12)OMI Farm News (November, 1970 thru January, 1971; April thruSeptember, 1971—v. 22, n. 1 thru n. 3, n. 6 thru n. 11)C. The Anderson Herald3132333435363738The Anderson Herald (February thru December, 1964—v. 1, n. 1 thrun. 11)The Anderson Herald (January thru December, 1965—v. II [sic], n. 1thru n. 12)The Anderson Herald (January thru June, 1966; September thruDecember, 1966—v. III, n. 1 thru n. 6, n. 9 thru n. 12)The Anderson Herald (January thru December, 1967—v. IV, n. 1 thrun. 12 [n. 6—photocopy])The Anderson Herald (January thru December, 1968—v. IV [sic], n. 1thru n. 12)The Anderson Herald (January thru December, 1969—v. V, n. 1 thru n.12, includes “Special Service Awards Edition” (Extra, May, 1969)) [n.4, n. 9, n. 11—loose]The Anderson Herald (January thru December, 1970—v. IV [sic], n. 1thru n. 6, v. V [sic], n. 7 thru n. 12)The Anderson Herald (January thru December, 1971—v. 6 [sic], n. 1thru n, 5, n. 7 [sic: (June)], n. 7 thru n. 12)12

The Andersons, Inc., Records1936-201539310311312313314The Anderson Herald (January thru December, 1972—v. 7, n. 1 [sic:masthead reads “January 1972,” “Feb.-March, 1972” inside], n. 4 thrun. 12, includes “Special 25th Anniversary Supplement 1947-1972” (v.7, n. 11, Section 2, November 1972)The Anderson Herald (January thru December, 1973—v. 8, n. 1 thru n.12)The Anderson Herald (January thru December, 1974—v. 9, n. 1 thru n.12, includes “Crusade of Mercy, Special Edition, September 1974”)The Anderson Herald (January thru December, 1975—v. 10, n. 1 thrun. 12, includes “United Way Special Edition, September 1975”)The Anderson Herald (January thru December, 1976—v. 11, n. 1 thrun. 12, includes “United Way Special Edition, September, 1976”)The Anderson Herald (January-February thru December, 1977—v. 12,n. 1 thru n. 11, includes “1977 United Way Campaign” Special Issue)D. The Andersons 2222233343536237The Andersons Herald (July thru August, 1984, October thruDecember, 1984, includes “United Way Issue, 1984”)The Andersons Herald (January thru May, 1985, August thruNovember/December, 1985)The Andersons Herald (January thru November/December, 1986)The Andersons Herald (January thru December, 1987) [includes somecolor photos]The Andersons Herald (January/February thru December, 1988)The Andersons Herald (February thru November, 1989)The Andersons Herald (January thru December, 1990)The Andersons Herald (January thru December, 1991)The Andersons Herald (January thru December, 1992)The Andersons Herald (January thru July, 1993; September thruDecember, 1993)The Andersons Herald (January thru December, 1994)The Andersons Herald (January thru December, 1995)The Andersons Herald (January thru November, 1996) [includes somecolor photos]The Andersons Herald (January thru December, 1997)The Andersons Herald (January thru March, 1998, May thru July,1998, September thru December, 1998)The Andersons Herald (January thru December, 1999)The Andersons Herald (January thru December, 2000)The Andersons Herald (January thru December, 2001)The Andersons Herald (January thru June, 2002, August, 2002,October, 2002, December, 2002)The Andersons Herald (February/March thru April/May, 2003, Spring,2003, Summer, 2003, August/September thru “December/January,13

The Andersons, Inc., Records1936-20152224039382004 [sic]”)The Andersons Herald Assort. 1966-1977The Andersons Herald February/March 1984-Fall 2007The Andersons Herald Winter 2008-Winter 2015Subseries E: 232141152928272620212223242516171819313035*44Ad Clippings, 1954Bacon’s Clipping BureauLuce Press ClippingsNewspapers and Press Clippings, 1940-1949Newspapers and Press Clippings, 1950-1959Newspapers and Press Clippings, 1960-1969Newspapers and Press Clippings, 1970-1979Newspapers and Press Clippings, 1980-1989 Folder 1Newspapers and Press Clippings, 1980-1989 Folder 2Newspapers and Press Clippings, 1980-1989 Folder 3Newspapers and Press Clippings, 1980-1989 Folder 4Newspapers and Press Clippings, 1980-1989 Folder 5Newspapers and Press Clippings, 1980-1989 Folder 6Newspapers and Press Clippings, 1990-2016 Folder 1Newspapers and Press Clippings, 1990-2016 Folder 2Newspapers and Press Clippings, 1990-2016 Folder 3Newspapers and Press Clippings, 1990-2016 Folder 4Obituary, John D. Anderson, Headliner, September 11, 1986Obituary, Margaret Anderson, The Blade, March 23, 1983Poster, “In the Headlines” ca. 1949‘Storing Soys Big Elevator Job Now,’ Toledo Blade, January 9, 1951The Blade’s Annual Chief Executives Forecasts 1980-1994Subseries F: Other 911122‘The Big Pour’ and the Press 2nd edition, April 1961“The World of Corn: A Comprehensive Look,” 1993A Pictorial Review – The Andersons, Maumee, OH July 1966Biofuels International, May 2007Capabilities in Agribusiness September 1986Conservation Circular, Fall/Winter 1975/1976Feed and Grain Feb/Mar 1994Grain Journal, July/August 2009Grain Journal, May/June 2007Grain Journal, Sept/Oct 2007Home Center March 1983, April 1986Independent College Newsletter March 1982 – January 1983Indiana Prairie Farmer – December, 196814

The Andersons, Inc., Records1936-20152321212121114323336Indiana Prairie Farmer – January 4, 1969Inside Story, Spring 1975Ohio Business, March 1984Ohio Matters, March/April 2007US Business Review, June 2003S3. SCRAPBOOKS456-789-10113-12131415163-“The Andersons 1936-1940,” 56 pp.“The Andersons 1940-1950,” 84 pp.“Progress in Grain Marketing: Anderson Elevator Company, Toledo,Ohio operating the Anderson Truck Terminal, Maumee Ohio,” [19481950], 19 pp.“The Andersons 1951-1961,” 139 pp. [about half loose]“The Andersons 1962-1969,” 77 pp.Black leather binder [1964-1969] [includes correspondence (1964),newspaper clippings (1964 & 1968-1969), etc.]“The Andersons 1970-1972,” 68 pp.“The Andersons 1973-1974,” 95 pp.“The Andersons” black binder with “The Andersons” logo, [19741975], 9 pp. [includes “Twenty Years of History” [1955-1974] and“Five Years of Recent History: The Andersons (A Partnership)” [19711975])“The Andersons 1975,” 69 pp.“The Andersons 1976,” 51 pp.“The Andersons 1977,” 85 pp.“The Andersons 1978,” 125 pp.“The Andersons 1979,” 62 pp.“The Andersons” black binder with “The Andersons” logo, [1983], 14pp., 25 loose pp. [includes “The Andersons: 1983 Financial Report”]S4. COMMUNITY RELATIONS MATERIALSSubseries A: General Charity/Community Contributions18181828293718183944Donor List, Remainderman TrustsGraph, Foundation Contributions, 1983 (Chart A)Memo, “Appraisal Rules for Charitable Contributions of AppreciatedProperty” July 12, 1995Miscellaneous Charity Work 1974-2015Proposal, Community Partnership Program, 9/27/77Subseries B: Community Partnership, Kennedy Institute for Ethics1811Annual Report, Georgetown University 197715

The Andersons, Inc., 303132331345461847Annual Report, Georgetown University 1979Community Limited Partnership, Kennedy Institute (GeorgetownUniversity) ca. 1970sCorrespondence, Eugene Balk Re: Challenge Grant Georgetown 19781979Georgetown University Correspondence, 1972-1982Georgetown University Financial Correspondence 1980-1984Kennedy Institute (Georgetown University) ca. 1980s Folder 1Kennedy Institute (Georgetown University) ca. 1980s Folder 2Kennedy Institute (Georgetown

1 16 Ohio—Maumee (Farm Supply, aerial shots)—6 photos 1 17 Ohio—Maumee (truck spilling cobs at elevators, grain drier)—9 photos 1 18 Ohio—Maumee (boxcars at elevators)—3 photos 1 19 Ohio—Maumee (Hubbard Milling)—15 photos 1 20 Ohio—Maumee (elevators, silos, aerial shots)—10 photos 1 21

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On an exceptional basis, Member States may request UNESCO to provide thé candidates with access to thé platform so they can complète thé form by themselves. Thèse requests must be addressed to esd rize unesco. or by 15 A ril 2021 UNESCO will provide thé nomineewith accessto thé platform via their émail address.

PA PROMISe Provider Handbook 837 Institutional/UB-92 Claim Form Revenue Code Description Category 0156 Detoxification - DETOX/WARD Room & Board – Ward 0157 Oncology - ONCOLOGY/WARD Room & Board – Ward 0158 Rehabilitation - REHAB/WARD Room & Board – Ward 0159 Other - OTHER/WARD Room & Board – Ward 0170 General Classification - NURSERY Nursery

Chính Văn.- Còn đức Thế tôn thì tuệ giác cực kỳ trong sạch 8: hiện hành bất nhị 9, đạt đến vô tướng 10, đứng vào chỗ đứng của các đức Thế tôn 11, thể hiện tính bình đẳng của các Ngài, đến chỗ không còn chướng ngại 12, giáo pháp không thể khuynh đảo, tâm thức không bị cản trở, cái được

micro. sofa. 21fq. bike door. med cab. o/h o/h ward ward 60 x 74 queen bed 28 x 72 refer dinette bunk beds. tub shower. pantry. micro. refer o/h. tub shower. o/h ward ward 60 x 74 queen bed o/h o/h dinette med cab. micro. sofa dinette hidden bunk o/h o/h ward ward 60 x 74 queen bed. tub shower med cab micro panttry ent. center. ward. refer .

CITY OF NORMAN ANNUAL BUDGET CITY COUNCIL MAYOR Breea Clark Ward 1 Kate Bierman Ward 5 Sereta Wilson Ward 2 Joe Carter Ward 6 Bill Scanlon Ward 3 Alison Petrone Ward 7 Stephen Tyler Holman Ward 4 Lee Hall Alexa

graduation degrees in nursing. Nurses were working in different medical specialties such as, Medical ward, Surgical ward, Pediatrics ward, Cardiac ward, Emergency ward, Operation theater, ICU/CCU and Gynecology ward. Thus, according to specializations the largest numbers of nurses w

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

MARCH 1973/FIFTY CENTS o 1 u ar CC,, tonics INCLUDING Electronics World UNDERSTANDING NEW FM TUNER SPECS CRYSTALS FOR CB BUILD: 1;: .Á Low Cóst Digital Clock ','Thé Light.Probé *Stage Lighting for thé Amateur s. Po ROCK\ MUSIC AND NOISE POLLUTION HOW WE HEAR THE WAY WE DO TEST REPORTS: - Dynacó FM -51 . ti Whárfedale W60E Speaker System' .

Glossary of Social Security Terms (Vietnamese) Term. Thuật ngữ. Giải thích. Application for a Social Security Card. Đơn xin cấp Thẻ Social Security. Mẫu đơn quý vị cần điền để xin số Social Security hoặc thẻ thay thế. Baptismal Certificate. Giấy chứng nhận rửa tội

More than words-extreme You send me flying -amy winehouse Weather with you -crowded house Moving on and getting over- john mayer Something got me started . Uptown funk-bruno mars Here comes thé sun-the beatles The long And winding road .

Phần II: Văn học phục hưng- Văn học Tây Âu thế kỷ 14- 15-16 Chương I: Khái quát Thời đại phục hưng và phong trào văn hoá phục hưng Trong hai thế kỉ XV và XVI, châu Âu dấy lên cuộc vận động tư tưởng và văn hoá mới rấ

Food outlets which focused on food quality, Service quality, environment and price factors, are thè valuable factors for food outlets to increase thè satisfaction level of customers and it will create a positive impact through word ofmouth. Keyword : Customer satisfaction, food quality, Service quality, physical environment off ood outlets .

easton 3rd ward 4th dist new life pentacostal church 510 w. burke st. easton 4th ward first moravian church 225 n.10th street easton 5th ward walter house 215 michael j. koury place easton 6th ward st. anthony's youth center 901 washington street easton 7th ward st. anth

Winston Graham and Ward, Lock The publishing firm of Ward, Lock existed in a number of guises: (1) From 1854 to 1865, under partners Ebenezer Ward and George Lock, as Ward & Lock. (2) From 1865 to 1873, during the eight years in which a third partner, Charles T. Tyler

Tim D’Alessandro, Ward 2 Chad Miller, Ward 3 Alex Poythress, Ward 1 Sarah Spansail, Ward 1 . September Flock, Educational Institution Representative Carol Fiddler, Social Services Representative . Continued to support operations of the COVID-19 temporary homeless campground known as the Urban

Tim D’Alessandro, Ward 2 Dick Gordon, Ward 1 Alex Poythress, Ward 1 Eric Stark, Ward 4 . September Flock, Educational Institution Representative Carol Fiddler, Social Services Representative . The

Fitchburg DEMCC Denise Andrews 119 Milk St. Joseph Albert Fitchburg Ward 1 DEMWC Denise Andrews 119 Milk St. Joseph Albert Fitchburg Ward 2 DEMWC Joan David 45 Huron St. Louis Fuiliani Fitchburg Ward 3 DEMWC Ellen Digeronimo 197 Bridle Cross Rd. Ralph Digeronimo Fitchburg Ward 4 DEMWC

winning school improved their “correctness” score by 46 percentage points. NATIONAL COMPETITIONS Students from Walker-Jones Education Campus (Ward 6), Langley Elementary School (Ward 5), Powell Elementary School (Ward 4), and H.D. Cooke Elementary School (Ward 1) participated in the